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Episode 10: 2019 Business Tips from Local Business Owners

Looking for business tips for the new year? Well, we've got just the podcast for you. You’ll also find images relating to this episode on our social media channels which you’ll find below: If you have any questions or queries about the show, then feel free to e-mail us: We’re also looking for new guests, so feel free to get in touch if you’d like...


Episode 9: A Christmas Treat

Welcome to a very special episode of the Local Business Podcast that we've put together just for you! We hope you've had a great year, a Merry Christmas, have a great New Year and a wonderful 2019! You’ll also find images relating to this episode on our social media channels which you’ll find below: If you have any questions or queries about the show, then feel free to e-mail us:...


Episode 8: The Beauty of Training

Welcome to Episode 8 of the Local Business Podcast where we found ourselves in Wales, visiting the Director of the Academy of Hair and Beauty: Ceri Edwards. During my time with Ceri she spoke about her academy, the importance of training and development and also why the hair dressing industry isn’t taken as seriously as it probably should be. Towards the end of the show she also provides a variety of tips for those of you looking to help develop your own staff. You’ll also find images...


Episode 7: One Word: Now

For Episode 7 we’re going back to Scotland, this time to the small town of Dunblane, just north of Edinburgh where we met Ross Poole - owner of Murray and McGregor stoves and fireplaces. Ross’ story is one that really touches the heart at times. During the interview he speaks of his difficulties in getting to where he is today, how writing one word down on a piece of paper was the moment where his life changed and why he’s so passionate about selling in the right way. You’ll also find...


Episode 6: Business Bullying

Welcome to Episode 6, a show that that looks at a subject that should be impossible to ignore. If you aren’t already aware, this week in the UK is national anti-bullying week and while it might be something that’s usually associated with schools and education, bullying is an issue that affects everyday life for many, even in the workplace. In fact, it might be an issue that’s happening in your work place right now. For employers it’s sometimes difficult to spot amongst the everyday running...


Episode 5: Crafty Networking

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Episode 5 of the Local Business Podcast. We stay in Scotland for this episode and visit the husband and wife team of the Crafty Connoisseur, an importer of a range of different whiskeys, gins, rums and a whole lot more. Brenda and Steve McKenzie met me in Edinburgh and told me how they got through sleepless nights, networked and took on customer feedback in order to create a business, that in their eyes, is different. Make sure you check out Crafty...


SME Live!

Welcome to this very special episode of the local business podcast, I’m your host Craig Shields and I hope you don’t mind us breaking our bi-weekly schedule for a special show. During the past few days we visited SME Live, a business tradeshow that is an annual event at the NEC in Birmingham. We took the time to find out what it was, why it’s important, not just from those running the show (including an interview with SME Live’s Managing Director James Ashwood) but also those...


Episode 4: VR: The Future of Business?

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome once again to the Local Business Podcast. For those of you who have been with us from the start, you’ll already know that we’ve been to a wide range of businesses even though we’re only a few episodes old. Today, you’ll be listening to an episode that continues that trend, except this time, we’re looking into one of the potential businesses of the future. Virtual reality has been around for longer than you probably realise but it’s only been in recent years...


Episode 3: Running A Foodbank

We’ve already been to a hairdressers and an arts and crafts self-starter, so where are we off to today? Well, for today’s show, we look off the normal business path and venture to Swindon, where we were lucky enough to spend some time with Cher Smith MBE, the manager of Swindon’s Foodbank service know as the Swindon Food Collective. She explains what motivates her and her volunteers to go into work every day, what impact the foodbank has on the area and also, the positive effect that...


Episode 1: The Risks and Rewards of Starting a New Business

Welcome to the brand new Local Business Podcast – hosted by Thomson Local. For our opening episode, we explore the risks and rewards of starting a new business with Jayne Thomas, owner of Sid and Joan’s – a creative crafts, furniture and gift shop, located at the Olde Water Mill in Bedfordshire. Jayne’s provides us with local business tips, advice on how to start a new business and interesting stories on how a new business should use social media and the opportunity she took when confronted...


Episode 2: The Early Years of Running A Business

Welcome to the brand new Local Business Podcast – hosted by Thomson Local. For Episode 2, we ventured to Grayshott in Hampshire in order to meet the owner of Hairworks: Harri Dudley – a young business owner who struggled with staff but now has a wonderful team and a flourishing business. We talked about the early years of Hairworks, how she managed to attract great staff, manage customers and take advantage of social media. You can find Hairworks here: You’ll...


Episode 0: Launching September 18th

We’re pleased to reveal that the Local Business Podcast launches on September 18 with TWO episodes, absolutely FREE. From then on, every two weeks you’ll receive insight, advice, tips and tricks from real local business owners who have been there and done it. No matter whether you’re a veteran in your industry, have just started your own company or are simply considering going self-employed, the Local Business Podcast has you covered. We aim to create a show that will allow you to take...


An Introduction to The Local Business Podcast

Whether you've started your own local business or are just starting to scribble down some ideas, The Local Business Podcast plans to give you the insight, knowledge and expertise in order to help you to maximise your potential. Each episode we'll be talking to a different local business owner and ask them to share their success tips, things they did wrong and advice to anyone looking to grow their own company. This short episode is a small introduction to ensure everything is in working...