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SS 16: Best Podcast Recording & Editing Software

Learn about the best podcast recording and editing software. Plus check out some bonus podcast software that will save you time, improve your interview quality, and more... Top Podcast Recording & Editing Programs: Adobe AuditionLogic Pro Bonus Podcast Software: BuzzsproutEcamm Call Recorder For SkypeMusic Radio Creative Show Notes For Episode 16


SS 15: 13 Ways To Make Money Podcasting

Thinking of starting a podcast and want to know how podcasters make money? Or do you already have a podcast and are looking for ways to increase your earnings? Good news, there are many different ways to monetize a podcast... Some work well when you are just getting started, and others work best once you're more established and have a larger audience. Either way, you'll find at least one way to make money podcasting no matter what stage you're at. Show Notes For Episode 15


SS 14: Best WordPress Plugins For Podcasters & Bloggers

I highly recommend using WordPress for your website whether you’re a podcaster, blogger, or anyone else who wants to consistently reach an audience. WordPress is great in its stock form, but there are many plugins that add functionality or enhance existing functionality. I’ve tried hundreds of different WordPress plugins among many different categories, and this list is personal recommendations on based on what works best, which ones are well supported, and which plugins keep your site...


SS 6: Blue Yeti Accessories To Upgrade Your Mic

The Blue Yeti microphone is one of the most popular microphones for podcasting... It’s an excellent microphone out of the box, but there are a few things you should get to increase your audio quality and make it easier to use properly. Show Notes For Episode 6


SS 5: Best USB Microphones For Podcasting

USB microphones are the easiest to use when you want to start podcasting. You basically plug them in and start recording... Learn which ones are best, plus a few other microphone tips & tricks Top 4 USB Microphones: Blue YetiAudio-Technica AT2020USB PLUSAudio-Technica ATR 2100-USBRode NT-USB Show Notes For Episode 5


SS 4: How To Record A Podcast With Skype

It's extremely common to use Skype for podcast interviews. It's free, most people already have an account, and it's easy to use - but there's no built-in recording software... So how do you record your interviews? Listen here. Resources Mentioned: Ecamm Call Recorder For Skype Podcast Launch Contest Show Notes For Episode 4


SS 3: How To Upload A Podcast To iTunes

It’s a fairly common misconception that iTunes and other podcast directories host your podcast media files (typically an MP3). You don’t actually upload your podcast episode files to iTunes. Learn how it actually happens... Resources Mentioned: Podcast Launch Contest Buzzsprout Podcast Directories Show Notes For Episode 3


SS 2: Podcast Hosting (Where To Host Your Podcast)

Learn about all the best options for podcast hosting, plus some highly recommended services to complement your new podcast... Top 3 Podcast Hosts: BuzzsproutPodbeanBlubrry Show Notes For Episode 2 Tool Of The Day: Auphonic


SS 1: Podcast Listener Statistics

New research from Nielsen just came out in their June 2017 ‘State Of The Media: Audio Today 2017’ report so it seemed like a good time to give an update on the podcast listener landscape with updated statistics. Most of the data is the Edison Research report that came out earlier this year. There is both an infographic (with embed code) and a Pinterest image for your sharing needs as well! Show Notes For Episode 1 Tool Of The Day: Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting


SS 0: Welcome To The Set Sail Podcast

Hey and welcome to the episode 0 of the Set Sail Podcast! We’ll be talking all about podcasting – as well as business, marketing, SEO, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, landing pages, microphones, tech stuff and more. Basically, all the stuff that supports a successful podcast. Resources mentioned: KinstaCliff RavenscraftThe Podcast HostThe Audacity To Podcast