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21: Upcoming Data Trends in 2017 w/ Henry Schuck

DiscoverOrg is considered to be one of the best B2B sets in the data business. Their CEO, Henry Schuck, joined today’s podcast to boldly predict a few upcoming business trends in 2017, including the fastest-growing verticals and the central theme that 2017 will be known for. He also talked about privacy shield legislation, and what his wife said when he dropped a potential career in law and started DiscoverOrg from nothing.


Technical Sessions 3: Are You Making These 6 Sent Mail Mistakes?

It’s been a problem for a long time for a lot of companies: unverifiable B2B email addresses. Especially if you’re a marketing company or department with a big pile of data, you end up a with a bunch of question marks instead of valid data. Welcome back to the Corporate Data Show’s third Technical Sessions, the place where you can find a short guide series translating technical data processes to real world marketing applications. Q: What are the two methods of root validation of...


20: How to Navigate Unverifiable Email Addresses w/ Rowland O'Connor

Unverifiable email addresses aren’t as easy to navigate as they used to be. Today’s guest is Rowland O’Connor, CEO of He shared his thoughts on unverifiable email addresses, Microsoft 365, velocity-based email blasts, and more.


Technical Sessions 2: Reverse IP Lookup

Reverse IP lookup is a way to discern something about a company so you can sell something to them—which is all well and good. But what exactly, you wisely ask, can I do with this technical topic to drive company sales? In the second of Rick Holmes’s Technical Sessions, you will figure out what reverse IP lookup is good for and why you’d want to bother with mapping anonymous website traffic. Hint: It’s not as anonymous as you think. Your IP address is what’s displayed in most web logs for...


19: Data Quality vs. Data Scale w/ Ryan Rolf

On this episode of the Corporate Data Show, Ryan Rolf, Vice President of Data Sales at Lotame, explains the ups and downs of data brokering. Lotame is the only independent data management platform in the market today, specializing in the technology to help clients—particularly publishing clients—manage their data. Aggregating data from many sources in true data broker fashion, Rolf supplies data to advertisers to field their targeting, all the while hosting it online for easy access. In his...


Technical Sessions 1: B2B to B2C Matching

If you’re a B2B company without a B2C resource, you’re asking yourself, “How can we get more B2C data on here?” You could look for B2C marketing databases, but be warned. A B2C email marketer makes a lot of changes to their database that a digital marketer might not care to make. In that case, why bother with matching B2B to B2C data? In this first of Every Market Media’s short guides on translating technical data processes to real-world marketing applications, Rick Holmes unpacks the...


18: Location Data: Why You Need to Know Where Your Customers Are w/ Brian Bachofner

MapAnything deals with location data, letting you know where your customers/prospects are. It’s a different kind of data topic than we’re used to covering on this show, but it’s definitely just as interesting. Listen in as Brian Bachofner, Head of Alliances at MapAnything, shares how location data can transform the way everyday sales reps succeed in their jobs.


17: Why Marketers Need Comprehensive Data in Their Toolbox w/ Dennis Arndt

Marketers today need all the right tools in the toolbox to get the job done right. Not all tools are must-haves, but comprehensive data is certainly is. In this episode Dennis Arndt, Chief Technology Officer at RainKing, shares why having a proper org chart can make all the difference for outbound marketing.


16: How Privacy and Data Policies Differ in Europe w/ Karie Burt

Over the last ten years, there’s been much more of a focus on privacy in Europe. In the U.S., CAN-SPAM was the line in the sand and everyone got through that legislation. But in Europe, there are some really draconian measures that have come out. A lot of companies have corporate data policies driven more out of fear than necessity. These are just some of the current differences in privacy and data handling between the U.S. and the UK. Listen in as Karie Burt, VP International at...


15: How to Fail at Curating Relevant Prospects w/ Gal Har-Zvi

All sales development representatives—not to mention anyone who’s ever bought a list—know the worst part of targeting companies is list curation. This is a time-consuming research task relished by exactly no one. Any marketer or person who has worked with sales development tools longs for a magic wand—a fantastic research tool for sales development teams that will make list curation go away. How can b2b companies use big data and the tools that harness big data to dig up relevant...


14: The Wild West of Contextual Marketing w/ Alan Osetek

The metaphors are all real: Digital marketing is the Wild West, the final frontier, the Game of proverbial Thrones. But how do you win? By using quality data to custom craft targeted profiles for programmatic advertising. At least, that’s one way. Listen to Rick Holmes interview Alan Osetek, CEO of Digilant, a global programmatic solutions provider, and find out how not to fail when the stakes are almost as high as the competition.


13: How to Miss Out on Monetizing Your Data w/ Fran Green

What if you found out there was a frictionless program that could help you make money from the data you didn’t even know your company had? People are missing out on tons of data because data monetization isn’t a smooth process or they aren’t even aware they have data of any value. This episode of the Corporate Data Show is all about monetizing data. Rick Holmes interviews Fran Green, the President of Smart Data Solutions at ALC, about the “low hanging fruit” of monetizing data, as well...


12: Create Your Own Job Accountability Chart w/ Bart Lorang

Stress is a major productivity and creativity drain. In a perfect world, every employee would receive paid vacation to help relax and recharge. But, for a bootstrap/startup, it may not be feasible to include that in a compensation package. Luckily, there are other ways to decrease the stress of working in an entrepreneurial setting for both your employees and yourself. In this episode, Bart Lorang, CEO of Full Contact, talks about making everyone’s life easier through clear job...


11: How to Break Through a Well-Fortified Inbox w/ Rich Wilson

For 15 years, people treated email marketing the same way: “I’ve got a list, I batch, I blast, I send.” With more data and sophisticated tools available, people are now choosier about what they allow into their inboxes. So the question becomes, “How can we add value in our messages?” In this episode Rich Wilson, VP of Customer Experience at BrightWave Marketing, explains why getting data to give you the right context is crucial to breaking through an inbox.


10: How Any Business Can Get the Most Out of Account-Based Marketing w/ Chris Golec

Account-based marketing, in its simplest terms, is about marketing the accounts that your sales team is going to sell to. One of the core parts of account-based marketing is sales and marketing alignment. Often marketing is running off of metrics that aren’t aligned with the sales team. In this episode Chris Golec, CEO of DemandBase, dives a little bit deeper into that basic definition and explains how small (or large) businesses can use account-based strategies to the fullest.


9: Data Aggregation: Human-Based vs. Machine-Based w/ Mark Godley

When looking for data sets, it can be tempting to choose the company with the biggest boast. If the website claims the company aggregates data from 30 million companies that’s good, right? Well, maybe. But without knowing where that data comes from, or what pieces of information the data provides, that nice big number is actually pretty meaningless. The reality is that data aggregation is a more nuanced matter when you’re looking for information that is both precise and actionable. In...


8: How to Balance Technology and the Human Element in Sales w/ Garth Moulton

Talking about new technology is fun. Finding new tech to increase the efficiency of sales and marketing and to increase revenue is very exciting. That’s why everyone spends so much time talking about it and reading up on new tech that enters the field. Still, with this emphasis on technology, it can be easy to forget the most basic elements of business. Most notably, the human factor that goes into both sales and marketing can be overlooked. In this episode, Garth Moulton, SVP of...


7: Bigger Data Doesn’t Mean Better Data w/ Neil Glass

Bigger is better. Or at least, that’s the idea that persists in numerous industries and even non-business facets of everyday life. However, when it comes to marketing data, the old adage is misleading at best and a total myth at worst. A few years ago it was all about who can collect the most new email addresses. Today, the question is who can aggregate the most data, but there are more important things to consider than just the size of the database. In this episode, Neil Glass, Senior...


6: How Owler is Becoming the Go-To Data Provider through Analytics and Community 3 Components for Maximum Data Creation w/ Tim Harsch

Technology has really changed the data game in the corporate world. Anything you need to know about any field is now available online. But how do you know what sources you can trust? This week on The Corporate Data Show we talked to Tim Harsch, the co-founder and head of product at Owler, which is now the second largest data provider and intelligence platform in existence, second to LinkedIn. In fact, Owler recently hit a milestone of half a million active users and became the second...


5: 20% of Your Data Could Be Bad: Here’s How to Fix It w/ Bud Walker

When you think about how much bad data can really cost you, it’s important to make sure that your info is deliverable, callable, and emailable. If you’ve got a lot of data—and who doesn’t, these days?—it becomes vital to spend the resources to ensure that the data you’re using is accurate. In this episode of the Corporate Data Show, Bud Walker, Vice President of Strategy at Melissa Data, underscores why focusing on active data quality can save and make both time and money (plus tips on...