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45: Social Media Marketing

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING - IT'S A SUPPLEMENT TO YOUR FACE-TO-FACE EFFORTS Real estate is ultimately a face-to-face type of business. Only in rare exceptions will someone list their property with you if they haven't met you in person. With that in mind, all of your social media marketing should be designed to SUPPLEMENT your face-to-face efforts, or bring you one step closer to that first face-to-face meeting with someone. Instead of running to social media and "drowning" in it, remember why...


44: Listings Marketing

THIS IS A 'LISTINGS FIRST' BUSINESS If I have no inventory for my buyers to buy, where does that put me? This is a "Listings First" business! If you're going to have any kind of business in real estate, you must have listings. Inventory is always abundant, but unless there's zero inventory (which I've never seen), there are listings out there if you're paying attention. HOW TO FEATURE YOUR LISTINGS Most people who ask you to list their property are going to ask you, "How are you going...


43: How To Market Correctly

FIND PROSPECTS BY TARGETING SMART LISTS If you run an intentional real estate business, you need to be taking clear action steps to go get contact information for new leads. There are many choices! Is social media marketing the place to start? It can be if your strategy is to target smart lists. Your marketing strategy might encompass your sphere of influence (immediate acquaintances, past clients, etc.), community and real estate agents (if you're marketing to agents). That makes up...


42: The Prospects Club

GREAT, YOU HAVE A PROSPECT - NOW WHAT? You're out at an event of some sort and you meet someone new. Lo and behold, you start talking about real estate. You started to get lost in the conversation but did manage to ask the big question, "On a scale of 1 to 10, how motivated are you to sell?" and they said, "10!" Congratulations! You have a prospect! Now what? How do you give that person the white-glove treatment that they deserve? After all, the prospect is the lifeblood of your future...


41: On A Scale of 1 to 10

“Always push to determine truly whether or not a contact should be consider a prospect worthy of follow up by asking the right question." WHAT IS A PROSPECT? We spend a lot of time in our mastermind class figuring how all the aspects of the real estate business work. A few years ago, everyone was excited because consumers were all going online -- so going online worked effectively to drive business. That worked for a while, but then the market was all over the place as the biggest...


40: Why Building A Funnel Helps You Focus?

THE THREE AVATARS If you could have Henry Ford in your mastermind group and you could ask him how to build your business, he'd probably recommend an assembly line. There are three assembly lines in the real estate business. Sellers are the first and most important assembly line, because they control the inventory in this business. Buyers and agents are the other two. (Hint: Your "assembly line" is really a marketing module.) NEW PROSPECTS VERSUS YOUR CURRENT AUDIENCES Once you get used...


39: Let Your Vision Help You Create Raving Fans

THEY ARE THE HEROES OF THE STORY If you share the same vision as me (helping others), this is a really important point to realize: You are not the hero of the story in the context of real estate. The buyer or seller you're helping is the hero. If you're going to help the hero, then you have to know what your role is. YOU ARE THE GUIDE We have the backdrop to the story. There's a setting -- a home is for sale. Someone is selling, someone is buying. There's tension, as in every good...


38: Why Core Content Eliminates Your Doubt And Compliments Your Vision?

RECOGNIZE YOUR FEAR AS A REAL THREAT! Even for the best in the real estate business, fear can still creep up as you're trying to grow, learn and do better. It happens to everyone. Fear casts doubt on what you're doing or on your ability to do so. What if I try to expand and it doesn't work? What if I try to move into luxury and it doesn't work? MASTER THE NOT SO OBVIOUS BASICS Our fears are not really that complicated. Fear largely comes from worrying about being embarrassed. That's...


37: How A Vision Driven Business Works

YOUR PERSONAL PRIMARY AIM You have to be very clear in life as to what your personal primary aim is. Napoleon Hill dedicated 20 years of his life to studying the most successful people and made some tremendous distinctions. One of the things he gets into is the chief primary aim. My personal aim from many years ago was that I wanted to be a person for others. What does that mean? Any time I can help someone in any context I see clearly how it benefits them and as a result, I've evolved...


36: How Many Conversations?

TOO MUCH OBSESSION OVER METRICS Metrics, or measurements, are important. However, most metrics that we look at are lagging indicators -- meaning they're looking back in history and showing us what happened. There are not so many leading metrics in our business that can forecast or show us trends. There's too much discussion over metrics anyway. Why? Where are you in your business right now, in terms of seeing it as a conversion process that is predicated at the core of it? Let's just talk...


35: It's About You

WHAT DO THEY FIND WHEN THEY GOOGLE YOU? When you pass someone a business card and they are even remotely interested in you, what's the first thing they're going to do? You'd better believe they're going to "Google" you. They might also check out Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites to find out more about you. This is simply how we live now in the Digital Age. If we find someone interesting, we research them because it's easy to do. The big question for you as a real estate...


34: Information versus Insight

GIVE AWAY YOUR BEST INFORMATION - WHAT TO DO? The "Internet Age" has forced us to begin giving away information. The days of having proprietary control over information -- especially in the real estate business -- ended back in the 1990s. So, really: Give away your best stuff for free. What are we giving away? You're giving away your best information, which includes what to do. What really makes you unique in an ocean of real estate agents? Be unique by truly being a "giver." Figure out...


33: Agent Success Summit with Mike Cerrone

In this week's special episode, I talk with Mike Cerrone - a veteran real estate agent in Colorado for over 20 years. Mike is the host of SUCCESS CALLS on the Master Mind Agent Network where interviews the top real estate agents in the nation who sell up to 50, 100, 200, and even 300+ homes per year. These amazing agents share their success secrets strategies and systems. Now this coming July 13 - July 19, Mike brought together 21 of the world’s most influential real estate coaches and...


32: Real Estate Agency Must Have Flow

“Focus On Building A Business That’s Always Flowing Not Stopping & Starting” THE ENDING FIRST - THE ULTIMATE GOAL: HAPPY PAST CLIENTS Are you treating your real estate agency as a business, rather than a transactional hobby? Be intentional and set a "North Star" goal of happy past clients. You should want to create "raving fans" - incredibly happy people who you have served in the course of carrying out your real estate agency's business. Start with that end goal in mind! IDEAL...


31: Why Checklists Are Everything

DOCUMENTING - LAYING OUT THE MANUAL STEPS The real estate business is extremely complicated! This complexity is why the average agent only sells about three sites in an entire year. When it comes to documenting, you need to lay out all of the manual steps, from going out and finding someone, then listing their property for sale and so on. As we tell our Realty Classroom students all the time, you can't just do this on muscle -- you must sit down and document every single thing that you do...


30: Developing a Growth Mindset

AWARENESS -- YOUR BUSINESS IS A MANIFESTATION OF HOW YOU THINK How do we take a step back and look at our business in a way that makes us more aware of what's going on, so we can grow the business? Many of us in real estate have a dream of running our own business and being our own boss -- That's our "North Star." Your business is a manifestation of how you think and more specifically, it's a manifestation of your own self-image. Becoming aware of this concept is the first step toward...


29: Why You Must Organize Your Systems

OBSERVE -- HOW YOUR BUSINESS PRODUCES RESULTS Observe your own business to see what's working correctly for you. In other words, what's producing results? If you're a rookie and don't have enough of a track record to answer this question yet, observe a top producer to see what they're doing that produces results. What you will usually find when you observe someone successful is that they are following a systematic approach. What is the routine -- the systematic approach -- of the person...


28: What Happens When We Cheat To Comfortable

HOW THE SOURCE OF THE BUSINESS AFFECTS OUR THINKING Why do so many people turn into "no-shows" when it comes time for an appointment with you? They leave a message or just vanish! What was the genesis of that lead or conversation? Example: An online lead who is looking for a home evaluation is very different from a seller who was referred to you by someone who has already done business with you. There is a strategic process that you're going to be using with every buyer and seller, but the...


27: Why A Content Driven Business Matters

What Is A Content Driven Business Content marketing is certainly nothing new for any business and has been around since the beginning of strategic marketing and selling. Ultimately, a buyer will not make a buying decision without the opportunity to "do the homework" and in order to do so, they must be provided with content that informs them enough to make a favorable decision. Therefore, a content driven business model is critical if you're looking to bring stability and predictability to...


26: Formulas & Outlines

The Tension Between Being Scripted Versus Free Wheeling In the real estate coaching and training world, there has forever been the debate between those that believe the only way to success is by strictly following scripts versus those that believe that you must strive to build rapport and personal relationship. I've never understood why there needs to be a debate at all because both are not only necessary but also natural components of any real estate sale. Those that follow scripts,...