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Bill Ullman (Founder, The Daily FinQ) sits down and discusses FinTech and investing with various leaders, experts and CEOs in the finance world.

Bill Ullman (Founder, The Daily FinQ) sits down and discusses FinTech and investing with various leaders, experts and CEOs in the finance world.


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Bill Ullman (Founder, The Daily FinQ) sits down and discusses FinTech and investing with various leaders, experts and CEOs in the finance world.




Live from The Consensus 2022 Crypto Conference w/Matt Burton, Partner of QED Investors

In this latest episode, Squashing the Markets host Bill Ullman talks to Matt Burton, Partner at QED Investors, one of the most important FinTech Venture Capital firms globally. The podcast was recorded live on June 10 from the Coindesk Podcast Studio in the Main Exhibition Hall at the Consensus 2022 Conference in Austin, Texas - a conference which drew more than 15,000 attendees from over 120 countries. The level of interest in Bitcoin, crypto and blockchain technologies remains vibrant and...


Jean Chatzky - CEO of HerMoney Media

"Squashing the Market" welcomes Jean Chatzky, one of America's leading voices in personal finance. Jean is the CEO and co-founder of HerMoney, is the financial editor of NBC’s “Today” show, the best-selling author of 11 books, an award-winning magazine columnist and the host of the HerMoney podcast. She was also an English major in college. Through decades of reporting on personal finance - at Forbes, SmartMoney and NBC's "Today" show - Jean has developed a keen understanding of the...


David Klein - Founder and CEO of Commonbond

From the home studio in Brooklyn, Bill Ullman talks with David Klein, Founder and CEO of CommonBond, one of the leading financial technology and student lending companies in America in this latest “Squashing the Market” podcast. Bill and David discuss a wide range of topics including how and why David started this student lending company while still an MBA candidate at Wharton, how he grew CommonBond into one of the largest student lenders with over $4 billion of loans originated, how he has...


Bruce Cameron - Managing Partner, Berkshire Global Advisors

Re-starting the Squashing the Market podcast series from his home studio in Brooklyn, NY, Bill talks investment management with Bruce Cameron, co-founder of Berkshire Global Advisors, one of the leading firms in the specialized world of advising money managers on mergers and acquisitions and corporate strategy. Bill serves as a Senior Advisor to the firm. Founded in 1983, Berkshire today has a global presence with offices across the US and in Australia and the UK. Bruce’s experience in the...


Jeff Glickman - Rocket Scientist and CEO of J4 Capital

Bill invites “rocket scientist” Jeff Glickman to the studio for this latest episode of “Squashing the Market." Bill and Jeff explore one of the most complex and intriguing topics in finance and technology today: the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its use in the investment world. Jeff is uniquely positioned to explain this topic. An information systems guru, Jeff built his first computer at age nine. At age sixteen, he taught semiconductor physics at the University of...


Rhian Horgan - CEO and Founder of Kindur

“Squashing the Market” welcomes Rhian Horgan to the studio in this special podcast episode. Bill and Rhian explore one of the most pressing and important problems facing tens of millions of Americans today: saving for retirement. Rhian also shares the key moments of her journey into entrepreneurship and running a company after 16 years of serving in a variety of senior roles in JP Morgan's Wealth Management business. Rhian is the founder and CEO of Kindur, a “Silicon Alley” (NYC) start-up...


Phil Bartow - Portfolio Manager, Sound Point Capital

“Squashing the Market” brings Phil Bartow into the studio to discuss investing in loans originated by FinTech companies. The first institutional investor in this podcast series, Phil has emerged as an expert and leading player in FinTech loan and credit investing. Phil is the Head of FinTech and Marketplace Lending at Sound Point Capital in New York City, a firm with over $20 billion of assets under management and focused on credit strategies. Prior to joining Sound Point in 2019, Phil was a...


Matt Burton - Partner, QED Investors

In this episode of “Squashing the Market”, host Bill Ullman welcomes FinTech wunderkind Matt Burton to the studio for an animated discussion about start-ups, venture capital investing, the globalization of FinTech and entrepreneurship. Matt is currently a partner at leading FinTech VC firm QED Investors. Prior to joining QED, Matt was the co-founder and CEO of online lending analytics company Orchard Platform, which was recently sold to Kabbage (an online lender based in Atlanta). Matt’s...


Nick Williams - CEO and Co-founder of Drive Sally

Bill Ullman welcomes Nick Williams to the “Squashing the Market” studio. Nick is the co-founder and CEO of Sally, a technology and finance company that owns and operates a fleet of ride sharing vehicles (for Uber and Lyft drivers) and yellow taxis in the complicated, highly regulated and competitive New York City transportation market. Sally has over 700 vehicles on the road today and allows drivers to access and utilize the vehicles with flexible, short term leases. Nick’s experience in...


Margaret Hartigan - CEO and Founder of Marstone

In this episode of “Squashing the Market,” Bill Ullman welcomes FinTech CEO Margaret Hartigan to the studio. Margaret discusses her journey from top performing financial advisor at Merrill Lynch to Founder and CEO of Marstone, a New York City based financial technology company. Marstone provides software to financial institutions to help power their digital wealth solutions while enabling those companies to attract and retain clients and reduce costs. A member of the Milken FinTech Advisory...


Peter Renton - Founder of Lend Academy and the Lendit Conferences

In this episode of "Squashing the Market," Bill talks with Peter Renton, aka “Mr. FinTech.” A widely acknowledged expert in financial technology, Peter has been interviewed by just about every major media company, including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The New York Times and CNBC to name a few. An expert yes - but Peter is an outstanding entrepreneur too. He founded Lend Academy, the leading news and educational resource for the online lending industry. Peter also co-founded the...


Phil Rosen - CEO and Founder of Even Financial

In this episode of "Squashing the Market," Bill talks with Phil Rosen, founder and CEO of Even Financial, a New York City based FinTech company. In the four years since its founding, Even has grown to nearly 100 employees, raised capital from the most prestigious venture capitalists and strategic investors and works with many of the leading financial institutions in the US. Phil has been involved in start-ups his entire career, is a software engineer and leader in the FinTech community....


Zac Prince - CEO and Co-founder of BlockFi

Bill sits down with Zac Prince, Founder and CEO of BlockFi, a FinTech company based in New York City that lends money against cryptocurrency assets and allows individuals to earn interest on their cryptocurrency deposits. Zac was a nationally ranked tennis player (and now loves and plays squash), a graduate of Texas State University, a veteran of several start-up companies and an entrepreneur. Bill and Zac discuss, bitcoin, digital currencies, the regulation of this new industry, and, in...


Angela Ceresnie - CEO of Climb Capital

Bill talks with Angela Ceresnie, CEO of Climb Credit, a FinTech company that seeks to provide affordable loans to students at schools offering the knowledge and skills for today's economy. Bill and Angela discuss her journey into FinTech, the student debt crisis, and the issues impacting education finance today. Angela also discusses her perspective on being a female CEO in the historically male dominated worlds of finance and FinTech. Produced by Sam Swanson. Music by Alex Atchley.


Ron Suber - the "Godfather" of FinTech, Pt. 2

In the second half of their discussion, Bill and Ron discuss venture capitalism, the gig economy, and how fintechs can work with US and international regulators. Produced by Sam Swanson. Music by Alex Atchley.


Ian Rosen - CEO of StockTwits

Bill talks with Ian Rosen (CEO,Stocktwits) about being a CEO, the success of Stocktwits, and what skills are most important when running a fintech. Produced by Sam Swanson. Music by Alex Atchley.


Ron Suber - the "Godfather" of FinTech, Pt. 1

In our inaugural episode (and a two-parter, to boot!), Bill talks to investor Ron Suber about the role of fintech in the financial lending market.