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This is not another marketing show that discusses tools, tactics and tricks. The New Marketing Show talks about how effective marketing solves business problems.

This is not another marketing show that discusses tools, tactics and tricks. The New Marketing Show talks about how effective marketing solves business problems.
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This is not another marketing show that discusses tools, tactics and tricks. The New Marketing Show talks about how effective marketing solves business problems.






BONUS CONTENT: Organizing Your Content For Users

Organizing content is simple if you understand a couple of key items: what content is most important to your users and how do you get them more of the same great digital marketing content. Using Google Analytics and WordPress categories helps make this task easier as Greg Taylor explains.


#TBT Podcast: Talking Google Analytics with Scott Yacko

We spend a lot of time discussing Google Analytics and measuring metrics for campaigns and sites. Here in an interview from 2015 Greg Taylor sits down in San Francisco with Scott Yacko where he talks about setting GA goals, entrance paths and conversion.


BONUS CONTENT: Carter Bowman Talks Long Form Content, Return on Relationship and Customer Experience

Over the weekend, Kevin Eberle and Greg Taylor bumped into Pennsylvania author Carter Bowman promoting his new book. We started talking about all things books and all things marketing, which include the value of long form content, enhancing the customer experience and lifetime customer values. Give it a listen and we apologize for the noisty street setting.


The New Marketing Show NEWS & Content Update

New show scheduel for The New Marketing Show; Tuesdays: Full length episodes with Kevin & Greg Wednesday & Saturday: BONUS Content Thursday: #TBT Edition with Greg’s old keynote or relevant industry interviews


#30 Selecting WordPress Themes

This week on The New Marketing Show, Greg & Kevin discuss how they select WordPress themes for Trinity Web Media projects. If you’ve listened to the show before you know how the Trinity team ties everything back to problem solving, so you can probably guess how they get the selection process started.


BONUS CONTENT: Community Initiatives

Community initiatives and projects have always been a staple of Trinity Web Media. As WordPress developers and a content marketing agency we have the expertise and the ability to make changes in our community. The question often comes up: Can doing good and growing a business coexist? Doing good in the community and growing a business can happen simultaneously if things are done the right way. Greg Taylor of Trinity Web Media explains in this BONUS Episode of The New Marketing Show..


BONUS CONTENT: Introducing Delaware River Towns

The gang at Trinity Web Media is proud to announce our new community site Delaware River Towns Local. Our NJ HQ is located in Stockton, NJ which is a part of the state affectionately known as The Delaware River Towns. This site is a hub of information for local events, news and current events. Check it out and learn more about why we took on this initiative.


#29 The Biggest Mistakes With Restaurant Websites

This week The New Marketing Show takes on one of there pet peaves, the restaurant website. So few restaurants do the little things right when it comes to their website. Kevin & Greg discuss all things Best Bite Marketing and why, oh why, restaurants still feel the need to use a pdf for their marquee website item — the menu. Key Takeaways: • Stock Images are alive and well on restaurant websites • pdf files do no scale and behave appropriately on mobile devices • The website is the...


BONUS CONTENT: The Biggest Mistakes Restaurant Websites Make

This episode of The New Marketing Show BONUS epidition talks about one of the biggest mistakes restaurant websites make. If your website contains a .pdf for your menu you are already losing the online marketing game. Listen and learn why pdf menus on your restaurant’s website is such a bad idea.


BONUS CONTENT: Talking More About Iterations

This BONUS Episode of The New Marketing Show, Greg Taylor dives in a little more about iterations and why that term or process need not be a daunting task. If you replace the work iteration with phases or stages you will be able to adopt the same methodilogy and avhieve the same results.


#28 The Iterative Process & What It Means To You

Trinity Web Media totally belives in iterative processes. To many, the word iterative is a scary term and often misunderstood. On this episode of The New Marketing Show, Greg Taylor & Keivn Eberle discuss the what the hell that term means why the process valuable to your marketing. Thank you for listening, rating and reviewing The New Marketnig Show!


BONUS CONTENT: The Best Marketing Partnerships

Greg Taylor talks about some of his favorite marketing partnerships from over the years and what they all have in common. Listen and let us know if you agree. Thank you for your support!


BONUS CONTENT: What To Look For In a Marketing Agency

In this bonus episode of The New Marketing Show, Greg Taylor is on location at Petco Park in San Diego where he talks about traits to look for when hiring a digital marketing agency for your business.


#27 How To Select a Marketing Agency

This week Kevin and Greg navigate the murky waters of selecting maketing agencies. The duo from Trinity Web Media talk about specialists, demonstrating value, cultural alignment and what makes for a good collaborative marketing relationship.


BONUS CONTENT: Better Blogging

Sometimes the hardest part of being a blogger and blogging effectively is findign your content. Greg Taylor from Trinity Web Media discusses where to find great content for your audience and how to make an impact.


BONUS CONTENT: Becoming an Effective Blogger

One of the most important tools you have in your digital marketing strategy is your blog. Greg Taylor talks about what bloggin effectively means and how it will help your brand.


#26 The Importance of Blogs To Your Brand

If your website is the sun of your digital marketing solar system, the blog is the sun of any good content strategy. This week on The New Marketing Show, Kevin & Greg talk about the role your blog plays in the growth of your brand and your overall content strategy. Key Discussion Points: • The best time to start a blog • Post/Content length and frequency • The importance of owning your own content and where it’s published • Where to get content ideas • What makes for a successful...


BONUS CONTENT: The Strategy Behind Landing Pages

Landing pages are a necessity for every digital marketer and website. The landing page is where someone is directed for the sole purpose of conversion. Greg Taylor of Trinity Web Media talks about various things that are important to a successful landing page.


BONUS CONTENT: Three Principles of Marketing - Connect, Engage, Perform

In this bonus episode of The New Marketing Show, Greg Taylor discusses his (other) favorite marketing principle: Connect, Engage, Perform. Connect with your audience and the right people. Make sure your sphere of influence are people who can move the needle, help you learn and are comprised of your target audience. This is important. I would rather have a community of 100 people who I connect with vs. 12,000 followers that are scattered across the board. (Check out our podcast about Vanity...


#25 Some Of Our Favorite Things: The Best of

For the 25th episode of The New Marketing Show Kevin and Greg discuss some of their favorite things. We discuss our favorite podcasts, marketing and media personalities, favorite blogs and our favorite moments from the first 25 episodes of The New Marketing Show. Thank you for listening to the first 25, subscribing, rating and reviewing The New Marketing Show. You keep listening, we will keep making them!