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054: Fadra Nally on How to Balance Travel Blogging Business with Family Life

I'm happy to say that we've hit a milestone and passed 50 episodes of Simply Designed Life Podcast which I'm excited about! The last couple of months, I've been attending conferences, learning the latest in the podcasting, blogging, social media marketing and the publishing world. There's so much that's gone on, I'd been able to deep dive topics and connect with people in the industry which is particularly exciting! To update on the PMX Competition from Podcast Movement went pretty well,...


053: Annett Bone Pt. II: On Strategic Learning to Reach Business Goals

This episode continues the conversation with Annett Bone. If you haven't heard the first part, please listen to Episode 052: Annett Bone Pt. I: A Dancepreneur's Inner Journey to complete the full story. In the first part, we discussed her entrepreneurship journey and how following her intuition was critical to getting into alignment with her goals. In the second part, we talk about strategic learning. In this day and age of distraction, shiny object syndrome and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)....


052: Annett Bone Pt. I: A Dancepreneur’s Inner Journey

The last month and a half have been filled with adventures and much learning. I'd gotten out of my comfort zone by participating in the PMx Competition at Podcast Movement, which is a Tedx style talk with a podcast focus. A big shout out to the organizers and participants I got to meet! While competitive, it was definitely more collaborative and I'm super thankful for both the opportunity and chance to connect with cool people! There's so much to share, and quite honestly I am currently...


051: Joe Pardo Pt. II: How to Organize and Launch Your Event

This episode is a continuation of my conversation with Joe Pardo. Last time, Joe discussed childhood dreams and business building over at Episode 50. This week’s we continue the conversation with Joe's inspiration for the Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference (otherwise known as MAPCon) where he gives the nuts and bolts of starting and running an event. But before we dive into the conversation, if you happen to be in the Philadelphia area, both Joe Pardo and I will be speaking over at Podcast...


050: Joe Pardo Pt. I: On Childhood Dreams & Business Building

This month, we’re featuring dads who rock at life on both the home and business front. Last week, Andy Shaw of Instafather shared precious moments on and how he and his wife skillfully manage family life with a kindergartner and 3-year old twins at Episode 49. On this week’s episode, Super Joe Pardo, founder of the Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference and father of two—including a newborn—discuss his entrepreneurial journey and how he manages business and life. So with Joe Pardo, our conversation...


049: Andy Shaw on Comedy, Parenting & How to Stay Productive

Here at Simply Designed Life Podcast, we've mostly discussed work-life balance from the female perspective, but what about the male perspective? I think it was around Episode 10 with Jennifer Ghymn on Writing and the Interculture Life around the 14-minute time mark that we wondered how men juggled work-life balance. To follow up on that conversation, and in honor of the Father's Day weekend, our next couple episodes will be dedicated to the male perspective of productivity within the context...


048: Nicole Liloia: From Accidental Entrepreneur to CEO Ladyboss

You know the old saying, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade"? That's exactly what my next guest did in transitioning from social work to entrepreneurship. Frustrated with the bureaucracy of the system, she decided to strike out on her own, and the rest, as they say, is history! Not an overnight success for sure and NONE of my previous podcast guests were overnight successes. If they were, they probably wouldn't be on the show. What I really like was the honest break down on the kind...


047: Karen Yankovich on How to Rock Your Social Media

Have you ever shunned certain social media platforms because they just seem like such a waste of time? You may have found yourself endlessly scrolling on your Facebook feed not realizing that a day's gone by and you've just wasted some hours of your life! While many may see social media as a complete time waster—and let's face it, it can be if we're not intentional about how we use it—others have managed to leverage it pretty well, using it as a tool for lead generation and a source of...


046: Prerna Malik on How to Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

I, like everyone else can be prone to shiny object syndrome, especially when it comes to online courses and offerings that look so appealing and is bound to help me do great things in business or life, like become more productive, create the perfect sales funnel, have stellar content marketing so you could grow your business and live in the beach like what's portrayed in the Four Hour Workweek. Funny enough, I spotted a lady reading that book with its red and orange cover (must be the newer...


045: Pat Iyer on Creating Success in Legal Nurse Consulting and Ghostwriting

Where many businesses succeed, many more fail. That said, having sound principles and going back to the foundational—as well as having a little bit of luck and foresight—can make for a successful business. Let's face it, if it were that easy, everyone would start a business. What's great about this next guest is how she's entrepreneurial in every sense of the word as she was able to create opportunities in some of the most serendipitous moments. Before we get into the show, a couple...


044: Maggie Minor on How to Design Your Space for Your Future Life

How do you create a home environment for success? Particularly if you’re someone who works remotely. As mentioned in our last episode with Victoria Mininger (Episode 43) we live in a time where everyone is on the go. Gone are the days where one is tied to the desk at a company for 40 plus years living in one city in one house in one part of the world. With technology and the digital landscape creating more global opportunities, people are on the go. People go to where the jobs are and more...


043: Victoria Mininger On Business, Family and Tiny Space Design

I geek out on productivity hacks and simplicity as defined by the podcast’s show title Simply Designed Life. When an opportunity to chat with entrepreneur Victoria Mininger came along, I decided to pick her brain on how she balances both a family run construction business and a household of four daughters. Not to mention a coolness factor—she and her husband also just recently started a tiny home office / studio trailer business, so I was immediately hooked, considering our last guest...


042: Claudia Pennington and The Life Changing Magic of Tiny Houses and Debt-Free Living

I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessed with tiny houses and their potential for maximizing space while minimizing home maintainence AND the mortgage bill. I’ve got Pinterest boards filled with them, have binge watched episodes of Tiny House Hunters and keep getting inspired by their sheer coolness. SO when I found out that our next guest was indeed a tiny home dweller I got pretty excited. I met Claudia Pennington at the NEPA Blog Conference in northeastern Pennsylvania in the fall of last...


041: Harry Duran Part II: On the Zen Mindset and the Short-Form, Local Podcast

This is a continuation of my conversation with Harry Duran. If you haven’t listened to the previous episode, please go back to Episode 40 to listen to the start of the conversation, which focuses on how cultivating an abundance mentality can help in one’s success journey. Sometimes that starts with investing in yourself and investing in others for personal growth, but without sounding too woo-woo, having that generosity of heart can also lead to more good things in the future. It also...


040: Harry Duran Part I: On Abundance and Growth Outside the Comfort Zone

A Happy New Year to you! I hope you were able to reflect on your wins and lessons learned from the past year, as well as set intentions for growth in all areas of life for this coming year. My conversation with Harry Duran is in two parts. The first part focuses on how cultivating an abundance mentality can help in one’s success journey. Sometimes that starts with investing in yourself and investing in others for personal growth, but without sounding too woo-woo, having that generosity of...


039: Gabrielle Blair on Blog Business, Family and Travel

I first learned about Gabrielle Blair in an HGTV episode of International House Hunters way back 10 years ago when my husband and I were both still living in the Boston area. This was during the earlier stages of blogging and podcasting. I still remember having some abandoned blog from the old “Blogger” platform which in the digital world is considered ancient history! Fast forward to today and there are 19 million active blogs and 200,000 plus active podcasts (according to Hubspot). Who...


038: Lisa Kimrey on Wellness, Faith and Being You

With the holiday season coming up, many of us are feeling the time crunch of obligations from work, family or other things on our "to do" lists. With so much going on, self-care is at the bottom of that list. Want less overwhelm and more calm in just 5 minutes a day? Get the FREE Simply Designed Life eCourse, a 4-Day kickstarter to zen like productive habits! You'll simple tip a day over 4 days on how to declutter your life and zen out during the busiest season of the year! Just enter your...


037: Scott Mulvaney Part II: On Podcasting and Gender Marketing Styles

As mentioned in my previous episode, we're changing things up on the podcast and bringing you all in for the journey. Thus, we’ve split this particular episode into two parts. Part I (Episode 36) had addressed Scott’s corporate background and how he transitioned into an elite branch of firefighting known as the Hotshots. Coincidentally enough, a movie based on the Hotshots just came out in theaters in September and Scott mentioned knowing about 17 of the 19 who’ve sacrificed their lives in...


036: Scott Mulvaney Part I: From Corporate Sales to Hotshot Firefighting

I had met Scott Mulvaney at the Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference in the Philadelphia area where he spoke about embracing change. What I like about this next episode in particular is hearing not only his transition from corporate sales to public service, but hearing about his own personal transformation and who he became in the process. In my commitment to changing things up on the podcast and bringing you all in for the journey, we’re splitting this particular episode into two parts. Part I...


035: Kelly Roach on Life Design Strategy and Unstoppable Success

This week I'm excited to share my conversation with Kelly Roach, who will give us some great takeaways for lifestyle design, business strategy and the mindset and traits one needs to have to achieve success in creating a well designed life. In some cases, that might mean creating a freedom based lifestyle via a business or other revenue generating vehicle or "muse," whether it be part of your side hustle or full time gig. So for many of you, when it comes to creating a freedom based...