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Ep 22: Everything You Need To Know About Launching A Product

Show Overview: 0:00 - Intro 2:15 - Product Launches and Post Launch Optimization 8:30 - Awkward Silence 8:40 - More Product Launch Talk 10:50 - Goal-Seek Marketing 12:43 - Facebook / Cambridge Analytica / User-based Retargeting 21:40 - Closing Key Takeaways for Launching a product:


Ep 21: The End Is Near, if you are running unsecure content or are Snapchat.

0:00 - Intro 2:40 - Chrome punishing sites for autoplaying 4:28 - Zach and I argue about Google Analytics integration 8:00 - Twitter’s war on spam - Tweetdecking 10:23 - Instagram allowing API access to posting 13:15 - Drake breaks Twitch records 17:00 - Snapchat again 22:00 - Closing Links: Chrome change to Auto Plan and SSL:


Ep 19: View Through Conversions on NY Steak

LIVE FROM NEW YORK! Its Still Unsponsored! This one is a bit of a wreak. We struggle with a new audio setup that turn out also be a terrible analogue radio receiver. Still we press on and talk the virtues of aged beef in New York City, which sports ball ads have long term staying power and what dumbasses are trying to kill youtube monetization this week (hint: its the same guy). Finally we go deep into view through conversion and how you should think about them. Show Outline: 0:00 -...


Ep 19: YouTube is taking our money.

Warning, don’t gorge on breakfast tacos before recording if you want to make an energetic and engaging podcast. In this episode we lazily discuss: the possibility of Amazon coming to Austin, Twitter telling people they interacted with Russian trolls, Superbowl advertising, and YouTube booting people off monetization. Quick Links: 0:00 - Opening 1:18 - Amazon’s New HQ 6:20 - Twitter to tell people they interacted with Russian Trolls 13:28 - Super Bowl advertising 17:00 - YouTube...


Ep. 16: Roboganic Growth Hacking

We blast through this one so we can examine the dark side of social media. Does using a robot help your accounts? If you were going to do it what would you do? We also look at Facebook’s “Nuclear” announcement, YouTube drama and the Virtual Assistant landscape. QuickLinks: 0:00 - Opening 1:30 - Facebook 7:00 - Logan Paul 9:00 - Virtual Assistants 19:44 - Roboganic Growth Links: Zuck’s AnnouncementFacebook Announcement AnalysisLogan Paul (again)


Ep. 15: Hiring a Designer, Apple’s Batteries. How you can mitigate dumb YouTubers. And Chrome is the New IE?

Episode Summary: This time on the show we discuss how Apple screwed themselves while trying to deliver a better customers experience. Then how Logan Paul’s trip to Japan’s “Suicide Forrest” will impact creators and advertisers and how you can mitigate these problems. Chrome is the new Internet Explorer???? We talk about Chrome’s dominance causing generalized internet pain. Finally we tell you everything you need to know to successfully hire a kickass designer. Question of the Show: What...


Ep. 14: 2018 Predictions, Patreon Spreadsheet Fail and Net Neutrality Fail

0:00 - Intro 1:55 - Patreon 7:54 - Net Neutrality 16:00 - Review 2017 Predictions / 2018 Predictions Predictions:


Ep 11: The One Where Chris Gets Mad at Zach - Retail Strategy, Apple killing the internet, Google Puts Bias in the System

We dive into several stories we found interesting. Retailers dropping storytelling, but not really. Also they want you to please save them from the Amazon apocalypse. Apple ruining internet marketer’s lives by killing cookies after 24 hrs. Can you survive with just a smart watch? Finally a follow up from last episode, Google is in fact using data rules to make their advertising product look better. Outline: 0:00 - Intro 1:38 - Retailers Dropping Storytelling 4:07 - A/B Testing...


Ep 10: Marketing Attribution Vendor BullS#$t Test and Protecting Individual Privacy in a Big Data World

Episode Summary: Data Scientist Elliott Whitling joins us to discuss how marketing attribution vendors probably work behind the scenes. He outlines why you should ask the vendor how the vendor’s algorithm learns and why you need to ask about identifying false positives. Then we look at what big data means for your anonymity. Finally, we dive into the differences between data scientists, data engineers and data analysts. Marketing Attribution Vendor Buying Guide: Show Outline: 0:00 -...


Ep 9: How to get companies to throw money at you in the affiliate marketing world.

Many affiliates that we interact with are awesome people and master marketers. However there are some that are looking to make some bucks at our expense. We break down the difference between those we have unlimited budget for and those that we want to strangle.


Ep 8: Crushing Promos and Dealing with Brand Fallout.

Overview: Our complete playbook for crushing promotions. Best practices, execution and potential fallout from success. Outline: 0:00 - Intro 1:39 - Main Topic 2:26 - Foundations / Working with Your Finance Team 6:40 - Promo Playbook 16:30 - Execution 25:55 - Managing Success / Preserving Brand Equity 28:30 - Closing


Ep: 7: Doin’ Q/A for the Backlinks, Marketing High Skill Professional Services

We answer some marketing 101 questions from Quora then dive into marketing niche specific professional services with no budget.


Ep 5: Side Hustlin'’ for Fun and Profit

Should you side hustle, should you hire people who side hustle? YES! Also we “help” someone with imagined marketing problems.


Ep 4: Maximizing Your Daily Productivity, YouTube Demonetization and Facebook Still In The News

We give you our template for getting the most out of your day. Why you should care about YouTube creators not getting paid. Facebook still in the news for crazy election stuff. And KFC Doing it right on social media.


Ep 3: Creating a Podcast, Kevin Rose Buying Listeners and Beer industry on the Struggle Bus - Live from New Orleans

This time we deal with ambient noise in the Big Easy. Topics include Amazon’s disruption machine destroying athletic ware, millennials drinking wine not beer, and building out a podcast. We describe our podcast launch plans, so if you are here, this plan worked on you.


Ep 2: Winning Presidential Campaigns with Facebook ads and Work Life Balance

How Trump used Facebook to win an election and how the general population does not understand that marketing tool, Dove’s massive Facebook blunder, McDonald’s willing the social media / cultural relevance lottery then dig into what work-life balance means as you start to advance in your career.


Ep 1: OG Internet Marketers, Designing Your Own Podcast, IoT Privacy

OG internet marketers, Facebook’s growing roll in our lives, privacy and future episodes.