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Tune in every week for practical tips on how to use your website, design and automated marketing strategies to help scale and improve your business.

Tune in every week for practical tips on how to use your website, design and automated marketing strategies to help scale and improve your business.
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Tune in every week for practical tips on how to use your website, design and automated marketing strategies to help scale and improve your business.






010 - How To Use Your Website To Become An Authority

Being seen as an authority in your field has so many positive effects on your brand, the types of clients you attract and the money you earn. In this week’s podcast episode, we look at the ways you can position yourself as an authority, not only in the eyes of your potential customers but also with Google. Find out about: Important Links & Mentions Request your FREE Website Health Check here Thank you for listening! Do you think your website could be performing better in generating new...


009 - The Importance of Having Clarity on your Website

Did you know that if someone can’t understand what you do from your website within the first 3 to 5 seconds, they’re gone? They’ll not only click off your website, but they’ll take their potential business away with them. In this podcast episode, I go solo and use the opportunity to talk about why having clarity on your website is so important and how you can achieve it. I believe that clarity should be at the forefront of every business, especially when it comes to communicating your...


008 - Getting the Fundamentals Right for Marketing and Website Success

Your website has the power to fuel your business with more leads and sales. But as you grow your business, it's easy to get so caught up with the different tactics and shiny new tools that you miss the fundamentals of what it takes to build a successful website. If you don’t have strong foundations in place as your business grows, it will eventually collapse in on itself. What’s potentially even more frustrating about this is the fact that things usually break down just when the business is...


007 - How To Write Copy That Sells With Seb Greenwood

Crafting compelling copy is an art form. But most business owners don’t have the time (or the skill) to write their own copy for their websites. So, they often outsource content creation to professional copywriters such as my guest on this podcast episode, Seb Greenwood. Seb is a gifted marketer and an extremely talented copywriter with an innate ability to write words that make people take action. He’s generated hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of well-crafted sales letters across...


006 - How to use Story Telling in your Marketing with Lucy Collier

People have been telling stories since the dawn of time. The only thing that’s changed is the way we tell them. In this podcast episode, I explore how businesses can leverage the power of storytelling in marketing with my special guest, Lucy Collier. Having appointed herself the ‘Caucasian Provocateur,' Lucy with a Why is a marketer and copywriter who isn’t afraid to ‘go there’. She gives her clients the gift of personality and punctures it throughout their entire marketing process, from...


005 - Why You Need a CRM to Power Your Business with Nathan Bradley

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is a valuable asset that manages, tracks and analyses customer interactions. Building relationships with your customers should be at the forefront of your business, and CRM can help you to do that. It helps to improve customer loyalty, customer retention and, if used effectively, can help to increase profits. In this podcast episode, I welcome Nathan Bradley onto the show to talk about why every business needs a CRM system. Nathan is a...


004 - How To Effectively Use PPC To Grow Your Traffic With Natasha Conway

PPC (pay-per-click) is a powerful method of digital marketing that, when harnessed properly, can have a major impact on your business. If you’re struggling to attract valuable traffic to your website and sales are rather slow, PPC could be your ticket out of the this decline. Despite the positive benefits of PPC advertising, many businesses neglect to implement it into their digital marketing strategies because they simply don’t know how. In this podcast episode, I speak with paid traffic...


003 - 7 Key Elements Of Influence To Use On Your Website

Some people are more charismatic than others. When they speak to a crowded room, everyone takes notice because they demand attention. They use their magnetic pull to entice their audience, persuade people to agree with them and most importantly, win new clients. But what if there was a way you could inject the same level of charisma and influence into your website? In this podcast episode, I explore seven principles that are guaranteed to help you build trust online, boost conversions and...


002 - The Melting Pot Podcast - Are Websites Dying Out

Are websites dying out in 2018? Some experts you don't need a website to be successful. In this episode we discuss the benefits of having a website for your business.


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Welcome To The Melting Pot Podcast Tune in every week for practical tips on how to use your website, design and automated marketing strategies to help scale and improve your business. And now here’s you host - Award winning business enabler Matthew Eldridge. This show is brought to you from Melt Creative Limited - We're an Award Winning creative agency that helps ambitious businesses and entrepreneurs put the right technology, design and marketing in place to deliver excellent results.