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This is the ultimate resource for social entrepreneurs in emerging markets to help them scale their social business, lifting people out of poverty, serving the BoP (Base of the Pyramid), and changing the world with one business at a time.

This is the ultimate resource for social entrepreneurs in emerging markets to help them scale their social business, lifting people out of poverty, serving the BoP (Base of the Pyramid), and changing the world with one business at a time.
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This is the ultimate resource for social entrepreneurs in emerging markets to help them scale their social business, lifting people out of poverty, serving the BoP (Base of the Pyramid), and changing the world with one business at a time.






FIP 91: Alexandra Fiorillo on behavioral science and social impact

Today, we speak with Alexandra Fiorillo of GRID Impact on how to incorporate behavioral design elements into social enterprises to maximize impact. On this episode: Alexandra defines behavioral design as the integration of the mindsets of the two disciplines of human-centered design and behavioral science. She explains how behavioral science is the study of action-taking […]


FIP 90: Drones for Social Enterprise? Imagining What’s Possible with Lauren Fletcher

Today we’re doing a replay of my interview with Lauren Fletcher of Biocarbon Engineering – a social enterprise that is imagining what is possible with drones – and this, he describes, is about reforesting the planet at scale. This is the last in our three part series on high tech for development. Some of the […]


FIP 89: High Tech Bio Tech for Development with Eddy Agbo of Fyodor Biotech

For the second episode in our high tech for development episode, I’m speaking to Eddy Agbo of Fyodor Biotech. We speak about early diagnostic methods that are changing the game for global health and the opportunities these represent for social enterprise. Eddy is the CEO of Fyodor Biotech, he’s a PHD from Utrecht University in […]


FIP 88: Using Cryptocurrencies in Social Enterprise with Elizabeth Rossiello from BitPesa

This week we’re kicking of a mini-series on high-tech for business within a developing country context. We’re talking to Elizabeth Rossiello, who co-founded BitPesa Ltd in 2014 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Elizabeth has worked in Kenya as a Microfinance Analyst and Investment Associate since 2009. She is an expert in East African […]


FIP 87: Audience Stories – Ravi Shankar from AcceleratED

Today, we speak with Ravi Shankar of AcceleratED on how Finding Impact has helped the company as it doubles its operations during its growth phase, for which learning from others’ mistakes has been critical. On this episode: Ravi noted that there had been multiple podcast episodes that have been helpful to his company. An episode […]


FIP 86: Audience Stories – Rachel Sklar from Pit Vidura

Rachel Sklar takes the guest seat this week to tell us how the Finding Impact Podcast is helping her with her business in Rwanda. Rachel runs Pit Vidura, which offers pit latrine emptying services in dense urban areas where there are no sewers. On this episode you’ll learn Apart from helping to improve her business, […]


FIP 85: Audience Stories – Emily Woods from Sanivation

Today, we speak with Emily Woods of Sanivation on how one episode of Finding Impact helped her re-think how her company’s culture and values were created and defined. On this episode: Emily talks about the process of defining the company culture and establishing its values in advance of a high growth phase. The first time […]


FIP 84: How to Build a Relationship with Your Core Customer Base with Lindsay Stradley

Lindsay Stradley is co-founder of Sanergy which is making sanitation hygienic and affordable in Africa’s informal settlements using a franchised network of toilets run by local residents. Sanergy converts the waste into valuable byproducts, which are sold to keep the system sustainable. Lindsay is an alumni of MIT and Yale, she founded a charter school […]


FIP 83: Marketing in Emerging Markets with Amanda Arch of Kasha

Today, we speak with Amanda Arch of Kasha on how it uses online and mobile platforms to market and deliver health products to middle class and BOP consumers in Rwanda. On this episode: Amanda explains Kasha’s development in Rwanda, which began with building out an MVP of the technology and then working with different customer […]


FIP 82: Building an Iterative Product Testing Platform with David Henia

David Henia has been the Lead Developer at Eneza for the last two years and is in charge of product, technical and back-end development. Prior to his role at Eneza Education, he held a variety of roles at different technology development and software firms in Nairobi. David has a BsC in Computer Science from Africa […]


FIP 81: What mobile data can do for social enterprise with Guilherme Lichand

In the final episode in our data series, we speak with Guilherme Lichand of mGOV on the use of the “anti-apps” to establish a two-way communication channel with citizens, program beneficiaries, and customers. On this episode, you’ll learn: Guilherme explains the reason mGOV works with mobile technologies, but mostly leverages the power of the “anti-apps” […]


FIP 80: The case for not collecting impact data – and what to do instead with Loïc Watine of IPA

I talk to Loïc Watine about evaluating impact in your social enterprise. Loïc is with the right-fit evidence unit at Innovations for Poverty Action. He helps organizations consider what else they should measure if they’re not in a position to make the most of a rigorous impact evaluation. On this episode you’ll learn: For this […]


FIP 79: Lessons from a data driven social enterprise with Mina Shahid

This is our first in an episode series on data and social enterprises. Today’s guest is Mina Shahid of Numida who shares his thoughts on how to effectively incorporate data into social enterprises. On this episode you’ll learn: How Mina and Numida started to incorporate customer-provided data to both develop digital tools that their customers […]


FIP 78: Finding Strengths to Let Managers Shine with Raghu Krishnaswamy

This is the third part in our second human capital series, with seasoned leader and manager of people, Raghu Krishnaswamy. It’s a real honour to get him on the podcast to share some of his insights about managing teams. Raghu spent over 30 years with Unilever in various roles crossing many aspects of the commercial world […]


FIP 77: Company culture and ways to motivate and build cohesion with Julienne Oyler

Today’s guest is Julianne Oyler of the African Entrepreneur Collective who shares her thoughts on building organizational culture. On this episode you’ll learn: Why Julienne thinks that “culture eats strategy”, noting that even for herself it is important to have a fun and exciting work environment to be successful. The way that she interprets this […]


FIP 76: KPIs, Cohesion, and Driving Performance with Gayatri Datar of EarthEnable

Gayatri is co-founder of EarthEnable, a social enterprise with a mission to improve the health of low-income communities by replacing dirt floors with affordable and sanitary floors. She is incredibly passionate about scaling simple technologies that can have a positive impact across the world. Gayatri shares some tips and tricks on KPIs, building team cohesion […]


FIP 75: Board Effectiveness with Charity Chanda Lumpa

Today we continue our podcast takeover series with Tamsin Jones of The Boardroom Africa. Her guest today is Charity Chanda Lumpa, the first female Board chair for Zanaco, who shares her thoughts on board effectiveness. On this episode you’ll learn: How Charity was inspired by poor experiences with boards to start working on and advocating […]


FIP 74: Gender Smart Investing with Suzanne Biegel

On this episode we continue our podcast takeover series with Tamsin Jones of The Boardroom Africa. Her guest today is Suzanne Biegel of Catalyst at Large. Suzanne has more than 25 years’ of experience as an entrepreneur, investor, board member, and hands-on operational manager. Her consulting, speaking, facilitation, writing and field scanning is in gender […]


FIP 73: Men Who Champion Women with Isaac Fokuo

Today we begin our new podcast takeover series with Tamsin Jones of The Boardroom Africa. Her first guest is Isaac Fokuo of Botho Emerging Markets Group who shares his thoughts on how men can be champions for women. On this episode you’ll learn: The tools and tactics for building gender diversity from a male perspective, […]


FIP 72: Funding 4/4 – Breaking Down Term Sheet Terms with Nina Gené of Jasmine Social Investments

Our final episode in our 2018 fundraising series features Nina Gené of Jasmine Social Investments. The goal of this episode is to provide entrepreneurs with insights to better prepare them for negotiations with potential funders or investors. Nina joined Jasmine in 2007 with the responsibility to identify prospective investments, support partner organisations and collaborate with […]