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The Innovative Marketer Builds Their Life and Business around a Purpose and a Dream, is Determined to Make a Difference in the World Using The Innovative Marketing Trinity ( Leadership, Customer Value Optimization and Systems).

The Innovative Marketer Builds Their Life and Business around a Purpose and a Dream, is Determined to Make a Difference in the World Using The Innovative Marketing Trinity ( Leadership, Customer Value Optimization and Systems).
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The Innovative Marketer Builds Their Life and Business around a Purpose and a Dream, is Determined to Make a Difference in the World Using The Innovative Marketing Trinity ( Leadership, Customer Value Optimization and Systems).






Why Customer Value Optimization is the First Step in Growing Your Business

Customer Value Optimization was a term that you just didn't hear much back in the early 2000s when I started my first business. I had several business ventures that I had started and a hand full of companies that I worked with... Most of them didn't work out too good. It seemed that most companies were afraid of investing money into marketing. I find this is still true today. It's almost as if business owners think they are wearing a badge of honor when they only work thru their networks...


6 Reasons to Work With a Business Development Coach Now

What Exactly is Business Development? I know that most professionals will give you different answers to this question, and I feel like this is probably why the rate at which businesses fail is so high. Most people only think that it is focusing more on Sales, or Marketing, Or the Relationships that the company has in the market and with its team and culture. While this may be true, there isn't a solid answer. This creates a lot of confusion and I think that this subject needs to be...


Fun and Easy Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic Without SEO

This i s an Oxymoron isn't it? I want to take a step back and explain some ways to increase your website traffic without seo. Most people think of Traffic to their website, and the first thing that pops into their mind is SEO, or search engine optimization. Not too long ago, about 21 years ago, there was this thing called google that formed. Yeah, Google is just about the age to be able to buy a beer. Crazy thought huh? Larry Page, one of the creators of google, started this mission by...


3 Rituals That Teach Responsibility in Business and How To Use Them

Everyone talks about responsibilty and how important it is, but you don't hear about rituals that teach responsibility in business. So today, I wanted to dig deep and go thru some old notes of mine on the subject. The reason I feel this subject is so important is that there are two types of people in the world. The types that accept the responsibily for their life, and the others that blame other factors outside of their control. It really doesn't matter what happens to you that matters...


Is Email Marketing Dead for Business Professionals

More I pay attention to a lot of facebook groups and marketing networks and I keep hearing this question, ” is email marketing dead?” I used to wonder the same thing. I mean, think about all the emails that people get every day. According to an article I reseached at, about 55% of companies generate more than 10% of their sales just from sending emails. I know that most people...


Fun Activities for Building Teamwork in Business

Have you ever wondered what are some great activities for building teamwork in business? I know that building a tight knitted team in business is every entrepreneurs dream. Most entrepreneurs work solo for this reason. It is hard to build a team that everyone is focused on one goal. Most teams will have different agendas and this can cause drag and waste in the company. Today I want to discuss a few things that will help you build your team and get everyone working together. The main thing...


How To Design Your Content Creation Blueprint Now

Learning how to design your content creation blueprint is not as hard as you may think. It takes some creative thought, planning and commitment. If you have those 3 ingredients, have no fear, you will get it done fast. Today I want to Go over some other Reasons why you should be designing your content strategy, and how to do it right. I want to share with you some really important facts about content marketing before we start. You may not understand why content marketing is important, or...


Learn How Sales Funnels Help Business Development Today

Sales funnels help business development in several ways. I grew up in the 90's, learning how to do door to door sales, and other type of sales techniques. I know that when I first learned about sales funnels, it was more of a process that help take a certain group of prospects and move them thru a funnel towards making a sale. With the new technology in communications and software, I believe even more that sales funnels help business development in many ways, and have taken a new shape and...


How to Design Your Leadership Development Plan

One of the most important things you can do in your life is to design your Leadership Development Plan. I love talking about leadership, there are very few topics that I like to discuss because leadership has such a Strong Impact on people. Everything Great that has ever happened in this world has happened because of leadership. IF you don't believe me, just think about the Dream of Every Great Leader. Every Great Leader Has a dream, a vision. A Dream is the energy that Fuels a Leader and...


Professional Entrepreneur Share Secrets For Designing Your Customer Avatars

There is probably no better exercise for a new business owner or entrepreneur to do other than Designing Customer Avatars. If You didn't know, Customer Avatars are a descriptions of your perfect ideal client. All of their most important feelings, pains, desires and habits should be listed for each type of avatar. This one simple activity is how you get the information that you need to connect with your prospects on a deep emotional level. A connection that is more than just...


10 Steps to Help Move You Towards Your Dream

More When I was growing up, I had one dream. I just wanted to get a full scholarship playing sports. The weird thing I learned, after My NCAA years were over, was I didn't know what else to Dream for. Looking back 20 years later, I have put together some steps from all of the material and training I've been thru, and want to share these steps of how you can move toward your dream. My biggest...


Tips, Tricks from a Project Management Professional

I remember when I was a Kid, I always thought Project Managers were so Cool. They made the Big Bucks, They were the Leaders in their fields. They put teams together and accomplished Great things. Over the years, and Being around Project management for almost 15+ Years, I have learned a thing or two about Project management, and I want to share some Tips, Tricks, and Tools that may help you grow and expand your PM skills. Project Management can be looked at a few different Ways. It can be...


Learn How to do Market Research For Business Development

More Have you ever felt overwhelmed or confused when you are trying learn market research . I know I have. I have went thru several programs on internet research, and they all seem pretty easy. The problem that I had and hear from most people is that they don't know what they are looking for, or how to use the information that they find. Sometimes when I'm done doing all of my investigative work, I feel like I...


Stop Waiting for Change and Design Your Growth Plan Now!

More Have you ever stopped and thought that you should Design your Growth Plan? It has been famously quoted that most people spend more time planning their vacations out every year, than they spend when they design their own lives. I certainly believe this, especially after hearing that John Maxwell didn't have a Growth plan when he was younger... and when he did start looking for other people...


5 Recruiting Questions that Will Help You Recruit Leaders in Your Business

Most Entrepreneurs have challenges when recruiting candidates for growing their business. After working with and for so many companies in my lifetime, I have noticed that there is a fine art when it comes to knowing which questions to ask new candidates for your business. I wanted to make a list of recruiting questions to help. It isn't so much the number of questions you ask, but They Type of questions when you are trying to recruit the right type of person. These questions are not so much...


Why Direct Response Copywriting Is Crucial for Your Business' Success

I used to hear how important becoming a leader and learning direct response copywriting was for being successful in business. The more I kept learning, the more I realized that copywriting is crucial for your business' success. As Important as it is, ironically many people don't understand what Copywriting is, let alone why it is important for the success of their business.


Inspiring Ideas on Finding your Life Purpose

They say there are two days in your life that are the most important days in your life. We are going to talk about one of them today. No, not your birthday, although birthdays are important. It gives you a great day besides New Years to reflect on your life and see how you are progressing. One of the Most Important Days of YOUR Life, IS When You Discover Your Life Purpose