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The Power Of Your Words!

In this Episode, We’ll Cover: The Power Of Your Words! - 1. Your Positioning Helps Set The Stage 2. Your Introduction Gives The Necessary Context 3. Your Tone & Pace Might Not Be What You Think 4. When In Doubt Default To Help & Contribution 5. Let The Ogres Make You Better - Learn more here: Subscribe to the podcast: ======================= YOUR POSITIONING HELPS SET THE STAGE This episode builds on the topics we covered in Episode...


Telemarketing Versus Cold Calling!

In this Episode, We’ll Cover: Telemarketing Versus Cold Calling! - 1. What’s The Difference Between Cold Calling & Telemarketing! 2. Why Telemarketing Should Be Your First Choice For Message Delivery! 3. How To Use Content Marketing – Online & Offline To Support Telemarketing! 4. It’s About Prospects First, Appointments Second! 5. Telemarketing NEVER Stops! - Learn more here: Subscribe to the podcast: ======================= WHAT'S...


Why Memorializing Your Best Ideas Will Save Your Business!

In this Episode We’ll Cover: Why Memorializing Your Best Ideas Will Save Your Business! WHEN YOU HAVE AN IDEA AND IT TRIES TO RUN AWAY I can't believe the number of top producers who can't articulate how much Gross Commission Income they want to net. Set a number! This gives you a North Star, so you can adjust on the way. Good ideas immediately try to run away. I use mind-mapping software and some other techniques to ensure that good ideas don't run away from me. WRITE YOUR IDEAS DOWN...


Why I should have punched myself in the face!

In this Episode, We’ll Cover: Why I should have punched myself in the face! - - Learn more here: : Subscribe to the podcast: THE DANGER OF GUESSING & THE LAW OF CORROBORATION There's a big danger in guessing and how that leads to the "Law of Corroboration." What do I mean? When you have a perception of how something works, that's a guess. If you're guessing, you can't go back to Episode #62 about written...


Why You Must Have Written Financial Goals

In this Episode, We’ll Cover: Why You Must Have Written Financial Goals! - 1. Syncing The Right Brain & The Left Brain! 2. G.C.I. - The Biggest & Easiest Goal To Focus On! 3. Writing It Done Then Digitize It Inside Your Plan! 4. Result: Programming Your Subconscious To Choose The Correct Resources! 5. The Effectiveness Is Real – Just Ask Lee (TRC Episode 61)! SYNCING THE RIGHT BRAIN & THE LEFT BRAIN It is your brain that's running your business, correct? It's up to you and all...


Is It Possible to Triple Your Average Sale?

In this Episode, We’ll Cover: Is It Possible to Triple Your Average Sale? - ➡ Sharing Testimonials With Caution ➡ It Starts With The Manger’s Marketing Plan ➡ The First Step Is Awareness Of Where Money ➡ The Next Step Is The Mindset: Why Not Me ➡It’s Not A Single Medium Or Idea – It’s Patience For Process - Subscribe to the podcast! 🎙 - ➡ iTunes: ➡ Spotify: - Episode link ➡ Web: ======== SHARING...


Your Perspective Is Too Small!

WE DON'T KNOW WHAT WE DON'T KNOW This is a lesson that I learned from the one-and-only Michael Gerber years ago: We don't know what we don't know. Here's an example from Gerber. An entrepreneur will decide one day that because he knows how to bake pies, he knows everything he needs to know about the pie business. That's just not true. What we often don't know as small business owners is, "How does the business really work?" This is why you have to seek out a plan and why I give away the...


You Must Manage And Execute Simple Plans!

YOU MUST HAVE A PLAN! How about if you stop and go get a plan (if you don't have one)? I understand that's not easy, so that's why I provide a framework that covers universal basics, no matter what type of real estate business you're trying to build. I wish that someone would have knocked me over the head with this when I was first starting: YOU MUST HAVE A PLAN! If you don't have a plan, go get one and stick to it. That's how you succeed in real estate. THE ONE-TWO PUNCH: MARKETING &...


Warning: Resist The Urge To Make Quick & Emotional Business Decisions!

WHAT BROKERAGE WILL YOU "JUMP" TO NEXT? Before you make a quick and emotional macro decision like jumping to a new brokerage, stop and ask what it is that you don't have that's preventing you from growing. Is that brokerage that's luring you in with "sizzle on the steak" really going to help your business grow? A new brokerage may offer so much sizzle and crackle that no one challenges themselves with important questions like, "How will this help my independent business grow?" Impetuous...


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The Most Important Question You'll Have To Answer

HOW'S THE MARKET? The most important question that you'll have to answer is: "How's the market?" It is the most common knee-jerk question that people will ask when they first learn you're a realtor. Since that's the most common reaction, you must have an answer ready. STICK TO THE SIMPLE AND INTERESTING STATISTICS How do you do that? Stick to the simple and interesting statistics. You don't need to go too far or make up random opinions in your answer. You're a professional in a market...


Are You Delivering The Right Message To The Right Market At The Right Time?

WHERE IS YOUR MARKET? If you're going to figure out the ideal message for the ideal client, that's great -- but where IS your market? It often surprises me how undefined agents' markets are when they come to me for marketing advice. You are making marketing decisions nebulously if you don't know where your market is. My market today is in some very small, dense areas with plenty of real estate transactions happening. But when I started out, my market was all over the map! Defining your...


The Big Marketing Mistake!

PROSPECTS PURSUED RUN AWAY Think about this from the perspective of you as the consumer and not the real estate agent. If you are a prospect who is just browsing in any sales context, and you're being bombarded by a salesman, there's a good chance you'll leave that store without making a purchase. If your whole marketing plan starts with aggressive pursuit, you'll chase them away more often than not. When most people start to dip their toe in the water on real estate, they have a ton of...


A Simple Check Up Plan For The New Year!

POSITION YOURSELF AS THE GUIDE, NOT THE HERO How about a check-up plan to start off the New Year? If I could start my entire real estate career over again from scratch, I would position myself as 'The Guide' and not 'The Hero,' so I'm asking you to do the same. I firmly believe this is the best way to do business -- to look at everybody else as 'The Hero.' This orientation changes everything in your business. If you become a transactional agent, it's easy to fall into the mindset that you...


What the Holidays Teach Us About Good Business

THE HOLIDAYS ARE BASED ON THANKFULNESS AND GIVING When we start with the Thanksgiving holiday in November and the rest which are all based on GIVING, we see these tremendous principles that bring out the best in us: Thankfulness and giving. I've been talking about the business concept of how you should give while expecting nothing in return and at no time of year is that easier than during the holidays. BEING THANKFUL FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO HELP Isn't it awesome that you can still give...


Are Complainers Good For Your Business?

WHY WE DON'T LIKE COMPLAINERS Why don't we like complainers to begin with? Because they're complaining about us! "You said it would happen this way, and it didn't!" It's a really simple reason: What they're complaining about is us -- and that hurts. Our natural instinct then is to attack them or complain right back at them. It's no wonder relationships then blow up between agents, buyers and sellers. Complaining is like an attack and everyone tends to get defensive. COMPLAINERS ARE...


Are You Really Valuable?

VALUE FIRST - GOALS SECOND It is our inefficiencies in our business that really "kill" us. You don't want to waste enormous amounts of time on inefficiencies as you grow your business. Don't start your planning process with goals. Start with VALUE - then proceed to goals! Many top producers will stumble when you ask them, "What's the value in doing business with you?" To get people to react to your marketing efforts, you have to be able to express value. WHAT BENEFITS DO YOUR ACTIVITIES...


How The Pro Goes To Work!

FOCUS ON ONE METRIC: PROSPECTS! A lot of people are not successful in real estate, despite being willing. This is because most people don't know how to go to work like a professional. Start by focusing on one metric, or one thing to measure. Prospects are the singular, most-important metric for an agent. Those are the people that eventually become your clients. When prospects are the metric, pros go to work every day asking, "How many prospects do I have?" CHOOSE THE FASTEST PATH TO...


How Empathy Takes Pressure Off Selling!

WHAT IS EMPATHY? Empathy is more than just sympathizing with someone. It means you can feel what someone else feels. Empathy is easy if you share a similar experience with someone, but what if that's not the case -- especially in the context of business? Realtors are dealing with home buyers and sellers who are often REALLY emotional about the process. People sometimes move because of divorce, a death in the family and a variety of other very emotional experiences. It's important to try to...