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Ep. 29: Better Blogging

In this episode, we're talking all about blogging. Do you have a blog? Are you talking about starting a blog? Or are you wanting to improve your blog and draw more people to it? We've got some tips for you. Be sure to join our DIYsocial Facebook Group to get your questions answered or leave us a comment. Connect with Gina @GinaSchreck on any social media channel.


Exploring Your Content Universe

We spend a lot of time creating content on our website, our social media channels and everywhere else in the universe. Do we have it actually working for us? Today we explore the role each piece of content has in turning LIKES into LEADS and LEADS into SALES! Be sure to join our DIYsocial Facebook Group to get your questions answered or leave us a comment. Connect with Gina @GinaSchreck on any social media channel.


Ep. 27: Make Sure You're Not the Same Person

We're hopping in a time machine and remembering who we used to be. In this episode, we're looking back and making sure we're NOT the same person that we were last year. which is now LinkedIn Learning Find more great content at And find me on Twitter and Instagram at: @GinaSchreck or @SocialKNX Facebook: Be sure to connect with me on any social channel @GinaSchreck or jump into...


Ep. 26: I'm Too Busy

Are you just too busy to achieve the goals that you really have for your life? In this episode, we're talking about how to finally put that excuse to rest... Find more great content at And find me on Twitter and Instagram at: @GinaSchreck or @SocialKNX Facebook: Be sure to connect with me on any social channel @GinaSchreck or jump into our DIYsocial Facebook Group


Ep 25- Who Are You and Why Are You Here

What if you could have someone stand outside your house and ask you each morning, "Who are you and why are you here?" In this episode, I want to challenge you to get more focused with the content on your website and social channels to allow the right people to know how they can engage with you and hire you to help them. Be sure to connect with me on any social channel @GinaSchreck or jump into our DIYsocial Facebook Group and tell me WHO YOU ARE AND WHY YOU ARE HERE!


Ep. 24: Inspired by Spitting Sunflower Seeds

This episode is inspired by spitting sunflower seeds... Disgusting? Yes. But are we sometimes too close to see the obvious? Find more great content at And find me on Twitter and Instagram at: @GinaSchreck or @SocialKNX Facebook:


Ep. 23: Bringing Joy Back Into Your Business

Are you at a place in your business that you feel out of control? Or maybe you just feel like you have something in the way and you're not sure what it is. In this episode, we're talking to Darcy Luoma, a life coach and business coach, who works with people on identifying those blind spots. She has some tips on how we can bring more joy back to our work and back into our lives. You can find her on Twitter @DarcyLuoma And on Instagram...


Ep 22: Easy Steps to Incorporate More Video in Your Marketing

You've heard it for the past two years, "Use more video in your marketing mix." But still, most small businesses don't. In this episode, Gina shares simple and practical steps to get started and give all the stats you need to motivate you to do it! Be sure to connect with Gina to share the video you create!


Ep 21: Cilantro and other random things in your social profiles

This fun hack will help you connect with more people on your social media platforms and more importantly, it will help you build relationships faster. Sometimes we pack our social profiles with so many hashtags or with information telling people what we are selling, that it doesn't allow people to connect. Some don't put enough in their bios to tell people what to expect when connecting. HOMEWORK: play with your bio and add some fun facts that will help us connect with you and then...


Ep. 18: Mike Kawula on Getting Started

After starting multiple businesses and having 3 of them rise to over 7 figures, Mike shares wisdom on getting started, not over-thinking, and taking consistent action! He talks about how he worked doubly hard to outsell those who had more natural talent. He talks about overcoming failures, taking risks, starting a passion project! Check out his passion project, Dinner Table MBA, and his great podcast EntrepreneursGS


Ep. 19: Kimberly Allison shares lessons from Social Media and Entrepreneurship

Kimberly Allison is the founder of MarketingRX, a digital marketing and social media management agency in Edmonton, Canada. She shares her journey from radio and television media to social media and the lessons that helped her thrive in this crazy business. @MarketingRX on social media channels I love her advice to new entrepreneurs:


Fear, SElf-Doubt, and Totems

What do you do to overcome feelings of fear and self-doubt in your business? Gina shares some "ancient" tips of biblical proportion! Be sure to join in the conversation here in the show notes or in DIYsocial (Facebook Group for entrepreneurs wanting to build their business).


Ep. 17: Lessons from Military Life to Entrepreneurship

Chip shares with us his journey from 22 years in the Navy and how saying YES brought opportunities like leading diverse teams during 911. He shares mistakes he has made along his, now 10-year, entrepreneurial journey and the lessons he has learned... including how to laugh at himself! Connect with Chip at his website: Chips podcast: Leadership Happy Hour Join our DIYsocial group for more tips and tools for Entrepreneurs!


Ep. 16: Are You Addicted to Learning

Do you love going to conferences? Could you be a lifetime student? While we know leaders are learners and we also know we must continue to learn to stay up on our craft or industry, do you tend to get stuck in the learning mode and never actually IMPLEMENT? Entrepreneurs have a lot on their plate and we need to become doers...but not alone. This episode gives you a L.I.S.T. to move from learning to doing! Connect with Gina on any social channel @GinaSchreck and don't forget to leave us...


Wisdom from Moms

In this special Mother's Day episode, we hear the nuggets of wisdom that mothers have passed down to us for our journey.


Ep. 13: When To Disrupt Yourself

Are you a restless entrepreneur? Always looking for the next shiny object? Or do you tend to sit a little too long? Today we're talking about how to know when it's time to disrupt ourselves before we get disrupted by other forces. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @GinaSchreck and @Socialknx


The Perfect Avatar

A lot of times, we're creating great content, but it's not for a specific person so it falls flat. In this episode, we're talking about how to identify and create the perfect avatar so that our content is met with a great reception. @GinaSchreck on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter


Ep. 12: The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Today we're talking about the four lies that are holding us back from achieving success in our business and how to get past them... @GinaSchreck on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


Ep. 11: Phyllis Khare

In this episode, we're talking to Phyllis Khare, who shares her social media and online marketing expertise with us. She's the author of two comprehensive books on social media marketing: Social Media Marketing eLearning Kit for Dummies and one of the original authors of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies (1st and 2nd Editions). She runs the Social Media Manager's School with partner Andrea Vahl ( and is an expert in online marketing. More...


Ep. 10: Time Saving Hacks

We all know that life as an entrepreneur can be very busy. It always seems like we never have enough time. So today I have, 8 1/2 time-saving hacks to help you get HOURS back in your day! @GinaSchreck on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook