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15: Focus on These 5 Areas to Build a Better New Hire Program w/ Shabnam Irfani

So much learning happens on the job that it’s easy to start wondering why new hire training has any importance in the first place. It might help to think of a career as a journey and new hire training as the first step on that journey. Without the proper preparation at the very beginning, the other phases of learning and development will be much harder. In this episode, Shabnam Irfani, Director of Learning Strategy for Janssen, part of the Johnson + Johnson family, takes a granular...


14: The Future of Performance Management w/ Keith Robson

There’s a lot of volatility in the performance management space right now. Big-profile organizations that smaller companies look to for good practice and direction (like Microsoft and GE) are making big changes to their performance management process—or have already done so. Inevitably, the question is, “So what should we be doing about it?” There’s been a panic within HR in all sizes of companies about what the response should be. That question is answered in this episode by our guest,...


13: Moving Beyond the Survey and Measuring by Design w/ Laura Paramoure

Our guest today is Dr. Laura Paramoure, President and Founder of eParamus. She’s a speaker and author whose favorite topic is “Training ROI.” She started as a marketer, so she has a lot of experience thinking about the business and how learning can better support it. When she did her doctoral dissertation it focused on the disconnect between managers requesting learning and training professionals delivering it. The reason for the disconnect, she found, was that they were speaking two...


12: Adopting Blended Approaches to Transform L&D w/ Ashley Williams

In this episode Ashley Williams, Deputy CLO and COO, Global Learning and Development at McKinsey & Co., explains how McKinsey is taking “blended approaches” in order to keep up with the transformation of Learning and Development. Contact Ashley at: LinkedIn


11: Digital and Social Leadership: What Modern Influence Looks Like w/ Chantelle Nash

When it comes to leadership and influence, too often people think there’s only one kind of influence. It’s not true. You don’t have to be a CEO to have influence; you don’t even have to be an expert in a single area. Those are valid ways to influence, but from an organizational perspective, there should be a variety of types of influence. In this episode Chantelle Nash, Program Manager for Digital Learning and Engagement at GE’s leadership and learning institute in Crotonville, tells...


10: Why Career Development Is So Important (and What It Really Means) w/ Beverly Kaye

So many major research studies like Gallup and Mercer have worked to answer this question: What really keeps employees engaged? The answer? Career development. It’s one of the major drivers of retention and engagement. Josh Bersin stated that career development and learning was the number two trend, up from number five a year ago. In this episode Beverly Kaye, Founder and Chairwoman of Career Systems International and international bestselling author of Love 'Em or Lose 'Em, talks about...


9: The COURAGE Model: How L&D Can Become More Than Order-Takers w/ Kevin Yates

Learning and development professionals have to change the way they’ve traditionally been perceived. While L&D used to be seen as order-takers, the time has come for learning professionals to be more impactful on the business’s overall goals. Today’s guest is Kevin Yates, learning enthusiast and measurement advocate (and former Director of Global Talent Development at Kantar Millward Brown). Kevin shares his COURAGE Model, an acronym that will teach learning and development professionals...


8: Keeping Culture Through Times of Change w/ Philip Zoller

Think about the changes that healthcare has gone through, all the way from Medicare/Medicaid in the ‘60s, to the Affordable Care Act a few years ago, to possible new changes coming under the new administration. Change has become a constant in healthcare—it’s now the rule not the exception. How does a company like Florida Blue handle ongoing change like that? Our guest today is Philip Zoller, Florida Blue’s VP of Talent Acquisition and Development. Philip explained that for their company,...


7: Learning Innovation (It’s Not Just About Technology) w/ Mike Kennedy

Our last couple of episodes have been very tech focused. Today, we’re shifting gears a bit. The goal here certainly isn’t to forget about technology or ignore what part it plays in helping us innovate. Instead, we want to get the best of everything that the combination of good technology and good facilitation have to offer. In this episode Mike Kennedy, Associate Vice President of Talent and Learning at the National Basketball Association, talks about how to marry those two aspects of...


6: How to Get Innovation Into the Enterprise w/ Sanjay Parker

In learning organizations, in order to stay ahead you need to constantly experiment to keep up with a world where the only constant is change. But as much as you may be doing it right by testing new technologies and solutions, there are problems with deploying them at scale in larger companies. IT can feel like the enemy, you don’t have an influential advocate on the business side, and the whole task feels hopelessly arduous to deploy successfully. Don’t worry: you can get it done, but...


5: 5 Key Factors for Learning in the Age of Immediacy w/ Brandon Carson

Brandon Carson, Director of Learning at The Home Depot, has a book coming out in the coming months called Learning in the Age of Immediacy: How to Connect, Communicate, and Get Work Done. In it, he identifies the five key factors he sees as currently transforming learning, training, and development in organizations. They range from obvious elements like mobile devices to more futuristic, cutting-edge technology like IOT sensors and beacons. He was kind enough to give a preview of those...


4: 3 Words Every CLO Should Use to Focus On the Right Things w/ Kevin Wilde

No? Yes? Maybe?? The reality is, often times learning executives don’t get strategic. But when you ask those three questions, things go well. When you don’t, you get in trouble. Listen in as Kevin Wilde, Executive Leadership Fellow at the University of Minnesota and former CLO of General Mills, shares when CLOs should say “no,” “yes,” and “maybe” to better focus on what matters. You can contact Kevin via his website here:


How to Use Gamification to Innovate

Today's interview is with Frank Nguyen, CLO of Sears Holdings Corp. Listen in as Frank explains the different types of gamification and how Sears has been a leader of innovation in those areas.


The Evolution of the Role of Chief Learning Officer

As a learning professional, you’ve been focusing over the years on building and developing talent. But times have changed—and so has your role. Now you need to think about how to grow businesses, how to build culture. Part of that is creating an amazing employee experience. In this episode Dr. Tamar Elkeles, Chief Talent Officer at Atlantic Bridge Capital, describes the continuing war for talent, as well as what it takes to emerge from that war a clear-cut victor.


Why You Should Listen to The CLO Show

If you were to go searching for podcasts in the world of learning and development, you’d be severely disappointed. The CLO Show aims to change that. Each week, you’ll hear from Chief Learning Officers or senior-level business people on how to take insights from learning and apply them to your business. We hope you’ll join your host, Patrick Hodgdon of Riptide Software, as brilliant guests shine a lot on the training and learning challenges that plague every business—and tell us how to...