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5 Tactical tips to reach a millennial audience l Ep 91

Christian: [00:00:00] On this episode we're talking about five tactical tips to reach that millennial audience. We're talking about mobile first giving back authenticity showing your humanity doing more video. Check it out. Christian: [00:00:32] All right so the first thing that we have here is focus on trials and use or we talk when we talk about the news we're talking about millennials not wanting to necessarily own something right away without knowing the benefits or how much it's...


4 Types Of Video Content For Agencies On LinkedIn | EP 90

Quick Stats: Throughout 2018, LinkedIn made video content a priority, rolling out a range of new features and tools to cater to increased on-platform video consumption. LinkedIn has since discovered that video generates some 20x more shares than other types of content on its platform. 80% of video content on the platform is watched with sound-off 57% is viewed on mobile Trending News Related To Your Industry - Trending news are naturally more share-worthy. Think about it… right video at...


The One Tool Chiropractors Need To Get More Patients | Ep 89

Today we are going to discuss the One Tool Chiropractor Need to Get More Patients, YouTube! Today’s episode is also helpful for businesses ready to get their start on the platform or expand and grow! On today's episode, we talk about: Cool things about YouTube that you should know Reasons why you need to use YouTube How you can get more exposure to your business Getting more visitors to your websites Rank higher in search results Generating more LEADS for your business What do you...


Business Tips from a Local Franchise Business Owner (Featuring Anna Keller, Edible Arrangements | Ep 88

Hola friends! Today we have another special guest interview for you. We wanted to get a local franchise business on and talk about the differences between a self-run and a franchise owned business.On today’s episode we cover:What it’s like working in a family owned business We have Anna Keller a self-proclaimed fruit expert, mother of three, our friend, and the brains behind the best reviewed Edible Arrangements in the Dallas Metroplex. On today’s episode we cover: What it’s like working...


SEO: The First 6 Steps Realtors Need To Make | Ep 87

On today's episode we discuss SEO: The First 6 Steps Realtors Need To Make Get your own website - We see most realtors use their brokers website because it’s easier in the short term. But in the long game, you don’t have any of the features you need. 1. Being able to re-market, 2. completely customize without sending an email, 3. Ability to add your own flavor and branding. Set up your 'Google My Business' page + Google Search Console. Setting these up are a must. Both are the first steps...


4 Things Your Website Needs In 2019 | Ep 86

In today's episode, we talk about the 4 things your website needs in 2019: Less Clutter - Keep your website simple and impactful. Big companies like, Apple, take this approach on their sites. Get rid of unnecessary clutter. You should be able to convey your message in a concise and straightforward way. Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Also, break down text into more digestible content, easier to read; Neil Patel does a great job of this on his blog. Animation - Again,...


Nickquolette Barrett on How to Stand out on LinkedIn | Ep 85

What's up, everyone? For today's episode,we have our second guest for 2019 - Nickquolette Barret! She's the author of the “You’re Hired!" book series, career & interview prep coach,resume & linkedin profile writer, speaker and founder and CEO of iRockResumes. With Nicquolette's experience, we wanted toknow what she could share about herself and her business! On today's episode, we talk about: · How iRock Resumes started to rock · Nickquolette is one busy gal · Social media guru · She...


What Is Reputation Management And How It Can Help Your Business | Ep 84

Today, we talk about what reputation management is and how it can help your business! Reputation management in our own words is the active monitoring of your brand online. Most businesses are aware that they have reviews online, but are not active with monitoring it. Reputation in a competitive marketplace, when a single negative review can cost you business, it’s even more important to monitor how your customers feel about you online. On another hand, a positive review is almost as good...


5 Ecommerce Marketing Tools You Need In Your Website | Ep 83

In this episode, we talk about 5 Ecommerce Marketing Tools You Need In Your Website: Email Collection - HelloBar or Sumo are great options here. You want to make sure you’re always growing your most valuable asset; your email list. Remember to entice your audience with something in exchange for their email; 10% off your next order. Cart Abandonment - We have generated so many more sales for our clients by adding this simple app. Cart abandonment is almost guaranteed to help you increase...


How To Build A Community Of 20,000 People Online (Featuring Abbie Alter, Plano Moms) | Ep 82

Hey, y'all! This episode is super special because not only will it be useful for moms out there, but we also officially have our first guest for 2019 on The Marketing Natives - Abbie Alter creator of Plano Moms! We were super excited to record this episode because Abbie is a good friend of ours and Plano Moms has built a really awesome community for all of the moms out there. So, in order to get to know Abbie and Plano Moms better, we asked her some interesting questions! The Story Behind...


How To Build An Audience For A Brand New Clothing Boutique | Ep 81

In this episode, we talk about how to build an audience for a brand new clothing boutique: Try going live - Social networks are pushing live content. So if there’s any piece of content we would recommend you to go after is live video on any platform. Now for a clothing boutique, we would definitely recommend Facebook and Instagram as your go-to platforms. Don’t forget to boost and retarget to viewers. Focus on quality content - When we talk about high quality content we mean everything...


What We've Learned After Spending $250,000 In Facebook Ads | Ep 80

In this episode, we talk about what we've learned after spending $250,000 in Facebook Ads: You must have a strategy. Work backwards from your goal, and then find out what steps of the buying or lead process that works out to in ads manager. Successful ads take time and monitoring daily. Everyone talks about Facebook as some magic pill where if a business owner uses it they will instantly get business. Sometimes you hit a run boosting one post for $20, but nine times out of ten you...

How To Never Run Out Of Content Ideas For Instagram | Ep 79

In this episode, we talk about How To Never Run Out Of Content Ideas For Instagram: Take a deep dive into your business, culture, people. Figure out 7 to 9 categories or types of posts. For example, for us its Family/Friends, Posing, Ninja Turtles, Books, Our Work, Cross Promo, Food.. When it comes to caption you can talk about that particular post or just talk about whatever comes to mind. The point here is to try and engage with your audience… the photo/video needs to make them stop but...


Healthy Habits, Netflix Binging, and Entrepreneurship (Featuring Maria Paula, LifeCycle Nutrition) | Ep 78

In this episode, we have Maria-Paula Carrillo as a special guest. She's a registered Dietitian Nutritionist, our next door neighbor, and owner of LifeCycle Nutrition -- a nutrition consulting private practice here in Allen, TX. Today, we asked Maria-Paula key questions regarding her and her business: On today's episode we cover: Find out more about LifeCycle Nutrition Website Facebook Instagram


4 Tips For Effective Time Management For Agencies | Ep 77

Track your time - You really can’t manage what you can’t measure. If you’ve never used any tool for time tracking, you’re basically guessing how long it takes to finish projects. The first step in being more productive is seeing how you’re spending your time. Some tools you can check out Toggl and Clockify. Kill big meetings - Here’s a quick fact for you… US businesses spend $37 billion a year in unnecessary meetings. In order to kill these big meetings here are some things you can do...


3 Tips To Choosing The Best Website Design Company For Your Dentist Office | Ep 76

Research - This is the most important step of choosing the best website design company. First, you’ll want to check out their website along with any social media presence they have. This will give you an idea of their capabilities as well as their company culture. Next up, make sure to visit the portfolio page and actually visit the websites in the portfolio. You’ll want to look at the features they use on the websites and overall performance. Set Up A Meeting - After you’ve done your...


4 Tips To Effectively Market Your New Doctors Office | Ep 75

In this episode we talk about 4 Tips To Effectively Market Your New Doctors Office: Make sure you have a website. As you start your practice, there a few things that people are going to look at, but your website is on the top of the list. Choose a local website design company to help you build a custom site that will meet your needs. Make sure the site is mobile friendly and is easy accessible for current and future patients. Focus on 1-3 traffic sources both online and offline. A few...


How To Get More Online Reviews For Your Roofing Company | Ep 74

In today's episode, we talk about How To Get More Online Reviews For Your Roofing Company: Make it simple for them to leave a review. Don’t bombard them by asking to leave a review on three sites, they won’t do it. Pick 1-2 that they can choose from that you need reviews from the most and then give them a link to make it happen in a few clicks. Once the job is finished. Let them know you are going to send over a request for a review via email and see if they are willing to leave one. By...


Why Your Online Business Should Hire A Local Website Designer | Ep 73

In this episode we talk about Why Your Online Business Should Hire A Local Website Designer: Probably a little unorthodox and against conventional thinking, but when you choose a local website designer their reputation has more at stake. For example, if you hire a company overseas or even across the country, if you have a bad experience, the worst thing you can do is leave a bad review. However, if both of you are local, you could tell other businesses and potentially have the company lose...


The Top 5 Software Tools We Use In Our Business And You Should Too | Ep 72

In this episode we talk about The Top 5 Software Tools We Use In Our Business And You Should Too: Slack - Hands down the best messaging and complete project and communication software. Slack was just getting started when we started the company and it allowed us to live in two different states to start the company. Sumo - The full suite. We use Sumo to collect email addresses and grow our website traffic. We use AppSumo to find out about the latest and greatest new tech softwares at a deal....