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Forging Clarity From Chaos The ChaosCast: Forging Clarity From Chaos | Leadership | Teams | Mindset. Entrepreneur and former Navy SEAL, Jeff Boss, explores the behaviors, mindsets and best practices that enable people and teams to find clarity amidst chaos and forge greatness.

Forging Clarity From Chaos The ChaosCast: Forging Clarity From Chaos | Leadership | Teams | Mindset. Entrepreneur and former Navy SEAL, Jeff Boss, explores the behaviors, mindsets and best practices that enable people and teams to find clarity amidst chaos and forge greatness.
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Forging Clarity From Chaos The ChaosCast: Forging Clarity From Chaos | Leadership | Teams | Mindset. Entrepreneur and former Navy SEAL, Jeff Boss, explores the behaviors, mindsets and best practices that enable people and teams to find clarity amidst chaos and forge greatness.








#99 2017 Review and a BIG announcement for you

Welcome to episode #99! Today is a solo episode with yours truly and in it, I'll share with you some of my favorite interviews from the year as well as an acronym to take with you as a result of the leadership lessons and insights gleaned from the 99 episodes. Plus, I make a PRETTY BIG announcement that you don't want to miss as well as a special bonus for you as a token of my appreciation for listening.


#98 Vinh Giang, Speaker, Entrepreneur And Magician On Why Adversity Is Your Greatest Competitive Advantage

Vinh Giang is a keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and magician. He decided to start an online business with two good friends so they all left their careers in accounting and pharmacy to pursue their dream of building a successful online platform, the Encyclopedia of Magic, which now teaches magic to almost 50,000 students around the world. For this innovative and successful business idea, Vinh and his friends were awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013. Today's interview is one of my...


#97 David Bergeron, President and Managing Director on How Experiences Lead To Belief Which Leads To Value

David Bergeron is Managing Director of T3 Advisors which is the only one real estate firm in the country completely dedicated to one client: the entrepreneur. He's also President of T3 West and today, he sheds a wealth of insight into not so much commercial real estate but the lessons in workplace culture, leadership, and teamwork that have allowed T3 Advisors to become one of the most reputable and corporate real estate companies in Silicon Valley. Show Notes really...


#96 Interview with CEO and Author Craig Ross of Verus Global on How Your Team Can Do Big Things

Today's interview is with Craig Ross, CEO of Verus Global, a coaching and consulting firm that designs and delivers lasting solutions that transform leaders and teams so they can have an immediate and meaningful impact at work and where it matters most, as well as author of the newly published book, Do Big Things: The Simple Steps Teams Can Take to Mobilize Hearts and Minds, and Make an Epic Impact . If you work in or with a team, this episode is for you! (And I'm going to apologize ahead...


#95 Rob Jones Is Running 31 Marathons in 31 Days--as a Double Amputee

Rob Jones is on a journey. He won a bronze medal in the Paralympics, rode a bicycle 5,200 miles across America to raise money for wounded veterans, and now he's running 31 marathons in 31 days…AND…he's running as a double above the knee amputee. Show Notes Links


#94 Interview with Tim Paul on Millenial Leadership

Tim is an active duty Naval Surface Warfare Officer dedicated to sharing his distinct military leadership experience while also sharing the stories of today's greatest business, military, and sports leaders. He's the host of the Leadership Strike Group podcast where he talks with Generation Y leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs across a wide array of today’s leading industries like tech, energy, healthcare, finance, retail, and military, to chronicle their stories and uncover their...


#93 America's #1 Opportunity Coach and former 9 Year NFL Wide Receiver, Speaker and Author JJ Birden on Finding Opportunity Where Others See Chaos v2

JJ Birden is America's #1 Opportunity Trainer who is also a 9-year former NFL wide receiver not to mention author of When Opportunity Knocks which you can learn more about at He's also a tremendous speaker who shares an inspiring and motivational message which we'll get into more in this episode. Show Notes Tweetables "The body's gonna do what the mind tells it to do" (click to tweet) "You see the glory but you don't know the story" (click to tweet) Links Mentioned...


#91 Interview with Marcus Capone, Former Navy SEAL and star of History Channel's The Selection

Marcus Capone is founder and CEO of The Vindex Group, an integrated physical and cyber security firm that provides close protection, social media Intelligence and Investigations, and mission support to clients to stay ahead of the cyber- and physical-threat curves. He's also one of the stars of the History Channel's The Selection, a former 13-year Navy SEAL, and one of my best friends. Today, Marcus and I talk about the importance of having a coach, BUD/S (Basic Underwater...


#90 Colonel (Ret) Dave Grossman on Violence And The Sheepdog Mindset

Grossman a leading authority on aggression, close combat, and the psychology of violence. He literally wrote the book on killing as well as on combat and 10 other books. He’s lectured at West Point and has conducted training for every federal law enforcement agency, every branch of the military, and for police officers in all 50 states. Col. Grossman is a former army ranger, holds a black belt in hojutsu, has five patents, and is on the road almost 300 days a year delivering...


#89 Interview with Author and Veteran Marjorie Eastman on The Frontline Generation

Today kicks off a series of service-related interviews in light of Veteran's Day. Today is the first of three interviews highlighting Marjorie Eastman. Marjorie was born and raised in Southern California. She earned her bachelors degree in Political Science from the University of California, San Diego. As an undergraduate, she was competitively selected as a White House Intern and also studied abroad at the University College London, School for Slavonic and East European Studies. She...


#88 Interview with Sacha Lindekens, Author and Leadership Coach, on How Leaders Improve

Leadership isn't about always about having the best answers but about helping others get "ripe" on the front end. Today's guest is Sacha Lindekens, author and global leadership coach. Sacha has a M.Ed. in counseling psychology from Rutgers University and a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from the University of Florida which he uses to advise organizations on strategies to attract, develop and retain top talent and works with leaders to maximize their individual and team effectiveness. If...


#87 Train your mind or fall behind. An interview with Dr Bhrett McCabe, Clinical and Sports Psychologist and Author of The Mindside Manifesto on the mental game

"If you're not training your mind, you're falling behind." - Dr Bhrett McCabe Bhrett McCabe is the founder of The MindSide and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist holding a PhD degree in clinical psychology from Louisiana State University (LSU). He's a practicing Sports & Performance Psychologist who works with athletes from the PGA and LPGA Tours, NFL, NBA, MMA, and serves as the sports and performance psychologist for the University of Alabama Athletic Department. Dr. McCabe is...


#86 Chairman and CEO of Clear Caryn Seidman Becker on The Art of the Possible

Caryn Seidman-Becker is the Chairman and CEO of CLEAR. She led the acquisition of CLEAR in 2010 and, along with Co-Founder Ken Cornick, has guided the revitalization and re-launch of the company. If you're looking for some leadership insight from an experienced leader, this is the episode for you. Caryn is incredibly insightful and offers invaluable leadership lessons that only a CEO would have but lessons everybody can learn nonetheless. Topics discussed in today's episode: Connect...


#85 Interview with Michael Nova of RiseUpEight on Expecting Adversity

Michael Nova’s story is one of pure persistence. Traveling along a long and winding road of misadventures, he found that this road itself was where the magic was happening. He learned that it wasn’t what was happening to him that was important, but his reactions to the circumstances that mattered. HIs reactions were what led him to found and create Rise Up Eight. Show Notes "Mr happy" song Amy Cuddy TED talk Go to to download...


#84 Bill Mankins Is Doing Some EXTRA-Ordinary Things

Bill Mankins is on a mission. His aim is to create the "full spectrum dominant person" and what he reveals today is how that mission is going to be realized. What you'll hear today is the answer to the question, "How do we create the most skilled person on earth?" Show Notes Background on Bill, BUD/S and issues he saw in Afghanistan Bill talks about the university he's creating 33:34 Learn about "the paramilitary strategist" 41:50 What happens when a student doesn't make the...


#83 Ponch and Cujo on After Action Reviews and Debriefs for Business Today

Today Jeff talks with Briand "Ponch" Rivera and Robert "Cujo" Teschner about after action reviews, debriefs. Specifically, we get into: Show Notes Hear the RIGHT way to debrief (and why you should absolutely debrief EVERYTHING) 8:43 How to tell whether your company is a learning organization or just claims it is 12:40 Learn what techniques work (and which ones do not) when conducting after action reviews and debriefs 24:30 Ponch and Cujo talk about the importance (and oftentimes,...


#82 (Solo Episode) How To Set Your Environment For Success

Jeff does a solo episode about environmental design and shares with you a few simple strategies you can use to: Your environment is everything! You'll also hear a surprising research study that revealed how environmental design impacts your behavior.


#81 Interview with Steven Blue, Author and CEO Miller Ingenuity On Turning Small Companies Into Global Behemoths

Steven Blue, CEO of Miller Ingenuity and author of Mastering the Art of Success, co-authored with Best-Selling Author® Jack Canfield, founder of the life-changing Chicken Soup for the Soul® book series. Steve is President and CEO of Miller Ingenuity, a global supplier of high technology systems that protect assets, preserve the environment, and save lives. He is an internationally recognized business transformation expert whose keynote speeches have shown many c-suite executives how to...


#80 Interview with Ben Midgley, CEO Crunch Franchise on Growth and Leadership

Today's interview is with Ben Midgley, CEO and founding partner of Crunch Franchise. In only 7 years Crunch Franchise has one of the largest member bases in the worldwide fitness industry with clubs in 23 states, Puerto Rico and 4 countries. Crunch Franchise is also #88 on the Entrepreneur 500 Franchise rankings, an Entrepreneur Hottest Franchise to Own, Entrepreneur Top Global Franchise and a 6-year recipient of the FBR 50 Franchisee Satisfaction Award. Today is a great...


#79 Joanna Parke, Managing Director for North America at ThoughtWorks on Courageous Executives

Today's guest is Joanna Parke, Managing Director for North America at ThoughtWorks.the report, “The Next Big Disruption: Courageous Executives” which reveals what sets top business leaders apart from their competition, from navigating the chaos of digital transformation to how they’re setting their business up for future success. Joanna shares a report entitled “The Next Big Disruption: Courageous Executives” which reveals what sets top business leaders apart from their competition and...