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37 Chef-Quality CBD Infusions Connect Cannabis to the Foodservice Industry

On this episode of The Barron Report, Paul Barron speaks with CEO, Kim Sanchez Rael and Chief Creative Officer, Ron Silver of Azuca, on how their company’s unique technology is developing the latest CBD Trends.


36 Female-Led Funding Startup AccelFoods Helps Other Food-Focused Startups like Soozy's Thrive

On this episode of The Barron Report, our host Paul Barron speaks with Jordan Gaspar, co-founder of AccelFoods, and Susan Chen, CEO of Soozy’s, a frozen, gluten-free baked good product company that has partnered with the female-led venture capitalist group in order to grow its business.


35 Why East Hampton Leads The Top 50 Sandwich Innovators List

After a quick stint at law school, Hunter Pond decided his true passion laid with the restaurant business. “I just felt this gravitational pull to the industry and it was strong enough... [that] I dropped out of law school after one semester,” said Pond. “...It was a rough three months trying to convince everybody that this was the right move for me.” On this episode of The Barron Report, our host, Paul Barron, sits down with Hunter Pond, CEO of East Hampton Sandwich Co. to learn how this...


34 Amazon Go to Threaten 70 Billion Fast Casual Segment

On this episode of The Barron Report, Paul Barron analyzes the aggressive move Amazon is making in the foodservice industry. Amazon plans to open up to 3,000 of its cashier-less Amazon Go convenience stores by the year 2021, according to a recent report from Bloomberg. The tech giant's brick-and-mortar concept Amazon Go currently has three stores open, two in Seattle and one in Chicago.


33 Meal-Kit Companies Are Gearing Up for Competition or Getting Out

When the meal kit first came into existence, customers lined up to try this new and innovative system that fulfilled the desire for a high-quality meal without the restaurant price tag. Once the idea gained popularity, meal kit companies began popping up, claiming to have the best meal kit on the market. Slowly but surely, these companies starting shutting down as the market became oversaturated.


32 The 'FairKitchens' Movement Addresses The Unhealthy Culture In Today's Kitchens

The 'FairKitchens' movement is a response to cultural issues that we have seen spotlighted in recent months in our industry. But the truth is a lot of these issues have been around since the beginning.


31 How Rich's is Helping Combat Food Waste Through Product Solutions

“[Consumers] expect the exact same product that they would get if they sat down in the restaurant when they get it delivered to their house… so packaging is really important,” says Diana Schaefer, Associate Customer Marketing Manager for Rich Products. “If you have a sauce or dressed product you want to make sure it’s just as fresh when it gets to the customer.” According to the National Restaurant Association, it is estimated that 70 percent of customers will be ordering food off of...


30 How to Avoid Unconscious Discrimination When Hiring for Your Restaurant

Lexington Wolff is a restaurant employment lawyer with a story. After representing a number of restaurants in employee lawsuits, she began to see a pattern. Many of the lawsuits could have been easily avoided had the restaurant just been better informed about their obligations. But as Lexi says, once you’re in a penny, you’re in a pound. Basically, it won’t matter whether or not your practices are legal. If your employees feel slighted or misunderstand a policy, they may take you to court...


29 How Rich's Is Helping Foodservice Professionals Create Plant-Based Menu Items

“The big key point for operators… is focus on flavor, focus on that authentic experience, and people will want to eat your plant-based menu item because it’s delicious,” says Julie Altobello, Senior Marketing Manager of Health and Authenticity at Rich Products Corporation. As Foodable Labs has identified in the past, there is a 78.4 percent increase in the past 18 months of consumer discussion around plant-based menus. In this episode of The Barron Report, host Paul Barron sits down with...


28 Restaurant Employee Tip Laws That Could Get You Sued

On this episode of the Barron Report, Paul asks Lexi your burning law questions around pay practices and sexual harassment. We start with the discussion of unpaid overtime.


27 Beyond Meat's Ethan Brown Credits Millennials, Whole Foods for Success

Ethan Brown grew up on a farm. It was this childhood that led him to believe that there had to be a different way to create delicious meats. Using science (and a little time) Brown developed a plant protein burger that has been lauded for its incredible performance as an imitation beef burger. Reviews illustrate nothing less than pure disbelief in tasting the “bleeding” burger. While the nutrition facts are not necessarily diet-friendly with “significantly more protein, sodium, calories, and...


26 Serenbe: The Utopian Community Balancing Development with Green Space

On this episode of The Barron Report, brought to you by Off-Premise Insights, Paul talks to a different type of hospitality professional. Steve Nygren is the founder of Serenbe, a community that has been described as a “Utopian experiment.” Nygren comes from the restaurant and hospitality industry, boasting experience with Stouffers Hotels and later opening more than 30 restaurants under his own name. The idea for Serenbe came after Nygren moved his family to a multi-acre farm. Fearing...


25 Gen Z is the Real Market That Matters

On this episode of The Barron Report recorded at, brought to you by Kabbage, we get to discuss how Generation Z, or Gen Z for short, is becoming the market that really matters as this segment of the population continues to grow.In this episode, Guest Host Rudy Miick leads the discussion about what is going to draw Gen Z as customers and as staff and team members for the restaurant industry.


24 Peapod and FarmLogix: Exploring the Future of Food Tech

On this special episode of The Barron Report recorded at, brought to you by Kabbage, we get to discuss how technology has become the core backbone of how we reach, interact, and exchange info with our customers. In this episode, Guest Host Donald Burns navigates us through this discussion of where technology could take the industry over the next decade. How will online, mobile, Social, AR and more affect the business of the future?


23 Building a Rockstar Team for Your Restaurant

On this episode of The Barron Report, brought to you by Kabbage, we dive into Agricole Hospitality brands to see how they manage hiring and staff. In 2011, Ryan Pera and Morgan Weber teamed up to open Revival Market, a butcher shop inspired by City Meat Market in Yoakum. It has since evolved to become a full-service breakfast/lunch restaurant and butcher shop. The success of Revival prompted the duo to open Italian restaurant Coltivare, where Morgan developed the cocktail menu, in 2014....


22 Coffee Trends and Why Miami's Panther Coffee Provides a Farm To Table Experience

On this episode of The Barron Report, brought to you by Kabbage, Paul Barron discusses coffee trends with Panther Coffee's co-founder Joel Pollock.


21 Scratch Cooking Revives Casual Dining

On this episode of The Barron Report, brought to you by Kabbage, the Tupelo Honey team joins Paul Barron in a discussion of what makes brands successful in today's market. Tupelo Honey was founded in Asheville in 2001 as a revival of Southern food and traditions rooted in the Carolina Mountains. With 15 total locations in 7 states, Tupelo's Southern spirit is infused into every bite of their flavor driven dishes. CEO Steve Frabitore bought the restaurant in 2008 and it's been growing ever...


20 The Facebook Data Debacle

Facebook has been dominating news headlines this week and for good reason. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been testifying to Congress on the topics of data security and how the social media giant has been trying to improve. There’s a lot to consider here: How did this impact the election? Is my data safe? Is it finally time to get off the grid? But before we take drastic measures, take a minute to join Paul Barron for a thought-provoking discussion about what happened and how this scandal may be...


19 All the Laws You Need to Know Before Starting Your Restaurant

On this episode of The Barron Report, brought to you by Kabbage, Paul speaks to Lawyer A.J. Yolofsky about what operators need to concern themselves with before starting their own restaurant concept. Yolofsky Law manages these types of start-ups often and has seen their fair share of poorly executed legal documents. "Do you want a piece of paper or do you want peace of mind?" says A.J. "I recently had a client come to me and they're looking at acquiring another restaurant location and the...


18 These Consumer Trends Are Driving Restaurant Growth and Contraction

On this episode of The Barron Report, Paul Barron analyzes Foodable Labs data around two generations that are causing major shakeups in the restaurant industry: Millennials and Generation Z. We look at the frequency of restaurant visits, guest counts, and popular social platforms within these groups to give your concept insights into how to win with this major market segment.