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Episode 19: What is Omnichannel Marketing?

Why Omnichannel is More than a Buzzword A LinkedIn debate inspired this podcast episode, where we’re pulling apart the meaning of “omnichannel marketing” and are discussing it in today’s landscape. Businesses need to be able to find ways to bring a human element to their marketing and make their customers more comfortable, so how do […]


Episode 18: Our Social Media Predictions for 2019

What to Expect from Social in 2019 You’ve heard marketers relentlessly bang on about the “ever-changing digital landscape” – but that’s because it is always changing. Social media is a huge part of most brand campaigns nowadays and keeping up with movements in the industry is arguably the biggest part of the battle. So, what […]


Episode 17: Innovative Marketing Strategies from Brands we Love

How Brands Like Koala are Killing their Digital Strategies Competitor research is a core part of our job at Impressive. We keep our finger on the pulse by seeing what else is out there; what works and what doesn’t. That’s how inspiration is born for our own clients’ digital strategies and how we achieve huge […]


Episode 16: Comparing the Marketing of Luxury Fashion Brands to Brands like ASOS

Are Luxury Brands Doing Social Media Right? It’s no secret that global luxury fashion brands have all the budget they could want to market their sought-after clothes, shoes and accessories. So, why is it that we see so little of them on social media, the fashion industry’s favourite channel? Diving into common marketing techniques from […]


Episode 15: An Interview with SimilarWeb’s Ron Pick

SimilarWeb is one of the world’s leading web analytics websites, that enables businesses to track and grow their digital market share. Joining us for our first episode of this year is Ron, calling straight from the SimilarWeb headquarters. As the VP of marketing and demand generation, Ron will be chatting to us about his role […]


Episode 14: The Truth About Dark Social

Unravelling the Mystery of Dark Social Do you know where all of your leads are coming from? Probably not. When many people hear the words “dark social”, they think of the dark web – but are these two things related? We unravelled the mystery for some people, to finally bring the phenomenon of dark social […]


Episode 13: Launching an Online Store & Making your First Sale

Launching an Online Store? Here’s How to Get Started At Impressive, we come across so many individuals interested in opening an eCommerce store, but usually, they just don’t know where to begin. We also meet people further into the process; they have opened their store but it’s now invisible in the online world. They want […]


Episode 12: Questions to Ask a Digital Agency

What to Ask in your Chat with a Strategist In this episode, we’re doing things a little differently. It’s common in the industry for businesses to feel like they could be ripped off by their SEO agency. We’re combating the things to look out for and offering suggestions on how to be sure you’re asking […]


Episode 11: The Importance of Storytelling in Digital Marketing

Discovering the secret to storytelling could just be the answer to your digital marketing prayers. For this week’s podcast, two of our most experienced tellers get together to provide insight into Impressive’s approach to communicating a brands identity. The result? One of our most intriguing discussions yet. “A lot of businesses try to do content […]


Episode 10: The Marketing Tools that Digital Marketers Swear By

Should You Be Utilising These Online Marketing tools? Do you need to spend a fortune on intricate digital marketing tools to be in with a running chance of executing a successful strategy? Or are there ways you can get a heads up with clever tools accessible to everyone? At Impressive Digital, there are some tools […]


Episode 9: A Deep Dive into Branding

A Deep Dive into Design & Personal Branding with Impressive. Branding is the foundation to all businesses, large and small. It’s how people remember who you are and how your business can gain momentum and stay current. Discussing visual design and other types of branding are two of the experts at Impressive Digital. We’re looking […]


Episode 8: How Will Artificial Intelligence Change SEO & Content Marketing?

Join Us as we Discuss AI & the Future of Digital Marketing One thing that digital marketers can’t avoid thinking about right now is Artificial Intelligence. While some people are shaking at the thought of losing their jobs to robots, others think we’ll always be safe, with robots only complementing our work, not taking it […]


Episode 7: Key Takeaways from AdWeek 2018

Impressive Talks Modern Marketing & AdWeek Takeaways We were lucky enough to get to hang out in Sydney last month for Advertising Week. The mind-blowing event was full of insightful tips and workshops from industry experts, so it’s safe to say we went away bursting with new ideas and concepts in the digital marketing world. […]


Episode 6: Why SEO Agency Ranking Guarantees are Rubbish

Robert Tadros Talks About the SEO Promises to Watch Out For As a business owner or marketing manager, you’re aware of the importance of a solid SEO strategy. The only way to achieve this is through a consistent, long-term effort that plays within the lines of Google’s rule book. However, the industry is swimming with […]


Episode 5: Digital Disruption in the Wine Industry

Interview with Winery Lane: Digital Disruption in the Wine Industry Kicking off the first episode in our client series, we spoke to Winery Lane about what it’s like to break into a typically traditional industry like the wine industry. That got us thinking – should every company have emerged into the digital world by now, […]


Episode 4: Writing the Best Direct Response Copy Ever

The Impressive Digital Marketer on How to Write the Best Copy Ever Sales copy has had an overhaul. Copywriters have to be weary of the purpose and medium of their writing, in order to select the most effective “voice”. Fairly recently, direct response copy has become relevant again and it’s an extremely interesting way to […]


Episode 3 – The Importance of Social Media for eCommerce Sites

The Impressive Digital Marketer Talks Social Media for eCommerce If you operate an eCommerce website and you’re not using social media to its full capacity, you’re missing out on traffic and sales. Everyone and everything is on social media; brands, your family, people’s pets, your competition. So, how do you stack up? Tom Silvey and […]


Episode 2 – Protecting Your Brand from Brand Jacking

The Impressive Digital Marketer on Brand Jacking By no means a new phenomenon in the digital world, brandjacking is something that businesses have to be aware of, because hijackers are becoming more and more smart in their tactics. So how do you protect your business – and what exactly is brandjacking? Elise Bannan and Sam […] The post Episode 2 – Protecting Your Brand from Brand Jacking appeared first on Impressive Digital Agency.


Episode 1 – The Power of Voice Search & How to Optimise Your Website for Voice

The Impressive Digital Marketer Presents our Voice Search Podcast Voice search is rapidly gaining more attention in our day-to-day lives, with 50 billion voice searches happening in 2015 alone. The question is: is your website prepared? Impressive’s own Caleb Wynne and Russ Macumber get together to discuss how to optimise your website for voice search, […] The post Episode 1 – The Power of Voice Search & How to Optimise Your Website for Voice appeared first on Impressive Digital Agency.