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CEO Mentors challenge your thinking about work and life, help you reach your highest potential, find purpose and happiness in whatever you do

CEO Mentors challenge your thinking about work and life, help you reach your highest potential, find purpose and happiness in whatever you do


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CEO Mentors challenge your thinking about work and life, help you reach your highest potential, find purpose and happiness in whatever you do




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What I wish I knew at 18, with CEO Ken Rusk

Join THE MENTORS RADIO Host Tom Loarie as he talks with “Blue Collar Cash” author and Rusk Industries’ CEO, Ken Rusk. Ken shares the things he wished he knew at age 18, how he dug his way to the top, how he became a blue collar millionaire, and how YOU can have a recession-proof and merger and acquisition (M&A)-proof career. Find Show Notes here. Listen to radio podcast below ... Sign up for FREE podcasts -- on ANY device & platform -- here.


David Siegel, CEO of, talks about the need for community, today’s cry of loneliness and more

In today's episode, Guest Mentor David Siegel, the dynamic CEO of, talks with Host Tom Loarie about the importance of community during today’s other pandemic – loneliness. He'll also share how he and have survived and thrived with agility, creativity and adaptability during some challenging times indeed! Find Show Notes here. Listen below to the radio podcast. And DON'T FORGET: Sign-up for our FREE Podcast and never miss a show or an interview!!


A Superstar’s Journey from Darkness to Light

European Superstar TAJCI (now Tatiana "Tajci" Cameron) talks with Host Tom Loarie to share her emotional and inspirational story of abandoning stardom for an authentic and purposeful life through which she has impacted the lives of millions through her music and story. Find Show Notes here. Listen to the radio podcast below, and Sign up for our FREE podcast—on any platform, any device—here.


Principled Entrepreneurship and Pivoting when you hit the wall

This episode is Co-Hosted by Tom Loarie and Guest Host Lynne Fischer (an award-winning business woman who herself transitioned from ice cream, to wine, to biotech). They talk with Andreas Widmer, who transitioned from the familiarity of his native homeland to becoming a proud member of the elite Swiss Guard at age 20, to joining a few others on a pioneering software entrepreneur journey that ultimately sold for $600 million... and then crashed to zero, causing financial ruin. From enormous...


What are your prospects of employability in the COVID environment?

On today's episode, Host Tom Loarie talks with Blair Sheppard, Global Leader for Strategy and Leadership for the PwC network and Dean Emeritus of Duke’s Fuqua School of Business. They'll discuss global trends, and the impact of these trends on employ-ability for four groups of people: 1) Those who are young and just getting started, 2) those in mid-career, 3) those close to retirement, and 4) those on the margins. Blair’s new book, “Ten Years to Midnight: Four Urgent Crises and Their...


What it takes to be the Best you can be, with Captain Foley USAF and Host Tom Loarie

In this show, CEO Host Tom Loarie talks with United States Air Force Captain and Chaplain Thomas Foley on what it takes to be the best you can be. Captain Foley peppers the conversation with first-hand stories and examples. Need a little inspiration? Need a little motivation? You'll find it here! In case you're wondering, the photo is of host Tom Loarie since Captain Foley asked we not post a picture for security reasons. Listen to the radio podcast below or Subscribe for FREE - on ANY...


The Comeback of the Travel Industry and the World’s Greatest CEO of All Time

On this episode, Host Tom Loarie talks with American Tours International (ATI) Founder and CEO, Noel Irwin Hentschel, this week's guest mentor. Hentschel will address pressing issues facing the travel industry today and will discuss the leadership lessons learned under her mentor, “The Greatest CEO of All Time.” ATI is the nation’s largest full-service tour operator, partnering with more than 30,000 suppliers across all 50 states to serve clients in more than 70 international markets. Learn...


Why do these Three Mentors want to help YOU succeed?

Our Mentor Hosts Tom Loarie, Ric Brutocao, and John Phillips have plenty to do. They are each highly successful CEOs from three very different fields. So, why would each of them agree to take turns hosting one of the most remarkable mentoring shows EVER? Because each of them are themselves natural mentors. They've been helping others succeed throughout their career, and they don't plan to stop. The Mentors Radio gives each of them a platform to share their wisdom, discuss key decisions and...


How to turnaround a company from bleeding cash to thriving in profits

Host Tom Loarie talks with guest mentor Clint Severson about the hard-won secrets he learned as he turned around a publicly traded company that was in a death spiral, bleeding cash and failing fast. It was not easy, but he parlayed disaster into a $2 billion acquisition down the road. Clint shares his thought process, how he built a high-performance team in the challenging field of healthcare diagnostics. He focused on company culture and well-crafted compensation programs that transformed...


SeaWorld’s Former CEO on 7 Timeless Principles for Navigating the COVID Crisis

This episode, Host Tom Loarie talks with Guest Mentor Joel Manby, former CEO of SeaWorld, as he shares his Seven Timeless Principles that can make keep you steady and your business moving forward while navigating the COVID pandemic and the ensuing state and local government restrictions. Manby’s leadership philosophy evolved while an executive at Saab, then as CEO of Herschend Family Enterprises (a privately owned themed entertainment company), and finally as CEO of SeaWorld. Find Show Notes...


Tips on Personal Branding and How to Stand Out from the Crowd While in Transition during COVID

Top career activator, Madelyn Mackie, joins Host Tom Loarie to discuss personal branding, building your unique career portfolio, and applying powerful and proven strategies for a successful career transition. Madelyn is a certified career management coach, member of the National Resume Writers Association, and former board member of the National Speakers Association. Find Show Notes here. Listen to Radio podcast below. Sign up for FREE radio podcasts on ANY platform here!


Keys to Emotional Health for Leaders during Covid, with guest Eric Rhoads

Are you struggling emotionally to lead during today’s global pandemic? Then join Host Tom Loarie this weekend, on THE MENTORS RADIO when his guest, Eric Rhoads, founder and CEO of one of America’s fastest growing companies, discusses how he is overcoming the challenge of losing 50% of his revenues overnight and maintaining a healthy state of mind. Find Show Notes here. Listen below to the Radio podcast. Even better, sign up for our FREE radio podcast on ANY platform, device you want, here!


Burn Out and the Importance of Connection, with Katie and Michael Stallard

Feeling exhausted, feeling negative or cynical about your job and career (not to mention COVID-19 shutdowns)? Working well below your potential? Host Tom Loarie talks with "Fired Up or Burned Out" author Michael Stallard and his wife, Katie, who share their practical insights, hard-earned, first-hand experience and life-improving solutions on burn out and the critical importance of connection. Mike is a sought-after speaker and teacher, with a background in Financial Services as Chief...


YOU CAN DO IT TOO: How one Family Business Survived Devastating Economic Times, through SIX generations – The Verdin Company

Most family companies don’t last beyond three generations, instead they sell out or die off. So when a family-owned company endures through the Great Depression, Economic downturns, ups and downs, through six generations, it’s a rare and beautiful thing! In today's show, Host John Phillips talks with Guest Bob Verdin of The Verdin Company—an East Coast company that has been making and repairing bells and tower clocks for more than 175 years. You'll learn Bob's passion for the business after...


How to Find a Job in a Hard Times with Guests Kelly and Sue Connelly

In today's episode, Host Tom Loarie talks with job search experts and sisters Sue and Kelly Connelly regarding how to find a job in challenging times. In 1997, marketing communications consultant and founder of Connelly Communications, Sue Connelly, launched a simple email list to Keep In Touch with friends and clients. But soon after, as friends began experiencing layoffs, the list transitioned into a job opportunity lifeline for the friends. As job opportunities were shared with others,...


Back to Basics with The Mentors

The Mentors Radio hosts Tom Loarie, Ric Brutocao and John Phillips are each successful, ethical CEOs and entrepreneurs in their own right, each hailing from three different industries. Together they deliver a powerful punch to those genuinely seeking how to succeed in business and life. In this episode, you'll hear the real reasons each of these three outstanding and remarkable CEOs have a passion to help YOU succeed. Listen to the radio show podcast below. Sign up for FREE podcasts of the...


Facing an unwanted job change due to COVID-19?

This weekend, The Mentors Host Tom Loarie (photo) talks with 20-year talent acquisition expert Kristen Sousa, the founder of Talent Squirrels. Prior to founding the career search firm, Kristen served in executive positions with, Robert Half, Monster and AccountTemps. When it comes to solving job search, career challenges, she knows what she's talking about! The in-depth conversation covers both ends of the job / career search—how to figure out the root problems an employer may...


Who is your business attorney? Why do you need one?

On today's show, Host Ric Brutocao talks with Guest Mentor Michael E. Flynn, a lead attorney and co-partner-in-charge at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher in Newport Beach, CA. Together, they discuss what a difference it makes to have an ethical, sharp, trusted attorney in your corner. You'll learn some very practical signs that can indicate it's time to pick up the phone and get some legal advice. And you'll learn some of the many ways that business owners -- even small business owners-- can benefit...


How to Get Unstuck and Change your life for Good with Guest Dan Heath

In today's show Host Tom Loarie talks with best-selling author Dan Heath about how we get "stuck" -- in business, in life, in relationships — and how to get "unstuck" and moving forward. Even more, Heath shows us how to develop what he calls an "upstream" thinking mindset. He shows us how to solve problems BEFORE they happen so that instead of always putting out "fires" in life, business and even health, you'll be preventing them from happening in the first place! Dan is a a senior fellow at...


Chris Smith on how to transform your business or brand

Business growth and branding expert Chris Smith talks with host John Phillips Jr. on how to transform your business or enterprise. He exposes the simple things that many businesses and entrepreneurs overlook or just assume. But these seemingly simple things can radically transform your business, and quickly. He covers storytelling, productive networking, taking time to understand “who” your business is and what sets you apart, and how to achieve success. Find Show Notes here. Listen to Radio...