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The podcast for entrepreneurs who want to unlock their full potential, drive meaningful change, and elevate their business to new heights.




The podcast for entrepreneurs who want to unlock their full potential, drive meaningful change, and elevate their business to new heights.






49 - How To Build Your Business from the Ground Up & Survive The First Two Years

In this episode, we will be talking about some pretty cool stuff how to start a business, how to survive your first two years and how to build your business from the ground up and the myths around influence there isn't a better episode than this.


48 - Crushing the Imposter Syndrome for Entrepreneurs

We uncover the roots of Imposter Syndrome, discuss why so many of us feel like frauds, and, most importantly, share strategies to overcome this crippling self-doubt. Join me as I unpack this pervasive phenomenon, understand its origins, and provide actionable steps to break free from its grip. Whether you're a seasoned business owner or just starting out, this episode is packed with insights to boost your confidence, redefine your self-worth, and conquer Imposter Syndrome.


47 - Unmasking the Miserable Multi-Millionaire CEO

In this episode, we'll peel away the layers of the facade, uncover their secret desires, delve into the roots of their misery, and illuminate the path towards personal transformation. It's a powerful reminder that, beneath the extravagant lifestyles and impressive titles, there are human beings longing for something more.


46 - Your Triggers Are Your Compass in the Entrepreneurial Journey

In the world of entrepreneurship, our triggers serve as the North Star guiding us towards our goals. They show us what ignites our passion, what fuels our drive, and what we're truly meant to pursue. Embrace your triggers, for they lead to your business success.


45 - Cultivating Your Energy To Transform Your Psychology - with Angelina Saunders

Special guest Angelina Saunders, Co founder of Breath Me, Award winning author, executive breathing coach, international speaker and host of The Breathing Edge podcast. Angie spent many years working on camera and behind the scenes in the entertainment industry with some of Hollywood's, top producers and experienced a high-stress environment. After leaving the industry she decided to start a life in Australia. During her time in Australia Angie developed a keen interest in managing stress in the mind and body, and stumbled upon gold… to stop and take a breath - literally! For more than 12 years Angie and her husband Shane share the passion for helping business leaders to lower reactivity and boost the quality of productivity, performance, and sleep. Angie shares her knowledge on how cultivating your energy can transform your psychology so you know how to manage your emotions and personal energy in creating a mindset of resilience. Points of interest in this episode:


44 - Goal Setting In A Multi Dimensional Reality

Why is it that some goals happen and some don’t? How come that some goals happen better than imagined initially? Have you been setting goals via visualisation, repetition, or the law of attraction or some other way that has been tapping to the 3D reality you are living in? Goals really do work when set in an away that interacts with all dimensional realities... oh and several other factors come into play. Traditionally, most people have been taught how to set goals only using our five sensors. But here’s the problem. We are actually setting goals and outcomes in business every day but doing it unconsciously, this has a lot to do with why women are not reaching the financial freedom they daily contemplate about. Maria is passionate about helping entrepreneur create greater things beyond what they see themselves. So, where do you start? How do you set goals and make them work?


43 - Healing from tragedy and depression to turning it into your greatest power - with Toni Lontis

In this episode I'll be having a chat with Toni Lontis, CEO, Author and Broadcaster who is DEDICATED TO HELPING WOMEN ALL OVER THE WORLD AND THE MEN WHO LOVE THEM. The author of "Resilience" details her struggle with depression, anxiety, and trauma in her life and how she overcomes this to lead a healthy, happy fulfilling life. She is passionate about self-awareness, self-improvement and being the best person, she can be. Toni is passionate when it comes to the superb audio, and her obsession is teaching others how to make a living doing what you love (without it taking over their life). Here is what we dive into


42 - Bulletproof Entrepreneurial Mindset

Do you think things are taking longer than they should? Are you ready to throw in the towel and quit because it seems like your goals are never going to happen? Don’t. Transformation doesn’t take place immediately. It takes baby steps to get where you want to go, not one giant leap. According to the Bureau of Statistics, more entrepreneurs than ever are starting their businesses. This statistic is excellent news and a trend we should all celebrate. But here’s the problem. While we’re starting businesses, women are not reaching the same financial success as many men’s businesses. Here at The Conscious CEO, we are more committed than ever to turn that statistic around. So, where do we start? How do we shift our mindset in creating the business success you keep desiring?


41 - Grow Your Money Through Your Mindset - with Michael De Haan

In this episode I will be talking to Michael De Haan the Founder of Care to Grow Pty Ltd, a firm with a strong history in financial planning and building wealth through property. They focus solely now on their client’s financial wellbeing and transforming negative financial mindsets and beliefs to help them live their best life. His vision is to empower people to create more joy, freedom, and growth through financial wellbeing. In today's episode, we will be discussing how women can be truly empowered in creating financial freedom they desire. Here is a sneak peek of what we covered:


40 - Effective Decision-Making For Business Leaders - with Shane Saunders

I chat with Shane Saunders, Co founder of Breath Me, Award winning author, executive breathing coach, international speaker and host of The Breathing Edge podcast. In today's episode, we will be discussing: Effective decision-making for Business leaders to boost your mental clarity and focus for winning outcomes in business.


39 - LinkedIn Influencer Secrets - with Edward Zia

Edward Zia, Ed's a Marketing Mentor Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) & International Master Coach and has mentored thousands of winners globally to help them get more clients, win top positions and become leading personal brands. As Master Grade Coach, Edward has exceeded the threshold of 10,000+ Personal Coaching Hours making him a leader in his field. He's helped individuals generate millions and millions of dollars and loves it so much. In today's episode, we will be discussing Ed’s LinkedIn Influencer SECRETS.


38 - How Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is Used in Business Today

Success Inspired Podcast as a guest talking about effective use of NLP in business and personal life and how use of NLP can help reach better outcomes in communication with others.


37 - Women's Empowerment Series

In this interview with Care to Grow, Michael De Haan interviews a. number of female women in business to share their story and how they overcame the obstacles and challenges that led them to where they are today. Watch other women's stories:


36 - Navigating Leadership in todays social times

In this episode, I will be talking to Kirri Maree More, A Global Influencer, Innovator and Future Thinker. Through her revolutionary mastery of the muscle of Human Intelligence (HI). + DecisionDNA Design = Leadership Solution Pathways. She creates “Culture Shifts” where she works with extremes like global leaders at top decision tables to give voice + advocacy for the frontline of humanity. Where she gets to close the gap from problem to solution at the decision table. As a Global Advisor & Strategist + Investor, Kiri-Maree truly leads in innovative ways to scale growth + accelerate impact to create a “100 percent for HUMANITY culture” going forward. In today's episode, we will be discussing Navigating Leadership in today's social times.


35 - How To Heal Your Body With Your Mind

In this recent interview with Maria Vamvouklis we talk about how our thoughts affect our #health and #wellbeing. She provides some great tips on how we can be more aware of what we are #thinking to produce our desired outcomes.


34 - Embodying Business Archetypes

In this episode I will be talking to Carol Sanford is an award - winning business educator, Summit Producer, podcaster, and author. Her books are required business school reading at Stanford and Harvard. For 40 years she’s collaborated with clients to develop people to realise their inherent capabilities. Carol’s clients include Fortune 500 companies like Colgate, DuPont, and Seventh Generation. Google’s Innovation Lab uses her Responsible Business Framework. In today's episode, we will be discussing the embodying the archetypal roles in business. Connect with Carol


33 - Unleash Your Passion And Live Your Greatest Vision

In this episode I will be talking to Joseph Droishagen who is Personal & Professional Development Coach. With multiple certifications as Master Coach, and over 20 years in Personal & Professional Development Coaching, along with 20+ years leading financially troubled companies back into powerful and profitable organisations, TAPPING INTO THE GENIUS MINDSET IS his SPECIALITY! Joseph spend his life inspiring, motivating and leading people in creating dynamic versions of themselves, while empowering them in bringing their passions to life, in the shortest period of time possible! This is his purpose and my passion tenacious towards results! In this episode, we will be discussing how to unleash your passion and live your greatest vision! Connect with Joseph:


32 - The Minotaur's Maze - With Maria Vamvouklis: NLP, Subconscious Programming & Spirituality

A jam packed episode with The Minotaur's Maze podcast. We talked about: Listen to more episode by The Minotaur's Maze:


EP.31. Would Your Business Survive If You Had To Live With Your Customers and Colleagues?

I speak with Paul Rutter, Speaker, Author, Cruise Director an Expert in Creating the Experience of a Lifetime. He has been involved in the Hospitality, Travel and Cruise Industry for over 40 years, working onboard some of the largest and most luxurious cruise ships in the world, where living with his customers and co-workers has been a way of life. Paul has developed the More Than Perfect® Customer Service Model where "perfect" is a starting point for customer interactions and experiences. He is the author of "Repeat Business Inc: The Business of Staying in Business" and is working on his next book, "You Can't Make This Ship Up: Business Strategies, Life Lessons and True Stories from 40 Years at Sea", due out at the end of 2021. We will be diving deep into the way in creating the ultimate customer experience in any business, the influence of sale and marketing on the customer experience, the adaptive approach to customer service, repeat customers vs new customers and some strategic frameworks to get them coming back knocking at your door wanting more. Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: YouTube Channel: PaulRutterSpeaks Twitter: @RealPaulRutter


EP.30. Shifting Leadership To Cohesion To Boost Your Bottom Line with DR. Troy Hall

In this episode I talk with DR. Troy Hall a talent cohesion expert. DR. Troy Hall is the Best Selling Author of Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent, and co-author of a Best New Book Release, Mission Matters: World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Top Tips for Success. With more than 40 years of practical leadership experience and a Ph.D. in Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Dr. Troy's passion is helping others succeed. His consulting and executive coaching sessions have positively impacted organisational leaders around the globe on how to create cultures of cohesion to retain their top talent. "You don’t have to know everything, you just need to be teachable." - Dr. Troy Tune in to listen as we discuss how has leadership changed, how leaders are seeking more cohesiveness in business, how to shift from acquiring great talent to implementing cohesiveness within teams and sharing effective strategies for leaders to implement cohesiveness. Connect with DR. Tory Hall Facebook: LinkedIn: Book Purchase: