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This is the ultimate resource for social entrepreneurs in emerging markets to help them scale their social business, lifting people out of poverty, serving the BoP (Base of the Pyramid), and changing the world with one business at a time.

This is the ultimate resource for social entrepreneurs in emerging markets to help them scale their social business, lifting people out of poverty, serving the BoP (Base of the Pyramid), and changing the world with one business at a time.
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This is the ultimate resource for social entrepreneurs in emerging markets to help them scale their social business, lifting people out of poverty, serving the BoP (Base of the Pyramid), and changing the world with one business at a time.






FIP 63: Creating Company Culture and the Role of Self-Confidence with Ayla Schlosser

Today we hear from Ayla Schlosser, co-founder of Resonate, whose mission is to unlock the leadership potential of women and girls in East Africa. Through storytelling, confidence-building workshops and leadership training, Resonate is aiming to close the confidence gap that impedes opportunity and potential in women. Resonate takes this missed opportunity and turns it into […]


FIP 62: Human Capital Series 2/3 – Recruiting and Retaining High Performers at more Mature Organizations

This week, Sarah Perrott is my guest for the second episode in our human capital series. We’re talking about recruiting and retaining high performers at more mature organizations. Sarah is the Founder and Managing Director of Cresco Consulting which is a boutique consultancy offering both executive search and development for organisations and individuals. Cresco provides clients […]


FIP 61: Building Strong Teams Through Trial and Error with Anastasia Uglova

This week, Anastasia Uglova is my guest on the Finding Impact Podcast. Anastasia is Co-Founder and Managing Director of MindSky, which is an online platform connecting current university students and graduates in Rwanda with employment opportunities, which exclusively sources students from the Akilah Institute, a tertiary institute for women in Kigali and the only women’s […]


FIP 60: David Auerbach Interviews Samir Ibrahim of SunCulture

This week, Samir Ibrahim is David’s guest on the Finding Impact Podcast. Samir is CEO and Co-Founder of SunCulture which designs and sells solar-powered irrigation systems that make it cheaper and easier for farmers to grow fresh fruits and vegetables. This innovation has pioneered a system that delivers water directly to crop roots, increasing yield […]


FIP 59: 11 Social Entrepreneurs Answer “What I Wish I’d Known Before Starting My Social Enterprise”

In this week’s episode, I’m trying something new. Instead of just hearing from one guest, you’ll hear from 11. I asked several past guests on the show “What do you wish you’d known before starting your social enterprise?” On this episode, you’ll hear responses from the following awesome folks: Simon Dixon from Kwango Kwaku Grant […]


FIP 58: David Auerbach Interviews Premal Shah of Kiva

Once again, David Auerbach takes the mic to find out from other social entrepreneurs how they go about making critical decisions. This week, Premal Shah of Kiva is David’s guest. Premal is President and Co-Founder of Kiva and is a long time friend and mentor of David. For the few who don’t know, Kiva is […]


FIP 57: David Auerbach Interviews Lauren Russell Nkuranga of GET IT

David Auerbach of Sanergy is on the mic again this week interviewing Lauren Russell Nkuranga, Founder and CEO of GET IT, a text-to-order model for food-service distribution in Rwanda. Lauren first moved to Rwanda in 2012 on assignment with the Nike Foundation where a three-month placement soon turned into a two-year placement. During her time […]


FIP 56: David Auerbach Interviews Andrew Youn of One Acre Fund

David Auerbach of Sanergy has taken the mic this week, not only to give Andy a vacation after a full year of non-stop podcasting but also to dig into a topic he’s pondering with Sanergy right now. He’s interviewing his old buddy Andrew Youn of One Acre Fund about decision making. But he also covers […]


FIP 55: Tools and Tactics to Maintain Strong Founder Relationships with Edith Elliot

Edith Elliott is the co-founder and CEO of Noora Health, a nonprofit that unleashes the potential of patients and their family members by training them with skills to tremendously improve clinical outcomes, provide care and save lives. Today she tells us about her experience as one of four co-founders. Four co-founders. That’s double, if not […]


FIP 54: Gender-lens Investing with Shloka Nath

This episode triggered a few ‘a-ha’ moments for me and it’s a topic I’m proud to cover on the show. Gender-lens investing is a growing trend in the impact sector and Shloka Nath has some valuable lessons to share from her experience setting up such a fund in India with her business partner Reena. Shloka […]


FIP 53: Distributing Social Products to Rural Markets with Gaurav Mehta

Dharma Life supports women and subsistence farmers to sell products such as solar lamps, stoves and sanitary napkins to villagers to improve their quality of life. They recruit people with a basic education, who are in need of money and don’t have a full-time job. Guarav Mehta founded Dharma Life in 2009 during his MBA in […]


FIP 052: Bridging Education Gaps in Rural India with Umesh Malhotra

Umesh Malhotra is the co-founder of Hippocampus which is a network of libraries and schools that is attempting to change the face of rural education in India. A graduate of one of India’s leading engineering institutes, IIT Madras, he began his career in Infosys and went on to create and sell an IT company. A […]


FIP51: Social Franchising Series 4/4 Franchising Subway in Nairobi with CJ Bak

Christopher Bak, also known as CJ, is Co-founder of Liberty Eagle African Holdings, owner of several commercial franchises operating in Kenya. CJ and his co-founder joined forces to use their collective knowledge of retail, finance and emerging markets in Asia and Africa, to launch multiple consumer-facing retail operations that are attached to notorious Western brands. […]


FIP 50: What Everyone’s getting Wrong about Social Franchising, with Ben Litalien

We’re going deep into the commercial side of franchising in this episode with Ben Litalien, seasoned franchise expert in the commercial world, having taught at Georgetown on franchising for close to 12 years, started his own franchise consulting firm called FranchiseWell, with clients such as IKEA, Snap-on Tools, Subway, Direct Energy, and The UPS Store. […]


FIP 49: Social Franchising Series 2/3: Social Micro-franchising with Beth Meadows

Beth Meadows is a psychologist turned entrepreneur. She built a travel franchise that grew to over 250 locations in just 5 years, which was purchased by an American Express affiliate before the age of the internet. She’s still in the travel business, as part of the internet of things, but she has turned her focus […]


FIP 48 Social Franchising Series 1/3: Social Franchising 101 with Bill Maddocks

Bill Maddocks is University of New Hampshire’s Director of Social Sector Franchise Initiative, Director of Sustainable Microfinance and Development Program and Community and Economic Development Advisor for UNH Cooperative Extension. Bill has been involved in the economic justice movement for 3 decades, and for 7 years he led the Microenterprise and Development Institute at the […]


FIP 47: Most Downloaded Episode of 2017

Howdy from the Kenyan coast! I’m taking some time off this week, so I thought I’d treat you to the Most Downloaded Episode of 2017. I hope you enjoy the holiday – or the quiet if you’re not 😉 – and take some time to define what you want to achieve in social enterprise in […]


FIP 46: Tackling Unit Economics with Steve Andrews

This week’s Finding Impact Podcast (FIP) features, Steve Andrews, Founder and CEO of NewLight Africa. After spending years in the solar industry, Steve found himself asking what else did his customers need? Since 2010 Steve has been hard at work bringing life-enhancing products to rural people across Africa. Frustrated by the challenges of scaling up […]


FIP 045: Product design and validation for the ultra poor with Simon Dixon

In Nairobi alone, 1.4 million people live in informal housing settlements. The individual structures’ are built using meager resources, often poorly constructed, and are prone to fire. In 2015, Simon Dixon co-founded Kwangu-Kwako, a social enterprise that builds safer, healthier homes for families in informal settlements. On this episode, Simon takes us through the ups […]


FIP044: Product Prototyping with Fausto Marcigot

Fausto Marcigot is one of five Co-founders at PayGo Energy, a technology company enabling low-income households in Kenya to afford clean cooking fuel. Inspiration for the company came straight from Kenyan users – Fausto and his team were working on another project when they observed individuals buying just enough kerosene or charcoal for that day […]


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