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(Formerly The Fierce Entrepreneur Podcast) The Start Fierce Business Podcast is a business podcast for women who are just starting out in business. We don’t publish interviews with the same celebrity entrepreneurs you’ve heard over and over. You’ll meet regular people, just like you, who turned their dreams into businesses. Startup co-founder and former freelancer, Cindy Rodriguez hosts this podcast.

(Formerly The Fierce Entrepreneur Podcast) The Start Fierce Business Podcast is a business podcast for women who are just starting out in business. We don’t publish interviews with the same celebrity entrepreneurs you’ve heard over and over. You’ll meet regular people, just like you, who turned their dreams into businesses. Startup co-founder and former freelancer, Cindy Rodriguez hosts this podcast.
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(Formerly The Fierce Entrepreneur Podcast) The Start Fierce Business Podcast is a business podcast for women who are just starting out in business. We don’t publish interviews with the same celebrity entrepreneurs you’ve heard over and over. You’ll meet regular people, just like you, who turned their dreams into businesses. Startup co-founder and former freelancer, Cindy Rodriguez hosts this podcast.






#163 - How Kirk Deis Took an In-House Tool and Launched a New Business

Kirk Deis founder of The Bug Squasher is a writer on and Founder of the digital marketing agency Treehouse 51. The Bug Squasher is a new project management tool that streamlines communications between developers/writers/designers, project leads, and clients. In this podcast episode, he shares how an in-house tool his agency built has become a new business. He shares how he’s grown his new business through podcasts and creative marketing. As well as why he’d like to have lunch with...


#162 - How Crystal Etienne Built a 7-Figure Business with No Ad Spend

Crystal Etienne is the founder of PantyProp, a 7 figure fashion company. Something only 3% of women-founded businesses achieve. The majority-women owned, bootstrapped company, has grown organically without any ad spend. In this podcast episode, Crystal shares how she organically used SEO to build a 7 figure business without knowing what SEO was. She talks about the importance of understanding your ideal customer and how that will help you generate the right content to drive revenue. -----...


#161 - Going Beyond Your Goals with Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith is an author, speaker, and board-certified internal medicine physician. Her book, Sacred Rest: Recover Your Life, Renew Your Energy, Restore Your Sanity, includes ground-breaking insight on the seven types of rest needed to optimize your productivity, increase your overall happiness and live your best life. In this podcast episode, we talk about why you’ve got to think beyond your top goal at the moment. We also discuss how comparisons can stunt our entrepreneurial...


#160 – Interview with Serial Entrepreneur Trevor Gaye

Serial Entrepreneur Trevor Gaye comes from an entrepreneurial household and has been around it since the age of two. He knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur at a young age after seeing his parents in their businesses. Today he helps run his family’s transportation business, he has a production company, as well as a new logistics business. In this episode, he shares what it’s like to work in a family business, how he started a large group podcast and the importance of having a great work...


#159 - From 0 to $1 Million in 3 years with Christopher Watters

Christopher Watters, founder of Watters International Realty built his business in the middle of the Great Recession and in a highly competitive market. His vision and entrepreneurial spirit took him from sleeping on his girlfriend’s (now wife’s) couch in 2010 to becoming the first team owner to EARN $1Million in net income in three years. In this episode, he shares why you need to build a business foundation around something that’s already been proven, as well as bootstrapping a business...


#158 – How to Find Support as a Business Owner with Genecia Alluora

Genecia Alluora, founder of Soul Rich Woman is a former beauty queen turned business maven and serial entrepreneur. In 2006, she represented Singapore in the Miss International pageant. This opened opportunities for her. But she saw a challenge unique to women. Women need a solid community for support, guidance, and mentorship from women who have the same goals and ambitions as ours. In this podcast episode, we discuss why you need a mentor, how to find the right mentor, and how to be a...


#157 - From No Income to Financial Freedom with Natali Morris

Natali Morris is the Co-Founder and CFO of Morris Invest. After leaving a six-figure job as a news anchor to raise a family, Natali ended up feeling powerless when it came to money. Today, Natali’s family has achieved complete financial freedom. Now her mission is to empower women to start building long-term wealth. In this episode, Natali shares how she went from no income to financial freedom. She talks about wealth building strategies and the importance of setting up your business...


#156 - Using Entrepreneurship to Create a Life You Love with Jenna Spencer

Jenna Spencer of AssistPro is a corporate banker turned entrepreneur. Upon realizing that working in the corporate world was stopping her from creating the future she desired, she refused to compromise. Jenna seized the opportunity to create a solution by founding AssistPro. Now, Jenna gets the thrill of helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. In this episode, Jenna talks about how she created a life she loves working from home and how she’s using AssistPro to help other women. -----...


#155 - The Importance of Business Negotiation with Elizabeth Suárez

Elizabeth Suárez is a negotiation coach, speaker, and author who empowers professionals to make big decisions. She's spent many years mentoring professionals and serving on the boards of multiple non­profit organizations. In this podcast episode, we discuss how learning to effectively negotiate can have a tremendous impact on your career and future. We talk about the power of your network, as well as how to utilize social media for networking. ----- You’ll find links to everything we...


#154 - How to Set Big Goals for Your Business with Cheryl Sutherland

Cheryl Sutherland, founder of PleaseNotes, felt restless and overwhelmed at her 9 to 5. After months spent in coaching, journaling, and reigniting her inner creativity, she launched PleaseNotes. PleaseNotes features affirmation-filled products that inspire women of color to step into their own power by building confidence, clarity, and creativity. In this episode, we talk about setting big goals and the importance they’ve played in Cheryl’s life. She also shares how her Kickstarter...


#153 - How to Grow a Site from a Single Blogger to 750+ Contributors with Nissan Ahamed

Nissar Ahamed of CareerMetis is an accomplished Growth Hacker. His blog, CareerMetis, has a community-focused approach to career discussion. He’s also the host of the CareerMetis Podcast. In this podcast episode, Nissar shares the strategy he used to gain over 750 contributors to his online publication. We discuss the benefits outside contributors have on growing your audience. We also talk about why you need to show up every day for your business even if you don’t feel like it. -----...


#152 - Cayla Craft on the Power of Positive Thinking in Business

Cayla Craft, owner of Mommy Millionaire is a mom of 3, self-made Millionaire, and lifestyle entrepreneur. Cayla has helped thousands of women start to believe in themselves as entrepreneurs and businesswomen. In this podcast episode, Cayla shares how once she changed limiting beliefs about herself, everything changed. She talks about how network marketing played a part in her mind shift. We also talk about embracing the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. ----- You’ll find links to...


#151 – From Concept to Successful E-Commerce Business with Aman Advani

Aman Advani, CEO & Co-Founder of Ministry of Supply studied Industrial Engineering before pursuing a career in Operational Strategy consulting and attending MIT’s Sloan School of Management. Ministry of Supply is pioneering a new way to dress for the office, with a system of unique wear-to-work clothing. In this episode, Aman shares the process of taking a new product from concept to thriving business. We talk about the challenges of building the right team and the importance of...


#149 - Interview with Serial Entrepreneur &; Author Stacey Banks-Houston

Serial Entrepreneur Stacey Banks-Houston of RSVP Consultants is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, speaker, and business coach. Her mission is to help women push their passion beyond a mere hobby, hustle hard to build their business, and enjoy the fruits of their harvest. In this episode, we discuss the challenges of being led by emotion as business owners. We also discuss the challenge of staying relevant as well as why she’d like to have lunch with Oprah Winfrey. ----- You’ll find...


#148 - Using Self Awareness to Build a Unique Business with Ali Boone

Ali Boone is the owner of Hipster Investments, a business that facilitated over $18M in Real Estate Investing Sales within 5 years. Her primary specialty is teaching people how to start a business with lifestyle design. Although her business has grown significantly, she’s still location-independent. In this episode, we discuss the advantages of using self-awareness as an advantage. She shares the story of how she built her business while working full-time as well as the challenges of...


#147 - Fred Griffin Jr. on the Importance of Being Passionate About Your Business

Serial entrepreneur Fred Griffin, Jr. Grew up in the small town of Eustis, FL. He never knew what he really wanted to be in life. But over time his goals and passion for individuals with disabilities became his number one focus. In this podcast episode, we talk about the importance of having passion in your business endeavors. We also discuss why your main focus in business should not be the money. As well as why he’d like to have lunch with Warren Buffet. ----- You’ll find links to...


#146 - Jenn Scalia on Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

Jenn Scalia is the CEO of Million Dollar Mommy, a company founded to help women across the world reach their dreams and financial goals. This self-professed introvert and single mom went from rock bottom to creating a 7 figure business within 3 years. In this podcast episode, we talk about listening to what your heart says in regard to all the advice that’s out there. We also discuss the challenge of finding people to continue to help you grow as well as why Jenn would like to have lunch...


#141 - How to Start a Subscription Box with Cratejoy’s Ashley Conway

Ashley Conway, Vice President of Customer Experience at Cratejoy has assisted thousands of entrepreneurs launching their subscription box. Cratejoy’s platform equips entrepreneurs with the tools they need to be successful including a website builder, customer support team, subscriber management and shipping exports. In this episode, Ashley talks about what it takes to start a subscription box as well as best practices. She also shares how you could win $1,000 from Cratejoy for Small...


#139 - James Swanwick on How to Get Your Product in Front of Celebrities

James Swanwick is an Australian-American investor, entrepreneur, speaker, former SportsCenter anchor, and podcast host. He’s the CEO of Swanwick Sleep and creator of blue-light blocking glasses Swannies. He’s also the author of The 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge and the host of The James Swanwick Show. In this episode, James shares how he got his product in the hands of celebrities such as Rihanna. He shares a roadmap to timing your product launches. We also discuss ways to transform your...


#138 - Having Clarity in Your Business with Monica Kade

Monica Kade is a speaker trainer and communication consultant. She has over 12 years’ experience in publishing, media, and entrepreneurship. Monica has had several successful online ventures, including taking Aspire from a digital magazine to print with no previous print magazine experience. In this episode, we talk about being very clear on what you want to do before you do anything else. We discuss the difficulties of adapting to being your own boss. Monica also shares why she does what...