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Overcoming The Dark Times

Have you ever faced a time in life where it seemed like all hope is lost and there was no light at the end of the tunnel? In this episode Rennie discusses some of the dark times and challenges that we all face in life that seem impossible to overcome. Learn how to embrace the darks times and use them to your advantage.


Operating In Your Calling with Grammy Award Winning Artist Rudy Currence

In this episode Rennie interview Grammy Award winning artist Rudy Currence about his journey of becoming a Game Changer in the music industry. Tune in now to hear inspiring insights from this up incoming artist on faith, leadership, and personal development.


What If I Fail? How To Overcome Self-Defeating Thoughts

Have you been in the place where you have an amazing dream or goal you want to accomplish, but constantly find yourself held back by the fear of failure? In this podcast Rennie discuss tips to help you overcome the fear with powerful insights to help you change your perspective. This episode will empower you to take action and leave your fears behind! Tune in now


More Than Just A Title With Malcom Mitchell

In this episode Rennie discusses the importance of not allowing your the title, position, and status we have determine how we see ourselves in life. Rennie challenges listeners to be more than whatever the label the world may place on you. Joining him this week is Malcolm Mitchell, I professional athlete who exemplifies what it means to be a Game Changer! Tune in now to hear insights from Rennie and New England Patriots Wide Receiver Malcolm Mitchell. Rennie Curran is a former professional...


Overcoming Sudden Change with Mohamed Massaquoi

The one thing that is certain in life is change. Moments when tragedy strikes and all hell breaks lose will either make you or break you. In this episode Rennie Curran discusses the importance of embracing sudden change and using it as a catalyst for influence. Special guest Mohammed Massequoi joins the show to discuss his powerful testimony about using the sudden change he experience in his life to become an influential leader. Tune in now! Visit for more info on how to be...


Achieving Success In The Midst of Adversity With 49ers legend Patrick Willis

Have you ever came across someone who continues to rise and defy the odds in work, school, or on the field? This episode dives deep into the idea of achieving sustainable success in the face of adversity. This week features a powerful interview with former San Francisco 49ers Legendary Linebacker Patrick Willis who's powerful story will provide you with several insights on achieving high levels of success no matter what comes your way.


Boost Your Mental Toughness and Emotional Intelligence with Dr. Seth Hickerson

In order to be a Game Changer you must possess mental toughness, emotional intelligence, and the will to not be denied. Tune in for insights on the importance of these skill sets along with tips to help you improve your mental toughness. Dr. Seth Hickerson joins us to discuss his journey as well as his company, Boost Mental Toughness & Leadership. Be A GAMECHANGER!


Game Changing Tips For Entreprenuers

In order to be a Game Changer you must in some shape or form have the ability to control your own destiny. One of the way to attain this is by being involved in entrepreneurship. In this episode Rennie discusses his journey as an Entreprenuer and leaves you with powerful tips that will help you on your journey as well.


Lessons From My NFL Draft Experience

Most people have watched draft, but in this episode Rennie will walk you through what it feels like to hear your name call and everything you don't get to see take place after the draft. Most importantly he discusses the important life lessons he learned through his NFL draft experience. Whether you're an athlete who is trying to make it to the pros, a student getting ready to graduate, or a business professional working towards your next promotion this show is for you! Follow Rennie on...


Fueled for Greatness with Sports Nutritionist Marie Spano

One of the ways to set yourself apart as a Game Changer is by the way you choose to fuel one of your greatest assets: Your body. Join Rennie Curran as he interviews one of the leading sports nutritionist, Marie Spano. This episode is filled with insights on ways to take your game to the next level through proper nutrition. Whether you're an athlete or business professional this episode will have some great information for you!


Why Athletes and So Many People Struggle With Transition

As a Game Changer, one of the toughest experiences you must learn to overcome are transitions. In the episode we discuss why so many people struggle when it comes to transitioning. Whether you're an athlete, entrepreneur, or someone who's relationship just ended transition is something that effects us all. It is important to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to overcoming it. This episode is not only for those experiencing the challenges of transitioning, but for those who may...


Start Small Dream BIG! with Celebrity Teen Chef Ashalah Michelle

On this episode of the Game Changer Podcast we discuss the importance of starting small when it comes to achieving your dreams. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or one of the many people who are setting new goals for this upcoming year, this podcast is for you! We interviewed Celebrity Teen Chef Ashalah Michelle who knows all about starting small and building a business that has a major impact on the world. Tune in to hear about her insights on entrepreneurship along with some recipe...


Personal Branding For GameChangers

In this episode Rennie discusses the four questions you must ask yourself before deciding to establish a personal brand. If you are a student, athlete, or business professional this is a message that you can NOT afford to miss!


The Importance of Giving Back with Aliyah Rucker and Miles Jackson

In this episode Rennie discusses his new children's book and the inspiration behind it. Aliyah Rucker and Miles Jackson join us this week to discuss their non-profit organizations and the importance of giving back to your community. If you are someone interested in changing the game through the non-profit space then this episode is for you.


Life As An Entreprenuer

In this episode Rennie discusses tips to thrive as an Entreprenuer whether you are a rookie who is new to the game or a seasoned veteran. Our guest this week is game changer Yisrael Wright, a men's grooming specialist, author, and speaker from Atlanta, Georgia. He recently released his first book entitled "Entrepreneur: What I Wish They Would've Told Me!"


What is your Legacy? With Vince Luciani of The Legacy Coaching

Who are you? That was the fundamental question that lead our Game Changer for the week on the journey from self-discovery to self-mastery. This episode focuses on the need for coaching not just to improve your career, but to have an understanding of your identity outside of how the world defines you. The founder of The Legacy Coaching, Vince Luciani, will share his philosophies on discovering your identity, influence, and leadership. This is an episode you don't want to miss!


Leadership and Influence for Millennials With Zakiyra Fickland

How can you be a Game Changer when you are still in the position of trying to figure out your life? This weeks episode focuses on becoming influential as a millennial and the things you can do to develop a foundation of significance. We will be joined this week by Zakiyrah Ficklin. She is known as the "Voice of the Millennials", a speaker, author, philanthropist, and most of all a GAME CHANGER.


Career Transitioning with Official NFL Barber & Game Changer Sherrod Martin

In this episode Rennie discusses the importance of preparing for your career transition before it actually happens. Our guest for the week is former NFL Cornerback Sherrod Martin, a six-year veteran who played on multiple teams including the Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Chicago Bears. He was able to make a smooth transition into becoming a master barber, a skill which started long before his football career came to an end.


Do You Have A Role Model? With Atlanta Falcons Legend Jessie Tuggle

As a Game Changer you must have someone in your corner who represents what you ultimately want to become. No matter what industry or organization you are a part of, this episode discusses the need to have someone as a guide to help you turn your vision into reality. Listen to the story of Jessie Tuggle, an undersized linebacker from Griffin, Georgia who proved doubters wrong coming out of Valdosta State and becoming an Atlanta Falcons legend.


The Importance of Mentorship With Anthony Flynn

Every Game Changer has a mentor, coach, or team that helps them a long the way. This weeks episode focuses on mentorship followed by an amazing interview by Anthony Flynn. Anthony Flynn is the CEO of The Gifted Foundation and The Execution Pipeline. He is a speaker, author, consultant, and most of all a GAME CHANGER.