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Matt Hampton

In episode 12 of the PDC show powered by, hosts Pete Kuc and Dani Fattizi interview Matt Hampton, owner of the website Mark has always had an infatuation with headshops. So it made complete sense in 2002 when he convinced his friend's brother, who had purchased the domain name a few years earlier, to let him turn it into the premier online destination for purchasing the means of consuming cannabis and various other paraphernalia. The website struggled for...


Jay Kitchen

Uptown GrowLab Executive and the Host of Uptown GrowLab Live Jay Kitchen explains how he built his business helping veterans and those with disabilities to grow their own medicinal cannabis. Kitchen sells seeds, and video streams live daily sharing tips and tricks on how to get the most out of medicinal cannabis from the comfort of your own home.


Mark Maycock

In episode 10 of the PDC show powered by, host Pete Kuc interviews Mark Maycock, director of engineering for The Box Purify & Infuse. Mark has been working in engineering and design for a slew of different companies over the years, including automotive industry giants, and even Disney World. When they met earlier this year at the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo, Pete and Mark talked about The Box and the many applications it has for both the consumer and cannabis producer. The...


Riley Cote

In episode 9 of the PDC show powered by, hosts Pete Kuc and Dani Fattizi interview former Philadelphia Fliers left winger Riley Cote. Riley was known as an "enforcer" during his eight year career in the NHL. He talks about how he created the character for himself, and how recklessly he would play and act off the ice in order to fill that role. He also discusses how he learned to reconsider his diet and his attitudes towards alternative medicine after he retired in 2010. Riley is...


John Hunt

In episode 8 of the PDC show powered by, host Pete Kuc and Dani Fattizi interview John Hunt, president & CEO of The Grimey Gatsby, which was voted 'Top 5 Music Blog' by Westword Denver Magazine, and founder of Hunt's Harvest Nutrients. John discusses how he first got his feet wet in the world of marketing in Aspen, Colorado, as well as how his sports injuries from his college days led him to seek alternative medical treatments through the use of marijuana. During the New of the...


The Dude Jeff Dowd

In Episode 7 of the PDC Show powered by, host Pete Kuc interviews 'The Dude' Jeff Dowd who inspired Jeff Bridges' iconic character in cult classic The Big Lebowski in its 20th anniversary. Dowd talks about producing multiple films in Hollywood including Fern Gully which inspired Avatar (according to James Cameron), his relationship with Oscar-winners, the Coen brothers, and why so many people gravitate towards 'The Dude' today. On this week's edition of the News of the...


Global Cannect

The PDC Show host Pete Kuc is joined by Co-host Dani Fattizi who delivers the News of the Week. Plus, Pete is joined by DC-based Global Cannect CEO CJ Meyer & COO John Hawkins to discuss their digital strategy & activation business at MJBizCon in New Orleans. The PDC Show. Connecting the Culture. Breaking the Stigma.


JuJu Royal

JuJu Royal COO & founder Travis Belcher and Chief Brand Officer Michael Sette talk about working with Julian Marley to build one of the top brands in the industry. They discuss the importance of music to their lifestyle brand, and how they took International Cannabrands Ltd. public in Canada & Germany in early 2018.


David Champion

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Baker Technologies (@Try_Baker) David Champion tells the story behind a company that aspires to be the 'SalesForce of Cannabis', Hear how integrating Baker's tech and logistical systems have improved the customer experience for dispensaries across the country. Also, David shares his passion for integrity in the community of business owners within the cannabis industry.


Kendell Madden

Air Force veteran Kendell Madden discusses how cannabis drastically improved his recovery from being injured in the line of duty. He shares his passion for giving back to fellow veterans through a variety of organizations including the following: Charlotte's Web - seizure remediation - Road Warrior Foundation - Virtually There Pro - VR & Video Photography - 10th Planet Jujitsu -


Podcast Premiere with Cassandra Farrington

On the premiere episode of The PDC Show powered by, host Pete Kuc shares his vision for the podcast! The guest is MJ Biz Daily CEO Cassandra Farrington who gives the State of the Union of Pot from MJ Biz Con in New Orleans, Louisiana. She discusses the rise of women in the industry, the growth of journalism covering the business, and why she's bullish on America continuing to decriminalize and regulate cannabis moving forward.


The PDC Show Trailer

The PDC Show is the Official Podcast of Connecting the Culture. Breaking the Stigma. Listen to a montage of host Pete Kuc speaking with MJ Biz Daily CEO Cassandra Farrington, creator of the Bubba Kush brand Matt Berger, and Baker Technologies CEO David Champion from MJBizCon New Orleans in May 2018.