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How I Scaled My Biz to 6-Figures (Warning: This Episode Will Kick Your A**)

There are truly only three key activities that actually matter when it comes to scaling your business. Show up every day in your content, community and for your clients.Have a MESSAGE that MATTERS and share it even if (especially if) you get trolls.Creating and launching programs that rock your client’s worlds. SELL THEM DAILY. AND ALL OF THESE THINGS? They involve action. This episode will lead you through exactly how I focused on these three SIMPLE areas to scale my business to...


The #1 Rule to PHENOMENAL Content (that sells)

Let’s say you started an online coaching business. And you’re SO sure it’s all gonna work out cause xyz person told you it’s the most profitable online business and you’re good at it and you’ve got it all figured out.. “Technically.” BUT WHAT IF a profitable business.. Like we’re hellaaaa money coming in.. was about passion? What if success in your online business.. That extra time, energy, and those GOOD VIBES and straight up PASSION you’re giving to your audience.. Is what made the...


CASUAL CHAT - Upleveling to 25k Days, Leaving the Fitness Industry, and Getting Over a Business Funk

The start of 2017 has been a CRAZY whirlwind of upleveling for me.. But that didn’t come without it’s struggles and not gonna lie, a business funk. In this episode we’re chatting all about how I got out of that business funk (aka feeling a bit overwhelmed/lost about my business direction), why I have completely left the fitness industry, and how I got myself out of that funk (and how you can do the same)... and literally crushed my income goals for the month of January before it was...


Episode 7: How to Make Ideal, Soulmate Clients Come To YOU - with Workout Unicorn (Ortal Leviyatan)

In today’s episode, I’m talking with my ideal client Ortal Leviyatan. Ortal found me from a random post on Instagram which caught her eye and led us to work together. By sharing in my posts the words I wrote in my journal when describing my ideal client, I engage my ideal, soulmate clients. The kind of clients who would be my best friends in real life anyways.. Who appreciate and respect me, and pay me what I am worth. If you are consistent about posting things of value, there is a...


Episode 6: Why Being Authentic + Vulnerable in Your Business is a Profitable Business Strategy, and How to Do So.

When I first started my fitness coaching business, and became an “influencer” - I did the only thing I could think to do: I looked at what OTHER influencers I admired were doing them, and imitated that, thinking that of course it must be the ‘best’ way. I soon came to learn that not only did it feel super inauthentic and just blah to post and write the same exact things as other people, but it was a HORRIBLY ineffective business strategy. Because the only differentiator in the...


Episode 5: Advice on Leaving Your 9-5 When You Hate Being A Quitter

If you’re a driven person, you need to excel at everything you do. And if you’re a driven person, you’re likely NOT cool with living a normal, unchallenging, mediocre cubicle life forever. SO, if you were like me, and wanted to quit your 9-5, but struggled HARD with idea of “quitting” and not being able to “prove yourself” … then you’ll want to listen to this episode. Here’s the thing. You will face fear and doubts before you take the leap, but just because you could be good at...


EPISODE 4: How to Guarantee Yourself Results in Any Goal or Investment

That dreaded question every coach hates to hear on a potential client call: “How can you guarantee me results?” This episode is a quickie designed to help coaches deal with this objection/question, by instead asking the question: “How can YOU guarantee YOURSELF results?” Teaching the client to take full responsibility for their results is actually doing them a favor - because if they aren’t accountable, the transformation they are paying you for won’t occur, and they won’t implement...


EPISODE 3: Attract Ideal Clients By Speaking Your Truth

When I was first starting my business, I literally had no idea wtf I was doing. And so I did what most other new biz owners do: I looked at what other people were doing, saying, and charging.. and did the same. It SO did not work. Those first few months were such a struggle because I wasn’t being AUTHENTIC.. Which as I later came to find, was the ONE thing I needed to do to attract my ideal, soulmate clients. The kind of clients who would be my best friends in real life anyways.. Who would...


EPISODE 2: Getting Over the Fear of Promoting Yourself and Dealing with Haters

In today’s episode we’re talking all about how to get over the fear of dealing with haters or “trolls” on social media, so that you can promote yourself, your business, and your services without fear. This episode was inspired by a recent experience I had posting about a client win, that ended up getting some pretty nasty comments .. and I share with you the lessons learned, and why continuing to promote yourself is so important. (Hint, if you don’t - no one else will.) When you’re...


EPISODE 1: How I Got Over My Fears and Started My Online Coaching Business

Welcome to the Find Your Fearless Podcast with Christie Bailey: online business coach, and entrepreneur and fitness cover model. This podcast is all about getting over your fears and start designing the life and business you have always dreamed of. In this episode, I take us through my journey from college grad to online business entrepreneur and the fears that challenged me along the way. My love of running my fitness business led me to business coaching, creating my mentorship Facebook...