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BME056 - What's Wrong with My Business?

Business owners usually have a good idea that things aren’t right somewhere in their businesses, but often not know where to start look to see what’s wrong with their business. We look at a case study this week of William and Laura who weren’t getting results but didn’t know where to start looking to fix things. We have a look at William and Laura's situation and I take you through the exact steps we used to identify the problems they were having and the action steps they implemented to...


BME055 - When Things Go Wrong In Business

Business is an important part of life for an entrepreneur and while we do everything in our power so things don’t go wrong, it’s a major fact of life that things are going to go wrong from time to time. There are lessons that we are all learning as we go along on our business journey and they tend to be mistakes that we say we’ll never make again. But there are also things that go wrong that are totally outside our control. That can go wrong and really rock our world when it comes to our...


BME054 - Business Partner - Should I take one on?

Taking on a Business Partner or going into business with a business partner can often be an attractive idea. After all, it can be lonely at the top right? There are many and varied reasons the idea of taking on a business partner can be an attractive proposition but it is critical that you do it under the right circumstances and fully educated on the positives and negatives and what it means to bring in a partner to your business. I answer the following questions and provide an overview...


BME053 - Systems in Business: Why they’re important.

There’s a great saying in business “Do It once and do it well” But what if you have to do it more than once? What if your definition of doing it well is completely different to others in your business? What if the person in charge of the task is absent? Systems in Business play an important role in making sure the tasks, steps and processes in your business happen as they should and how they should predictably every single time without fail. Systems in Business also act as a control and...


BME052 - Cash flow vs Profit: Why are they different?

Both profit and cash flow are critical components to running a successful business. Profit is what generates cash flow and cash flow pays the bills and keeps your business running. But they are two very separate things. We discuss in this episode: The difference between cash flow and profitWhy it’s possible to have a high profit with little cash flowWhy you can have cash flow with no profitTips you can use to improve your cash flow


BME051 - The Importance Of A Business Plan Before You Start Your Business

It is common and normal to get excited about starting your very own business. Maybe you’re passionate about a particular project or area that you think would make a great business. Maybe you have just always wanted to be your own boss and have some freedom in your life. Whatever the reason you should always start with a well researched business plan. The importance of a business plan can not be overestimated when it comes to starting and running a business. A good business plan will:


BME050 - Business Culture and Why it's So Important to get Right

Business Culture is one of the most important elements to business success. Yet it’s so rarely discussed, mentioned or identified. Business owners spend countless dollars & resources on marketing and growing sales to attract new customers. Yet often fall down on the promise once the customer is in the door. Business Culture is the glue that keeps your team happy and feeling the love for your organisation. It’s the glue that keeps your customers coming back and loving your brand. We go...


BME049 - Showing Vulnerability & Being Your True Self in Business

How bearing your vulnerable side more can benefit the growth of your business. For some people, the idea of showing their true personalities in business can be a frightening and daunting idea. However, it is more important than ever to be building personality and story into the branding of your business. This week we answer a listeners question in helping them to be more vulnerable in bringing out their personality in their brand. I share some simple tips you can employ in any business...


BME048 - The Customer Experience Strategy

A Customer Experience Strategy is one of the most critical things you can have in your business. Gone are the days of just providing great customer service. Your customers are now more informed than ever when they engage with your business. In Episode 48 we go through examples of how the little things can zap the overall customer experience in your business without you even realise it's happening!


BME047 - Should You Buy That Business?

Barry and Angela had a life long dream of owning their own business. Angela, a full time teacher on a great steady salary, Barry an electrician who had been on the tools all his life since leaving school. They dreamed of becoming their own bosses and take back control of their lives and financial freedom. In this episode you will hear Barry and Angela's story and the process we went through to make their ultimate decision.


BME046 - Persistence

It can be common, as a small business owner, to wake up and not want to get out of bed at times when it all seems to be getting too much. So why do we do this to ourselves? What is the secret sauce that gets us through this turbulent highs and lows? Listen to Episode 46 as we discuss the secret powers of persistence v's perseverance.


BME045 - Unique Ways to Deliver Effective Customer Experience that Gets Results

Matthew Barnett from Bonjoro knows all about delivering an exceptional customer experience to grow your brand and weld customers to it. Technology has allowed your customers to be more educated and informed when they are making buying decisions so it is imperative that, when they come to your business they are acknowledged, made feel special and appreciated. We talk about the importance of building these relationships and why they are so important to your business success. We also discuss...


BME044 - 1 Important Thing that Business Owners Actually Prefer to Overlook

It's a contest between death and taxes as to which is least favourite but, as the old saying goes, they are the only two things that are absolutely certain in life. The reality is, while nobody likes to talk about it and we put off doing any planning around it, NOT doing anything is only making things more difficult and traumatic for those we leave behind. Today we talk about why it's important to have your estate plan under control and the types of considerations you should have when doing...


BME043 - Secrets & Lessons of Business Success with Kent Sisco

Kent Sisco is a an entrepreneur in the true sense of the word. Kent has been an integral part of some of the largest software development companies in the world, including being one of the original design team on Microsoft Excel. Not only does Kent share his interesting journey throughout his career but he shares also the lessons he attributes to his success in business. Kent has just released his new project called SPEARE which is a modern day word processor for busy content creators and he...


BME042 - The True Cost Of Discounting

A commonly used strategy to increase the sales and income in a business is to offer a discount to entice more customers to buy. But discounting can work out more expensive than you might first think. Episode 42 explores the true cost of discounting in your business and how a 10% discount can cost you a lot more than 10% profit on your business bottom line. Tune in with Jason Skinner right here!


BME041 - Scaling Human To Human Relationships For Effective Marketing

LinkedIn is a social platform that has had a lot of changes added recently and is quickly becoming a game changer in terms of engagement on social media. We chat with Mary Charleson, author of 5 Minute Marketing about Native video, the importance of building a business community and what's working in the marketing space for her at present.


BME040 - How to know the breakeven point in your business and why it's critical to your bottom line

Episode 40 of The Business Made Easy Podcast Jason Skinner gives us an in depth look into what the break even point is in your business, how to calculate it and why it's so important to growing your business and taking your profit to the next level.


BME039 - Chris Brogan on getting down to being real in business

Entrepreneur, public speaker and author Chris Brogan shares his 'Tell it how it is and be Real' approach to business and marketing. We also have a great discussion on the emergence of Block Chain technologies and how he sees them being useful far beyond Crypto Currencies to become an integral part of business processes in the future.


BME038 - 5 Tools I'm getting Amazing Results with in my Business

Feeling overwhelmed at the amount of options out there for business tools and software? In Episode 38 I share with you 5 great tools I'm currently using to efficiently help grow my businesses and deliver the results I'm seeking. I share the honest pro's & con's of each to help you make the right choices!


BME037 - Do you have a Biz Bestie you can lean on?

We chat with Amber Hawley & Maelisa Hall from the My Biz Bestie Podcast. Both successful entrepreneurs and business owners in their own rights, they have found each other and established a close support network to make it through the day to day ups and downs of running a business. In this episode we talk about the importance of establishing a network of peers who understand your journey, who are there to support you and how to find these people in both the online and offline world. Thanks...