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The Iveoma Show is focused on amplifying the voices of African entrepreneurs.

The Iveoma Show is focused on amplifying the voices of African entrepreneurs.
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The Iveoma Show is focused on amplifying the voices of African entrepreneurs.






#18: I Lost My Life Savings & Business Nigeria (Move Back To Nigeria Story)

Ijeoma joins me on The Iveoma Show to discuss why her boutique that she started in Enugu, Nigeria collapsed, how it took her life savings’ and the extremely useful business lessons she learned. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE:


#35: How Tiphub Helps African/Diaspora Businesses Find Their Unfair Advantage With Chika Umeadi

Chika Umeadi co-founder of TipHub joins me on I Am The Diaspora to talk about how entrepreneurs can find/develop their unfair advantage in business and gives advice to people who are moving to Africa to start businesses. Tiphub is an accelerator that focuses on African and African entrepreneurs that are building businesses in Africa. Tiphub also founded Diaspora Demo Summit, the largest gathering of African and African diaspora led businesses outside of Africa. Find more:


#31: Invest In Africa Virtual Summit With Nako Mbelle

So you’re thinking about building your own business or investing in Africa? Nako Mbelle, the founder of the Invest In Africa Virtual Summit & Fintech Recruiters, joins me on the I Am The Diaspora show to talk all about why NOW is the time for the African Diaspora to invest in Africa. Learn why she decided to create the very FIRST virtual summit focused on how the African Diaspora can invest in Africa, what industries she thinks the African Diaspora should invest in, and the strengths of...


#30: Screenwriter To Entrepreneur

The founder of Aso-Swap, chats with I Am The Diaspora about pursuing her creative passions. She broke out of the typical role expected of a Nigerian-American and pursued journalism, tv presenting, screenwriting and entrepreneurship. We talk about the importance of chasing your dreams, some of the challenges of following those dreams in light of family expectations, and why now is the best time to build your business. THIS EPISODE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Iveoma – AKA ME LOL! is a...


#29: Building Symbian Electronics In Kenya With Ismail Sabrie

Today's episode is with Ismail Sabrie, the founder of Symian Electronics, chats with The Iveoma Show about what it takes to be an entrepreneur in Kenya, the tough reality that you must have some money in order to scale a business, and why he loves entrepreneurship.


#28: How To Make Money Online Doing Research With Chigozie Ezugwu

Chigozie Ezugwu, the founder of Raadaa, talks about how to make money online doing research. Raadaa gives researchers, publishers, and students, an avenue to monetize their own research like video creators can do on YouTube. He has created an educational startup that ensures quality content and research from developing countries is available to everyone around the world.


#27: Creating Beautiful African Clothing With Fadieye Loum (YALI Interview)

Faideye Loum, the founder of KABIO, an engineer turned fashion designer sits down to chat with The Iveoma Show. I met Fadieye when she was a Mandela Washington Fellow a part of the Young African Leaders Initiative. There is a corresponding video as well available on and youtube (search for YALI Interview Series).


#26: How To Build A Facebook Community With Maria Makanjuola

Maria Makanjuola, the biochemist founder of Sweet Cake TV School, discusses how to build a Facebook community from scratch (she literally went from 0 to 25k+ members in one year). Maria discusses how to create an online school from consumer feedback and how she empowers African women on the continent and in the diaspora by teaching them a profitable craft. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE:


#25: Why Nigerian Is The New Cool With Toib Olarinde

Today I am talking to Toib Olarinde about how he built his multiple fashion businesses, doing what you believe in, having pride in being a Nigerian, and how to stand out in fashion. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE:


#24: Issouf Simpore Is The Painter From Burkina Faso

Today's episode is for artists and creatives. Issouf Simpore, artist & interior designer from Burkina Faso joins me on The Iveoma Show. We dive into making money as an artist, how to sell art through art festivals and shows around the USA, and how his art is an expression of his world.


#23: The Future Of Nigerian Graduates With Emeka Ossai (YALI Interview Series)

Emeka Ossai, the founder of the Nigerian Campus Enterprise Challenge, talks about his goal of training 1 million Nigerian entrepreneurs by 2020. He also discusses how the networks that he his building during his time as a Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders Initiative is helping him build his business.


#22: Aquaponics, Farming Without Soil, With Chipokosa Tepula (YALI Interview Series)

Chipokosa Tepula, the co-founder of the Kaychi Aquaponics, talks building the first aquaponics farm in Zambia, how is is going to become a distributor to major retailers, and training farmers in his region. He also discusses how the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders Initiative is helping him build his business.


#21: How The Diaspora Can Invest In Nollywood & Real Estate With Nicholas Oghieakhe

Nicholas Oghieakhe, singer, songwriter and finance guru, is on The Iveoma Show talking about how the Diaspora can invest in Nigerian real estate and Nollywood.


#20: YALI Interview With Agnes Yahuma

Agnes Yahuma, a Mandela Washington Fellow for Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), joins me to discuss how her startup Onu Gas Limited is tackling the high unemployment rate of young people in Nairobi, Kenya. Agnes' startup Onu Gas Limited is a piping cooking gas into housing as real estate developers build apartments. This is done in an extremely safe manner and deals with the high rate of cooking gas fatalities that occur because of leaking gas pipes.


#19: YALI Interview With Adjo Dede Asare

Adjo Dede Asare, a Mandela Washington Fellow for Young African Leaders (YALI), joins me on The Iveoma Show to talk about how her family grew Alfie Designs, a fashion house in Ghana, to 8 Sub-Saharan African countries.


#17: Losing Weight With Toluse Dove Francis

Toluse Dove Francis, the founder of The Eat Fit Academy, joined me on The Iveoma Show to talk about how to avoid gaining or even losing too much weight during times of stress.


#16: Building Strategic Sales Solutions With Derick Ofodirinwa

Derick Ofodirinwa, the founder of Strategic Sales Solution, joins me on The Iveoma Show to discuss why he decided to go into software sales and why sales is the art of building relationships with people.


#15: How To Become A Valuable Person With Ayomide Shittu

Ayomide "Ayo" Shittu, a bankruptcy lawyer and super connector, describes networking as the process of planting seeds for the future. She refers to networking as making friends plus being intentional about the relationship. And today on The Iveoma Show, Ayo describes how to create intentional relationships and friendships, she teaches ways of creating networking opportunities in everyday situations and breaks down what it means to curate your professional and social life. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN...