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Bomb of the Year. Episode 119 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL).

For the 119th episode of Dropping Bombs, Brad sits down solo to talk directly with the Bomb Squad about a timely issue right before New Year’s resolution time: Start liking—and believing in—yourself. Today. Want a taste? “Too many people don’t know what they believe it, what they’ll go to war for, what they’ll die for. All they do is parrot someone else’s ideas. You need to figure out who you are, throw your own thoughts down, and figure out what YOU stand for.” True happiness doesn’t...


Guest: Steve Sims. Get Back Up. Episode 118 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL).

Steve Sims, Founder of The Bluefish luxury concierge company, returns for the 118th episode of Dropping Bombs. Over a bomb-packed episode, Brad and Steve talk about how to stop over-complicating shit. Here are some highlights: Why can’t people understand authenticity? You’re either who you are or you’re not. Everyone’s wearing too many shields, it’s the emperor's clothes all over again.Don’t change the way you treat people; change the people you treat. There are so many kind people who...


Guest: Casey Adams. Don’t Compete. Collaborate. Episode 117 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL).

For the 117th episode of Dropping Bombs, Brad sits down with 18-year-old entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Build Your Empire, Casey Adams. Build Your Empire goes further than your average mastermind group. Instead of meet-ups, members can actually move into the Build Your Empire house where they’ll be given all the resources any up and coming entrepreneur needs to succeed! By providing an educational platform, bringing mentors to the table, and keeping members motivated 24/7, Build Your...


Guest: Tyler the Hypnotist. Open, Curious, Observant. Episode 116 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL).

For the 116th episode of Dropping Bombs, Brad Lea sits down with Tyler the Hypnotist to discuss reality, your mind, and the incredible power behind it. Over an hour, Brad and Tyler explore challenge each other's ideas and comfort zones in the name of growth. Here are some highlights: Quit having opinions on shit you don’t know about.Confidence should be internal.Don’t let external things dictate the quality of your life.You should feel obligated to achieve financial stability to grow and...


Guest: Wyatt McClure. Never Give Up. Episode 115 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL).

Check out this special edition of Dropping Bombs! Brad sits down with Wyatt McClure. At a whopping 10-years old, Wyatt has already landed a prominent role as Billy Sparks on CBS’s Young Sheldon—a spin-off of The Big Bang Theory. While 10 might seem pretty young to start enjoying success, Wyatt shares that it wasn’t always an easy road to arrive where he is now. Over the five years since he’s been auditioning, Wyatt McClure has experienced his fair share of rejections--something he has in...


Guest: Nick Long. The Entrepreneur Whisperer. Episode 114 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL).

Is there anything about your life you’d like to change? Then plug in your headphones and shut off any distractions, because today Brad Lea sits down with Nick Long; entrepreneur, business leader, and CEO of MediaMix365. Nick is known as the “entrepreneur whisperer” for his success in helping men gain clarity and live a life in four-dimension. That means taking care of your physical body, your relationships, your bank accounts, and your overall being. Nick calls this approach the “Four...


Guest: Ryan Milton. Get the Fat Off. Episode 113 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL).

For the 113th episode of Dropping Bombs, Brad Lea sits down to chat fitness with Ryan Milton of TeamFFLEX. Ryan has eight years of personal training experience under his belt, and now draws from his expertise to offer online coaching to fitness clients all over the world. While he’s still talking shop, today Ryan took a break from his main mission to try and drop a record-breaking number of bombs. Here are the highlights: Not taking care of yourself might lose you more than self-esteem....


Guest: John Spencer Ellis. Create Distinction. Episode 112 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL).

For the 112th episode of Dropping Bombs, Brad Lea sits down to discuss how anyone can create a successful business. Known as “The Entrepreneur Coach,” John Spencer Ellis helps entrepreneurs to find their distinct voice and message—and monetize it. Don’t dance around your point. The truth is the fastest way to make stuff happen.Be nice to people, shut up, and don’t start problems.Are you waiting for something to happen for you to achieve success? If you don’t do it, no one’s gonna do it...


Guest: Craig Johnson. Wild Ass. Episode 111 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL).

In the 111th episode of Dropping Bombs, Brad Lea chats with Craig Johnson. Craig is Co-founder of Wild Ass Motorcycle Air Cushions, an aftermarket motorcycle seat designed with a series of air chambers that redistribute a rider’s weight for superb comfort. While Craig supplies easy rides, his path to success has been difficult. Almost immediately after production started, Wild Ass was hit with a patent infringement lawsuit that drained the company’s time and resources. But, there’s a...


Guest: John Gafford. Have a Vision. Episode 110 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL).

Calling all Real Estate Agents: For the 110th, Brad speaks with John Gafford of Simply Vegas — the highest grossing boutique luxury firm in the state of Nevada. How does Simply Vegas rank third in listing volume with only 320 agents? “We run our business like a private club. We only accept the most productive agents we want to work with,” explains John Gafford. Are you an experienced agent who’s looking to expand your business? Simply Vegas is interested in hearing from you. To do so,...


Guest: Phillip Stutts. Market To Motion. Episode 109 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL).

What can businesses learn from the grassroots marketing efforts used to promote political campaigns? In the 109th episode of Dropping Bombs, that’s exactly what Brad will explore with guest Phillip Stutts. Here are a few highlights of today’s episode: Is what’s wrong with our current political system something that can be fixed? And, if so, who’s best to do the fixing? #BradLea2028!Hundreds of CEOs shared their frustrations, and Phillip found a solution to their problem: Marketing that’s...


Guest: Fam Mirza. Fail Faster, Scale Faster. Episode 108 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL).

For the 108th episode of Dropping Bombs, Brad Lea is joined by Fam Mizra. Fam is a serial entrepreneur determined to create businesses that give back. Most recently, he founded a smash-hit with the startup 1:Face — a philanthropic watch brand that allows customers to make a difference by giving a whopping 50% of each purchase to the charity of your choice. Today on Dropping Bombs, Brad and Fam talk about building brands that change lives. Here are a few highlights: You’re SURROUNDED by...


Guest: Jay Adkins. Let’s Get Real. Episode 107 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL).

For the 107th episode of Dropping Bombs Podcast, Brad sits down with Jay Adkins. As one of six coaches at Agency Sales Academy, Jay helps train insurance agencies on how they can generate more revenue. Today, he and Brad go beyond talking money to identify different measurements of success: How do we break down the walls we’ve built up over the years? Being honest, open, and vulnerable inspires trust. By doing so, you’re showing people that you care.On the flip side, it’s important to...


Guest: Sean V. Bradley. See. Do. Get. Episode 106 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL).

For the 106th episode of Dropping Bombs podcast, Brad sits down with Sean V. Bradley to chat about what it really takes to make it. Here are a few highlights: Relationships are the new economy. You have to be able to build trust.If you get someone else to see your vision, believe in your vision, then you get to recruit allies without having to spend any money.The biggest advantage you can have when faced with obstacles is your mindset. The skills and tools required to get there are only...


From Resources to Relationships. Episode 105 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL). Guest: Mike Calhoun

Mike Calhoun is the CEO and Founder at Board of Advisors, a private, closed-door mastermind with a select group of the nation's most disruptive business owners, real estate investors, technology providers, and marketers. While Mike assembles members from all four corners of the globe to complete powerful meetings each quarter, today he met up with Brad to talk about the importance of carefully cultivating your network, and what happens when a grade-A group is paired with talented...


Be in Control. Episode 104 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL). Guest: Carl Scaramuzza

Carl Scaramuzza, otherwise known as Credit Carl, is with Credit Blueprint. Carl sits down with Brad Lea to talk about the difference between credit repair and credit enhancement. Here are a few highlights from their chat: If your payments are bigger than what you can afford, you don’t have a credit problem -- you have a spending problem.There’s a difference between circumstantial bad credit and habitual abusers of their credit line.The secret to becoming wealthy is leveraging a bank’s...


The Most Dangerous Person In Any Industry. Episode 103 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL). Guest: Naveen Jain

Today Brad Lea is joined by Naveen Jain, a notable entrepreneur, and philanthropist with a rich history of building successful, socially-conscious companies. Naveen is the founder of Moon Express, inome, Intelius, TalentWise, World Innovation Institute, Infospace, and now Viome Gut Testing. Despite his wealth and numerous accomplishments, Naveen still speaks about his humble background and states that the credit for this successes is not his alone — but belongs to the many people who helped...


None Of This Is Guesswork. Episode 102 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL). Guest: Patch Baker

In episode 102 of Dropping Bombs, Brad Lea sits down with Patch Baker of Mobius Media Solutions. Patch Baker has been an entrepreneur since his early 20’s. The Marine Corps Combat Veteran has built and sold five companies with a talent for expanding and diversifying client sourcing and revenue streams. Throughout his career, his true passion has always been about the “build” and the “chase” of the next major milestone of growth. To entrepreneurs and business owners seeking out expert...


Proximity to Power. Episode 101 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL). Guest: Grant Dougherty

Brad sits down with Grant Dougherty, the Chief Strategy Officer at Senior Life Services. SLS is a is a subsidiary of Florida Insurance Services, known famously in their local community as Florida Health Agency of Vero Beach, with roots dating back to 1978. The originating agency grew to become a major provider of life, health and annuity products throughout Florida—and now Senior Life Services is looking for applicants to join their team. Look for details about the opportunity below. And,...


Comfort is the Enemy. Episode 100 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL). Guest: Josh Paler Lin

You might not know Josh Paler Lin by name, but you’ve certainly seen his viral YouTube content! As an influencer, Josh is known as much for his impressive track record of viral videos as the crazy pranks that make up much of his channel. With 3-million followers and counting, this trendsetter is the de facto social media success story. Today, Josh Paler Lin joins Brad for the 100th episode of Dropping Bombs! Tune in to hear some impressive tips on: How technology could affect every aspect...