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Podcast #10 The Importance of Focus for Business Building

Have you ever considered how the great masters contributed so much to our world? Think about beautiful art, grand buildings or great scientific discoveries. How did they get these things completed? Can you imagine these contributors being constantly interrupted by phones, emails, social media alerts or people with unrelated agendas? This would require the ability to multitask, the action many of us take on a daily basis. Can you imagine Leonardo DaVinci creating the Mona Lisa and the Last...


Podcast #9 Transparency Con’t

This episode continues the discussion of the principle of “transparency”. In episode 8 we determined that transparency can help our businesses in four ways: 1.Transparency is becoming more important to everybody. 2. Transparency promotes trust. (No repeat customers without trust) 3. It helps everybody involved in your business feel important to the success of your enterprise. You let them know at different phases of your growth, how you are doing and they can see ways to help you. 4. Public...


Podcast #8 Transparency: A Business Building Enhancement Part 1

I’m sharing another great Value for you to build into your growing business. It’s another one I call a Super Value, introduced in episodes 2 and 3. Transparency is also one of the principles used by some of our greatest contemporary businesses. Without doubt, embracing this will add to your phenomenal business building success. You’ll see why as we go. While you’re preparing for or improving your entrepreneurship, I’m sure you’ve run across the term”transparency” as it relates to business....


Episode #7 Integrity as a Business Value

You, as founder, are responsible for designing, modeling and promoting the Culture that will be most supportive of your Mission/Purpose. The Culture is made up of the Values or principles that are most appropriate for reaching your Vision. You are responsible for making these core Values become habits in your organization. We look at the advantages of adopting Integrity as one of your core business Values and believe that better control of your organization is one essential advantage. It’s...


Podcast #6 The Elegance of Simplicity in Business Building

Simplicity as a business value or principle is presented as a "Super" value. A value used by some of the most profitable businesses. Simplicity as a value, will help you build a strong and sustainable business because you’ll eliminate everything you really don’t need by developing the habit of making things simple. This is another secret of some of the most successful 21st century enterprises. Resources: "Simplicity in Business: To Be Simple is to Be Focused" Victoria Vessella Chris Zook...


Podcast #5 Values and Culture con’t

8 "super" values identified in episode #4 are explored. I apply these Values to 3 extraordinary and legendary businesses. This helps in the understanding of how to apply great values and the importance of the results your business will see as you apply them. Resources: Craig Cincotta Zappos Core Values The Birkenstock Shoe Company


Podcast #4 Values and Business Culture

Design an enjoyable workplace with the tips shared. It may seem impossible, but it is possible to build a productive and enjoyable workplace. I explore the results of current research concerning the best places to work and clearly describe the elements used to build these excellent workplaces. This is first of a two part podcast. Resources: Craig Cincotta "The 8 Values Every Company Should Live By" Derek Irvine "The Best Company Cultures are Neither "Work' nor "Human" but Both"


Podcast #3 The Purpose Driven Business Con’t

Embedded Purpose/Mission is explored more deeply. Story of my business and lack of embedded purpose Companies with embedded Missions.Purposes 3 ways a strong Mission/Purpose can build a strong, sustainable and replicable business Steps you can take to establish a strong Mission/Purpose Resources: Birkenstock Shoe Company Delta Airlines Amazon 20 Directives for Small Business Success: Do or Die


Podcast #2 The Purpose Driven Business

A strong business purpose can lead to phenomenal business results. So the importance of an inspired Mission/Purpose and the need to be driven by it is one of the first things I want to emphasize in my efforts to help you build a successful business. I like to study legacy businesses so. I’m going to tell a story about one of the best examples of a legacy businesses and their Mission that I’ve found. Example of an embedded Mission/Purpose Questions to test your Mission/Purpose How to solidify...


Podcast #1 Professional vs Business Builder

The differences between the professional and the business builder is explored. This message is built around the belief in the "E-Myth" as described by Michael Gerber. It is the mistaken belief that most businesses are started by "technicians with tangible business skills". However, Gerber clearly explained that most businesses are started by people with no tangible business skills and consequently, they fail. After more than 25 years his message is still not believed. In this podcast I will...