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173: Achieving Success And Fulfillment with Bettie Spruill

It's easy to let others define what success, happiness, and value look like for us. When we try to live our lives using a framework that doesn't resonate authentically with who we are, it will only lead to disappointment. My guest for this episode is an expert in personal transformation and communication. She has helped thousands of people from Russia to Ghana move towards success, leadership, and mastery, and redefine their lives around their own personal vision. Bettie Spruill is a...


172: Reinventing Yourself with John Romaniello

My guest for this episode is a true renaissance man. He's the author of the New York Times bestseller, Man 2.0 Engineering the Alpha, a biohacker and expert in a hormone optimization, an entrepreneur, an angel investor, a writing coach, a business mentor, and the founder of Roman Fitness Systems. I'm talking about the one and only John Romaniello. You might be shocked that one man can achieve all that, but on top of it all, Roman pulls it off with an irreverent attitude and a style that's...


171: Wellness Doc to Hollywood’s Biggest Stars, Dr. Matea

My guest for this episode is one of the best-kept secrets in Hollywood, someone many famous athletes, celebrities and executives would rather you didn't know about. Dr. Matea is a doctor who's trained in both Western medicine and natural therapies. She's also a musician and vocalist, and the Founder of a line of aromatherapy products. Dr. Matea’s work taps into both science and spirituality, allowing her to provide a more holistic approach to healing, enhancing or maintaining her patients'...


170: Steal These Leadership Strategies with Scott Eck

Do you want to be a better leader? Then it's time you join the theater. My guest for this episode number 170 is Scott Eck, Founder and CEO of Leadership Masters. A company that creates leadership theater experiences for Fortune 100 clients such as Coca-Cola, 3M, Boeing, State Farm and Lockheed Martin. You may be wondering what theater has to do with leadership. It's all based on an idea called sociodrama, developed by a student of Freud's years ago. By roleplaying key figures in high stakes...


170: Steal these Leadership Strategies with Scott Eck

Do you want to be a better leader? Then it's time you join the theater. My guest for this episode number 170 is Scott Eck, Founder and CEO of Leadership Masters. A company that creates leadership theater experiences for Fortune 100 clients such as Coca-Cola, 3M, Boeing, State Farm and Lockheed Martin. You may be wondering what theater has to do with leadership. It's all based on an idea called sociodrama, developed by a student of Freud's years ago. By roleplaying key figures in high stakes...


169: The Story of Your Blood with Mary Beth Kauffman Mittleman

The food we eat has a profound impact on our bodies at the cellular level. In the long term, it can even lead to a serious illness and disease. Some of these illnesses may even be caused by the acidity of our highly processed diets. Your blood provides important clues to understanding what's going on inside your body, specifically, through live blood microscopy. My guest for this episode is Mary Beth Kauffman Mittleman. She happens to be an expert in live blood microscopy. Mary Beth has...


168: Outside-The-Box Tax Strategies with Mike Packman

The best time to plant an oak tree was twenty years ago. The second-best time is now. Tax planning is like that. We're already at the tail end of the year and now is the time to figure out how to shelter your hard-earned money from taxes. January 1st will be too late. No one gets excited about doing their taxes, but this episode is going to be very exciting because it will reveal tax strategies that you've never heard of but that you're going to want to hear. You'll learn how to defer and...


167: Painful Lessons Growing an 8 Figure Business with Rand Fishkin

Imagine the euphoria of learning that an investor is willing to bet $20 million on your company. Then imagine the stress that sets in after you realize what you just signed up for. After all, that investor is expecting you to quadruple their money. My guest on this episode has been there. He not only lived to tell the tale, he wrote a book about it. Rand Fishkin is the author of Lost and Founder which charts the rise of his multi-million dollar company Moz and his rocky dealings with venture...


166: Supercharge Your Memory and Learning with Jonathan Levi

Would you say you have a great memory or just a so-so memory? Would you like to improve it? Everybody could improve their memory and there are some pretty straightforward tools, tips, and techniques that will help you to improve your memory. You're going to learn all about it in this episode from one of the world's experts on memory and learning, Jonathan Levi. Jonathan is our guest and he's the author of the bestselling book, Become a SuperLearner. He's a serial entrepreneur, published...


165: Breaking The Mentality Of Scarcity with Sharon Lechter

Two books have had a profound impact on my life: Rich Dad Poor Dad and Outwitting the Devil. There are more than that, but these two are particularly pertinent to this episode. The authors of these two books, Robert Kiyosaki and Napoleon Hill respectively, have become household names but someone else had a hand in both books and she doesn't get the limelight. Her name is Sharon Lechter and she's our guest in this episode number 165. Sharon is an entrepreneur, author, philanthropist,...


164: Rapid Transformational Therapy with Marisa Peer

Therapy is about understanding yourself and changing behaviors, but Marisa Peer, world-renowned speaker, Rapid Transformational Therapy trainer, and bestselling author, is a great believer that you can't change what you don't understand. We live in a fast world and people are no longer willing to go and spend a year talking about a symptom when they can use the technique that can show them the cause of the symptom and removing it. Marisa says her therapy and most hypnotherapies is about...


163: Elevate Your Market and Your Marketing with the Legendary Jay Abraham

It was back in the mid ‘90s where I had first heard of the marketing legend, Jay Abraham. I never would have imagined for my life that I would eventually count Jay as a friend and yet here we are. I’m so grateful that he has joined me on this episode of The Optimized Geek. He’s been on Marketing Speak twice. Once where I interviewed him and once where he interviewed me about SEO. Those are definitely great episodes you should definitely check out. Jay is known as the $21.7 billion man...


162: Evolve Your Style with Fashion Expert Lauren Friedman

It's been awhile since we came out with an episode on style or fashion. It was episode eight a long time ago, that was with Luke Storey. It was an amazing episode. If you haven’t read it, you definitely should go and read it. I don't think of myself as having a lot of fashion sense. I did not dress well a decade ago. I didn't know any better. I rely heavily on my wife and also we rely on stylists for things like closet cleanses, outfit combinations, buying new items. A lot of times we’ll...


161: Identify Your Genius And Leverage It with Mike Zeller

In this episode number 161, you're going to learn how to identify your genius and leverage it. You’ll also learn how to find or even create a peer group of high performers as well as take your relationships to a whole new level. Our guest is Mike Zeller. He's a social entrepreneur who started eight different businesses in five different industries producing over $100 million in sales. He's been featured in the Huffington Post, Business Insider and Entrepreneur. In addition to having his own...


160: Elevate Your Energy And Expand Your Consciousness with Dr. John Amaral

Life is all about energy. Life is energy after all. Without energy, you die. The key to vitality is having access to energy. In other words, energy utilization. In this episode number 160, you're going to learn how to elevate your energy from a true master. Our guest is Dr.John Amaral. He's a chiropractor, energy healer and educator who works behind the scenes helping celebrities, entrepreneurs, pro athletes and influencers elevate their energy so they feel and perform their best. John has...


159: Quantified Self: What Gets Measured Gets Managed with Lisa Betts-LaCroix

If you've been following the show for a while, you’ll probably know I'm an avid biohacker. I love biohacking. We've had a lot of episodes on biohacking. I've had the Godfather of Biohacking, Dave Asprey, on the show. I've also had other amazing biohackers on the show like Luke Storey, Dr. Daniel Kraft, Mark Sisson, Nick Delgado, Dr. Daniel Amenand Michael Morelli. We never really deep dived into QS, Quantified Self. This is where you measure and record everything. Peter Drucker said,...


158: Emotional Range, Awakenings, And Brain Training with Dominick Quartuccio

You are about to get some coaching and mentorship on raising performance, short-circuiting burnouts and eliminating drift. Drift you ask, “What the heck is that?” You are about to find out. It’s a crucial concept. My guest and your coach in this episode number 158 is Dominick Quartuccio. As an international keynote speaker, trainer, executive coach and author of the book, Design Your Future, Dominick works with the best of the best. Those who have an insatiable desire to achieve more and...


157: Reprogram Your Mind with Marty Weintraub

Marty Weintraub is commonly known as a successful entrepreneur and speaker. Yet, not everyone understands the magnitude of his experiences of overcoming mental health struggles when he was a child and fighting a battle with cancer later on. Through it all, Marty has sought for the comforts of therapies that inspired him to seek for happiness and rewire his brain to go for joy instead of dealing with pain and suffering. He talks about his journey together with doing some therapy for happiness...


156: Going Global, Cashing Out, and Starting Anew with Elisa Camahort Page

Anytime I can sit down and learn from someone who has built up a business from nothing and then sold it for a number well into the eight figures, I snap up that opportunity. Our guest in this episode number 156 isn’t just successful in business. She’s also a world-changer. I’m so excited to invite on to the show Elisa Camahort Page, known as the Co-Founder and COO of scrappy-startup-turned-global women’s media company, BlogHer Inc. Elisa’s debut book on everyday activism,Road Map for...


155: Shift Your Destiny with Kute Blackson

Do you know your life's purpose? Truly, I feel like I'm still discovering it. This podcast is part of it. The two self-help books I'm working on are also part of it. I feel I'm still scratching the surface. If you're like me, then you might also feel like this is a journey of discovery. Even if you've already identified your life's purpose, are you truly fulfilling it? Are you living authentically? Are you changing the world or are you playing small? In this episode number 155, we're going...