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Ep 85 Creativity: How to get and give better creative feedback

Feedback is an incredibly important moment at multiple points in the creative process because it can make things a lot better or a lot worse. Yet so many people don’t know how to give good feedback which endlessly frustrates creatives. In this episode, we will look at what makes bad feedback, how to give better feedback, and how to hear and act on all of that feedback.


Ep 84 Design: The need for ethical design

You may be tempted to skip this episode because ethics isn't the most exciting topic, but the need for a deeper understanding of ethical design is a huge emerging design trend. In this episode, we will look at two examples that highlight the need for a better understanding of ethical design, the 5 steps you can take to improve your ethical design process and why it needs to be an ongoing investment. SHOW NOTES: FOLLOW THE CRAZY ONE: Twitter:...


Ep 83 Leadership: Your leadership maturity level, persona and communication style

We have talked a lot about leadership over the course of this show but this episode will focus more on concrete ways of measuring your leadership maturity, figuring out your leadership persona and look at 4 different leadership communication styles. SHOW NOTES: FOLLOW THE CRAZY ONE: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:


Ep 82 Conference talk: ’The Future is Creative’ keynote from HOW Design Live 2019

This episode is a replay of my main stage keynote from HOW Design Live 2019. This talk is a culmination of everything I have seen and learned over the past year and a half working at InVision. It is made up of three truths that I think affect all of us and the six things we need to work on in our companies and in our work and lives. SHOW NOTES: FOLLOW THE CRAZY ONE: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:...


Ep 81 Conference talk: ‘Why innovation is rarely authorized’ panel from HOW Design 2019

Every company says they want more innovation and leaders who are able to deliver it yet they are often more afraid of extinction than the change that’s necessary. As a result, innovation often happens when teams go against the rules and even risk their jobs to get it done. This episode is a replay of a panel discussion about innovation with two of the smartest and most inspirational people I know - best-selling author, Greg Larkin and ex-IDEO and current Managing Director of Expa, Sina...


Ep 80 Emotional intelligence: How to find and restore your confidence

Confidence is something we all seem to be constantly working on since it can be easily faked, lost, or thanks to design imposter syndrome always in short supply. Yet confidence is something that is critical for creativity, leadership, and happiness so we need to understand what undermines it and find new ways of restoring it. In this episode, we will look at the fears that commonly undermine our confidence and 5 ways effective ways to find or rebuild it. SHOW...


Ep 79 Listener questions: Design operations, start-ups, company “purpose", your career and building a team.

In this episode, we will answer listener questions about clarifying design operations as a discipline, advice for designers who want to run their own start-up, how companies can make their purpose real and not just a marketing-induced pipe dream, dealing with the fear that your best work is behind you, and where to begin to create a UX strategy for a company that’s never had one before. SHOW NOTES: FOLLOW THE CRAZY ONE: Twitter:...


Ep 78 Teamwork: How improv can make your team more creative

At its best, creativity is about spontaneity, creativity, and collaboration. There are few places where we can all of these on display more easily than with improvisational comedy groups but what can they show us about how to improve our creative process and our teams? In this episode, we will look at what happens with improv that lets the creativity flow, what everyone can learn from it and how it can help your team and its culture. SHOW NOTES: FOLLOW THE CRAZY...


Ep 77 Conference talk: ‘Building an In-House Design Powerhouse’ keynote from SXSW 2019

A replay of my sold out keynote ‘Building an In-House Design Powerhouse’ from SXSW 2019 that looked at how companies want creativity and design like never before, but very few of their internal creative teams have been empowered to take advantage of this demand. In this episode, I share proven techniques and insights I've has gained from working alongside the world’s best in-house creative teams as InVision’s Head Design Evangelist. SHOW NOTES: FOLLOW THE CRAZY...


Ep 76 Creativity: Why cognitive bias is the real problem with your work.

Why is it no matter where we work we run into the same frustrating behaviors in our team, our clients, and even ourselves time and time again? More than likely there are some fundamental psychological biases we all have that are causing and fueling these problems. In this episode, we are going to look at the six different types of cognitive bias that are affecting your work, what you can do to start to fight each one of them and help you understand why all of this is critical to your work,...


Ep 75 Career: How to survive corporate politics with grace and integrity

Dealing with politics is a necessary evil no matter where you work and at their worst can be so complicated that they can drive you out of a company or stand in the way of great work going out the door. In this episode, we will look at some of the emotional issues behind office politics and talk about the 8 habits that you can use to be able to survive them with grace and integrity. SHOW NOTES: FOLLOW THE CRAZY ONE: Twitter:...


Ep 74 Methodologies: Design Thinking isn't bullsh*t. The way you apply it is.

Lately, I have seen some talks, articles and gotten some questions from people who are struggling with or just downright angry at using Design Thinking and/or Design Sprints. It's something I've been able to use with a lot of success throughout my career so I reached out to some of these teams to understand what was going on. In this episode, we will look at why Design Thinking and/or Design Sprints getting beaten up, why do people feel this way, and in many cases, why I think their...


Ep 73 Listener questions: Design leadership, office environments, design authority. conflict and sharing.

In this episode we will answer listener questions about how to make the transition from design lead to design executive, how do you create a creative office environment, a look at where design authority should sit in a company, how to think abbot conflict inside of your team and some best practices for sharing knowledge across your team. SHOW NOTES: FOLLOW THE CRAZY ONE: Twitter: Instagram:...


Ep 72 Leadership: How to create REAL innovation

Innovation is easily the most abused word in the corporate lexicon because we all talk about it so much but so few companies and teams are actually able to create it. In this episode, we will look at why innovation fails, the traits of truly innovative teams and what you can start doing on your team or in your company to fix all of this. SHOW NOTES: FOLLOW THE CRAZY ONE: Twitter: Instagram:...


Ep 71 Career: How to become a digital product designer

The number one question I get asked on a weekly basis is how to move from a marketing, branding or advertising role into a digital design or product design role. Its a tough question and I've found that there are PRETTY MUCH NO resources out there to help people figure it out. In this episode, we will explain the difference between marketing and digital design, what they have in common, what is different and what you need to learn to be able to move into digital product design. SHOW...


Ep 70 Emotional intelligence: Understanding and improving your emotional intelligence

To lead creative teams you need to be able to understand your emotions, understand how other people feel and how your emotions can have an effect other people. In this episode, we are going to look at the five different parts of emotional intelligence to understand how they are all connected, how they affect you and what you can do to improve it. SHOW NOTES: FOLLOW THE CRAZY ONE: Twitter: Instagram:...


Ep 69 Creativity: How to fight imposter syndrome

Even the most successful creatives a little secret we all share - from time to time we feel like frauds. It's called design imposter syndrome and it is a psychological phenomenon where you have a belief that you’re inadequate despite evidence to the contrary. In this episode, we will look at why it is something we all have, the 5 different types of imposter syndromes, and what you can do about it. SHOW NOTES: FOLLOW THE CRAZY ONE: Twitter:...


Ep 68 Your career: What's the equation for doing great work?

There are so many elements that go into building a great career but what are those elements and how do you keep them in the right balance to be successful? In this episode, we will explore how craft, originality, impact, joy and other variables can come together to define your career, you work and your happiness. SHOW NOTES: FOLLOW THE CRAZY ONE: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:...


Ep 67 Creativity: How to give better design feedback

Creativity is all about collaboration which is why, whether you are leading a team or part of it, giving great feedback is an essential skill. In this episode, we will look at the two types of feedback, a model to give great feedback and some critical things to always keep in mind. SHOW NOTES: FOLLOW THE CRAZY ONE: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:


Ep 66 Originality: What to embrace, fight, stop and start to rediscover your voice and create your best ideas.

Everyone wants to let their work have a stronger voice and be more original but we have to deal with self-doubt, group think, and working for companies that demand conformity to a shared culture and way of thinking. In this episode, we will look at what makes up the foundation of originality and then explore the things that you need to embrace, fight, stop and start to rediscover your voice, fight the forces that want to strip your originality away from you and give you a roadmap for how to...