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The Freelancer Talk is an educative podcast intended for every type of creative freelancer. Through interviews and discussions with other freelance experts, the podcast touches on various topics such as Marketing, Branding, Social Media, Negotiating, and Self-Management.Join our brand new social network platform for freelancers now by making a profile using the following link:

The Freelancer Talk is an educative podcast intended for every type of creative freelancer. Through interviews and discussions with other freelance experts, the podcast touches on various topics such as Marketing, Branding, Social Media, Negotiating, and Self-Management.Join our brand new social network platform for freelancers now by making a profile using the following link:




The Freelancer Talk is an educative podcast intended for every type of creative freelancer. Through interviews and discussions with other freelance experts, the podcast touches on various topics such as Marketing, Branding, Social Media, Negotiating, and Self-Management.Join our brand new social network platform for freelancers now by making a profile using the following link:




This is what your freelance paycheck includes | Freelancer Talk #15

Do you know what your paycheck includes as a freelancer? Many young freelancers who are just starting out make a very common mistake: spending most of their paycheck money on personal needs and living costs. As freelancers, we have the responsibility to manage our money in the correct way. Freelance paychecks are very different than payroll paychecks. There is this thing called gross vs net income. As business owners, yes you as a freelancer are a business owner, you are also susceptible to...


What is the most important skill a freelancer should have? | Freelancer Talk #14

What is the most important skill a freelancer should have? I asked this question the other day on the Freelancer Talk Instagram and got some great answers. But what are the most important skills and what is the difference between hard and soft skills? I'll tell you all about it on today's podcast episode of The Freelancer Talk! Did you know that 61% of all freelancers are specialized in 2 to 3 hard skills? Me neither? But it sounds like a good plan and it's exactly what I've been trying...


When you should start paying into your pension with Radon Stancil | Freelancer Talk #13

Pension and Retirement, two things that no one likes to think of when they're in their 20s. I've stressed this many times before, as freelancers you are responsible for every single aspect of your business. Meaning, you are also responsible to pay/organize your own pension and plan for your retirement. Unfortunately, this is something that most freelancers at the beginning of their career don't even think of. Even I caught myself avoiding this topic for a long time. It's an important topic...


Why 151k Instagram followers shouldn't be your priority with Laura Zalenga | Freelancer Talk #12

For today's episode, I invited the incredibly kind and talented photographer Laura Zalenga to join me for a Freelancer Talk. Laura has been a Freelance Photographer for most of her career and has worked for clients like the United Nations, Adobe, Facebook, Sony, MaxMara, and Disney. It's an impressive list! She sells her own courses, teaches workshops and masterclasses, and runs her own Patreon community. But besides all of that, she also has an impressively large following on Instagram...


Why SEO is important to freelancers and small businesses with Steve Wiideman | Freelancer Talk #11

How to improve your online presence by using SEO? If you've never heard of the term SEO before, you're in luck. In today's podcast episode I'm discussing all things SEO with acclaimed SEO expert Steve Wiideman. Steve has worked on the SEO strategies for Disney, Honda, IHop, and many more! No question was off-limit so I came up with a broad variety of SEO questions so that we could all learn from Steve and feel like we've gained some new knowledge after listening to the episode! Some of...


Let's talk about mental and physical health! | Freelancer Talk #10

Let's talk about mental and physical health! In today's podcast, I'm sharing some of the things that helped me personally get through this current ever-lasting lockdown in the Netherlands. I know that not every country is in lockdown but I do know that most of us freelancers find themselves working alone from their homes. So how do you stay healthy while working from home? Do you need to be more physical or do you feel socially detached? I hope that by sharing I could give you some...


Announcing the Freelancer Talk Platform!! | Freelancer Talk #9

The Freelancer Talk podcast is only the tip of the iceberg... I'm really excited to finally share something huge that I've been working on with a bunch of others for the past 5 months! 11 months ago I had the idea of creating a new online platform where creative freelancers could build their own professional support system and create valuable connections with other creative freelancers. Because I know firsthand that freelancing can feel a little lonely from time to time, but it can also be...


Building up your self-confidence with Heather Tulloch from Image Creative | Freelancer Talk #8

In this week’s podcast episode, we’re talking with marketing agency owner Heather Tulloch on how you can build up your self-confidence! Heather Tulloch is the Founder of Image Creative BHX a digital marketing agency, based in the UK. They have worked with a range of e-commerce and service-based businesses around the world and have a visionary perspective when it comes to their ideas. Freelancing most of the time means networking and building relationships with existing clients. But to be...


#7 | Art for Money by Michael Ardelean | The Freelancer Talk

There is a new must-read book for freelancers and we interviewed its author! ‘Art for Money’ is out today and we’d love to tell you about it. “If you’re good at the thing you do, you’re 20% of the way to making proper money as a freelancer.” Micheal Ardelean, the author of ‘Art for Money’, is an ex-BMX pro, Entrepreneur, Agency Owner, and a now freshly new book writer. In this week’s podcast episode of The Freelancer Talk, we got the chance to talk to Michael about his first book release...


#6 | What does your website need? | The Freelancer Talk

Most of us freelancers have our own websites. But how do you make the ultimate website and what is important to have? Make sure to read this article if you’re looking for a reason to get a website if you don’t have one already. In today’s podcast, we’re talking about what a website needs. Yes, you need your socials and a proper contact form, but a website needs much more than that! Especially on a technical level, you need to make sure that your freelance business website is correctly...


#5 | Going Freelance in 11 Steps with Alistair Webster from Freelance Success | The Freelancer Talk

Have you ever thought about quitting your payroll job and going freelance? Freelancers are slowly taking over the world and the future truly is freelance. The current worldwide pandemic has only contributed to this statement and even sped this process up. With unemployment numbers going through the roof, it’s no surprise that many people sign themselves up to platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. Essentially, it doesn’t matter whether you are thinking of quitting your job and going freelance...


#4 | Negotiating with Merel van der Wouden | The Freelancer Talk

Let’s be honest. Most freelancers get anxious when they think of negotiating! But negotiating shouldn’t be something scary and more importantly, somebody who’s not self-confident isn’t going to be able to negotiate on anything! Don’t worry if you are one of those freelancers who gets anxious about negotiating, we got you! Head over to, choose your favorite streaming platform, and listen to the episode with Merel van der Wouden! For today’s episode, we asked...


#3 | Knowing your worth with Bilal Bachir from De Kunstenbond | The Freelancer Talk

As freelancers, we often struggle to fully understand what we are invoicing for and what we are worth. Our financial system works differently than when you work on payroll. We pay our own taxes, pension, and social securities. But besides the technical side of our finances, we often find ourselves in complicated positions when we are asked to work for less or even for free. For today's episode, I've asked Bilal Bachir from De Kunstenbond to join me on the podcast and talk about knowing...


#2 | Establishing your Online Presence with Nelly Marketing | The Freelancer Talk

Today we are continuing our two-part season premiere together with Lauren from Nelly Marketing. In this week’s episode, we are touching on the topic of establishing your online presence. But let’s have a quick recap of last week’s podcast episode! Last week we discussed how to set goals as a freelancer using the SMART method. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-sensitive. But besides using the SMART method, Lauren has come up with an additional method when...


#1 | SMART Goal Setting with Lauren from Nelly Marketing | The Freelancer Talk

It’s been a minute but The Freelancer Talk podcast is back! We’re kicking Season 2 off with an incredible valuable episode on goal setting together with Lauren from Nelly Marketing. After contemplating what the first episode should be about, I figured that we could all get some goal setting advice. We’re still in the first month of 2021 and even if you’ve already set all your goals, there’s still some time to make some readjustments and little tweaks. Last year, Lauren started her own...


Season 2 Trailer!

Hello Season 2, and a warm welcome to all you new listeners! The Freelancer Talk is back for a second season and it's going to be packed with many incredible guests! But besides incredible guests, The Freelancer Talk has undergone some changes for season 2! We've moved our hosting to Buzzsprout and have drastically re-imaged our looks. On top of that expect some new features to be rolled out over the next few months... Make sure to subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast network...


Gemma Jelier, General Director of Korzo, on Cultural Management, Livestreams, and Art education | The Freelancer Talk #17

I am beyond excited to finally release my last episode of season 1 of The Freelancer Talk. I wanted to close this first season out with a banger and I think I managed to succeed, at least on a personal level! For my last episode, I’ve invited Korzo’s General Director, Gemma Jelier, to join me on the podcast. For those who aren’t familiar with Korzo. Korzo is a theater and production house in Den Haag (NL). My connection to Gemma is a personal one. She used to be the Head of the Dance...


Social Media Trends to look out for in 2021! | The Freelancer Talk #16

Social Media are evolving and it’s up to us to evolve with them. Your Social Media strategy of 2020 might not work in 2021! If you haven’t started creating a social media plan, I suggest you start today. But before you do, I’ll be sharing with you some of the latest and upcoming Social Media trends to look out for in 2021. You should most definitely integrate these into your social media strategy as new trends bring new opportunities! Take advantage of these Social Media trends and set your...


Creating an Online Business w/ Lars Wettmann | The Freelancer Talk #15

For over a year I’ve been part of an online platform named Artship. Artship connects freelancer teachers, students, and locations to enable art education. Whereas I think this platform is absolutely fantastic, as it’s made my life as a freelance teacher a lot easier, I am also in awe of how this platform was created and came to be. We live in a digital world where online businesses are rising left and right. But how do you create an Online Business and what does it even mean? That’s why...


Personal Branding with Sophie Oelrich | The Freelancer Talk #14

More and more people are starting to understand that just creating a brand as a freelancer isn’t enough anymore. Consumers expect a more fuller brand experience and are more curious as to who is the person behind the brand. Personal branding is gaining some serious popularity amongst freelancers and entrepreneurs! But what is personal branding exactly and how can you do this yourself? Read The Freelancer Talk Newsletter #2 right here and subscribe! For today’s podcast episode I had the...