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073 | 5 Branding Myths + The Quick Fixes To Get You Back On Track

While having a great product is arguably the ultimate goal in a business, getting your branding right will make sure that your product - and your brand - gets noticed. From my point of view, this is probably the most common challenge to small businesses: getting the message across with every interaction your audience make with your brand. The truth is, you don’t need to wait to be big until you start taking your branding more seriously. In fact, it might just be the key! Having said...


072 | How To Make Blogging And Email Marketing Play Nice!

I am sure you’ve heard all the online marketing gurus tell you to make sure you have a blog and make sure you have a list! Both of these elements play a different role in your business strategy: Blogging: Helps you to build up a portfolio for your knowledge,It builds your authority and expert status,And it gives you something to share with your community, ultimately as a way to engage new people AND re-engage people who already know your brand. Email Marketing: Builds relationships...


071 | Solopreneur Mistakes When We Start Out

Starting a business on your own is arguably one of the most exciting AND terrifying experience you could ever have. Along with the intoxicating optimism about your business growing, there’s this lingering fear that you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re not good enough, you don’t have a remarkable product - that mindset block that ruins your game. The good news is, you are going to make a lot of mistakes and you are going to learn and grow a lot from them. There’s no such thing is a...


070 | Being Hung Up on Something Stupid and How It's Impacting Your Business

We all have those hang-ups - the ones that stop us in our tracks. It might be your weight, your skin, your voice or your self-belief about what you’re capable of and how much you know. Or it could be something silly, like the slightest of crooked jaws… like it is in my case. When I was a little girl, I fell off a brick wall and while I was never treated for it at the time, my doctors think it’s likely I broke my jaw. So the theory is, as a result of my broken face, I developed an...


069 | The Journey Of Transitioning From Blogging To Coaching

Whether you’re thinking about transitioning out of your 9-5, you’re a blogger that’s looking to start making incoming, or you’re looking to swap out blogging for coaching, chances are you’d be feeling a little uncertainty around the move you’ve been thinking about making! I get it - change is hard. It’s scary and vulnerable! That’s why really zoning in on your WHY and leaning on your passion is so important. You WHY is the driver behind this transition, so getting clear on the life you...


068 | Why You Need to Be the Face of Your Brand and How Podcasting is a Great Space To Do That

As an online business owner, you know the value of being visible for your brand. That might mean turning up on social media, being featured on blogs or in publications and sometimes even being on video or doing live streams. Being the face of your brand is vital to building brand awareness and authentic connections with your community but I know it’s sometimes easier said than done. Perhaps you have been struggling to be the face of your brand because: You don’tlovebeing on camera,...


067 | Brand Development - Building Brand Awareness Both In And Out Of The Digital Space

Your brand is so much more than just a logo, a colour palette, your website. It's a personality, a set of feelings and emotions, a voice and a face we can recognise. That's why brand development is so much more than just choose your fonts! A huge part of brand development is creating a sense of awareness around your brand and in a lot of ways that really comes down to visibility - both on and offline. This week's special guest, Whitney Eckis, knows all about the importance of visibility...


066 | 5 Ways To Know If You Need Boundaries In Your Business

For most of us running an online business, or for those who have just started with a new business venture, setting boundaries with family, friends and clients can be daunting. When you think about you having full control of your schedule, you might think that you’ve got a lot of time in your hands and little excursions are harmless, but the truth is, all these distractions add up. And if you want stability in your business, you shouldn’t be swayed by these external interruptions! In this...


065 | How To Design And Sell Out Your Live Event In 7 Days

If you're an introvert like me, the idea of a networking event is enough to give you a few sleepless nights. Let's admit it: how many times have we passed up an opportunity because social anxiety got the better of us? I don't want to remember! It's a common struggle among introverted entrepreneurs, and today's guest, Taryn Vyhnalek is no stranger to it. But what's awesome - among many other things! - about Taryn is that she's not only overcome her fear of being around people, she...


064 | How To Increase Cash Flow By Leveraging Corporate Sponsorship

Running a business is never a smooth and easy ride. Especially when you're just starting! It's tempting to give up when you think you're doing everything right yet you're barely staying afloat. It's a common struggle among small business owners; sometimes we just need a little push to get to that breakthrough we are searching for! For most of us doing it solo, HOW to get that much-need push is the billion dollar question. How do I keep going? Where can I get that leverage to reach more...


063 | What Planning My Wedding Has Taught Me About Running My Business

The process of planning my wedding has been one of the most exciting processes I have ever gone through. Gav and I have been engaged for close to two years and the long engagement was 100% my idea because I wanted the opportunity to really take my time and enjoy being engaged. This has had the flow on effect of giving me a lot of time to reflect on my wedding planning process and I have noticed some key lessons that can be applied beyond the realm of weddings and events. So in this...


062 | How To Tap Into A Brand New Audience On YouTube + Find Your Tribe

By 2019, global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 85% of all consumer Internet traffic. That’s a huge stat! 85%? What! If you’re heart just skipped a beat because you’re not making video content, don’t worry - you are certainly not alone! Engaging with people via your content is a must for online business owners, but did you know that you actually find a new audience and build out a community around your content on YouTube, just like you do on other social media...


061 | The Fast Track To Becoming An Influencer With Bestseller Publishing | Gundi Gabrielle

In today’s online world, you’ve likely heard the title “influencer” being thrown around. It’s really on social media that we see influencers taking the stage and make a real impact in their communities. But what is an influencer? Is it someone with a heap of Instagram followers or is there more to it than that? Great question. And to answer you, I have invited 10 times #1 Amazon Bestselling author, Gundi Gabrielle, to The Breakthrough Year Podcast to talk to us about firstly what an...


060 | How To Add Infoproducts To A Service-Based Business

As a service-based business, there’s only so much time you have in the day to work with clients. You can hire a team and scale that way, but ultimately there’s only one of you and there’s a cap to the revenue you can generate as a service provider. More and more, service-based business are leveraging one of their more precious assets to create products that allow them to scale their businesses quickly: knowledge. You have a unique skill set. You have knowledge and experience that your...


059 | How To Niche Down When Your Head Is A Whirlwind Of Ideas! - A Q&A Session

On this week’s episode of The Breakthrough Year Podcast we are answering a listener’s question! Amrah reached out on Instagram recently and asked: “I want to start something online, and have a few ideas but not sure which or what would work... I don't know where to start either and I'm terrified that it won't work and things will fail. What should I do? I love calligraphy, design and fashion. I'm not sure whether to expand with my calligraphy or start up a baby store online. I’m just...


058 | Master The Tribe-Building Super Power and Connect With Your People

It’s one of the greatest mysteries of online marketing: how do some online marketers build huge thriving tribes inside their business? You know, the kind of tribe that is well connected, that support each other; the kind of tribe where members are raving fans of the host and will buy what they offer; the kind of tribe where the tribe feels totally connected with their people. In this episode of The Breakthrough Year Podcast, special guest Crystal Honeycutt shares her secret to mastering the...


057 | Designing a Business that Focuses on Serving Your Clients

When you own and operate an online business, the numbers play a big role. You started your business to make money and there’s nothing wrong with that. You have your big why - perhaps it was to put your children through private school, perhaps it was so you could work from home or maybe so that you could go on a major vacation every year. Your why is important. But I know that serving your clients is important to you too! Keeping your clients at the forefront of your business is something...


056 | How To Prepare Your Business When You’re Ready To Start A Family | Ali Zabel

I know a big motivator for so many of us to build our own online business is so that we can be present and build a unique life for our families. That has definitely been a massive motivator for me. When I started my online business, there were a few distinct reasons, but one of the biggest has always been a commitment to the idea of being at home when Gav and I have children. Perhaps you feel that desire, even if you’re not entirely ready to start a family yet. Or maybe it’s more pressing...


055 | Your Next 90 Days - How To Plan Your Content Calendar

When it comes to creating content, consistency is key. The aim of the game is to create high quality, useful content that engages your ideal customers and clients with the purpose of building a meaningful relationship of know, like and trust. But for so many online business owners, creating that quality content consistently is a real struggle. There’s three options: You couldplan and produce content week by weekbut this might leave you feeling like you’re always chasing your tail,...


054 | How To Create And Launch A High-End Brand

When it comes to brands, they are certainly not all made equal. We have low-end brands, the cheap cheerful kind, we have mid-range brands, and then we have high-end brands and when you encounter a high-end brand, you just know. There’s something about them, something that grabs you and makes you feel special. Some people call this the luxury market, others call this 5-star or prestige. Regardless of what you call it, I am sure you could name plenty of high-end brands. It’s everything from...