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24 KT Golden Cigar and The T Collaboration

Starting out the day with a cigar is always good. The Alec Bradley Black Market Punk is medium-bodied, which is what we’ve come to expect from Alec Bradley. It’s got Panamanian filler with Nicaraguan falafel wrapper. It’s inexpensive at less than $6 but it’s got a little more bite to it. The JFR lines are […]


Chocolaty Java Red Box-Pressed from Rocky Patel | New Releases | Ecuadorian Sumatra And Ecuadorian Habano Wrapper

Cigar smoking time is always a good break from the normal stuff. The Sir Don which was made in the 80s is earthy and nutty and has a sweetness on the smoke. The Java Red from Rocky Patel is box-pressed with a nice chocolaty dark wrapper, like smoking a chocolate bar but not overpowering. With […]


Sean Kavanaugh | Davidoff Winston Churchill This Late Hour | La Opulency

Everyone who loves cigars seems to be loving the Davidoff Winston Churchill This Late Hour. It has been blowing people away since the Nicaragua and is the best new release by the company. Sean Kavanaugh describes it as fantastic $20 stick and a complex smoke with a blast of white pepper and cinnamon. My Father […]


Garrett Calhoun From Davidoff Cigars | Winston Churchill Late Hour

The cigar world’s crisis of prices creeping up slowly didn’t spare top company Davidoff Cigars. Representative Garrett Calhoun introduces the new release, the Winston Churchill Late Hour, that brings out the opposing flavors of the cigar through its sweetness with rich earthiness at the back end. Garret shares stories of their huge tobacco aging warehouses […]


IPCPR 2017 | Aging Room | Good and Bad | Cigar Cafe Podcast

Lance and Harris talk about their thoughts on IPCPR 2017, the change of venue from the the Sands Expo Center at the Venetian to the Las Vegas Convention Center attached to the Westgate Hotel, and the good and bad of this year versus last year. They also discuss Tobacco Outlet Cigars, New Blends and the […]


IPCPR | Davidoff Yamasa | Poke Stop | Cigar Cafe Podcast

We are talking about the IPCPR new releases and events we plan to attend, Cigar News, Poke Stops and much more today. Sunday – Rooftop party in Old Vegas (Fremont Street) at Binion’s hosted by Garrett Calhoun and a select group of retailers. This is the unofficial kickoff party for the IPCPR. This was organized […]


Carillo Oscuro | Dusk | Pre IPCPR | Cigar Cafe Podcast

Today, Ernesto gives credit to his father for teaching him most of what he knows about cigars. As young as 4 years old, he would spend countless hours with his father in the tobacco fields in Cuba’s prime growing region, the Vuelta Abajo. It was in Cuba where Ernesto began to appreciate the art of […]


Ken from Gurkha | Gurkha Cellar Reserve 21 | Atlanta Cigar Spots | Cigar Cafe Podcast

Aside from having cigars that’s great with Bourbon and Scotch in the evening, Gurkha cellar reserve cigars have a unique consistency that is great in the morning with a cup of coffee. Gurkha has been working hard on its Brick and Mortar cigar line which resulted to the discontinuation of the non perfecto shapes. Along […]


Fidel Castro | Alabama Football | Peter James | Cigar Cafe Radio

The recent passing of Fidel Castro has the media reiterating what the cigar community has been saying about lifting the embargo for Cubans. Only Congress has the power to make the repeal so changes can happen along with the legislation. Caps Natural has been releasing good lunch break time smokes like the PDR 1878. It's […]


Romeo 505 | Gispert Intenso | Asylum 13 7×70 | Cigar Cafe Podcast

The Leaf Connecticut and the Corojo by Oscar are great cigars as they burn well, but it just doesn’t hit the target for some. Even with its promise of a full body release, the Romeo 505 Nicaragua is not quite as strong as some expected it to be. But the AVO Syncro Fogata, although being […]


Lane Oden Selling Cigars | Vintage Punch JG Grand Cru | Mr. Sam

Mr. Sam is a great cigar that’s been around for quite some time, but the Black Diamond, Insidious and Acid Blondies are on top as the best sellers for the last two months. Among the three is the Insidious that’s been drawing people in with its distinct mildness. However, this mildness doesn’t quite compare to […]


La Palina Oscuro | All Out Kings | Caldwell | Cigar Cafe Radio

One of the best trend at the moment is the Year of the Rooster which is a part of the Chinese Zodiac series by Davidoff. It is a very expensive cigar so the next best thing to it is the La Palina Oscuro that has a nice full body with a spicy vanilla flavor. This […]


Sobremesa | Mi Querida | Jay Gaydon Guest | Cigar Cafe Radio

The Sobremesa by Steve Saka of Dunbarton Tabacco and Trust has a complexity that is a welcome change for cigar connoisseurs. Unlike other brands that throw a lot of stuff at you 90 miles per hour, this cigar tones things down but still keeps its intensity, making it a balanced and enjoyable smoke. This is […]


La Palina | Cigar Cafe Radio | Diamond Crown Black Diamond

Watching a football game during the weekend can make you smoke two kinds of cigar. One where you win and one where you lose. And you’d think that the Diamond Crown Black Diamond would be perfect for that black moment when the game is lost, but its dark chocolate plum kick will tell you otherwise. […]


Cigar Cafe Radio | Mark with Esteban Carreras Cigars | Chupacabra Hellcat

Lane: Welcome to the show today everybody. We have a special guest today Mark Thompson Southeast Regional Rep for Esteban Carreras Cigar Co. Harris: It feels good to be back on after a few weeks off the show. What are we smoking today on the show: Mark: Esteban Carreras Bronze Cross Lane: Esteban Carreras Chupacabra […]


La Palina TAA | The Oscar | Senorial | Steve Saka | Cigar Cafe Radio

Mark from Esteban Carreras Cigars talks about their newest release, the Chupacabra Hellcat. It’s a formidable smoke but delivers smoothly and is by no means overpowering. Chupacabra has been their bestselling line for a while. The original Chupacabra Habano Oscuro is 100% Nicaraguan as the tobacco is from all three of the primary growing valleys […]


Cigar Cafe Radio Sean Hardiman | Macanudo Inspirado | CAO | General Cigar

Oscar Habano, the new cigar from Oscar Valladares, famous for the Leaf by Oscar Cigars, is off to a great start. It’s incredibly smooth with lots of flavor and packs in a big vanilla taste. The Swamp Thang by Drew Estate has a red, peppery chili flavor to it, almost like smoking a chili powder. […]


Cigar Cafe Radio FDA | Davidoff Yamasa | AVO Fogata | Pistoff Kristoff

Lane: Welcome everyone to Cigar Cafe Radio. What’s up guys? Harris: I am smoking the Gonzo Santeria 2016 Toro. It has a San Andres wrapper with Nicaraguan binder and filler. 150 boxes each were made in three sizes. It’s nice, reminds me of Padron.


Cigar Cafe Radio Podcast | Post IPCPR | La Barba Red | MF Garcia and Garcia

Football is back, Sean is looking forward to coaching this year. Lane is jacked Alabama Football is back on the air. Tim Tebow is following yet another dream to play a professional sport. He just can’t let bygones be bygones. He hasn’t played baseball in over a decade and yet here he is trying his […]


Cigar Cafe Radio IPCPR 2016 8-4-16

Still Recovering From IPCPR First post IPCPR podcast. Sean was pretty jealous of all the swag Harris and Lane got at the convention. Lane and Harris send a sympathy care package to Sean with cigars you can’t get yet. Both Lane and Harris both got over 80 sticks each without trying. Both were trying to […]