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Time to UnGrind

Join us today to discuss the purpose of UnGrinding versus Grinding through life! Simple, fun, and empowering!


What Are You Chasing?

How can caring less lead to creating better content? What does abundance and joy have to do with a man burning alive? Joey and Jason talk this week about taking your mask off and shedding the unnecessary negative feedback that stops you enjoying life to it’s fullest, or…not giving a *$%] Priorities are always a subject of contention on this show, and a source of constant improvement for most people. It is a constant battle to balance your day to day desires for comfort and convenience...


Are You a Good Leader? with Charlie Lawson

This week’s guest on the grind is Charlie Lawson, Charlie is a long-time fan of the show and real estate business owner for over 12 years. He joins us on the show to discuss leadership in general and techniques to help you be a better leader. After introducing Charlie, the guys jump right into a discussion on the challenges that talent development can pose. “Lead me, follow me or get the hell out of the way” Joey Jason and Charlie all have differing reactions to the question, are you a...


Let’s Be Clear with Ed Eppley

This week’s guest on The Grind is Ed Eppley. Ed is a global expert in professional management, sales strategy, and performance management. Acting as principal consultant for the Table Group, a Patrick Lencioni Company, and operator of The Eppley Group, his clients include a “Who’s Who” of business category leaders such as BMW, Bloomberg, Battelle, DSW and Goodyear. As a facilitator of the Course for Presidents at Aileron in Tipp City, Ohio, Ed helps private business owners apply professional...


Namaste Mother F@$ker!

“Surrendering to life is easy when everything is going great”. This week on the Grind Joey and Jason continue the discussion about surrendering to life and the different approaches to achieving that end. But first Joey explains the meaning of ‘Namaste’ a phrase often banded around with no awareness of its deeper connotations. And one that Joey and Jason started using at Soul Degree, so Joey explains the context of its regular use. “Get your likes and dislikes out of your own...


How to Remain Open

Joey's Tuesday Power Up - How to Remain Open Join the conversation: Facebook: Twitter: @grindpodcastUS Instagram: @grindpodcastus


Will the Grind Continue Its Journey?

This week, The Grind focuses on some existential questions in this episode as Joey and Jason contemplate the future of the podcast itself. The guys start off by talking about the general feasibility of podcasting as a money-making tool and whether or not Joey and Jason can see a path for The Grind to reach that goal. They also reflect on the fact that most small businesses don’t make it 2 years, meaning it already has more longevity than most start-ups. Jason and Joey discuss how they have...


Surrender to Life

Joey's Tuesday Power Up - Surrender to Life Join the conversation: Facebook: Twitter: @grindpodcastUS Instagram: @grindpodcastus


The Grind?

“Always use laughter, fun and humour daily, no matter what, don’t take things to seriously”. This week on the Grind we join Joey amidst a week of no coffee, and a month of no social media. Joey is considering a name change for the podcast. The boys are also considering the meaning of ‘the grind’ itself. What is it? How often should you take breaks? And where are the areas in your life that you can’t use ‘The Grind’ philosophy? These are questions Joey and Jason often consider on the...


Doing Life

This week on the Grind, Joey and Jason guys discuss the idea of surrendering to life and the ideas from Michael Singer’s book ‘The Surrender Experiment. In the book, Singer describes his journey of how he became interested in meditation, how he started the Temple of the Universe and the Medical Manager Corporation, etc. The central theme of the book is about his attempts to “surrendering yourself to Life itself”, or not letting his personal ego to intervene with the flow of life. Joey and...


The Grind Q1 Review

Joey's Tuesday Power Up - The Grind Q1 Review Join the conversation: Facebook: Twitter: @grindpodcastUS Instagram: @grindpodcastus


Overcoming Biases! with Andie Kramer & Al Harris

Authors of the popular book Breaking Through Bias: Communication Techniques for Women to Succeed at Work, married lawyers Andie Kramer and Al Harris have been mentoring women and speaking and writing about gender communication for more than 30 years. This power couple brings a unique viewpoint to both women and men looking to navigate gender bias. They are frequent keynote speakers and conduct workshops for multinational organizations to better understand the world of gender bias. In this...


SHOW 100 - Objections and Rejections with Best Selling Author Jeb Blount!

On this Special one hundredth episode of The Grind we feature returning guest of the show Jeb Blount. Jeb is the CEO of Sales Gravy, Keynote speaker, Sales Acceleration Specialist, author of ten books and most importantly, guest of one of the first episodes of The Grind. Jason and Joey start episode 100 with a reflection on their podcast journey and how far they have come since episode 1. They continue that theme into the interview with Jeb as they begin to discuss milestones and why you...


Question Everything

This week’s episode is a free-flowing conversation between Joey and Jason about ‘Brules’ or bullshit rules. The subject of society’s expectations and unquestioned traditional ideas can be expansive topic to cover, Joey and Jason put it in the context of self-improvement so as to be more manageable. The first aspect Joey brings up is about the things we are not supposed to share about ourselves i.e. money or personal matters, and how we can attempt to let go of some of that stigma. The guys...


Brules to Break

Joey's Tuesday Power Up - Brules to Break Join the conversation: Facebook: Twitter: @grindpodcastUS Instagram: @grindpodcastus


Redemption Road

“Redemption is the salvation of a soul that is lost, usually from human error”. Jason and Joey return for episode 98 of the Grind, Redemption Road. The guys waste no time jumping into the theme of the episode and they start by defining redemption, and what it means to them. Joey talks about the destiny aspect of when you are doing what you are supposed to do. Joey then describes how redemption is akin to the hero’s journey and he delves into some points from ‘The Daily Stoic’ by Ryan...


Train Station of Suck

Joey's Tuesday Power Up - Train Station of Suck Join the conversation: Facebook: Twitter: @grindpodcastUS Instagram: @grindpodcastus


Vulnerability, abundance, positivity and connection!! with Tom Wheeler

“Be detached from the outcome but enjoy the process”. This week on the Grind, Joey is holding down the fort for a solo interview with Tom Wheeler. Tom is a young, up and coming agent with Keller Williams and at 22 he already has 4 years of experience. The theme of this episode is defining moments and how you should try to react to and perceive them. Joey and Tom initially discuss what drove him to push past the stigma associated with younger estate agents, and Tom talks about how the...



Joey's Tuesday Power Up - Complaints Join the conversation: Facebook: Twitter: @grindpodcastUS Instagram: @grindpodcastus


You Want Results? Go Do Shit! with Dan Meadors

This week on The Grind Joey and Jason welcome Dan Meadors to the show. Dan and his business partner Eric Lambert started selling on Amazon in 2011 using a credit card with a $600 limit. Since then they have utilized Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage, Private Label & primarily Wholesale to generate over $10,000,000 in sales, with their business continuing to see exponential growth. Dan and Eric also developed ‘The Wholesale Formula’, the premiere training program for selling products...