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Reboot and Improve Your Life Ready to improve your health, wealth, partner intimacy, peer group, spirit, career, business, and more? Tune into the Get Yourself Optimized, a podcast full of secret knowledge that will enable you to reboot your life.

Reboot and Improve Your Life Ready to improve your health, wealth, partner intimacy, peer group, spirit, career, business, and more? Tune into the Get Yourself Optimized, a podcast full of secret knowledge that will enable you to reboot your life.
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Reboot and Improve Your Life Ready to improve your health, wealth, partner intimacy, peer group, spirit, career, business, and more? Tune into the Get Yourself Optimized, a podcast full of secret knowledge that will enable you to reboot your life.




199: Turn the Clock Back on Aging Using Stem Cells with Dr. Amy Killen

Stem cells are quietly bringing about a revolution in health and longevity, and doctors are now looking at stem cells as a viable treatment for a number of ailments including spinal cord injuries and neurological conditions. Stem cells also appear to have a lot of potential when it comes to aging. On this episode number 199, I'm joined by Dr. Amy Killen, an expert in anti-aging, regenerative, and aesthetic medicine. Amy works out at the Docere Clinics at Utah where she practices cutting...


198: Optimize Your Brain through NeuroMovement with Anat Baniel

The human brain is an endless source of mystery and wonder. It’s the most powerful computer we know of, at least for now, and it’s a tool that has allowed the human race to achieve incredible things. The brain is also much more flexible and adaptable than many people realize. Someone who understands this more than most is Anat Baniel. She’s a psychologist, best-selling author of two books, Move Into Life and Kids Beyond Limits, and the creator of NeuroMovement, a powerful methodology that...


197: Freedom through a Systems Mindset with Josh Fonger

Do you run your business or does your business run you? As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to get buried in the details and lose sight of longer-term goals while you fritter away your time picking up the slack or fixing minor day-to-day issues. I admit that I get caught up in the minutia way too often. “Majoring in the minors and minoring in the majors,” as they say. Ideally, you should be working smart rather than hard by applying your genius on the highest value activities. The best and...


Rewrite Your Genetic Destiny with Dr. Ben Lynch

It’s a common misconception that the genetics we inherit from our parents determine our fate with regards to diseases and our overall health. The truth is your genes are not your destiny. While genetics certainly play a role, scientists now know there are many other factors that can exacerbate or trigger underlying genetic issues, including diet, exercise, your external environment and even your internal environment of your body, which includes things like your metabolism, microbiome,...


Achieve Big Productivity Gains from the 1% Rule with Tommy Baker

If you’re a regular audience to the show, you know that I’m a major productivity nerd. My guest for this episode is someone who intrigues me because he has developed his own simple process for getting things done and achieving his goals, and it works. His name is Tommy Baker and he calls his system, The 1% Rule. It’s all about embracing the daily grind and developing a routine that gets resolved. Tommy has applied this method to his own life, but he also helps others realize their dreams...


Healed by Ayahuasca with Dennis Notten

Sometimes here in the West, we can get so caught up in new ideas, we overlook traditional practices that have been around for centuries. My guest for this episode is Dennis Notten, a yoga meditation teacher, healer and a student of indigenous medicine from the Amazon and other parts of South America. Dennis has spent an extensive amount of time in the Amazon learning healing techniques from tribes like the Yawanawá in Brazil. He’s on a mission to bring some of these powerful methods to a...


Thinking and Growing Rich with John Shin

One of the more powerful books I’ve ever read is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It was first published over 80 years ago. Since then, it’s sold over 70 million copies worldwide. It truly is timeless and has changed many people’s lives, mine included. Many millionaires and billionaires have credited the book as a primary reason for their success. Among them is our guest for this episode, John Shin. John is not only a wildly successful entrepreneur but also a motivational speaker,...


EMFs: Ignorance Is NOT Bliss with Jason Bawden-Smith

On an average workday, how long do you spend sitting in front of a computer? Does your office have artificial lights? Do you microwave a meal for dinner and then sit down in front of the TV? Although we spend most of our time in environments filled with electromagnetic fields or EMFs, we rarely think about this kind of radiation exposure, but what effect are all these devices having on our bodies? There’s growing evidence that our lifestyles could be causing adverse effects like headaches,...


Outsourcing Your Workforce with Nathan Hirsch

The idea of hiring a remote workforce is highly appealing, especially if you’re a solo entrepreneur or a small business owner. What’s not to like? You get access to a flexible team without the pesky overheads of a traditional business, like office space and payroll tax. In reality, managing a remote team is trickier than it sounds. First off, it can be hard to find and retain top tier talents. Secondly, you might have other obstacles like work delays due to time zones or cultural...


The Millionaire's Secrets To Success with Jaime Masters

The best way to become a millionaire is to think like a millionaire, but you won’t learn that thing at school. Where do you learn it? Interviewing millionaires is a great place to start and that’s exactly what my guest did. Jaime Masters is the host of the Eventual Millionaire Podcast where she’s interviewed over 400 self-made millionaires, myself included. She does this to find out what makes them different, the work habits they swear by and the real secrets to their success. Jaime has...


Becoming A Hands Off CEO with Mandi Ellefson

Many of us start a business to escape the 9 to 5 grind and take control of our lives, but too often the business ends up controlling us. We find ourselves trapped in a role we didn’t envision for ourselves. We spent hours of each day on email and various mundane tasks with no time left over to work on longer-term goals. We work in the business when we should be working on the business. If your business seems like a never-ending slog, then you’ll definitely want to hear from my guest for...


Becoming Your Own Bank with Dr. Tom McFie

Most of us spend our whole lives working. We don’t think too much about what will happen to us or our families when we stop. One in three Americans has nothing saved for retirement, while most of us don’t even think about investing in life insurance. My guest is Dr. Tom McFie. As a practicing doctor, he oversaw his patient’s physical health for many years. Now, he provides advice on their financial health. Tom is the author of Prescription for Wealth, Winning Your Financial Game and...


Cracking The Code On Aging with Dr. Aubrey de Grey

Getting old is one of those certainties like death and taxes that most people just accept. A few tried to fight it with plastic surgery or biohacking but for everyone else, it’s an inevitability. What if aging is not a certainty and instead a disease with a cure? My guest for this episode is one of the top scientists in the world on extreme life extension. He’s not willing to accept small advances in this area. He has absolutely driven to getting humanity to longevity escape velocity where...


The Power Trifecta for Getting Organized with Charles Byrd

When you run a business or household for that matter, it’s easy for things to descend into chaos. That’s always been true but with all the distractions available to us now, it’s far easier for us to get bogged down with information overload and shiny objects syndrome. This isn’t a minor issue. If you don’t get a handle on chaos in your business or in your life, it can quickly escalate into serious problems. My guest for this episode is productivity expert, Charles Byrd. He is an...


Negotiate Like a Boss with Chris Voss

Imagine you’re on the phone with a kidnapper. Your goal is to get them to release their hostage as soon as possible. It’s a life or death situation. If you say one wrong thing, it could quickly escalate and you’ll have a disaster on your hands. My guest for this episode is Chris Voss. As an FBI Hostage Negotiator for over 24 years, he’s been in that exact situation dozens of times. You don’t operate in that kind of high-pressure environment without coming away with powerful insights on...


The Secret Weapon of the Highly Productive with Tiago Forte

Our brains can hold only so much information. If you're an ambitious person like me, you probably have so many projects and ideas on the go that some things just get forgotten. It's almost like you need a second brain to keep track of everything. You might be surprised to know that you can now build a second brain. I'm not talking about some kind of AI Robot. I'm talking about an innovative system that acts like an extension of your mind. Tiago Forte is the founder of Forte Labs and a...


Playing The Tax Game with Diane Kennedy

Unfortunately, tax time is upon us again. Before you take a visit to your accountant though, you're going to want to listen to this episode number 183. It might save you some money. As you probably know, the tax system has had quite a bit of shakeup 2018. A lot of people still don't know how the new tax rules will affect them. My guest isn't just a tax expert, she literally wrote the book on the new tax plan. Diane Kennedy is a New York Times bestselling author and she's going to talk about...


Creating A Lasting Legacy with Dr. Sean Stephenson

It takes work to be your best self and reach your full potential in life. It’s tempting to make excuses when things get tough. Sometimes you might even think about giving up. Then you meet someone who has achieved greatness despite incredible odds, and all your little excuses pale into insignificance. Dr. Sean Stephenson is one of those people. Sean was born with a rare bone disorder that stunted his growth. The doctors did not expect him to survive at birth. By the time he was eighteen, he...


How To Future-Proof Your Career with Carter Cast

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average person now holds ten different jobs before the age of 40. With the rise of AI and rapid technological change, this number is likely to increase in the future. The question is how can you future proof yourself in your chosen field while avoiding self-sabotaging behavior that can derail your career or get you laid off? Our guest is Carter Cast. Carter has reinvented himself several times, starting out as marketing manager at PepsiCo,...


How to Go from Victim to Invincible with Brian Martin

This episode is an important episode and it probably affects people you care deeply about, including yourself. After all, we've all been through some sort of childhood trauma. They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. As pervasive as domestic violence is, it's never okay. The victims aren't just those who were directly targeted by the perpetrators. The collateral damage always includes the kids even if their exposure was as a witness only. This is called childhood domestic violence...