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🔥The 3 Keys to Building A 7-Figure Authority Business—with Tom Matzen🔥

Entrepreneurs hire Tom Matzen to build 7-figure authority businesses for them—fast. He helps them by doing a complete run-for-you service that creates high-ticket programs, finds the ideal clients, and converts them to sales. Ultimately, he, his partner, and their team can guarantee their clients a million-dollar income within two years. Tom has reached business success just as much as he made mistakes. As an author and speaker, he works on sharing his experiences with people all over the...


🔥Implementing Systems To Grow Your Business—with Matthew Clark🔥

Today, we are joined by marketing strategist, author, and sought-after speaker Matt Clark. He is a former door-to-door salesperson with vast experience working with hundreds of businesses all over the world. Now, he helps his clients rapidly grown their businesses in the simplest way possible. Matt believes in simplifying business success by putting systems and automation in place. With his strategy, he helps entrepreneurs get two to five high-value leads per day through LinkedIn without...


🔥The Chaos Killer’s Secrets to Productivity and Organization—with Charles Byrd🔥

Today we are joined by “The Chaos Killer,” a Silicon Valley veteran whose expertise is about joint ventures, lead flow systems, marketing, scalable systems, and productivity. His name is Charles Byrd. Charles is a public speaker, trainer, and lifelong learner. He passionately combines technology and productivity and is a recognized expert in the field. He produces impactful productivity and JV courses, is a webinar expert, and a workshop leader. I've asked him to join us here today so we...


🔥Reaching Your Full Potential with a Healthy Body and Mind—with Lee Holden🔥

Your success in business is not solely determined by the business strategies you employ. As an entrepreneur, you should also aim to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit to work on your full potential. Joining us today is world-renowned qigong and holistic healthcare practices instructor Lee Holden. He created “Healthy Movement, Healthy Mind” and “Beyond the Scale” for the Weight Watchers in 2016 and 2017. These were acclaimed as the best pilot programs WW has ever run. He has worked as a...


🔥Gain More Sales Like A Ninja⁠—with Esther Kiss🔥

Esther is a ninja in PR. She helps experts get more publicity online, so they get more leads and sales. She does all that through Born to Influence and has gotten many of her clients on TV, newspapers, and top podcasts. If you want to get more publicity online to generate more leads and sales, then we got the right person for you. Esther’s tips are at your reach so might as well get your pens and pads and take note of these. ✅Create content. Your content can come from your videos,...


Improving Corporate Culture Starts With You with Arthur Carmazzi

💰Improving Corporate Culture Starts With You - with Arthur Carmazzi💰 Being a jack of all trades is difficult, but meeting one of the world’s top 10 most influential thought leaders on organizational culture, leadership, corporate culture, self-transformation, best-selling author and founder of the directive communication psychology, Arthur Carmazzi made it possible. He shared his intellect of research and gamification methodologies that influenced the training and leadership...


Achieve what seems impossible with Kimberly Wiefling

Turning managers to leaders and groups of people to a real team seems like an impossible thing to do, but Kimberly Wiefling made it possible. Through “WorkShocks” - her unique highly engaging, experiential, and interactive “Learning Laboratories,” real and meaningful changes happen to different businesses. She is not only successful in the field of business but also successful when she joined the army as she acquired various skills like repairing electronics, transmitters, and receivers,...


How To Get Yourself to Accomplish Your Goals - With Laura Posey

Passion is one of the best characteristics that can motivate a person to move towards achieving his or her dreams. Not everyone possesses this kind of trait but our guest for today is overflowing with passion. She is Laura Posey, a chief instigator of simple success plans, a speaker and an author, who loves to get things done. For over 20 years, she brings sales market and strategic planning experience to her clients. She is also the bright mind behind the book How To Plan Your Entire...


Lessons Learned From The Sales Whisperer - With Wes Schaeffer

Marketing is just selling in print is the central belief of Wes Schaeffer. Being The Sales Whisperer, he is a ruthlessly pragmatic entrepreneur, sales trainer, copywriter, and speaker. Also a graduate of the Air Force Academy and spent five years on active duty with different assignments in South Korea and the Middle East. Schaeffer proved to us in this podcast that being a father of seven is not a hindrance to be successful - whatever our goals may be. Adding to his accomplishments is...


Get The Most From Your Paid Facebook Ads with Dennis Yu

Get The Most From Your Paid Facebook Ads with Dennis Yu “Success has many fathers, failure is an orphan.” from Proverb, is the favorite quote of Daniel Yu, a Facebook marketing expert, co-founder, and CEO of BlitzMetrics - marketing company which partners with schools to train young adults. Daniel’s focus has always been for the youth as he centers his programs around mentorship and helping students to grow their expertise in managing social media campaigns for different enterprise...


Is Your Media Placement Just Serving Your Ego? - with Ulyses Osuna

💰Ulyses Osuna💰 “Don’t just get media placement because it serves your ego.”, this beautiful yet striking quote is really applicable to everyone these days as there are people who wants to be the center of attention to simply get noticed. Apparently from the perspective of our guest, it is different. He is Ulyses Osuna, a 21 year old columnist, influencer and founder of Influencer Press - a PR firm that manages publicity for influencers and or a few clients worth over $100 million. At a...


How To Write Copy That Sells - with David L. Deutsch

Today we are joined by world renowned marketing strategist author and copywriting coach David L. Deutsch. David wrote promotions profitably mailed to millions. In addition to creating winning promotions from scratch, he often works with clients and writers behind the scenes to help under performing promotions into winners. David started at Ogivly & Mather on Madison Avenue and clients such as Merrill Lynch, General Foods and American Express. He then switched to direct response where he has...


Getting to Highly Paid Excellence with Fabienne Raphael

Today we are joined by a fellow business coach and podcaster, Fabienne Raphael. Fabienne helps aspiring and underpaid coaches become highly paid experts. Her background in radio and television help her run a top ranked Marketing to Crush Your Competitors Podcast. She has shared the stage with John Lee Dumas, been featured on Forbes, INC Magazine, NBC, ABC, Thrive Global, HuffPost and more. Fabienne will also be going to the next Pan-American Games with the Canadian Team as a mentor in...


Coaching You up to Millions with James Schramko

Today we are joined by a 3-peat guest James Schramko Sydney based leader of SuperFastBusiness and author of Work less Make More. James has been known as the guru of gurus of for many years! I've asked him here today to discuss something that's holding us all back. Whether you're just getting started or if we are seasoned veterans, we can all benefit from this interview. Enjoy! -- My mission is to create 200 new multi-millionaire business owners. How? You'll do better when you know...


Should Your Best Stuff be Free? with Aaron Chen

Today we are joined by Aaron Chen! He has been building businesses online for last decade. He comes from humble beginnings and it was several tens of thousands late and 8 yrs to learn how to generate consistent sales. Now he has made a 6 figure business 100% online and teaches hundreds how to do the same. He is an award winning marketer and longs to see his students all do the same just in a quicker manner. Today he's on the show to help us all succeed quicker in an online...


Over 1 BILLION Viewers Online! YouTube Expert - Adam Linkenauger

Today we are joined by social media and specifically YouTube expert, Adam Linkenauger. He has built the largest online basketball training program in the world. He reaches over 1 BILLION viewers a year. He now helps automate and scale social media presences for multiple 7, 8, and 9 figure businesses. Adam leverages social media to scale businesses generate leads and capture authority in seemingly any space. Today he is here to help us separate strategies from what works and what...


PowerPack - Laura Posey ~ 12m

This PowerPack is cut from "How To Get Yourself & Others To Accomplish Your Goals" Her driving mission is to double the income of each of her clients while cutting their workweek in half. I’ve asked her to join us today and help us all do a little bit better in our businesses. Enjoy! -- Mission Statement: My mission is to create 200 new multi-millionaire business owners who solve world problems with entrepreneurship. How? You'll do better when you know better. Would it help...


Closing Deals - What's Next After Your Excellent Copy with Carlos Redlich

Today we have the pleasure of welcoming back Carlos Redlich to the podcast. He is a highly sought after direct response copywriter and marketing consultant. He was worked with all levels of entrepreneurs. You may want to check out his latest endeavor where he’s working with some of the biggest names to help growing a successful business simple! Today we’ve asked him here to help explain how everyone else is doing it and how their businesses are growing and...


Selling "the pen" Promises Delivered with Carlos Redlich

Today we are joined by an old buddy of mine and a good friend, Carlos Redlich. He’s a highly sought after direct response copywriter and marketing consultant. He’s worked with all levels of entrepreneurs from 6 figure startups to 9 figure mammoths. As he travels the world and learns about new cultures his primary goal is to help his fellow marketers and copywriters improve their craft. Personally, he helped me learn how to sell when I was first starting out and I know he’s helped others...


'Rockstar' Social Media Marketing: Being Genuine with Mitch Miller

Today we are joined by a former rockstar who's battled drug addiction, homelessness, and struggled with a heart attack at just 21 years of age. A man who knows exactly how to help others overcome their limitations and make something of themselves, Mitch Miller. Mitch Miller went from not being able to feed himself to leading a movement of people craving truth, freedom, and business wisdom ... his social media draws crowds around him. He has written 5 books, spoken at universities locally...