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26: Jacqueline Suskin of Poem Store

Jacqueline Suskin makes a living writing poems on demand based on just a word or phrase given to her by a customer, while following a ‘pay what you can’ model for much of her work. More distinctively, she’s a writer and performance poet. She harnesses and shares the healing powers of poetry at private events, workshops and through bespoke poems requested via her website. She has also written three beautiful books of poetry. Jacqueline has a refreshing perspective on letting her business grow...


25: Phil Pirrone of Desert Daze

A special message from Anchor & Orbit: To be entered to win a free resource on uncovering and maintaining your goals and to take $100 off the six-month Business Strengthening Program, visit Phil Pirrone is the founder of Desert Daze music festival, Moon Block Party, Space Agency Booking, and founding member of the band JuuJuu. He's been making music and touring since he was 15. He's an authentic music lover and a true believer in the impact of communal...


24: Ashley Smith of into the Heart

Ashley Smith is the founder of into the Heart, a spiritually-based practice utilizing ancient healing modalities to open people up to their whole selves. It's a process-based experience — a space for people to commit themselves to get to know their true essence. She offers sacred tea ceremonies, intuitive energetic healing, bespoke rituals, and yoga and meditation classes. She’s also one of my oldest and dearest friends. :) In this episode, we discuss menstrual cycles and how cycle syncing...


23: Andy Newman of Big Cartel

Andy Newman is the head of content for Big Cartel, a selling platform for makers and creators. He's also a freelance filmmaker and writer who's contributed to The Atlantic, USA Today, The Millions, and more. In this episode, we discuss his creative process for writing, editing, and filmmaking and how they all inform and impact one another, how to champion and support diversity, the importance of practice and putting in the work, and more. Learn more and find links in our show notes.


22: Tina Essmaker of The Great Discontent

This episode is sponsored by Kindred Word Studio, writing and editing services for people and businesses who give a damn.And by Big Cartel, easy online stores for artists and makers. Tina Essmaker is the co-founder and former editor-in-chief of The Great Discontent, a print publication and online magazine featuring inspiring conversations with today’s artists, makers, and risk-takers. TGD evolved to tell stories via a podcast and live events as well. After going through a divorce with her...


21: Tia Meyers of Freelancing Females

This episode is brought to you by damolade, your partners in taking a holistic approach to digital marketing. And by Lodged Out, creative and outdoorsy gathering series for getting away from screens. Find a free website audit from damolade and discount to the next Lodged Out retreat below! Tia Meyers is a freelance marketing consultant working mostly with hospitality and restaurant brands. She’s also the founder of Freelancing Females, a community redefining the 9-to-5. Freelancing Females...


20: Thor Harris of Swans + Jordan Geiger of Hospital Ships

Thor Harris is a percussionist, master carpenter (he built his own house), plumber, painter, mental health advocate, and once almost ran for Governor of Texas. He was the percussionist in Swans, Shearwater, and The Angles of Light. He has played and toured with countless other acts including Bill Callahan, Devendra Banhart, Lisa Germano, and more. He now has his own project called Thor & Friends, drawing on minimalist composers such as Terry Riley and Steve Reich and atmospheric creators...


19: Meg Lewis of Ghostly Ferns and Full Time You

Meg Lewis is a designer, teacher, and founder of Ghostly Ferns collective and Full Time You, a self-discovery workbook and video series empowering you to be you. She also co-founded a coworking space in Minneapolis called Fool Proof. With a truly unique and stand-out personal brand, Meg has dedicated herself to helping others embrace their most unique qualities. Meg first went to fashion school in LA and quickly realized competition was not for her. She then designed her own major in Chicago...


18: Michelle Cable of Panache Booking

Michelle Cable is the founder of Panache Booking - the agency responsible for booking most of my favorite “weirdo, psycho, folky indie” bands. She also manages some of indie rock’s most successful and prolific artists including Ty Segall, Mac Demarco, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, and Rodrigo Amarante. Panache started as a zine in Eureka, CA in the early 2000s when Michelle was in high school. The relationships she built through that experience led to her booking shows locally. Through...


17: Jess Kenny of the For When You podcast

Jess Kenny is a writer, podcaster, and yoga teacher. Based in San Francisco, CA, she made a career transition last year from full-time yoga teacher to copywriter. In that transition, she started a podcast called For When You for helping people cope with some of life's most difficult changes. Jess and her guests share stories about the more serious decisions life presents while finding humor in each. Topics range from quitting your job to suicide, from getting cancer to losing a baby, from...


16: Shane Renfro of RF Shannon

Shane Renfro grew up in Grapevine, Texas. It’s a religious town of about 1,400 people who refer to it as the piney woods. He considered himself a late bloomer in his middle school days. He found himself not growing as quickly as his brother and friends, making him less interested in sports. Needing a new outlet and an escape from small-town religion, he picked up a guitar. He was in a hardcore Christian band in high school. When he was nineteen, he moved to Nashville. After becoming...


15: Sofia Quintero of Nom Nom Insights

I'm so stoked to share this episode. Like many people on this show, Sofia is a friend, collaborator, mentor, and someone I look up to so, so much. Not only for her professional accomplishments, but I love Sofia's energy and outlook on life. This woman has mastered the healthy work hard, play hard routine. She also has a super interesting story. In this episode, she shares the story of her unconventional career path as a marketer, change management consultant, skate shop owner, magazine...


14: Selena Vinya, business owner, marketer, actor, screenwriter, producer

Selena Vidya is one of the busiest people I know but you wouldn't know it talking to her. She keeps her cool while speaking as an SEO expert, running a full-stack marketing agency, multiple e-commerce shops, a podcast, and a newly launched online course for outreach. Oh and she's also an actor, screenwriter, and producer. I'm tired just typing it out but the woman manages to maintain admirable energy levels while working hard to keep her sanity. In this episode, we talk about how she does it...


13: Alicia Toldi and Carolina Porras of Piney Wood Atlas

Piney Wood Atlas is a collaborative project between artists Carolina Porras and Alicia Toldi. PWA visits and catalogs small, new, and unconventional residencies across the U.S., a little bit of Canada, and maybe the rest of the world someday. They visit each residency on a road trip together, talking to the hosts, artists, and getting a feel for what it’s like to be a resident in the space. Check out their lovely and super helpful new website. I love my physical copy of PWA and highly...


12: Paul Jarvis, writer, designer, marketer, course creator

Paul Jarvis is a designer, writer, marketer, podcaster, and course creator. I highly suggest subscribing to his weekly Sunday Dispatches where he shares his authentic insights on business, marketing, and the industry in general. They're pretty entertaining too, often making me chuckle out loud. Paul has never taken a traditional path. He dropped out of university, left a successful agency job, built a successful freelance design career, and left that to build products. Somewhere in there, he...


11: Sarah Judd Welch of Loyal

Sarah Judd Welch is the founder and CEO of Loyal, a digital agency based in New York City that specializes in community strategy, customer experience, brand communications, and product strategy. Sarah / Loyal was my first employer in New York when I moved there in September 2013. She continues to be a mentor and constant source of inspiration. I deeply admire her humble confidence and steadfast commitment to her values. In this episode, we talk about how she stands by what her and her brand...


10: Caroline Partamian of Scully

Caroline Partamian is a musician and curator who has also spent time working for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and just finished working on a book with artist Laurie Anderson. She curates her own projects about muscle memory and the process (relevant, I know). Additionally, she's a trained dancer and is composing music for Eva Dean Dance Company, a dance company she helped manage. She also started a zine called Weird Babes that gives artists a safe place to put works that aren't necessarily...


09: Sarah Schulweis of Anchor & Orbit

Sarah Schulweis is one of those people who can best be described as magnetic. She's smart, confident, honest, and vulnerable. If I lived in Oakland, I'd make her hang out with me all the time just so I could learn from her. She's the founder of Anchor & Orbit (andchorand, a business consultancy that helps growing businesses set up processes, systems, and a realistic plan to reach their most meaningful goals. She acts as a hired operational co-founder, more or less. She also runs a...


08: Mia Braverman of A Reason You Get Up In the Morning

In this episode, Mia Braverman, founder of the public art project, What Is a Reason You Get Up in the Morning? and Cita Stationary shares her insights on fostering inclusivity and creating change by embracing your authenticity in your actions. She also shares a ton of actionable tips for makers on how to get their products into boutiques. Other topics we cover include: The power of community projects Some tips for moving to Japan How she (surprisingly) started playing live music and...


mini episode: recap of season 1 + intro to season 2

oh, hello. It's 2018, baby and Season Two of The Process Podcast is hhhheerrreee. I never officially wrapped up Season One but that's the beauty of passion projects - flexibility. This short, 12-minute episode is essentially me just blabbing on about what Season One covered and who we talk to in Season Two. I promised myself I'd get something out this week, and here it is. The best part of this episode is that getting it done was a small step in publishing the real ones! Next week (Tuesday,...