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Diagnosing a Confusing Experience in 5 Seconds with Bill Macaitis (Ex-Slack & Salesforce)

Who knew one word could create so much confusion? Bill Macaitis, who served as a marketing executive for 3 of the fastest ever growing SaaS companies (Slack (CRO/CMO), Zendesk (CMO) and Salesforce (SVP Marketing)), shares how a drop in website sales caused mayhem and how he discovered the culprit by getting feedback from strangers in 5 seconds. You might not associate the Silicon Valley culture with putting people first, yet the story Bill is going to share with you is deeply rooted in...


From Rogue Experiment to Global Success - The Story Behind Hubspot for Startups

Startups used to tell Hubspot that they were undervaluing them by NOT providing an affordable option for them to use their software. Priced well below enterprise software, nevertheless it was still unattainable to a struggling startup with the technical expertise and talent get more out of marketing and sales; and therefore, they were cobbling together a lot of different solutions that ended up being a pain to manage and scale with. A few of Hubspot’s team members listened to their...


Turning Early Users into Super Loyal Customers With David Darmanin

David Darmanin is the CEO of Hotjar, as well as one of the cofounders that took Hotjar from an idea to a successful company. Over the years, David has learned the value of putting people first and taking feedback seriously. He’s used this experience to help turn Hotjar’s earliest users into some of the company’s most loyal customers. In this episode, David explains why he and his co-founders decided to create a landing page for a product that wasn’t even live yet. He talks about the...


Tal Ben-Shahar on Discovering Your Passion & Embracing Failure in Order to Succeed

Tal Ben-Shahar is a bestselling author, a Harvard professor who is responsible for creating two of the university’s most popular courses, and a co-founder of a leadership consulting company called Potentialife. Tal is also an important figure in the Positive Psychology movement, a movement that focuses on learning about what makes people happy and well, as opposed to what makes them sad and sick. In this episode, we're discussing what it means to put people first, and how doing so can...


Rand Fishkin on User Research, Quick Wins & Why Money Comes from Helping People

Rand Fishkin, one of the co-founders of the software company Moz, shares controversial stories of pushing through product changes, thoughts on guerrilla research, and opinions on the intersection of money and helping users. Moz is a company that creates software for marketing professionals, with a primary focus on SEO. This episode was recorded a few weeks ago, before Rand left the company. Rand has a reputation for being one of the most honest and transparent people in business. In our...



'The Humans Strike Back' by Hotjar launches on Tuesday the 3rd of April 2018! There will be 3 episodes published: one on Tuesday 3rd, one on Wednesday 4th, and one on Thursday 5th. Listen to this teaser to find out who our first guests will be. Take care and be human!


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