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The Head, Heart and Hands of Coaching for any People Leader.

The Head, Heart and Hands of Coaching for any People Leader.
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The Head, Heart and Hands of Coaching for any People Leader.




TCL 013 - So how good are your coaching skills

Episode Show Notes: In today's episode we talk through the quiz that you can find on I recommend that you take that first before you move ahead and listen here..otherwise you will spoil some of your fun! The New Year (+late Xmas) greeting that I produced you can find here: All the best and enjoy listening! Maik


TCL 012 - 3 Easy ways to start coaching in 2019

In this first episode of 2019, I reflect a bit on 'reflection' itself and its value to learning. We talk about the difference between divergent and convergent thinking in helping us face a problem or challenge. We then share three simple and basic ways how we can get started with coaching our team members in 2019: 1) Before the conversation: Plan your Conversation Leaders are usually good's part of the job. It gets trickier when we talk about planning conversations. Let's be...


TCL 011 - 3 questions - 3 surprising impacts

Today's episode focuses on some of the very basics. It has in fact greatly influenced the way how I personally ask questions. Imagine this scenario: You had a discussion with your team members. You shared something, and now at the end of the discussion you want to understand the degree of usefulness of what you shared. How would you ask? 1. Was it useful This is a closed question. Usually leads to a clean YES by those who don't want to talk much. Trust also has an influence here in how...


TCL 010 - When to Coach - And When Not

Detailed Show Notes In this podcast episode, we will list down some of the reasons that might make a Leader coach or not coach. Indeed, we are not on a mission here to turn you into coaches. It is more important to understand when to use the different styles of interacting with team members. When might we not coach? 1. If there is one right solution, objectively. We have to use our good judgment here. Is our solution (as a Leader) based on objective facts or is it an opinion and a...


TCL 009 - Great Question - What is your recommendation

In Today's 'Great Question' episode, we are looking at one specific question: 'What's your recommendation?' There is a surprising level of depth here, as this question alone illustrates very well a lot of the principles that underpin coaching. To make my recommendation to you a bit more balanced, I will talk about this question from different perspectives. The mental tool I will use for that is the '6 thinking hats' model by Edward De Bono ( 1) White...


TCL 008 - The best ways to ask bad questions

Sometimes it is better to look from a different angle. In this episode, I will offer some surefire ways how to ask bad question (and YES, there are bad question, imho). There are so many ways how we can do that...we try to stick to less than a dozen here, so you are sure you can apply them all..if you wish. 1. Make sure you ask mostly closed questions...those type that can be answered ideally with just one syllable. 2. It is also brilliant to always respond to a problem shared by someone...


TCL 007 - The easiest way to get started with coaching at work

Podcast show notes: I often see Leaders wanting to go full in right away when they learned some fundamental executing skills. Of course, coaching has incredible value. But most people get disappointed about the impact of their first steps. Instead of pulling off perfect coaching conversations right out of the gate (which no one really can), I suggest that we instead focus on small concrete steps that can be built right into our existing conversations. Introducing coaching in our Leader day...


TCL 006 - Three Reasons why Coaching Works - Learning - Motivation - Expectations

Today's podcast is a background toolkit that aims to bring you into a position where you can answer the question: Is Coaching a proven way to help? Why do I include this? Coaching is often still seen as a technique that is 'soft' and optional; as a Leader who starts using coaching skills, you will often get into the situation where you might have to 'win over' someone to give it a try. In these situations, it is helpful to have a few powerful arguments ready why coaching is so useful and...


TCL 005 - Great Question - What will make this conversation useful to you?

Today is our very first 'Great Question' episode. These are small skill-based episode sprinkled in every now and then. They dive deeper into one powerful question, how and why it works and it what context we can use it. This time we ask the question "What will make this conversation useful to you?". It is a simple, yet powerful way to help to direct and to sharpen the focus of the conversation we are about to have. It is also a great way to hand over ownership and trust to the other person...


TCL 004 - The Dangers of Solving for Others

This is the second part of a two-part series on solving. In the first part (check out Episode 3) we looked at why we love solving so much. In this episode, we talk about what the downside of solving might be. Now, solving has its valid place; there are situations when it is simply appropriate to tell people what to do, i.e. in a case of training someone, or if there is really high urgency or risk. However, if we solve when we have to, there is opportunity cost...and this is what we will...


TCL 003 - Why we LOVE solving for others

This episode is part 1 of a 2 part series on the question why we love solving problems so much. We explore some very interesting basic human tendencies that are well-meant but have less than a positive result. A perfect example of positive intent that leads to a negative impact. Why are often so quick to tell other people what they are supposed to do? 1. We genuinely want to help! It's instinctive. 2. It helps us rely on our knowledge and expertise; we tap into our resources and the...


TCL 002 - Coaching cannot work without this Mindset

Before we move into any actual coaching skills on this podcast, we have to talk about the very foundation without which our entire effort would backfire: The Coaching Mindset. Don't get carried away by the apparent 'softness' that the term mindset implies. The Coaching mindset is absolutely essential. Without it, we will come across as inauthentic, false or even deceptive, even if we do our best to ask powerful questions and listen. Why? If we don't believe that the person in front of us...


TCL 001 - What makes a Coaching Leader different?

In this very first episode of the Coaching Leader Podcast, Maik looks at the question why anyone would want to coach! We especially fill the term itself with life. We learn that there is a very special and powerful place for coaching in organizations. If Leaders know how to coach well, they will have an outsized effect in getting access to the ideas and motivations of their people. Tip: Stay until the end..there might be a little extra content after the outro music!