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#141: How to Use Small-Batch Brand Storytelling to Connect People with Place

We’re all guilty of putting profits above people at some point in our lives. All too often, brand marketers forget that we’re communicating with humans, not numbers. But success is often measured by how we impact the lives around us, and as storytellers we should always aim to connect with and help one another. Our guest today, Kris Herbert of Kingswood Skis, is extremely talented at bringing people together through story. I was first introduced to Kris when she downloaded our DIY Story...


#140: Legendary NPR Host of All Things Considered, Robert Siegel, Reveals how he Crafts his Stories

recognize when a story isn’t authentic. But many storytellers struggle to find a narrative that they think is engaging and effective without resorting to fiction. Our special guest explores the intersection of journalism and storytelling, and the fine line between fact and fiction. Robert Siegel is a world-renowned storyteller. For over 30 years, Robert was the iconic voice at National Public Radio (NPR) who co-hosted the network's flagship news program All Things Considered, a series that...


#139: How to Balance Storytelling and SEO to Engage Your Biggest Content Marketing Audience

In the age of the internet, we have endless story-sharing opportunities at our fingertips. With the click of a button, your brand story can be easily accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time. But with this connection comes competition, especially when it comes to SEO. There are countless stories being told by millions of organizations, and it’s a struggle to get noticed amongst your target audiences searching for content like yours. I know what you’re thinking, “How can I publish what I...


#138: How to Use StorySpotting™ to Create Irresistible Brand Stories

For many organizations, the hardest part of telling their brand story is finding it. We experience so much every day that it’s often difficult to realize which events are the pivotal ones that define our brand's story. more If you want to tell a fantastic story that truly connects with your customers, you have to stop looking for the story and start finding the scenes – those small moments that change everything. That's why today's episode is all about sorting the good stories from the...


#137: How to Use Your Personal Stories to Become a Super Connector in Business

Every entrepreneur knows it's all about who you know. The universal truth is that running a business without help from friends is impossibly difficult. We have become so dedicated to spreading our name as far as possible, it's common for us to forget the true value of these connections. Our episode today is about reminding ourselves of the humans behind the brand and creating stronger business relationships in our daily lives. Joining us is Scott Gerber, author of Super Connector: Stop...


136: What You Can Learn From a Brand Storyteller Who Broke His Brain With Drugs

Our subconscious mind is one of our greatest mysteries. Sigmund Freud believed that the conscious mind is only the tip of the iceberg, and the enormous subconscious was an ocean of thoughts, feelings, memories, and instincts all meshing to create ourselves. As storytellers, we often think only of how our stories will be received by the conscious minds of the audience. But we may be missing out on a critical piece of storytelling technique by not considering what is below the surface. Our...


#135: How to connect using comedic stories in your corporate communications

Storytelling is the best way to share emotions. With the right story, your audience can experience any feeling the teller may share. Emotional appeal is the most powerful aspect of story brand marketing, but often we focus on the same emotions. There is an abundance of campaigns seeking to create hope, fear, even shame in their audience. This episode is focusing on an underutilized emotion: laughter. Tim Washer is joining us today to share his experiences as a comedic brand marketer....


#134: How To Make Your Story Heard on Capitol Hill

No matter what end of the spectrum you’re on, politics is exhausting. In our world of fake news, Russian hacks, controversies, and conspiracies, the endless cycle wears us down. Almost every facet of our lives has become politicized, and with it, our society has become completely polarized. Even slight ideological differences can turn similar people into bitter enemies. We’re stuck in a deadlock, and without communication between parties, no progress will be made. Our guest today has a...


#133: How to Simplify Your Brand Story With the 3-1-3 Method

The classic elevator pitch is the best way to make someone not care about you. There’s nothing more effective at making your audience fall asleep than a rigid, over-rehearsed, inauthentic bit about yourself, and all too many business leaders rely on one. Your personal brand is the most important of all, and without a proper way to convey yourself and your service, you risk being ignored. But there are a few simple methods for you to bolster your personal brand by creating a flexible,...


#132: How a Virtual Assistant Can Make Your Business Panic Proof

Launching Business of Story two years ago at the young age of 55, I realized that I was the proverbial middle-aged-one-arm-paperhanger finding clients, serving their needs, marketing my wares and paying the bills. Personally, not a pretty story. Then I decided to add this podcast. Why not? I already wasn't sleeping at night. May as well use that time for something productive. Plus, it took my attention away from my churning belly. Do you know the feeling? If you're a purpose-driven...


#131: How to Make Your Brand and Business Stories Retellable

When I saw James Cameron’s Titanic, I had a fairly good idea of how it would end. I knew the entire sequence of events of this historic voyage before I’d ever set foot in that theater. But once I was in, once I saw the incredible story being laid out before me, I knew that this well-known event was a timeless journey. When a story is told just right, you can experience it over and over with the same emotional strength as when you first heard it. With the right tools, your brand story can...


#130: How To Clarify Your Purpose-Driven Brand Story

Businesses are quickly realizing the power of brand story marketing. When you have an authentic story with values your customers can relate to, your prospects of success skyrocket. But for many, crafting a story may seem like a difficult task. What do you focus on? Where do you begin? These questions are more common than you think, and to help you clarify your business’ purpose and find your story, we will demonstrate our Story Cycle System for you. George Grombacher, Phoenix...


#129: How to Grow Your Brand and Business Through Your Life Story

There’s only one way for someone to see through your eyes. When you listen to a story, a remarkable phenomenon occurs in your mind. Your brain begins firing off what is known as mirror-neurons, creating the sensation that you are actually living through that experience! Storytelling is the most powerful method of communication because when the mirror-neurons activate, your audience will feel whatever senses, emotions, and ideas you are trying to convey. With this knowledge at hand, how...


#128: The Four Pillars of Story for Microsoft’s Brand Storytelling

You might not realize it, but right now you are in the middle of your own Hero’s Journey. Your lifelong story of triumph, defeat, and resurgence has brought you to where you stand today, with your experiences and wisdom building your character. When we reflect on our journey, we often think of our own personal growth. But what about the impact we have made on our friends, family, peers and beyond? Every day, we inspire, change, and support the people around us by simply living our lives....


#127: The Business Case for Purposeful Brand Storytelling

When it comes to sharing your story, there is nothing more important than creating an authentic connection. In order for the audience to live vicariously through the experiences and emotions of your story, it is critical for you to first humanize yourself and your cause. But when the focus shifts from connections to profit gain, we lose track of what made our brand story so powerful in the first place. People. The return on investment of a well-crafted brand narrative is endless, and to...


#126: How to Tell Your Brand Story on Purpose With Social Media

I just read a 2013 study on U.S. media consumption that said we consume 33 gigabytes of information per person consumer per day. That was five years ago. Imagine the growth in media consumption now. As business storytellers, we have more online channels than ever to share our messages. But your brand stories drown in this cacophony of communication unless you make your content marketing stand out. It's not about being better than everyone else. It's about telling brand stories and...


How to Find Your Story to Create a New Beginning in 2018

Throughout the past 124 episodes, we have focused on helping you craft, communicate and find your story to the best of your ability. Telling your own authentic narrative is one of the most important skills in any aspect of your life. Creating your own story is critical, but what if it was possible to use your story to help others craft their own? What if your story was so compelling, it was able to inspire the people around you to reveal their true, vulnerable selves? You are absolutely...


How to Turn Your Stories of Loss Into an Empowering Legacy

How to Turn Your Stories of Loss Into an Empowering Legacy For those of us who have experienced a great loss or traumatic event, waking up the next day and continuing life might seem an impossible task. Trauma shakes us to our very core, and overcoming such an emotional impact on our psyche is a monumental challenge unlike any other. When there’s a struggle for survival happening within our mind, how can we possibly prevail? The answer is to use our one true superpower. Utilizing our...


#123: How to Tell Brand Stories on Purpose that Resonate with Your Audiences

We all know that story brand marketing is more than just selling your product. It’s about creating an unbreakable bond between your customers and yourself through an authentic, emotional appeal. But in our age of digital marketing, the transition from print publishing to online communications can be a struggle. Our guest today can teach you how to approach story branding through every possible channel, to engage your audience and drive powerful new stories. Cassie Roma joins us from New...


#122: How A Hollywood Veteran Saved a Symphony With A Purpose-Driven Brand Story

Telling the right story can help you in every situation. Even if you’re a novice who's transferred into a completely new field, the ability to create the right narrative will make you an invaluable asset to your team. Unfortunately, most people find themselves overwhelmed in a new work environment, terrified of their lack of experience. This episode will teach you that when you have confidence, authenticity, and a powerful story, you can overcome any obstacle. Joining us is a man who has...


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