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10: 4 Essentials to Community-Driven Marketing w/ Eric Toda

As our digital space evolves, so does our ability to innovate in the marketing space. While innovation occurs, the foundations of marketing remain the same: connection. We make every effort to connect to our consumers. In our recent podcast, we talked with Eric Toda, Director of Marketing for Gap. We dove into community driven marketing. With the rapid adoption of social media and the inundation of social in every aspect of our lives, we have to understand how to best utilize it to...


9: 3 Keys to Telling Great Stories w/ Tony Chow

Gone are the days of selling features and benefits of products and expecting the consumer to buy in. Today, we have to build meaningful relationships with our consumers. The best way to do that is by making effective storytelling the lynchpin of our marketing efforts. Tony Chow, Regional Director Creative+Content Marketing of Marriott International, joined us in our recent podcast to share his experience in developing compelling stories to connect with their guests.


8: How Pearle Vision Is Redefining the Data-Driven Organization w/ Doug Zarkin

People make decisions, not data. Debate and intellectual creativity around that data must be employed, but, you can’t be debating something you don’t understand. The industry screams to collect big data; but how does one analyze that data to make actual decisions? Too often, data is placed before the people, and with lumps of big data, do we have the right people to use that data to determine the right story? Join us today and listen as Doug Zarkin, the VP-Chief Marketing Officer of...


7: The Clever Strategy Behind the Latest Farmers Insurance Ads w/ Mike Linton

You’re probably seen the latest Farmers Insurance ads. The company’s current ad campaign is all about revealing offbeat, unexpected claims the companies has handled for people. It’s creative, it’s funny, and most important, it’s memorable. In this episode Mike Linton, Chief Marketing Officer at Farmers Insurance, shares the genesis of those incredibly creative ads as well as the strategy behind them. He also covers what has made him successful as the CMO in many major companies and why...


6: AT&T, the Internet of Things, and the Trends That Too Many Marketers Are Ignoring w/ Mo Katibeh

Mo Katibeh is the Chief Marketing Officer at AT&T Business—but he’s done just about every other role in the company as well. Mo has worked for AT&T in everything from call centers, to cyber-security, to now marketing on AT&T’s business side. As such, he’s a very interesting person to talk to about marketing trends. In this episode, Mo covers how the Internet of Things can help any business, why you need to market to all decision-makers in a given company, and what the future holds for...


5: Why Carnival’s CMO Sees Blurry Lines Between Marketing and Experience w/ Kathy Tan Mayor

Kathy Tan Mayor, Chief Marketing Officer at Carnival Cruise Line, has had a distinguished career that’s followed a path from Procter & Gamble, to Harvard Business School, to Las Vegas-based Caesar’s and Sands. Everything she’s learned has prepared her for the role of leading Carnival’s marketing and navigating the unique challenges of business in an experientially based leisure industry. In this episode, Kathy shares how experience and marketing, for a company like Carnival, are...


4: This Famous Paid Subscription Service Is Thriving in an Era of Free Content w/ Danielle Mirsky

Scholastic is widely known for the children’s books it publishes, but it has a long history of selling subscriptions. Founded in 1920, Scholastic’s very first product was a magazine called the “Western Pennsylvania Gazette.” The first CEO of the company realized that students didn’t have any news magazines that were appropriate and relevant to them. Hence, the inception of the company. Now, Scholastic has 24 magazines, ranging from pre-k to age 12 audiences. Those magazines are the core...


3: Why Customer Experience and Personalization Are Basically the Same Thing w/ Kim Williams-Czopek

Customer experience is inseparable from personalization. In order for a customer to have the most impactful experience possible from a brand, that experience has to match her as a person. Today’s guest is Kim Williams-Czopek, VP of Digital at Lilly Pulitzer. Kim has decades of experience in customer experience, and in this episode, she defines the term and talks about the intimate relationship between customer experience and personalization. Find a breakdown of this episode here.


2: Modern Challenges for B2C Marketers w/ Maribeth Ross

Marketing to marketers is like performing a magic show in front of an audience of magicians. You have to step up your game, because it’s hard to impress them. So why would anyone take on that challenge? Maribeth Ross, Chief Marketing Officer at Monetate, is the type of person who likes to take on challenges, so marketing to marketers has been the most interesting time of her career in the last few years. She’s sat down with a number of those marketers, and in this episode she shares the...


1: The 3 Most Common Marketing Themes for Improving Customer Experiences w/ Jay Sarwar

Jay Sarwar, Vice President of Client Services at Monetate, spends a lot of time talking with clients about UX differentiation, but his conversations usually tend to get even more macro than that. There are three major themes that seem to come up in most of his interactions with clients, three obstacles that make UX differentiation so difficult to nail. In this episode, Jay covers those three themes, shares how his most successful clients are overcoming those obstacles, and gives a hard...


Why You Should Listen to The Marketing Executive

In the introduction to The Marketing Executive, you'll hear from host Jon Duch, Director of Product Marketing at Monetate, about what you can expect from the show. The best way to learn is to hear from those who have walked your same road and navigated its challenges. Get ready to hear those stories from your marketing peers.


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