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For all inquiries, please reach through the email provided via the website!

For all inquiries, please reach through the email provided via the website!
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For all inquiries, please reach through the email provided via the website!




Bee Influenced 35: Edmonton Wedding Planner Diana Sikanja Edmonton Wedding Planner Diana Sikanja

Learn about Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, On How To Grow Your Podcast or Personal Brand It is inevitable, but everybody goes through stressful times in life. There is an old saying, which says the most stressful events an individual goes through is when they purchase a new home. Next to buying and moving into a new home comes the special day of planning a wedding. When you first start planning a wedding, you want everything to be perfect. You want to make sure...


What Its Like On Dragons Den W/ Joshua Turner

Shark Tank is the most watched television show on Friday nights. With Sharks such as Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’ Leary, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran, Ashton Kutcher, Nick Woodman, Alex Rodriguez, and Richard Branson. It’s many entrepreneurs dreams to go on a show like Shark Tank and receive a deal. However, on the other side of the border, they don’t have sharks but instead dragons. Dragons Den is the popular Canadian TV show is heading into its 13th season! Season 13 features...


Bee Influenced 32: Starting A Business In College W/ Carter Buchanan Starting A Business in College w/ NAIT Student Carter Buchanan

There is often a debate whether or not college is worth attending. If you want to be an entrepreneur, there is even a more considerable debate whether or not you need to attend school. In Edmonton, we have multiple schools that offer business programs with young people attending who eventually want to start their own business. Carter Buchanan is a NAIT Entrepreneur who has started three companies throughout his adulthood. In episode 32 of The Bee Influenced podcast, we chat with Carter...


Having Difficult Conversations w/ Dan Hein

.In episode 31, Dan Hein and I discussed why it’s crucial for partners to have difficult conversations when starting a new venture. Conflict is at times inevitable. When conflict arises, we as humans have two basic instincts, fight or flight. We either fight for what we want or we run and hide from the conflict. But what if we could reduce the amount of friction we have in our personal and business lives? What if we didn’t always have to default to either fight or flight, but instead...


Bee Influenced 30: Reflecting on 2017 and Goal Setting for the New Year Goal Setting For the New Year

Soon the New Year will be here, which means a fresh a new start for many of you. A New Year coming in is a good because 2017 for many people was a complete mess. Before we flip over the calendar to the new year, you’re probably goal setting. In episode 30 of the Bee Influenced Podcast, I dive into setting goals for the New Year and the most important thing to consider when goal setting. Listen to the full podcast below Reflect on 2017 Before you set goals for 2018, it’s important to...


Bee Influenced 29: Italian Centre's Teresa Spinelli on culture & social media Italian Centre Teresa Spinelli On Family and Social Media

Teresa Spinelli Teresa is the President and Owner of the famous Edmonton supermarket, the Italian Centre. Teressa took over the family business in 2001 after her father passed away. She helped grow her family business from one store in Edmonton, to 4 locations, with one being in Calgary. Teresa plans to continue to grow the business, expanding throughout Calgary and is in talks of opening a location in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. In this podcast, Teresa and I discuss how the Italian Centre...


Getting Paid To Ask Questions on Campfire App

One thing I love doing the Bee Influenced Podcast is getting the opportunity to ask high-performance individuals questions. I get to uncover their daily lives, their habits, strengths, weaknesses, critical success factors in their businesses and much more! That’s why I love the episode with Ryan Laniuk from Coach Em’ to Keep em, who has worked with high-performance individuals such as Steve Siebold! In that podcast episode, we talked about how to become a high-performance individual. Doing...


Bee Influenced 27: Entrepreneur Support W/ Shawn Keirle Entrepreneur Support w/ Shawn Keirle

When first starting a business it can be extremely stressful. It can be even more stressful when you’re working a full-time job on top of it all. For the next guest on the Bee Influenced Podcast, the major theme we discuss is entrepreneur support. Shawn Kerile Shawn is a Calgary entrepreneur starting a business in the clothing industry. Growing up as a kid, this is the one industry Shawn would never have expected to get in. Starting this clothing business has not been easy for Shawn as he...


Three Myths When Stating a Business w/ NAIT Grads

Last week, we finished our mini-series called ‘classroom to the boardroom.” In case you don’t know about this mini-series, it examines how three Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT Grads) started a business either while in school or after they left. In each episode, there is a valuable lesson to be learned for all the students out there, who want to be entrepreneurs. Each one of these episodes debunks a myth for you starting a business while providing some common themes for all...


Bee Influenced 25: Edmonton Photographer & Entrepreneur Darion Getzinger Edmonton Photographer & Entrepreneur Darion Getzinger

Today marks the day for the final guest in our mini-series “Classroom to Boardroom”. In the last interview of our mini-series, we will be talking with Darion Katherine. This mini-series has featured two Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) students who have gone from the classroom to the boardroom, building a business while in school or immediately after they left. In the first episode, we talked with former NAIT Students Association (NAITSA) President Justin Nand. Justin...


Bee Influenced 24: NAIT Entrepreneur Raymond Saw NAIT Entrepreneur Raymond Saw

We are in our second week of the miniseries called “Classroom to The Board Room.” This mini-series features three former Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) students and how they went from applying the knowledge learned from the classroom to help build their own business. Some students built their business while they attended NAIT while some started building after they left. Last week, we featured a NAIT student powerhouse Justin Nand. He was the former NAIT Students...


Bee Influenced 23: NAIT Student Association President Justin Nand NAIT Student President Justin Nand

Today marks an extraordinary day in the Bee Influenced podcast. Today is special because for September we will be discussing student entrepreneurship. For the upcoming following weeks, we will be chatting with three former students at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). We will be discussing their journies of building a business either while in school or after graduation. There are thousands if not millions of students attending enrolled to start within the next couple of...


Vault to Real Estate Success w/ Rick Harris

At Bee Influenced we like to feature different people from multiple industries. In today’s podcast, we feature Rick Harris who works in Real Estate Investment. Rick Harris Rick is a real estate investor and acts as a consultant. He is also a writer for Real Estate Investment Network and is currently working with clients to help purchase property in the Canmore and Edmonton Alberta regions. Rick Harris is currently working with an editor to bring his book to market called “Vault To Invest...


Bee Influenced 21: The Purpose Roadmap w/ Mick Lolekonda The Purpose Roadmap w/ Mick Lolekonda

Mick Lolekonda Mick is the founder of Real Life Mechanics which is a blog and YouTube Channel focused around the area of creating alignment in one’s life. He is a spiritual guide and business coach helping others to discover their purpose and helping clients achieve their goals. Working alongside entrepreneurs, organizations and anyone who is looking to get more out of their lives. On his YouTube channel, he interviews people who have found their purpose and making a difference in a world...


Bee Influenced 20: 40 Tips to Start a Business A First 20 Episode Thank You Recap

Every week we bring you a successful entrepreneur, business expert, and social influencer to discuss their stories. We discuss their stories about what it took to become successful and understand the process. Being this is episode 20 of the podcast, I felt we should do it a little different. In episode 20 I wanted to say “Thank-You.” Thank You “Thank You” to all the fans and everyone who has been involved with the show. Creating these podcasts is a lot of work and time. I especially want...


Bee Influenced 19: Hamilton Perkins Saving the World One Bottle at a Time Hamilton Perkins – One Bottle at a Time

As I write this blog post, I am drinking a bottle of water. In fact, with the hot summer heat, I have been drinking a lot of bottled water. Did you know every single year Americans use about 50 BILLION plastic water bottles? That’s a lot of plastic! The next guest on the Bee Influenced podcast saw there was a real problem and decided to do some thing about it. His name is Hamilton Perkins, and he plans on changing the world one bottle at a time. Hamilton Perkins Hamilton received his...


Bee Influenced 18: Charles Marois Amazon FBA Charles Marois Amazon FBA Seller

There is a precious moment in one’s life when a side hustle starts producing more income than the regular 9-5 job. There is an amazing feeling of accomplishment when you’re able to quit your job and focus solely on your business venture. Charles Marois is the next guest on the Bee Influenced podcast and is an excellent example of that story. Charles Marois Before starting his own business, Charles was working 7-days a week selling cars. Selling cars can be a tough gig because it requires a...


Bee Influenced 17: The Loss of Innocence with Timotheories The Loss of Innocence In the Edmonton Arts

Loss of Innocence When we are kids, we are incredibly creative.As we grow older, I believe we as humans lose our creativity that once lived inside us as children. As kids, we used to play in the sandbox make castles, play with toys representing heavy equipment, put a string between two Styrofoam cups and talk with the device. In today’s market, there is an importance of being creative and getting in touch with those qualities we all used to have as a kid! In a lot of ways, this represents...


Bee Influenced 16: Trust The Process W/ John Sonmez - Simple Programmer Trust The Process w/ John Sonmez – Simple Programmer

Before building Bee Influenced and the Weekly Business Podcast, I had a belief that in-order to create websites you had to know how to code. I started attending coding meetups focused around Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP and many more programming languages. I did not understand half the information talked about at these MeetUp events due to my lack of knowledge in coding. Shortly after I discovered about WordPress and made my life simpler. The next guest on the podcast is famous for making...


Bee Influenced 15: Brandon T. Adams Entrepreneur & Crowdfunding Expert Brandon T. Adams Crowdfunding Expert

Brandon T. Adams The next guest on the Bee Influenced Podcast is Brandon T. Adams. Brandon is a serial entrepreneur, having part ownership in multiple business ventures including, Accelerant Media Group, Live to Grind, Young Entrepreneur Convention, and Arctic stick. Arctic stick was Brandon’s first entrepreneur pursuit after leaving Iowa State University. He helped take the product from concept, design, manufacturing, and funding. Though Arctic stick might not have become the massive...