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The 3 Pillars Of Entrepreneurial Freedom

There are essentially 3 freedoms that are most wanted and sort after by entrepreneurs as they battle the day to day of running a business. They are: While the proportions in which we seek each of these may vary from time to time. When I speak with entrepreneurs, these 3 freedoms are important goals and drivers in why they are building their businesses and doing what they are doing.


Why Business Assumptions Are Dangerous

As humans, we make all kinds of assumptions, based on our surroundings and our past experiences. These assumptions, however, can often be wrong and ill-informed, and when it comes to business assumptions, very costly and damaging to our business. In this episode of the podcast, we have an in-depth look and discuss why as humans we make assumptions, the dangers of making business assumptions and how to avoid them. The areas of your business that assumptions are easily made and how and why...


Why You Need To Maintain A Health Check Plan

If you haven’t got your health you haven’t got anything. Without our health, we really can’t do much, yet we fail to get regular health check-ups to make sure things are working properly. As a business owner, we wear lots of different hats that bring a lot of different stresses, so it is very easy for our health to deteriorate easily and without us even knowing. We have a responsibility as business owners to make sure we are the best version of ourselves so that we can maintain a long and...


Why Slowing Down To Go Faster Is Vital To Your Success

Stephen Covey in his book The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, in habit 7, introduced the concept of sharpening the saw. What he meant by this metaphor, was that it is vital that we take quality time out and invest in our well being if we are to achieve what it is we set out to achieve with sustainable success. In today's fast, busy passed world it is easy to get on the treadmill of tasks thinking that our business is going to stop if we do, or that our business will break if we take a...


Social Media Strategy For Business - with Todd Austin

We interview Todd Austin from Fletch Digital this week and we have an in-depth discussion about Social Media Strategy For Your Business and how you can maximise your results.. For many business owners, Social Media can be a daunting minefield when it comes to doing it effectively and well. Knowing just where to focus your time, energy and money with an endless list of changing trends and advice can make it seem impossibly difficult and not worthwhile. In this interview, Todd breaks down...


Why You Should Seek Professional Advice Before Starting a Business

Buying or starting a business is one of the biggest investments any entrepreneur will make. It is also one of the riskiest things that any of us will do in our lives. There are so many moving parts to any business and there are also, so many roles and responsibilities that we as business owners are responsible and liable for. The irony of this risk and exposure is that so many business owners fail or neglect to seek professional advice before starting or buying a business. In this episode...


Why Investing In Your Soft Skills Is Critical To Your Success In Business

We spend a lot of time as business owners investing in the mechanicals of our business. They’re what I call the hard skills such as better marketing, better product delivery, more customers etc. But what about the soft skills in our business? Consistent investment in the soft skills of our business can deliver results over and over and what's more, the better we get at the soft skills the easier the hard skills that we struggle with are to achieve. Your soft skills are the centre pin to...


The Importance Of Clarity In Business Success

Clarity in your business is the centre piece to achieving the success you are seeking. Without clarity you could be focusing on the totally wrong things, that aren’t going to give you the life you are seeking. It’s so incredibly easy to be busy and distracted with the wrong things and without clarity there is nothing to bring you back to focus on what truly is are the most important priorities to be focused on. We often speak of time management, prioritising our time and even trying to...


Ask Jason: How To Have A Healthy Cashflow In Business

In this episode, we are interviewing one of our members of The Business Made Easy Podcast Community, Phil Lichtenberger. We are answering Phil's questions with regards to having a healthy cashflow in business, what are the things to implement and how to get clear with your expectations when it comes to payment terms.


What Is Six Figures Really?

We’ve all heard the saying it’s a six figure business. But what is six figures really? When people throw around the term 6 figures or even 7 figures you really need to look at what is being said in context. I meet far too many business owners and entrepreneurs jaded because their business is falling short of the 6 figure benchmark. My question is to you though - who is setting the benchmark your or somebody else? In this episode I give you some practical thinking to help you get your...


Why You Need A Due Diligence When Buying A Business

Buying an existing operational business can be an exciting time. It can also be one of the most dangerous & risky times. When you buy an existing business you are also buying a lot of potential for expensive mistakes to occur. There are many components and moving parts to an existing business such as: Customers, Suppliers, Finances, Taxes, Landlords, Financiers, Licensing Bodies, Marketing Collateral and Plant & Equipment to name a few. A properly conducted due diligence of the business...


Thinking Outside The Square In Business

Are you thinking outside the square in your business? Too often we fall into a comfort zone of that’s just the way we do it in our business. The danger is that the world and technology is moving at a rapid pace, a pace that is unstoppable and impossible to tame. This means that our customer's expectations and needs are also rapidly changing. If we don’t give ourselves time to think outside the square in our businesses we run the risk of becoming out of date and extinct. If our...


10 Top Time Wasters In Your Business & How To Stop Them

Time is a precious resource that we all need more of, particularly in business. If we waste it we can never get it back. If we use it wisely, we can achieve many great results with it. In today’s fast-paced world however, there can be a never-ending list of things all calling for our attention with never enough time to do them all. In this episode I share with you my top 10 time wasters in business and specifically what you can do to stop them.


How To Overcome Confidence Blocks in Business

Confidence Blocks can be debilitating to your business performance. They can be happening without you even knowing that they are there. So what are they? How do you identify them? And, most importantly how do you overcome them so that you can get back achieving the success in your business you are looking for? In this week's episode we are talking about, How to overcome confidence blocks in your business. Specifically we are discussing What a confidence block is.What signs to look for...


How To Secure & Grow Your Business Profit

One of the most dangerous things to do in your business is to have all your eggs in one basket. This week we take an in-depth look at a strategy to secure and grow your business profit using income pillars. Pillars have been around for centuries as a way of sharing and spreading heavy loads in buildings and architecture. But like in architecture Pillars can also play an extremely valuable role in sharing the load in your business by spreading and reducing risk and sharing and leveraging...


How to Manage Risk in Your Business

We can’t control everything that happens to us in our business. There are things that will happen from an internal perspective and things from a greater outside Macro perspective that are just going to happen no matter what. We can, however, with proper planning and strategy reduce the risk of things happening in our business and lives and minimise the severity of the impact when and if they do. In this episode, we discuss how to manage risk in your business. We discuss a practical...


Finding More Time In Your Business

We all know time is a limited resource, we just cannot get any more of it. As an entrepreneur, we tend to wear a lot of different hats which can be stressful and overwhelming. Getting clarity around where it is that you should be spending your time is very important in order to set the right goals and strategy to run your business Tune in to this episode as we answer one of our Business Made Easy Podcast Subscriber's Questions about how to improve time management to find more time in...


How To Free Up More Cash In Your Business

We discuss how to grow your business profit in this episode by looking at your profit margin and doing a spring clean of your overheads in your business. As your business grows it’s very easy for waste and inefficiency in your overheads to creep in and erode your profit margin. So a regular review of these costs is recommended. Often as a busy business owner and entrepreneur we are focused on sales and making more income and we rarely review the expenses of the business. But one of the...


How To Grow Your Business Profit With An Overhead Spring Clean

We discuss how to grow your business profit in this episode by looking at your profit margin and doing a spring clean of your overheads in your business. As your business grows it’s very easy for waste and inefficiency in your overheads to creep in and erode your profit margin. So a regular review of these costs is recommended. Often as a busy business owner and entrepreneur we are focused on sales and making more income and we rarely review the expenses of the business. But one of the...


The Importance Of Matching Value & Price

It is common as a business owner to worry about how much to charge for our goods and services. If the price is too high we may not make the sale or even worse the customer might make comment that we are too expensive and make comparisons to our competitors. The truth is though, it is the business owner that has more of a problem with the price of their goods and services more than the customer does. The trick to getting this area of your business right is to make sure the value of your...