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Episode 236 | Three Things You Must Know to Grow with Donna Leyens

Often small businesses will experience early growth, but eventually hit a point where their client base, revenues and profits stop growing. They are stuck. In most cases, they are stuck because they are missing one or more of the three essential business elements that I will discuss during this Podcast. Once you identify these three elements in your own business, your growth potential is limitless.


Episode 235 | Can I write it off? with Craig Cody

Craig offers sound advice to people wondering how to position themselves for a better tax return next year.


Episode 233 | 5 Simple Steps to Make and Keep More Money with Maddie Brown

How to shift your view of your business finances so that you can have a business that loves and supports you emotionally, spiritually and physically.


Episode 233 | How to Use Your Image to Stand Out In Business with Sheila Alley

In this episode, you will learn the 3 elements of image and how when used correctly they create influence, credibility and profits.


Episode 231 | How Your Website Kills Your Business with Carol Dunlop

Your website. Your business. These two entities are forever entwined. In fact, nowadays, if you have a business, it’s a given that you have a website. But here’s the thing, your website could be repelling potential clients instead of attracting them! This is killing your business. Instead of being part of the machine that makes your business successful, your website is the clog in the wheel. In Carol's eye-opening presentation, she'll cover 3 key areas where your website is causing you...


Episode 230 | Clear the Blear: Body Wellness @ Your Computer with Anne Asher

Clear the Blear: Body Wellness at Your Computer Learn strategies and techniques for conquering neck and back pain related to sitting at the computer, for refreshing your mental energy and for improving your posture.


Episode 228 |How to Cure the Bright, Shiny Object Syndrome with Joy Passey

Then you most likely have the Bright, Shiny Object Syndrome. The good news - there's a cure! Once you realize you have this affliction, you can forge a more reliable, consistent path that will save you time, money, and energy for your business.


Episode 227 | Aging Parents and the impact on your business, life and health with Ruth Ullmann

We will look at how caring for aging parents impacts your business, life and health; including a definition of caregiving and what people overlook. We will talk about how to prepare and define your caregiving role & realign your business to thrive without you for longer periods of time. Finally, identify the single most important thing you need to do to set yourself up for success.


Episode 226 |How To Use Your T.A.G.S. To Build A Successful Business with Nadine Mullings

Understanding the importance of your TAGS (Talents, Abilities, Gifts, and Skills) and the role it plays in building a successful business.


Episode 225 |It's About Time! with Lesley Ingves

Time Management and you - how do they work together Learn your Function-ality - or how you function based on your personality and learn to schedule and create a plan that works with you and for you. This is done through office organizing, turning everyday tasks into systematic procedures, time management, and strategic planning. Lesley thrives on helping others not only see the big picture, but define and take the individual steps to get there!


Episode 224 | Stop the Social Media Madness with Susanne Whited

Social media is constantly changing and most advice you find conflicts with other advice you find. Social media, whether love it or you hate it (or both -- at the same time), is essential for most businesses today – and it provides an amazing opportunity to connect with followers on a new level. But only if it is done the right way for your business! Learn key strategies to make your social media efforts work for YOUR business.


Episode 223 |How to Stand Out Online with Lisa Meisels

It's getting more and more crowded in the online space. There is so much noise or distraction,it's essential to know how to stand out so you're not being passed over by potential clients. There are specific steps you must take in order to stand out, be seen and get noticed by your dream clients.


Episode 222 | Selling: What to do When the Words Get In the Way with Wendy Y Bailey

Having the right words in a sales conversation can determine your effectiveness in selling. Unfortunately, the right words don't always surface at the ideal time and your opportunity to invite clients to work with you is lost. In this round table discussion, we'll discuss words that create excitement, connection and encourage clients to buy from you. We'll also talk about how to avoid language that breeds fear and manipulation which actually repels your potential client. Let's work...


Episode 221| Online Marketing Revealed with Jama Bryan

Online marketing is a broad term that covers a lot of different things. In this podcast, Jama breaks down the specifics of online marketing and what it entails and gives you guidelines to not get overwhelmed by it all! In fact, you don’t have to do it all!


Episode 220 | HarMoney: Create consistent client flow by aligning the ART of conversation with the SCIENCE of conversion with Christine Clifton

Soul-powered advisors, coaches, consultants, trainers, and speakers are interacting with human beings all the time – and we don’t want to come across as icky or sales-y in fear of offending people. So how do you answer your calling to be of service AND feel comfortable “selling” people your services? The answer is to better integrate the two skills you already have: talking to people and doing your great work. Join Christine Clifton,The Collaborative Rainmaker, as she shares the...


Episode 219 | Video didn't kill the business star with Shaun Whynacht

When trying to cut your message through the clutter of day to day noise online, it's not hard to see that video is the way to go. The problem is that many people don't know how to shoot decent video for their business. As a trained video producer, Shaun will discuss easy to use tips and techniques when it comes to shooting video for your business and how to spread those videos online.


Episode 218 | Evolve Into An Intuitive Leader with Terry Wildemann

Intuition is a great asset in our business if we listen to it! Listen the steps you can take to listen to your intuition in business and in life.


Episode 217 | The Joyful Corporate Escapee with Meg Davies

Well Meg Davies did just that. After 14 years in commercial banking, Meg decided to become, as she describes it, “a witchy-woo life coach”. Hear her story and thoughts about getting your life onto the right track.


Episode 216 | The Seductive Close: Simple Secrets to Seduce Your Way to More Clients and Cash (and Still Love Yourself in the Morning!) with Rob Schultz

It’s the one thing you wish every night before you go to bed And every morning when you wake up would just go away. The S-­word: Sales. But what if there was a way to seduce your way to more clients, contracts and cash? Without the pressure tactics and tricks? Rob shows entrepreneurs and business owners a fresh, powerful path to sizzling, seductive messaging … and jaw-­dropping “OMG” Offers. So they can convert like crazy, close like a pro … and actually look forward to every sale...


Episode 215 | 3 Steps To Go from Operating in the Red to 6 Figure Profits with Jennifer Dawn

Of the 28 million small businesses in the United States, only 6 million of them are actually profitable. Most companies barely break even, or are operating in the red. I'd love to share 3 steps you can take TODAY to supercharge your cash flow and keep more money in your own pocket.