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#39. Choosing a Marketer Who Understands Your Business with Josh Cobb

If you're going to hire someone to help with your marketing, make sure they not only care about your business but also understand what is happening within your market. Josh Cobb specialises in real estate agent marketing, helping real estate agents and property managers with their digital marketing needs. Today we pick his brain and explore how a specialist marketer can really help avoid disruption within your industry. We also discuss some clever ways to utilise industry specific data to...


📱 #38. Phone Call Tracking & the Power of Call Analytics for Your Business with Nancy and Madelyn from CallRail

Do you really know what you're getting out of your marketing and advertising spend? Phone call tracking is nothing new, but there are definitely some exciting and innovative things happening in this area. Our guests today, Nancy and Madelyn from CallRail, share a bunch of valuable insights and features to help your business determine what marketing strategies are actually working. If your business receives enquiries and/or bookings via phone, then this episode is for you. 5 Questions You...


🛍 #37. Retail's Last Mile: Will Amazon Kill Local Businesses?

Listen up because this next conversation is important! This episode is a must for any business owner who sells products online and needs to be across what's current in the e-commerce industry. For our Australian listeners who sell online, this conversation is particularly vital as Amazon is about to enter our market. Our guest today is Jonathan Reeve, an expert in e-commerce. Jonathan fills us in on what effects Amazon has had on other businesses so far around the world, where retail...


🏆 #36. Local Facebook Optimisation & Facebook "SEO" Marie Page Pt 2

In this episode, we will be discussing how to optimise your Facebook page if you're a business with a local presence. Our guest will share with us insights into why Facebook business page optimisation is going to become more important in the future as Facebook is predicted to become a powerful search engine. This episode is especially important for anyone who wants to be found in Facebook as a location based business or brand. Our guest is Marie Page from The Digiterati, she is a Facebook...


🚗 #34. Are Localised Uber Clones the Future of Ride Sharing with Andy Tryba

Today's podcast guest shares his story about how he founded a localised tech startup that was born out of a need for ride sharing alternatives when Uber left Austin, Texas overnight and left hundreds of Uber drivers jobless. Andy Tryba from RideAustin will share some valuable insights about how to start a localised tech marketplace. Andy touches on how to build awareness and a brand to obtain users while managing legalities and logistics. This is a great listen for traditional business...


⏲ #33. Community Building, Innovation + Being a Nonboring Brand

Our guest on today's podcast shares how she's grown a very different accounting firm by focusing on technology and community. Steph Hinds will share with us her fantastic insights on how traditional business owners can be innovative with their brand positioning and find a balance between being different and being effective. What we were doing for marketing 5 - 10 years ago is just not enough in this day and age so we will discuss some new marketing and branding methods with the lovely...


✉️ #31. Facebook Messenger Marketing, Ads & Bots with Molly Pittman

This episode is a must listen for any business or brand who needs to communicate with their customers. We learn about why Facebook Messenger and chat apps are an essential part of any business's marketing strategy. We get into ways to practically use Facebook Messenger for direct response lead generation and ad campaigns. We discuss important insights into why new technology like chatbots are complimentary to other digital marketing tactics. Molly Pittman is our guest in this episode...


🎙 #30. Podcast Marketing & Should I Start a Podcast with Ronsley Vaz

For this episode, Dave got the crazy idea that it would be fun to interview our guest about podcast marketing via Facebook Live. Turns out, recording an episode this way may not have been the best idea due to audio troubles, but how do you know an idea won't be great if you don't try right? Trial and error will be inevitable when it comes to creating a podcast! Speaking of audio! In this episode, we talk with audio marketing expert, Ronsley Vaz, who is the CEO and Founder of Amplify....


🤔 #27. What is Programmatic? The Future of Marketing & Advertising

Programmatic is the the future of digital marketing! Simon Penson from Zazzle Media gives us a clear explanation of programmatic marketing, advertising & media buying. 5 Questions You Can Answer After Listening To This Episode On The Future Of Marketing & Advertising With Simon Penson: 1. What is programmatic marketing and how does it work? 2. What’s the difference between programmatic advertising and programmatic content marketing? 3. Back in the MySpace days, which rapper’s songs would...


🙋🏽 #26. How to be DIFFERENT & Innovative in your Traditional Industry with Clarissa Rayward

A really fun chat with Clarissa Rayward the Happy Family Lawyer about being different in a very traditional industry. We also find out how she managed to expand her market by narrowing her focus and going niche. 5 Questions You Can Answer After Listening To This Episode On Being Different & Niche-ing to Expand Your Market With Clarissa Rayward: 1. How can my business stand out from the crowd, even in a more “traditional” industry? 2. How can I narrow my focus to expand my market? 3. Why...


💥 #25. Creating Hyperlocalised, AWESOME content at scale with Megan Hannay

We chat with hyperlocal content marketing expert Megan Hannay about how multi-site and national brands can compete with local businesses by creating and scaling authentic local content, local marketing and smashing local SEO. 5 Questions You Can Answer After Listening To This Episode On Hyperlocal Content Marketing With Megan Hannay: 1. Why is hyperlocal content marketing and SEO so important? 2. Where can a multi-site business source hyperlocal content? 3. What would Megan Hannay do if...


👊🏽 #24. Is Yelp a Billion Dollar Bully? Reviews Sites & Ethics with Kaylie Milliken

Yelp is accused of extorting local businesses and manipulating reviews in an explosive new documentary by Prost Films. We talk with director Kaylie Milliken about Yelp’s aggressive paid advertising sales tactics and claims of small business bullying. 5 Questions You Can Answer After Listening to this Episode on Yelp and the Ethics of Online Review Sites With Kaylie Milliken: 1. Why are online reviews so important for local businesses? 2. Could Yelp be a small business bully? 3. What are...


📸 #23. Instagram Marketing Success Story + The Tinder for Food!

Start seeing measurable results from your Instagram marketing! We chat with Jessica Koncz: Insta-foodie to instant success with her own social media agency at just 23. Hear Jess’ practical tips on how to grow any business by marketing on Instagram. 5 Questions You Can Answer After Listening To This Episode On Instagram Marketing With Jessica Koncz: 1. How is Instagram different from other social media? 2. Is Instagram right for my brand? 3. Should I manage my own Instagram marketing? 4....


⭐️ #22. Niche-ing: Specialising to Take Your Local Business National

A successful niche business owner with 30 years’ experience in a competitive industry, Ian Jones shares his amazing story of how he adapted his business to better serve his customers’ needs and become an authority in his particular market. 5 Questions You Can Answer After Listening To This Episode On Expanding Your Business by “Niche-ing” With Ian Jones: 1. How can focusing on niche markets produce better results? 2. How has local business marketing changed (and stayed the same) in the...


✍🏽 #21. Copywriting & the Recipe for SEO Success [+ Awkwardness]

Award-winning Copywriter Kate Toon shares her best tips on clever SEO copywriting. Learn how to tell if your copy is rubbish or really good, how to choose the best keywords and how to write for humans while optimising for Google. 5 Questions You Can Answer After Listening To This Episode On Copywriting for SEO With Kate Toon: 1. Can I write my own copy or should I hire a professional? 2. How do I choose the best keywords for my website and content? 3. True or false: Kate Toon is an...


🎭 #20. Why ACTING Skills are a must for Modern Marketers...!!!??? with Mike Drysdale

Authenticity is the key to modern marketing! In this slightly unusual episode, we hear from acting coach Mike Drysdale on how improving your presentation and acting skills can benefit your business and help build better customer relationships! 5 Questions You Can Answer After Listening To This Episode On Acting Skills for Marketing With Michael Drysdale: 1. How on earth can acting skills help my business make more money? 2. What are some quick and easy tips for being a great presenter? 3....


✈️ #19. Marketing Automation [Online+Offline] w/ Autopilot’s Guy Marion

Learn how to generate more leads and nurture existing customer relationships more efficiently through marketing automation. Dave talks to Autopilot's CMO Guy Marion about the benefits of automating email, SMS, direct mail, in-app messaging and more. 5 Questions You Can Answer After Listening To This Episode On Marketing Automation With Guy Marion: 1. What is (and isn’t) marketing automation? 2. Should Guy give up his day job and become a comedian? 3. How can marketing automation benefit...


😎 #18. Franchise Marketing Within Your Franchisor’s Brand with Elizabeth Gillam

Tips for franchisees wanting to excel & localise (within their franchisor's brand & systems!). Elizabeth Gillam specialises in developing high performance franchisees and enhancing their franchise marketing strategies and profitability. 5 Questions You Can Answer After Listening To This Episode on Local Franchise Marketing with Elizabeth Gillam: As a franchisee, what can I do to optimise my local marketing strategy? Who does Elizabeth think would win in a karaoke-off between her and David...