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A Perspective On Organizational Behavior with Shane Spiers

The way businesses work depends on the culture of the company. Being a team leader, it is important to establish one that works best for the company. If you don’t, then the culture will become something else that might harm the overall productivity and growth. business scaling strategist Shane Spiers speaks on how to do […]


Strategies And Tools For Time Blocking with Lynda West

We don't know when our last breath is going to be. We can get distracted in different ways that we have to continually remind ourselves of what's important. We have to make a choice to be more purposeful so we can be more productive in doing things that we love and make the most of […]


Jeffrey Gitomer: Truthful Living With The Wisdom Of Napoleon Hill

What if you could go back into the mind of the great Napoleon Hill twenty years before his Think And Grow Rich? Jeffrey Gitomer gives it to you as he talks about his new book, Truthful Living: The First Writings of Napoleon Hill. As the best-selling author of 15 books including the Little Red Book […]


Principles Versus Tactics: Navigating Platform Changes with Kyle Wilson

Part of building success is learning to create platforms. However, things change a lot in the different platforms and the biggest thing that you need to learn is to navigate the changes. Personal development expert and marketing specialist Kyle Wilson says to help navigate platform changes, you need principles and tactics. Tactics, like social media, […]


Personal Agility: Scrum For Individual Task And Project Management with Michael Alf

There's so much happening in the digital age. For many, they feel it gets harder and hence, they feel this overwhelm. Michael Alf, founder of High Performance in the Digital Age, has had a 25-plus year global career across various industries, continents and functions which has given him an unparalleled skillset and expertise to support […]


Victoria Buckmann: Finding The Sales Magic With Energy

In business, the sales process connects us to people. It is the bridge where we can cross-over to present our products and hopefully make a difference in people’s lives. This is the kind of sales magic that Victoria Buckmann finds. As a certified Dream Coach, Higher Guidance Business Coach, Former Premier Success coach for eWomenNetwork, […]


Ari Meisel’s Counterintuitive Take On Productivity With Doing Less

Counter-intuitive to a lot of people, sometimes doing less could give you more. Ari Meisel is a great believer of this as he talks about his own take on productivity and how we should think a little bit differently. As an author, developer, consultant, productivity expert, and CEO of his company Less Doing, he teaches […]


David Allen on Productivity, Passion, And Getting Things Done

In our everyday lives, we are always hankering to finish a lot of tasks. Sometimes, we fall off and become too overwhelmed because we just can’t seem to organize what needs to be done first and how. Productivity consultant and bestselling author David Allen talks about getting things done, both the act and his book. […]


Off the Clock: Time Management with Laura Vanderkam

We love to talk about how busy we are. You ask people, “How was your weekend?” They're going to say, "Same as usual, busy." "How's life?" "Busy." It basically means fine. The state of being fine is defined as having a great deal to do. The issue of going around talking about how busy we […]


Marketing, Lead Generation, And The Value Of Aligning Goals with Tom Poland

Marketing is undeniably an essential part of the business. It reaches potential clients and enriches your entire business. However, cracking into this specific process is not as easy as carrying a sign saying, “We’re here.” It’s about getting deep into building connections and relationships in order to reach goals. Business marketing mentor Tom Poland is […]


Finding Happiness From Wherever You Are with Dr. Marissa Pei

We all know that life is not always sunshine and butterflies. Sometimes, we find it hard to even find that slightest glint of light. We feel hopeless and unhappy. As an expert in various fields and a poster child for diversity, Dr. Marissa Pei has a lot to say about how to overcome that sadness […]


Let Go Of Perfection: Find Good Enough

Perfectionism is an obsession to work something to the end, to do one more thing, to overdo, to over function, to over-perform when it's really not necessary and when it's not adding any additional value. But how do we know when it's good enough? In order to avoid perfection, we need to define ahead of […]


Creating Purposeful Habits: Getting More Focused On Your Goals with Karen Huller

Habits are key to getting where you want to go in a shorter amount of time. Everything we do is about the habits and the standards that we create. Those habits can be productive or unproductive habits. They run on autopilot, and that can be a good thing if you don't have to think about […]


Coach Yourself To Get Unstuck

If you are like me, you might be stubborn at times to listen to others advice or shut down because you are so stuck in your thinking. In this episode, I share three ways to be your own coach to help you get unstuck, overcome resistance and access new approaches to challenges or getting to […]


The Next Steps: Taking A Leap Of Faith with Dom Faussette

There's are so many other areas in life when things don't go our way, but that doesn't mean we retreat. It doesn't mean that we stop. Executive coach, leadership speaker and bestselling author Dom Faussette has been to hell and back, but retreating was never an option for him. He says when we’re faced with […]


Managing Time Is Managing Emotions

Emotions impact what we do with our time and how we show up for our time. We are driven by our emotions and it impacts everything that you do throughout the day. To bring the best of ourselves in the way that we show up with our time is to eliminate emotional distractions. It's a […]


Mission-Based Milestones with Keith Wayne MacGregor

People easily get attracted to things and they want to try it right away to see if it works. They look at an industry or something that catches their eye and they say, “I'm going to do that.” They find out later on that their heart is just not in it. Strategist and consultant Keith […]


How To Master The Art Of Professional Selling with Ben Gay III

The most important part about selling is listening. Public speaking coach and keynote speaker Ben Gay III says if you're a sales infiltrator and you listen, the prospect will almost always tell you what they want, how they want it sold to them, how they want to buy, and what they're willing to pay. Ben […]


Are You Stuck?: The Ditch Digger’s Quick Tip Out

Many people get stuck and keep themselves stuck for whatever reason. When they find themselves unable to move forward, they stay where they are and continue doing the same things they were doing that got them stuck or is keeping them stuck. They’re called ditch diggers. They’ve dug themselves a ditch and can't find their […]


How to Avoid Burnout with Dr Emily Latran

With all the busyness in our daily grind, we’re all looking for the answers on how to avoid burnout. Why do we experience burnout anyway? One of the most common reasons why people get burnout is because they say yes too much. We say yes to avoid conflict, or we want to be a nice […]