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Interview with Jacob Topping, Author of Merch and the World of Print On Demand – Ep.13

Interview with Jacob Topping, Author of Merch and the World of Print On Demand. We discuss Jacob's journey in Merch and writing the 365-page book that covers everything from getting started with print on demand, to marketing, to outsourcing any or all parts of your merch business. It's an episode you won't want to miss, no matter where you are on your merch journey.


The Final 2017 Tally, Copycat Cleanup, Merch Goals for the Year Ahead – Ep.12

In this episode, I review the 2017 results – my first year in Merch. Discuss a peculiarly timed copyright takedown that happened the first week in January, and how I dealt with a P4P copycat I found ripping off one of my designs. New standard t-shirt stock to replace the Gildan Anvil shirts & what that means for your merch going forward. Plus, Goals for 2018.


Q4 Results So Far, the Future of Amazon Royalties, 12 Tools of Merchmas – Ep.11

Q4 results to date – what I've been doing to keep my sales on the uptrend during this time of listing throttling, all-out suppression, and the freeze of all Merch by Amazon accounts on December 5th. I also touch on some success I've had selling on Redbubble during the quarter. The Future of Amazon Royalties – My thoughts on the news that Amazon will be reducing Merch royalties in January 2018, and what it means for my Merch business going forward. The 12 Tools of Merchmas – I give you a...


Halloween, Oct. Results, Q4 Game Plan: Evergreens, Branding, Redbubble & Local Merch – Ep.10

In this episode, I review the results of October, my best month ever. What worked, what didn't, how reporting shed some light on the Halloween niche worries I was having and the recent end of month sales drought. I set a plan I place for the rest of Q4, focusing on Evergreen designs, getting my branding in order and revisiting Redbubble. I also share a recent success I had with a local Merch play.


Q4 Kickoff, Thoughts on Designing for Holiday Niches, Diversifying Your POD Business | Episode 9

Q4 is getting off to a great start! I share my results, details on a content policy violation, some thoughts around holiday niches in general, and What I am doing in lieu of tiering up anytime soon. I discuss the latest Merch news and what it means for our Merch accounts. I talk about diversifying my POD business - The hows and whys I've taken some of my better selling niches and started building brands with them off of Amazon. And finally, I touch on Project Transparency - we have a niche...


Sales Update, New Pricing Strategy, Merch Hoodie News, Project Transparency | Episode 8

Show Notes In this episode, I give a rundown on my September numbers, sales, royalties, etc. I talk about a new pricing strategy I put in place for new and slow-selling designs and where I am starting to see some early results. I discuss the recent news around Hoodies, Sweatshirts and Long-sleeved tees coming to Amazon Merch and what that means. And finally a push for help on getting Project Transparency of off the ground so I can walk you through my process from picking a niche, to...


Sales Update, Using Obscene Language on Merch, The POD List | Episode 7

In this episode, I give a quick update on my mid-month Merch progress in regards to sales and niches. I discovered on some "Blue" content on a best-selling merch shirt that set me off on deeper research into how people are using curse words in their merch designs. Finally, I talk about a list I started compiling of all the POD service out there.


Finding Your Moral Merch Compass, a Quick August Recap, Project Transparency | Episode 6

In this episode, I go on a bit of a rant about Merchers who lack the moral compass to realize jumping on trending news is not always a good thing. Especial in the case of national tragedy. Also a recap of my August stats, shirts sold, royalties made and goals for September. And lastly, I introduce an idea I have for giving the POD Podcast community a behind-the-scenes peek at my process - from niche research to seeing my designs, keywords, and listings. No joke – Full transparency, I want...


Know Your Meme & Tiering up your Merch account | Episode 5

In this episode, I discuss a recent issue I had with an Amazon Merch submission getting rejected and talk about how easy it is to inadvertently get caught by Amazon's trademark checking algorithms. Also, I go into my reasoning and methods on tiering up and out of the starter Merch tiers of 10 and 25 designs.


Black Tee Report & Eclipse Mania | Episode 4

A follow-up on the Amazon Merch black shirt issue, including Amazon's official response, and lessons learned. Recap of the Teespring test for the August 2017 Solar Eclipse niche.


Amazon out of Stock & a New Niche Strategy | Episode 3

In this episode, I discuss an issue I encountered with Merch by Amazon running out of stock on a particular size/color combination. I also talk through a plan I am putting into place to promote a time sensitive niche. Including moving some designs over to an alternate POD service and using social media to build an audience to sell more products.


What is Print on Demand? | Episode 2

In this episode, I cover what Print on Demand is and why it's different and so much better than the traditional physical product business model. I cover some initial steps to getting started, along with the tools and services I used to get my POD business up and running.


The POD Podcast with Alf Brand | Episode 1

In this introductory episode, you'll get a short introduction about myself, and I'll give you the rundown on the goal of this new podcast. The topic of weekly conversation will revolve around Print on Demand (POD) and Amazon Merch entrepreneurs. Focus on tips and technique for Merch designers. And discussion around the many POD business struggles and successes we have while building a business.