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Ben Fewtrell Interview - Building A Better Business

Do you ever wonder where you sit on the business owner spectrum? You may be a business owner but there’s a thin line between successfully running a business and just being self-employed. I interviewed Ben Fewtrell, co-owner of MaxMyProfit, who told me business owners who are merely their own employees is more common than you think. Ben, along with his business partner David Carlin, runs the NSW-based company, whose detailed and comprehensive e-Learning programmes help Australian business...


Joe Purves - The Tireless Digital Creative

What do you have to do to win an award as “Digital Person of the Year". When I came across Joe Purves’ profile on LinkedIn, which included mention that he was a winner of the AMY Award for "Digital Person of the Year" for 2017-18 it piqued my curiosity. It sparked a conversation that ended up with me interviewing Joe for the Authority Accelerator podcast. Joe’s profile describes him as ‘a curious and passionate digital creative professional, specialising in Responsive Websites, iOS Apps,...


Social Serving. An Interview with Adam Houlahan

On today’s episode, Adam Houlan shares his social media insight. Adam is the CEO of a digital marketing agency and International Keynote Speaker specialising in Social Media for business. Adam has written three books; The LinkedIn Playbook, Social Media Secret Sauceand a collaboration with about 30 other authors called Better Business, Better Life, Better World. He is a social media expert, with an emphasis in LinkedIn. He lives in Gold Coast, Queensland and is considered one of...


Making Interview Connections With Jessica Rhodes and Margy Feldhuhn

On today’s episode, Jessica Rhodes and Margy Feldhuhn share insight on the podcasting world. Jessica started the world’s first podcast booking agency in 2013. Jessica was motivated to start a home-based business. Since starting, the business has grown from a virtual business to a full brick and mortar operation. Jessica started as virtual assistant booking people on podcasts. She soon realised booking was in high demand and she enjoyed that aspect most. Her business coach, her dad, taught...


Less is More. Done is Better Than Perfect

Team-based planning is something we work on with our clients at the beginning and end of the year as a top and tail activity. But what exactly is team-based planning? Who’s involved? And what are the benefits? Episode Highlights:


Setting Expectations From Your Authority Marketing Efforts

Marketing and sales is a numbers game but often we pursue the wrong numbers. Social media In particular often diverts our attention from the real game, making sales, to a false game, chasing likes and shares, etc. Likes and shares are great but in and of themselves they are meaningless. Hence why they are often referred to as ‘vanity metrics.’ And for a consultant or coach looking to build a business, they can often be a distraction. The prospect of something going viral and creating a...


Finding The Middle Ground Of Thought Leadership

Show notes Thought leadership can be a scary prospect. It’s one thing to know your subject matter well, but to call yourself a thought leader? That can seem like a stretch for most. After all, that spot’s already been taken hasn’t it? This is why you might struggle to maintain momentum with your authority and content marketing efforts. There may be a handful of industry leaders who get all the attention so it seems like your efforts fall on deaf ears. It’s not an all or nothing game...


How to Create a Content Plan(ish) Part 2 - Pulling the plan together

If you’re a fan of jigsaw puzzles then you’ll know that feeling you get when you’ve got the major parts of the puzzle together and you’re filling in all the bits in between. It’s the fun part because that’s where you get momentum and start to see what the finished product is going to look like. That’s where we’re up to with our content planning process. In the previous episode/blog post, I ran through the first part of the process for creating a content plan. In this episode we pull it...


How (and Why) a Content Plan Will Help Maintain Momentum

In the last episode, I gave you a rough outline of the four/five stages of authority marketing, so it is, preparation, producing, publishing, promoting and in the fifth stage is repeat. You go back to preparation, producing, publishing and promoting. We talked about the early stages of preparation, if you haven't listened to that episode, I would encourage you to go back. It's not critical that you hear that before you hear this one, but some of the stuff I'm going to cover may make more...


How to Reach the Right People With Your Authority Marketing Efforts

Welcome aboard the Authority Elevator once again. Are you ready to take things to the next level?. We're taking things to the next level in kind of a literal sense today in that so far on the podcast we've talked about the what and the why of authority mapping. What is authority marketing? Why would you do it? Now we're getting into the boots on the ground, the how you actually do authority marketing. It's going to take us several episodes to work through this because we break it down into...


Cathy Love and Her Authority Marketing Journey

Cathy Love is an Occupational Therapist, ICF trained coach, author and speaker. Her clinical experience spans three decades and involves thousands of children, families and support teams from all over the world. Cathy has presented workshops and papers at local, state, national and international events, participated in two Federal Expert Reference Groups.Cathy works with allied health professionals who are keen to develop powerful and profitable businesses that create a positive impact on...


5 Reasons Why a Blog is the Best Authority Builder

Do I really need a blog? No. Next question? But what if I want to be seen as a leader in my field or increase my earning power? Well if that’s the case, the answer is probably yes. It’s no coincidence that ‘authority’ and ‘author’ both have the same origins. And while authority has a dual meaning, both versions of the word imply a sense of power. But this doesn’t mean that you need to lord over others or dominate them in some way to be a leader in your field. I really like this...


How To Become a Living Breathing Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are a great way to entice prospects to learn about you and, hopefully, to do business with you. Lead magnets come in many forms, both written, video and audio, and the main objective of a lead magnet is to help your prospects get to know you, like you and trust you. Lead magnets are a way to “warm up” or “pre-heat” your prospects through automation. It’s akin to outsourcing part of your selling process by using a thing - a book, a report, a video or audio, etc. EPISODE...


The What, Who and Why of Authority Marketing

If you’re good at what you do, you shouldn't need to do marketing, right? Wrong. If you're a consultant, speaker, author, thought leader – or anyone who makes a living being paid for your expertise – then you should be engaged in what’s know as ‘authority marketing’. But what exactly is authority marketing? And why should you be doing it? In this post and on this podcast episode, we explore the What, Who and Why of Authority Marketing. You’ll discover how it really is the most simple,...


Top 5 Reasons Why People Dont Use Authority Marketing

There are plenty of people in business who aren’t engaged in authority marketing. You might be one of them. That’s what makes authority marketing work so well – the fact that not everyone’s doing it and those that do are getting the attention. So, what is it that prevents people from using authority marketing when all evidence suggests that it’s the best way to grow your reputation and value in the marketplace? We’ve uncovered the top 5 reasons most people use and if they resonate with...


3 Guiding Principles for Authority Marketing

If you are selling expertise in one form or another then content marketing is an essential part of your marketing mix these days. To stand out in your field you need to have an online presence where you share your expertise and demonstrate your talents. We refer to it as 'authority marketing' as it's specifically done to raise your profile as an authority in your market. Today we cover 3 guiding principles that are good to keep front of mind with your authority marketing...