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29: Why You Must Organize Your Systems

OBSERVE -- HOW YOUR BUSINESS PRODUCES RESULTS Observe your own business to see what's working correctly for you. In other words, what's producing results? If you're a rookie and don't have enough of a track record to answer this question yet, observe a top producer to see what they're doing that produces results. What you will usually find when you observe someone successful is that they are following a systematic approach. What is the routine -- the systematic approach -- of the person...


28: What Happens When We Cheat To Comfortable

HOW THE SOURCE OF THE BUSINESS AFFECTS OUR THINKING Why do so many people turn into "no-shows" when it comes time for an appointment with you? They leave a message or just vanish! What was the genesis of that lead or conversation? Example: An online lead who is looking for a home evaluation is very different from a seller who was referred to you by someone who has already done business with you. There is a strategic process that you're going to be using with every buyer and seller, but...


27: Why A Content Driven Business Matters

What Is A Content Driven Business Content marketing is certainly nothing new for any business and has been around since the beginning of strategic marketing and selling. Ultimately, a buyer will not make a buying decision without the opportunity to "do the homework" and in order to do so, they must be provided with content that informs them enough to make a favorable decision. Therefore, a content driven business model is critical if you're looking to bring stability and predictability to...


26: Formulas & Outlines

The Tension Between Being Scripted Versus Free Wheeling In the real estate coaching and training world, there has forever been the debate between those that believe the only way to success is by strictly following scripts versus those that believe that you must strive to build rapport and personal relationship. I've never understood why there needs to be a debate at all because both are not only necessary but also natural components of any real estate sale. Those that follow scripts,...


25 - The Difference Between Marketing and Making A Market

In this episode, we started by talking about marketing and how the definition of marketing is actually quite fluid and sometimes confusing. The textbook definition of marketing is the process of communicating, delivering and exchanges goods and services that have value to a group of consumers. This is a bulky definition that may not have much real meaning to the average real estate agent, who generally understands marketing to be the process of generating leads. However, marketing in real...


24: Who Is Willie Miranda

Last week, I was invited to speak at Miranda Real Estate Group in Albany, New York. The owner Willie Miranda is a great friend of mine. We met a long time ago when we were young and trying to become top producers in the marketplace. We even have the same mentor and he actually encouraged me to learn the systematic approach to this business. One of the reasons why I want to share you his story is because he started from the bottom - literally. They are immigrants from Puerto Rico to New...


23: Marketing Reality

During my last coaching session with my mastermind group of top producers, we did an exercise where I asked them what is the marketing reality that they're facing. It's about answering the question of what's working in their businesses so we can reorganize to make better decisions on where to spend our marketing budget on, what medium to choose, and if our message is on point. The first thing we did is to take an inventory and ask: "From last year, where does your business really come...


22: How To Keep Your Business Flowing

Any business owner's anxiety is being able to keep their business flowing. In the real estate agency business, we may have great deals in the pipeline but there's always something in the back of our minds - where will the next deals come from? First, you have to market yourself to your sphere of influence. A lot of coaches will tell you that you have to out and tell all your friends and family members that you are now a realtor or a real estate agent. In that case, that's great! but, you...


21: Where's The Real Money In Your Marketplace

As we dig deeper into understanding how the real estate agency business really works, we'll break down how to find real money in your marketplace. First, you have to know where do you want to compete. As others would say, it's about narrowing down your niche until it becomes painful. In looking for a place to compete, look for where there's probably at least 600 sales in that geography. That's the bare minimum area within which you'll market your services. It doesn't mean you won't go...


20: Taking 100% Responsibility

As a guy who started in this business with only 2000 business cards and a work ethic, it agitates me hearing people complain a lot about what wasn't working for them. I never stopped taking 100% responsibility for what happens or doesn't happen to me in my business. Let's break down why people don't take 100% responsibility beyond work ethic and how to get rid of it. First, if oftentimes starts with intellectual insecurity. When we don't have what we want in our real estate agency...


19: The Battle Between Self-Image & Your Goals

When I'm coaching agents, I always ask them what do they need help with. When setting a goal, I noticed that people are stating overly round numbers. During a call, somebody said $400,000. Yes, it's doable, but I want to know where the agent is at now and where did that number come from. The thing is, I worry when people give me those targets because round numbers tend to be general statements. When you are setting a goal that's too general, you're not programming the subconscious mind to...


18: Gary Vee's Agent 2021

I learned a ton of insights during this fantastic conference in Miami by Gary Vaynerchuk called Agent 2021. For those who don't know Gary, he is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of VaynerMedia. Gary is also a prolific public speaker, venture capitalist, bestselling author, and the host of the #AskGaryVee Show, as well as DailyVee, a docu-series highlighting what it’s like to be a CEO, investor, speaker, and public figure in today’s digital age. The first thing that I want to...


18: Real Estate Agent Time Management

Having a manager's mindset always goes back to my mentor, Michael Gerber. We all think that we're going to manage better businesses through the mindset of a technician where your focus is on the present and performing the hands-on work of the business. However, a manager's mindset is more of a planner who takes the company's strategic vision and plots tactical action to accomplish that vision. As a result of thousands of hours being in the real estate business, I've chunked up what I...


16: Conversational Real Estate

Learning to speak conversational real estate is very important in every real estate agent business. That's why in our weekly live sales training session for our Mastermind Members in The Realty Classroom, the first thing we say is when we pick up the phone, remember who you are in context. As simple "Hi I'm Danny Griffin from The Griffin Realty Group" will give the lead the proper context of who you are and what is your business. The next beat is to tell the lead why are you calling them....


15: Diffusing the Emotions of a Lead

A few days ago, we were conducting a live sales training in The Realty Classroom. We listened to a lot of inside sales verbiage back and forth but, of course, it's still a different experience when dealing with real clients and hearing their reaction at the other end of the line. One of the things we picked up was "tone". It's about understanding what tone you hear from the minute somebody says "hello". It's amazing how being a good listener sets the whole call correctly by hearing their...


13: The Outcome

If you are willing to compare your real estate agent business to Henry Ford's automobile manufacturing process you'll want to consider that although money was important to you and Henry, what he understood perhaps better than his competitors was that he needed to produce the type of product and process that would produce a happy pas client who would be likely to repeat and refer based on their satisfaction. Therefore, if we start with the outcome of producing a happy and satisfied past...


12: The Assembly Line

I'm a huge fan of the late author Napoleon Hill. You might know him from his highly successful book called "Think and Grow Rich" but If you're going to research more about his works, you'll discover his other book called "The Law of Success". He had the once in a lifetime chance to spend most of his life studying the business magnates of the early 20th century. As you go through the book, you'll realize that there are a few people that had a big influence on him aside from Andrew Carnegie....


11: Unique Selling Proposition Defined

Unique Selling Proposition in this business is absolutely important. However, we should clearly define USP from its historical definition in order to gain proper context. As stated, it is a marketing concept first proposed as a theory to explain a pattern in successful advertising campaigns of the early 1940s. The USP states that such campaigns made unique propositions to customers that convinced them to switch brands. The essence of having a Unique Selling Proposition is to answer the...


10: The Value of Having a Mentor

In this business, we have to become a person for others. As I've said in the previous episodes, it's about helping clients with the single largest financial and emotional transaction they'll ever make in their lifetime. You must recognize that it's actually a big endeavor and you've got to find a mentor; someone who has the right information in the right order. However, also want you to remember that there's a caveat: they are no better than you are. Since we're talking about mentors, I...


09: Confident Patience

In embracing a consumer's perception as part of your strategic process, we want to avoid going into an aggressive defensive mode. Instead, what we need to do is to empower them even though we have disagreements with their perception of how our process works. So to empower consumers, we must know what are their individual concerns, say that its part of your whole strategic process and you will deal with their concerns. By asking them what is their biggest concern and deeply listening to...


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