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#167: For Want of a Story, the Democrats Kingdom will be Lost

As the Kavanaugh hearing underscored, the Democrats still lack a focused, cohesive narrative on which to build their platform. Dr. Randy Olson, who appeared on this show the day after Trump's election to the White House, reveals how Donald Trump and the Republicans continue to steamroll the Democrats for want of a story. From his post: "Rather than presenting a clear ABT structured narrative (Kavanaugh wants to be a Supreme Court judge AND a supreme court judge needs to have the right...


#166: How Truth Is Your Most Powerful Storytelling Element

“One of the most important commodities in our industry is truth.” In a world where almost everyone’s personal struggle revolves around the approval from others, it’s always been easier to say what we think people want to hear instead of what things actually are. Truth is the most powerful tool every storyteller can use when they want to win the hearts of their audience. Director Randy Murray is the man behind the scenes and success of Dr. David Brill's political ad featuring six...


#165: Business Storytelling Tips From Six STORYco Leaders

Brand and business storytelling is all of the rage today. And for good reason. It works. But while most storytelling experts tell you to tell stories, these six content marketing and communications leaders will show you how. This week's show previews the latest storytelling tips and techniques you’ll learn from leading brand and business storytellers who are coming together for STORYco, a FREE storytelling conference on October 25, 2018 at the historic downtown Los Angeles Theatre...


#164: Rare Story Sighting: Bigfoot in Brilliant Political Ad

The primaries are approaching and we’re inundated with the typical screeching political attack ads. But a surprising thing happens when you replace vitriol with ingenious storytelling. People take notice. And in this rare case, laugh. Patrick Hunt, partner in Minneapolis ad agency Hunt Adkins, shares how they created the viral Bigfoot ad for Dean Phillips for Congress Campaign. They married truth with brilliant brand storytelling to call out five-time incumbent Erik Paulsen, a Congressman...


#163 How to Create Memorable Moments that Spark Brand Stories

40 years back, Forever Living was a scrappy startup operating from a garage. Today, it is a multi-billion dollar organization with a presence in 150 plus countries. Their success can be attributed, in no small way to their genius brand story telling prowess. In order to come up a magnetic brand story, you need a FIRM focus on authenticity and selflessness. In this week’s show, Nick Woodward-Shaw, Vice President of Communications for Forever Living Products, Int’l, shares how you can create...


#162 How to Engage Your Narrative Mind

Whether you are a multi-billion dollar business or a brave little startup, the struggle to connect with your audience is a difficult and often, unsuccessful one. Presenting your brand story through a narrative lens will help facilitate effective translation, allowing you to reach your target audience. In this week’s show, you will discover how you can you can use your own personal narrative to create a magnetic brand story. Andrew Robinson, creator of the narrative thinking framework is...


#161: How to Bring Clarity and Energy to Your Personal Brand Story

As I've learned from my associates at Anecdote, character trumps credentials every time when you are trying to connect with people. But when looking for a job or reinventing a career, we often make the mistake of leading with our resumes rather than our personalities. After 15 years as a communications executive with a multi-national mining firm and ready to make a change, Jennifer Russo realized that her powerful resume is just the cost of entry into being considered for the high-level...


#160: How a Purpose-Driven Brand Story Will Increase the Health of Your Organization

In 2005, Clinica Adelante was an organization struggling to stay afloat. Today, they are a 500 employee-strong community health center serving more than 75,000 patients every year. What makes this transformation even more amazing is that they have achieved this without losing sight of their noble philosophy of providing affordable healthcare for all. In this week's show, the incredible Avein Saaty-Tafoya, CEO of Adelante Sustainable Healthcare in Phoenix, Arizona, describes how crafting...


#159: How to Share Your Brand Story Through Talk Triggers

Word of mouth marketing is incredibly effective – if done the right way. A talk trigger or story starter is a tool that can be used by businesses to carve a distinct brand identity via powerful word of mouth marketing. Creative and purposeful implementation of talk triggers is necessary to garner customer traction and propel your business forward. In this week's show, you will learn how to do just that. Jay Baer, Maestro of Word of Mouth Marketing and Daniel Lemin, a leader in reputation...


#158: Why Story Listening is More Powerful Than Storytelling

Everything starts and ends with listening. Ultimately, it’s more about listening than storytelling. If you or your brand are telling a compelling story but no one is listening, then what is the point? How many times have you gone into a meeting to present something that you are passionate about only to find that very few people are engaged and listening? It happens way more than we want to admit that we are those disengaged listeners. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own lives...


#157: Using Journey Maps to Tell Customer and Employee Stories

How does a customer experience your brand? Do they leave an interaction feeling enlightened and empowered? Or do they leave feeling disconnected and disenfranchised? Understanding consumers' personas and journeys is critical because at the end of the day, brands need to truly connect. Because if you don't, you're likely losing customers and employees for life. Any business with customers needs to focus on the journey experience and work to constantly improve it. But customer-centricity...


#156: How the Purpose-Driven Brand Story Will Propel You and Your Business

Nowadays, businesses are starting to realize how truly vital it is to have a purpose-driven brand. That's because when your brand has a true purpose behind it, your potential for success increases dramatically. Co-founder of China Mist Tea, John Martinson, saw that success firsthand in his very own business. He saw an inconsistency in the market and took advantage of it. Now, fast forward 36 years and China Mist can be found in just about any place that you can dine in. John has since...


#155: How to Use the Secret Language of Your Customer in Your Brand Storytelling

Have you ever overheard a conversation between two teen girls gushing over the latest and greatest Kylie Jenner Lip Kit and you think to yourself “Wow, those girls are not even speaking my language.” But maybe those girls simply aren’t your ideal customer. It’s not that you’re disconnected from them, it’s that you don’t know their lingo. To know someone’s lingo is to know their values and emotional triggers. And when it comes to your customers, if you’re not speaking their secret lingo,...


#154: How to Leverage the Natural Forces in Your Business Storytelling

There is a raw energy in narrative and evolved leaders use story to empower people a catapult them to action. But we often look just upon the surface of a tale or anecdote without appreciate the story elements, like protons, electrons and neutrons, that power it. Until today's show. Our guest is Paul Skah, who specializes in the "why" behind what really makes business storytelling work, and the actions you can encourage your audience to take through story marketing. He knows how to...


#153: How to Evolve as a Brand Storyteller

What is it about TV shows, movies, or those viral Facebook videos that keep you glued to the screen? The answer is quite simple: story. And if you are able to create a story that the audience can truly connect to, you’ve struck gold. But it takes hard work, focus and the ability to produce, edit and learn. Jason Ensler has mastered the art of striking gold with storytelling. On today’s show, he shares his evolution as a film director and storyteller and what you can learn from his...


#152: How to Make Your First TEDx Talk a Hit

Jen Dille wears many hats, she is a mom of four and project manager for Sure Spark Marketing. But one of her more recent hats that she has picked up in her “spare” time is that of the licensee and co-organizer of TEDxGilbert alongside her daughter, Mara. Maybe you haven’t even heard of TEDx, so allow me to explain –TEDx is a local TED talk event that is put on independently by a member of the community. Just this past March, Jen put on the first ever TEDxGilbert event here in...


#151: How to Use the Story Cycle™ to Become an Activist Brand

In 2016, Avantpage, a language translation company, set out to give their already successful company a revamp. They wanted to start standing for more in the world. They did this by redefining not only their brand strategy, but their brand story. Avantpage has been able to really hone in on their brand voice as activists in order to adequately spread their message and motto –empathy beyond words. On today’s show we have Luis Miguel, international translation expert and owner of Avantpage,...


#150: What You Can Learn From Red Bull’s Virtual Reality Storytelling

Parker Howell, award-winning virtual reality filmmaker and director of Red Bull’s first stereoscopic first-person V.R. music video, shares his experience in virtual reality storytelling and how to push the envelope with your brand storytelling. Become a Master Storyteller Grab your free copy of The 5 Stages of Grief in Telling YOUR Business Story: Like what you hear? Bring Park to your next event.


#149: How to Make Long-Form Story-Based Ads Work for You with Kylie Slavik

Kylie Slavik, former slam poet gone "accidental digital marketer," shows you how long-form storytelling can generate millions of dollars for your clients in the fleeting online world.


#148: How to Find the Energy and Entertainment in Your Business Stories

You grow up in school writing stories paying attention to the structure of the stories you’re telling. But when it comes to business, you may need to be doing just the opposite. Have you ever sat through a presentation that is packed full of statistics and numbers that it nearly puts you to sleep? We’ve all been there. Sometimes, no matter how passionate the presenter actually is, it gets drowned out by all of the numbers and statistics. And that’s because they are too hung up on the...