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Careers for moms: balancing personal and professional life by teaching moms to code

Today we’re talking with Erica Peterson, the founder of Moms Can: Code. When she became pregnant during her studies at West Virginia University, Erica was told that this ‘life choice’ did not fit with her career progression as a graduate student. Instead of accepting that pregnancy and parenthood can hold someone back from professional achievement, Erica eventually created Moms Can: Code, a global community of moms who are learning to code and a training program to teach moms to code both...


How to reach your peak creativity, inspiration, motivation, and drive

Today we’re speaking with George Mumford, the mindfulness coach to some of the world’s top performing athletes. Over his 20+ year career, George has helped teams such as the LA Lakers, The Chicago Bulls, and the New York Knicks reach new levels of focus, flow and presence. Both Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant directly credit George with helping them level up their game, and Phil Jackson, the coach of the Laker’s and Bull’s during their winning streaks, calls George his secret weapon that...


How to go from chasing numbers to making an impact by finding your ‘Why’

Today we’re talking with Peter Docker, co-author of the book, ‘Find Your Why.’ Peter is an Igniter and Implementation Specialist on Simon Sinek’s Start With Why team, where he’s helped companies in 88 countries around the world achieve the extraordinary by uncovering their higher purpose. Peter shares several incredible stories about the power of finding your why, including: Peter is an incredibly engaging speaker, and this conversation left me feeling charged and inspired, and I hope...


Marketing with integrity and the fight to break the consumerism cycle

Today you’ll be hearing from Alice Karolina Smith, the founder of TheEthicalMove.org. Alice shares a very unique story of how she went from dropping out of design school in Switzerland to being exposed to massive levels of income inequality in Bolivia – and how that led her to create an organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of consumerism. It’s a story of how she reached a breaking point with traditional marketing methods that lead us to compromise our integrity, honesty, and...


Firing your biggest client: Why putting its team first paid off for konversionsKRAFT

Today we’re talking with André Morys, the CEO and founder of konversionsKRAFT, one of Europe’s most successful (and award-winning) Conversion Rate Optimization agencies. André is a great embodiment of what a people-first leader looks like, not only when it comes to his clients but also his team. As we’ll hear from André, putting his team first has led to greater productivity, better customer service, and more revenue in the long run. And he really walks the talk. In fact, in this...


What to do when your real-world users don’t match the ‘ideal’ in your head

Today we’re talking with Laura Klein, the author of Build Better Products and UX for Lean Startups, as well as the founder of UsersKnow.com. She also hosts her own podcast, What is Wrong With UX, where she shares insights from her 20+ years in improving experiences for users. In this episode, Laura shares a story of what happened when a company she worked for chose to ignore the needs and challenges of their main users, just because those weren’t the users the product team wanted to...


How Mindfulness at Work Enhances Decision-Making & Builds Stronger, More Effective Teams

Today I’m happy to introduce Lori Schwanbeck, a lovely human being who’s been working as a mindfulness consultant with dozens of companies and organizations like Google, the U.N., and even the ministry of Bhutan. In fact, she was still recovering from her jet lag from coming back from Bhutan when we had this conversation. Lori shares with us how practicing mindfulness at work can help us to enhance our decision making, think more creatively, and build stronger teams. Lori also shares...


Caring Deeply: How to Earn Your Team’s Trust and Hire the Right People

“You are who you are and that’s why we love you. That’s why we hired you. So don’t try to be someone else because we wanted you.” – Omer Molad Today we’re talking with Omer Molad, the founder and CEO of the recruiting software startup, Vervoe, on how to bring a more human element into the hiring process. Omer shares an incredibly personal story about how he learned to earn the trust of his team members’ while he was a platoon commander in the Israeli army in his early 20s. That story...


Why ‘Feminine’ Traits Lead to Higher Revenue, Performance and Customer Engagement

I’m very excited to introduce today’s guests: Nilima Bhat & Raj Sisodia, co-authors of Shakti Leadership and pioneers of the Conscious Capitalism Movement. They join me to talk about how qualities traditionally considered to be more ‘feminine’ – such as empathy, compassion, vulnerability and even love – are helping businesses increase revenue and create higher levels of employee engagement and customer satisfaction. And this isn’t just their opinion. They came to this interview packed...


Leading Consciously: How to Create a No-Drama, High-Trust Work Environment with Diana Chapman

How do you cultivate a healthy, open culture that empowers employees to thrive? In today’s episode, we’re talking with Diana Chapman, the co-founder of The Conscious Leadership Group, about how to create a more authentic, people-focused culture at work. Diana and her team have helped dozens of organizations, including Ebay, Asana, Whole Foods and more, to increase employee engagement and performance by eliminating drama, building trust, and cultivating a culture where authenticity,...


Uncovering the Missing Piece: How to Fix Failed Messaging in Just 3 Conversations with Brian Dean

“I realized that I’m doing the same stuff as I was doing at the first launch, this is like launch number four, and I’m not growing like I should be. What’s the missing piece here?” “What I discovered? There’s a big difference between your audience and your customers.” - Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko.com Today, we’re speaking with Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko.com, about the importance of talking to people in order to make sure your messaging is on point. I’ve been a fan of...


How to Be Happier, Less Stressed, and More Effective Through Mindfulness Meditation with Sharon Salzberg

What does meditation and mindfulness have to do with success? In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Sharon Salzberg, one of the first people to bring insight & mindfulness meditation to the US back in the 70s and 80s. She has taught meditation to thousands of people, including at retreats alongside the Dalai Lama. So why meditation? Because I’ve experienced & seen first-hand how meditation has helped me and others to develop the traits that are essential to succeeding by putting people...


Scaling the Unscalable: How 1-to-1 Conversations with Customers Help Drift Grow

What happens when you go from being customer-centric to customer-obsessed? In today’s episode, you’ll hear from David Cancel, the CEO of Drift, the company behind conversational marketing, which emphasizes 1-to-1 conversations with your potential customers over a more traditional sign up-to-drip email series. So why are we featuring a company that starts these conversations with a chatbot, instead of humans? Because David, a 5-time startup founder and former Chief Product Officer at...


Speaking Human: Using Storytelling to Build Trust with Your Customers with Alaura Weaver

Just how much of an impact can being transparent and vulnerable have on your business? In today’s episode, we’re talking with Alaura Weaver, a copywriter who specializes in helping people speak ‘human,’ about the effect that storytelling can have on your business and how being transparent and vulnerable in your communication can create meaningful relationships with your customers. She also shares a powerful story about the human cost of putting profit before people that’s definitely...


Rescuing a Sinking Ship: How Customer Feedback Saved CXL

What do you do when you take a massive gamble on an initiative you think is a sure bet, and then it almost tanks your company? In today’s episode, Peep, the founder of CXL, one of the most popular conversion optimization blogs on the internet, shares: How the launch of the CXL Institute training program completely bombed, left the company with only 30 days worth of cash, and got Peep to the point where he was almost ready to pull the plug and let his whole team go. BUT, he also shares...


Escaping the ‘Perfect’ Trap: How to Get Your Idea Out There, Fast with Sarah Doody

Are you able to ship fast and get your ideas out there? Or do you get stuck in the ‘perfectionism’ trap? In today’s episode, Sarah is going to share how she launched a brand-new User Experience course and watched it take off, before she even prepared a single lesson. It’s a great story of how to validate a concept before even putting pen to paper by listening to your potential customers, and how to enlist your early users into creating an even more successful final product. You’ll get...


Building Habit-Forming Products That Improve Your Users' Lives With Nir Eyal

Do we have a moral obligation to improve the lives of our users and customers? Or is the goal simply to get them addicted to our products and services? In this episode, Nir Eyal, author of the best-selling book, "Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products," shares how there IS a way to get people to use your products in a way that benefits their lives, instead of disrupting them. After founding two tech companies that were both acquired, Nir spent years running experiment after...


How to Make a Difference and Create Opportunities by Speaking up with Poornima Vijayashanker

What’s one of the most effective ways we can make a difference? According to Poornima Vijayashanker, the founder of Femgineer.com, it’s our own ability to speak up and share our experiences – whether it’s at work or a conference of 400+ people. As the founding engineer at Mint.com, Poornima helped build, launch, and scale the product until it was acquired by Intuit for $170 million. After the acquisition, Poornima began speaking and sharing her experiences within the tech industry. Once...


Diagnosing a Confusing Experience in 5 Seconds with Bill Macaitis (Ex-Slack & Salesforce)

Who knew one word could create so much confusion? Bill Macaitis, who served as a marketing executive for 3 of the fastest ever growing SaaS companies (Slack (CRO/CMO), Zendesk (CMO) and Salesforce (SVP Marketing)), shares how a drop in website sales caused mayhem and how he discovered the culprit by getting feedback from strangers in 5 seconds. You might not associate the Silicon Valley culture with putting people first, yet the story Bill is going to share with you is deeply rooted in...


From Rogue Experiment to Global Success - The Story Behind Hubspot for Startups

Startups used to tell Hubspot that they were undervaluing them by NOT providing an affordable option for them to use their software. Priced well below enterprise software, nevertheless it was still unattainable to a struggling startup with the technical expertise and talent get more out of marketing and sales; and therefore, they were cobbling together a lot of different solutions that ended up being a pain to manage and scale with. A few of Hubspot’s team members listened to their...