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Leaders share WINS, LOSSES, and WTF moments. This is a fun, fast-paced show that delivers hard-fought advice that you can implement today to improve your sales and leadership abilities.

Leaders share WINS, LOSSES, and WTF moments. This is a fun, fast-paced show that delivers hard-fought advice that you can implement today to improve your sales and leadership abilities.
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Leaders share WINS, LOSSES, and WTF moments. This is a fun, fast-paced show that delivers hard-fought advice that you can implement today to improve your sales and leadership abilities.




Amanda Coleman, General Manger, Nelson Coleman Jewelers

Amanda is the 6th generation of the Nelson Coleman Jewelers family business and is currently first female owner. She is a Graduate Gemologist and Certified Gemologist Appraiser with AGS. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, she has worked to create a diversified business full time since 2004. Other achievements: Board member for Maryland Retail Association and AGS, President of the AGS Maryland National, Capital Guild, member of Center Club of Baltimore and Baltimore Chapter of Accelerant...


Peter Reitano CEO @ Abacus

Peter Reitano is an agency side marketing veteran with 10 years in the industry. He built and sold Spark Marketing, teaches digital marketing at Bitmaker Labs, mentors at Futurpreneur and regularly speaks at conferences and industry panels around the world. Now CEO of Abacus, a company specializing in Facebook Advertising. Podcast Highlights Double down on your success


Greg Derwart, Managing Director at Maryland Department of Commerce

Greg Derwart is a senior operations executive with over 25 years of professional experience in the private sector, government and nonprofit arenas. He serves as Managing Director for the Maryland Department of Commerce. In addition to heading up the Department’s Administration and Technology team, he is also taking a leadership role in corporate culture and customer experience, including Governor Hogan’s statewide customer service initiative. The Maryland Department of Commerce stimulates...


Bill Cole, President, Pfister Energy

As a 4th generation roofing contractor, Bill has spent his life around roofing. Today I spend my time helping people see that a roof can be more than just an umbrella for their building. Commercial roofing solutions including green roofing, solar roofing, and other renewable energy technologies are available to our customers maximizing the investment they make in their roof. Podcast Highlights Your trust in your employees leads to confidence


Arsham Mirshah, Co-Founder at WebMechanix

Arsham Mirshah (@arshammm) is a co-founder and managing partner of WebMechanix, (@WebMechanix) a performance-based digital marketing & advertising agency. He is the glue that keeps the creative, technical, and administrative teams aligned. Arsham has been on the cutting-edge of marketing technology for more than 10 years. Now, leading a team of over 40 online marketing professionals, Arsham enjoys executing campaigns and demonstrat [...]


Keith Walter, COO at GigStreem

Keith Walter is the COO of Gigstreem and he is on a mission to bring a better wireless internet infrastructure to America. He has 20+ years designing & building Wireless, Fiber, and Cellular Networks that drive innovation beyond conventional technology. Finding solutions to complex problems is what Keith was put on the planet to do. Podcast Highlights Never sacrifice the customer experienceSuccess in sales comes from [...]


Brian Razzaque Founder & CMO at SocialToaster

Brian Razzaque (@razzaque) is the founder and inventor of SocialToaster, an enterprise marketing and engagement platform that helps organizations drive word-of-mouth website traffic using the social networks of existing supporters. SocialToaster has evolved to become one of the leading solutions in the industry and is currently being used by some of the biggest names in sports, television, film, music, publishing, education and non-profit. Podcast Highlights Flexibility and...


Mark Greenberg, CEO at Equity Mortgage Lending

Mark is currently Chief Executive Officer and a founder of Equity Mortgage Lending. Mark has been with the company since 1986 and an impeccable reputation and long-term experience in the mortgage industry since his start in banking in 1980. Mark was inducted into the US Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 1998. Mark’s successes have not only been in the business world but also on the athletic field. Mark is a three-time National [...]


Bill Clark, CEO, Clark Leadership Group

Bill is a serial entrepreneur who has founded, bought, grown and sold multiple businesses. He has experienced both thrilling successes and catastrophic failures in his professional and personal life. Now, in the final chapters of his life, Bill provides insightful and strategic business knowledge based in practical experience, gained over a lifetime. His sole focus is to help others to achieve their dreams. Bill enjoys the reputation of being a down to earth, resilient and self-aware...


Nick Gilson, CEO Gilson Snowboard & Ski Co.

Nick is Founder and CEO of Gilson (@gilsonsnow), a manufacturer of snowboards and skis located in Winfield, PA. He is a 2011 graduate of Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Earth & Planetary Sciences. He taught middle school science in Nashville, TN before launching the company out of the classroom. He has received numerous awards in innovative product development and leadership and holds several snowboard and ski patents. Gilson made Wired’s “Gear of the Year” list in 2015 and in...


Patrick Rife, CVO + Founder at Pixilated

At Pixilated, Patrick (@PatrickRife) oversees business development, sales, and marketing. Prior to Pixilated, he worked for Bonsai Art, where he became Operations Manager. Patrick has managed large-scale art installations at institutions, museums, and for private collectors around the country. Before that, while pursuing a career in music, he ran his own small business focused on satellite network installation and home entertainment technologies. Patrick graduated from the University of...


Heather Monahan, #1 Best Selling Author of Confidence Creator

Heather Monahan (@_heathermonahan) started from very humble beginnings growing up in Worcester, Massachusetts. After graduating from Clark University, she began her career in sales and quickly advanced to top salesperson and Brand Manager within her first year in corporate America. Heather finished her corporate career as the Chief Revenue Officer for Beasley Broadcasting. Heather was recognized as a Glass Ceiling Award winner and as one of the Most Influential Women in radio in...


Dustin Plantholt, Author, Life’s Tough - You can be tougher!

Dustin Plantholt is the managing director at Plantholt Advisory Group. He helps organizations take their business to the next level. His team works with companies to differentiate them from the competition while improving the bottom-line. Dustin helps uncover new verticals, help with product development and uncover new ways to engage with your customers and staff. Dustin’s upcoming book, Life’s Tough is coming out in Sept 18′


Jon Goldman, CEO, Brand Launcher, How To Become An Exceptional Leader

Jon is a business growth expert, master facilitator, and the business guru’s guru. He was co-owner of a promotional company that ranked #26 out of 24,000 nationally. Since he sold out, he has devoted his time to developing Brand Launcher where he and his team of expert business mentors specialize in helping owners grow their businesses while reducing its dependence on them. Jon is famous for his Turning Point Program, an intense on-site experience designed to guide high-level entrepreneurs...


Allen Gannett, CEO, TrackMaven, Creativity Is A Science

ALLEN GANNETT is the founder and CEO of TrackMaven, a marketing analytics platform whose clients have included Microsoft, Marriott, Saks Fifth Avenue, Home Depot, Aetna, Honda, and GE. He has been on the “30 Under 30” lists for both Inc. and Forbes. He is a contributor for and has an upcoming book The Creative Curve, on how anyone can achieve moments of creative genius, coming out in June 2018 from Currency, a division of Penguin Random House. He was also once a very...


Karl Saar, Artist, The Artist’s Dilemma

Karl Saar is a sculptor working predominately in steel, aluminum, and bronze. He has been a self-employed sculptor and furniture builder since 1998. Karl says “I don’t really have a cohesive reason for why I make what I make. I believe my subject matter is driven by experimenting with techniques in the shop which leads to an idea. Sometimes a found object, pop culture, or even a client requesting specific criteria in a piece can inform what I produce.” Podcast Highlights The three...


Umar Hameed CEO, No Limits Selling - The Psychology Of Salespeople

Have you wondered what separates A-players from the B-players in a sales organization? A-players are few in number and they generate a lot of sales. B-players know how to sell but never achieve greatness. The question is what blocks B-players from being exceptional. It’s Mindset. Podcast Highlights We have anywhere from 50,000 – 100,000 beliefs that define who we areOur beliefs control our behaviors, So to change a behavior y [...]