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Always Take the High Road [Episode 5]

Key Links Book Referenced by Matt and Micah: Selling the Invisible ---------- “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” This quote from Warren Buffet frames the whole episode. And by using this as a tool for showing just how important reputation can be, hosts Matthew Jarvis and Micah Shilanski chronicle the instances in their lives where reputation has generated large ripples in one way or another. Be it, a firm tarnishes their own reputation because of...


Systems, Perspectives, and Procrastination: Business Coach John Barron’s Advice for Entrepreneurs [Episode 4]

Key Links John Barron’s LinkedIn profile --------------------------------------- In this episode, John Barron shares the importance of replacing old systems with new ones. Most business owners take a plateau personally or as a sign of having mismanaged their business, but Barron says this is not true. The culprit is often that there are systems in place that are not consistent—somewhere along the way, X stopped being X and became Y instead, even though what was really needed all along...


The Legitimate Limitations of Speaking Financese and Legalese to Clients [Episode 3]

Key Links Carl Richard’s WebsiteMalcolm Gladwell book which profiles Tom Gau: The Tipping Point --------------------------------------- During the episode, host Matthew Jarvis supplies us with nine crucial rules to follow regardless of if you are an advisor, CPA, actuary, or if you are just concerned with imparting understanding and reassurance in the minds of clients. These nine rules range from the necessity of practice to the headache-inducing method of trying to shrink a whole...


Inspection over Expectation: Gina Cotner on Developing the Right Dynamic for Delegation Between Executive and Assistant [Episode 2]

Key Links Athena Executive Services | Website | Facebook Page --------------------------------------- In this installment of the Perfect RIA podcast, CEO and Founder of Athena Executive Services joins us in the studio and shares her wisdom on why hiring an executive assistant can and should be an enriching and ultimately game-changing decision in one’s professional life. By giving clear-cut examples in her interview, Gina establishes the importance of “inspecting instead of expecting”...


What Metrics Should Matter To Your Practice? [Episode #1]

There's more to life than AUM -- assets under management -- to understanding the success of you and your firm. Listen in to learn more. Subscribe to the show and leave us your comments at