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Part 3: Podcast Paywall: Premium-Only Podcast or Free Episodes Too? - 88

Question: I would like to start monetizing my podcast by creating a membership club for new episodes. Do I put all the available episodes in the club and make them pay to listen, or leave a certain amount as free to continue attracting new customers. My Answer: I don't think you should put every single episode behind a paywall and make it all premium-only. You've got to have free episodes there, because that's what allows you to attract new listeners, and turn them into podcast subscribers,...


Part 2: Generating Leads with a Podcast - Why It's Not The Best Platform For That - 87

What if you weren't married to any specific platform to build your audience? What if your product was platform-agnostic? Or platform independent? As it should be, right? You don't create a course only for your Facebook followers. You want your entire audience on ALL platforms to buy your course, right? So if your goal is to get more leads, there are WAYYY better options for generating leads, at least when you're first getting started, than simply starting a new YouTube channel, or a new...


How to Monetize a Podcast, Build an Audience and Sell Premium Content - 86

Podcast Monetization, Direction, Strategy. Today's episode is the first of an AMA series I'm doing - AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. So a little while ago, on my birthday, I was feeling extremely grateful and thankful to my customers, my audience, my followers, my friends and my family. So I asked my audience, via email, via Facebook, via Instagram and even via Twitter, to submit their questions to me, and I said I would answer them on my podcast. So here goes the first question, which is...


True Streaming, Adaptive Streaming and Progressive Downloads - 85

So what does it really mean to stream audio or video? Is downloading a file the same as streaming? Does every video you watch online a streaming video? The 3 types of "streaming" - Progressive Downloads, Adaptive & True Streaming, why one of them is not even actual streaming, what you should know about, why you should care, and the way it impacts how you deliver content to your audience. I'm not going to go too deep into this, because you and I, we don't need to exactly become audio or...


Go Deep, Then Wide - the Biggest Secret to Success I Learned From Google, My Father and Miley Cyrus - 84

Go Deep, Then Wide: One day I woke up and figured out, that I have to do what my late father R.N. Jayagopal DID, not what he SAID. But in my father's case, he obviously wasn't trying to mess with me or trying to mislead me. It's just that he himself didn't fully quite understand his own mega-success in life. And it is really an immutable law to learning from successful people, is to do as they do, not as they say. But in my father's case, he obviously wasn't trying to mess with me or...


A Programmer and a Marketer Walk into a Bar - 83

A Programmer and a Marketer Walk into a Bar is actually a true story. Easily one of THE most fascinating stories of my life. And this is also the story behind one of the biggest lessons I learned as an Entrepreneur. So enjoy the story, with the audio taken straight from my live video. If you are an Entrepreneur, then one of the most challenging things today, is building an audience. So where do you go to find your audience? Facebook? Instagram? Podcasts? YouTube? Amazon? Check out my...


YouTube Sucks If You're Doing This - 82

I recently created a video where I talked about why YouTube may no longer be a good idea for storing yours sales videos and promotional videos. I created that video purposefully, planning ahead, knowing that I'll be able to use the content for this podcast as well. I call it "Purposeful Repurposing". And I've actually created a full online course about it, titled DOPE - D O P E - Do Once, Publish Everywhere: How to Build Trust, Respect & Influence and Reach New Audiences Using Live...


Lessons Learned from my DOPE Launch - Ep #81

DOPE stands for Do Once, Publish Everywhere. I recently launched a new online course, and I wanted to share with you some of the lessons learned, as well as thoughts and comments from my launch. I talk about 3 things: 1) Perceived Value 2) Turning 1 media format into 3 3) Urgency, Scarcity and Exclusivity - or USE, as I like to call it Listen to the rest of the show on your favorite podcast app or at


19 Thoughts for 2019 to Help You Take Things to the Next Level - Ep #80

I wanted to share these 19 thoughts with you, about doing business online, and I hope they help you focus, or re-focus, in 2019 and beyond. I talk about everything from focusing on Making Offers (MOMMY, my new acronym), to creating an Epic Lead Magnet, to increasing its perceived value, why you should stop creating and start promoting, and my "Kindle-book-for-Review" strategy to quickly build a list of prospects, and more. Listen to the episode online at Or search...


The Dreaded Unsubscribe. And Selling is not Evil - Ep #79

And if you get to the root cause of the fear of making offers, that in turn comes from the fear of people unsubscribing. A lot of us are scared to sell stuff, make offers, because we think if we sell stuff, people will unsubscribe, they will mark our emails as spam, they will hate us, they will trash us on social media. In short, a lot of marketers fear the sky will fall on their heads if they make offers to their list. And they are so terrified of people unsubscribing. Trust me, that...


Slack vs. Forum for Your 1000 True Fans and How I'm using Scarcity, Exclusivity and Urgency to Build My Online Community - Ep #78

Since Episode #69, I've continued to wind-down my Facebook group. I still post there occasionally, but everyone in my group knows that I've moved the community to my own website and most have them followed me to my new forum. You can check out my new community by going to . And on this episode, I also talk about how I use Slack, how I use my Online Forum, When to use which tool, and How I'm using Scarcity, Exclusivity and Urgency to Build My Online Community Listen to...


"Donations" Is Not A Business Model - Part 3 - Ep #77

One of the common myths that a lot of content creators have, in this day and age of crowdfunding, is that if you have a large enough audience, then you can earn a decent income using donations from your listeners. 90% of creators, will not be able to make even a few hundred dollars a month from their show, and I'm going to show you why. First, I'm going to play you a clip from a podcast called RadioLab, a super-popular radio show and podcast with millions of listeners, where you will hear...


Ad Blockers, DVRs, Fast-Forward, Double-Tap, My Facebook Ad Survey - Part 2 - Ep #76

It doesn't matter if the ad is like a pre-recorded ad from a third-party, or a show-halting, host-read ad. Yes, I agree that those ads are not the same, and people are generally more receptive to host-read ads, where the host of the podcast, or the YouTube video, or the author of the blog post, are themselves reading out the ads. And it gets more interesting when you throw in affiliate products. And the creative and organic host-read ads. If you know someone who tells you that they love...


Ad Revenue Model Is Dead, Sponsors Are Unreliable, "Donations" Is Not A Business Model - Ep #75

My AdSense earnings would fluctuate between $500 to $1500, most of the time averaging about $1000. But I never averaged more than that through AdSense ads. This, despite being #1 on Google, getting tons of traffic, targeted audience, despite buying every course on AdSense and SEO and list-building and optimizing every darn part of my website, constantly creating traffic and on and on and on. The work to stay at the top of Google as relentless, but all of that work didn't payoff as much as it...


Subscription Overload, Loss Leader Overload & Lifestyle Aggregators - Ep #74

3 bold predictions for the next 5 years: Subscription Overload, Loss Leader Overload and Lifestyle Aggregators. I predict that by the year 2023, everything we use today in day-to-day life, will become subscription based. And because there's going to be an explosion of subscription-based services, there will be what I'm calling Subscription Aggregators. or Sags. And one step up from Sags, will be what I call Lifestyle Aggregators, or Lags. Finally, there's going to be an explosion in Loss...


Audio and Voice Are The Future, All-In On Audio - Ep #73

After I got back from speaking at Podcast Movement 2018, I was thinking about all of the positive things that have happened for me in the last 2 or so years. I've been getting a lot of traction with my efforts in the podcasting space. Which is why I'm going All-in on Audio. I have 3 podcasts now - one of which you're listening to right now - . And then there's my 2nd podcast called "Cut To The Chase", which I had put on the back-burner for a while, but I'm moving it...


Reverse-Spiderman: To Have Great Power, Use WordPress - Ep #72

"To Have Great Power, You Need to Take On Great Responsibility". That's my new "Reverse Spider-man" quote, a cool twist on the original Spider-man quote. I actually came up with the idea for this as I was preparing for a presentation that I'm giving next week, at Podcast Movement 2018, in Philadelphia. But as I was creating the slides for my presentation, I have a section in there, where I talk about building your own platform, owning your platform, owning your domain, building everything...


Part 2: Product First? Or Audience First? - Ep #71

Part 2: Product First? Or Audience First? I talk about Strategy #2: Building an Audience First and THEN creating a product (ideally, productS) for that audience. Which is WAY easier said than done. And I'm also going to let you in on a little secret... that Strategy #1, which is Product First, Audience Next, and Strategy #2, which is Audience First, Product Next, are actually not mutually exclusive at all. You DON'T HAVE to choose just one or the other. You can actually do both. In fact,...


Product First? Or Audience First? - Ep #70

Product First or Audience First? A burning question for anyone starting an online business. And as much it might seem similar to the complicated "Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg" discussion, it's actually not all that complicated when it comes down to the core nature of these two strategies. There is no simple one-size-fits-all answer here, so I'll try to break it down as best as I can, given my own experience selling a number of products online since 1998, and then add to that my...


Facebook Group or Forum? How to Create an Online Community That Will Be Around For The Next 5-, 15- or maybe even 50 years - Ep #69

Should you create a Facebook Group? Or an Online Forum on your own site, your own domain, on your own hosting account? This episode is for you if you have a Facebook group that doesn't have too many members, or has many members, but not enough engagement, or maybe you're planning to start a community, but you're torn between a Facebook group and creating your own Forum. And even if you have a successful Facebook group right now, and have absolutely no plans of starting your own forum, I...