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Who Will Take Care of You When You Are Older? – Joy Loverde

Does your retirement planning account for caregiving? Will you be a caregiver? Who will be your caregivers? We talk with expert Joy Loverde about what you should include in your retirement planning. Joy joins us from Chicago. _________________________ Bio Joy Loverde has a reputation for being a path carver and visionary. Joy is the author of the Who Will Take Care Of Me When I’m Old? and the best-seller, The Complete Eldercare Planner. The American Medical Association says, “It’s the best...


Life’s Big Decisions – Adrian Camilleri

Some key life decisions can have consequences that reverberate for years. And as you plan for retirement, there are big decisions ahead. What lessons can we learn from emerging research on how to make big decisions? Our guest, Dr. Adrian Camilleri, has engaged 657 Americans (from 20 and 80) on the ten big life decisions they've made so far. Dr. Camilleri joins us from Australia. _________________________ Bio Dr. Adrian Camilleri is a senior lecturer in marketing at the University of...


Tools for a Career Change – Mark Herschberg

What was your career plan when you were graduating from college? You probably didn't leave college equipped with the skills to make a career change midlife. So if you're considering a second career, a career change at 50 or a career change at 60, our guest today has valuable information you'll want to hear. If you have family members, colleagues, or neighbors who ask you for career advice, you'll find this conversation very helpful. _________________________ Bio Mark Herschberg is the author...


10 Minutes or Less (Highlights – Season 4: Month 2)

We help you balance your retirement planning. No other podcasts cover the non-financial side of retirement planning as in-depth. Here's a recap of what we learned in the second month of our 4th season of The Retirement Wisdom Podcast talking with: Barbara O'Neill, A Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Rutgers University and author of Flipping the Switch: Your Guide to Happiness and Financial Security in Later Life. J. Kelly Hoey author of Build Your Dream Network. Lance Oppenheim, a...


Plan Holistically for Retirement – Chad Willardson

What are your images of retirement? How do you picture yourself enjoying your hard-earned freedom? It'll take savvy holistic planning to achieve your vision. It starts with holistic financial planning, but it includes planning for the non-financial aspects as well. Trusted advisors can be valuable assets in your holistic planning for retirement. Our guest is Chad Willardson, President, and Founder of Pacific Capital. I talk with Chad about his observations on retirement planning and: Why he...


How’s Your Personal Brand? – Wendy Marx

Creating a second act in mid-life and beyond takes reinvention. But our guest today tells us it's only part of the story. Wendy Marx, author of Thriving at 50+: The 7 Principles to Reinvent & Rebrand Yourself, notes that it's wise to also update and upgrade your personal brand. We discuss with Wendy: The biggest challenges that people 50 + face today The story behind how her book came about What it takes to reinvent yourself in a mid-career or second career context The ways people cultivate...


Lessons Learned in Early Retirement – Chris Mamula

What can you learn about Early Retirement and the FIRE movement from someone who retired at 41 over three years ago? We catch up with Chris Mamula, of Can I Retire We first talked with Chris two years ago on his emerging lessons learned, how his early retirement lifestyle is evolving, and his recommendations for listeners who are considering an early retirement plan. He's written a book since we last spoke (Choose FI: Your Blueprint to Financial Independence) and he shares his...


Practices for Brain Health – Dr. Krystal Culler

How do you maintain cognitive health as you age? Our guest today is Dr. Krystal Culler and she shares a range of useful practices for brain health and staying sharp. We discuss with Dr. Culler: How she became interested in Gerontology and Health & Wellness How she defines brain health The misconceptions she sees people having about brain health The relative importance of lifestyle factors versus genetics in cognitive health What people should do to foster brain health The role habits play in...


Some Kind of Heaven – Lance Oppenheim

About 5% of older adults live in retirement communities in the United States. What's life like behind the gates of retirement communities? Filmmaker Lance Oppenheim looks at life in The Villages, a retirement community in Florida with 130,000 residents, in his new documentary Some Kind of Heaven. We discuss: How he came up with the idea for the film How he selected the four main characters The arc of the stories that unfolded in the documentary His thoughts on what the film says about aging...


How’s Your Network? – Kelly Hoey

It's been a year since the pandemic began. How have your networking relationships evolved? Is it time to rethink how you approach networking? Our guest is J. Kelly Hoey, the author of Build Your Dream Network, and she encourages people to think of networking differently. It's not about networking events, it's about cultivating the right relationships. If you're looking to build a second career, Kelly Hoey's networking tips will change your mindset and your approach to networking....


Best of The Retirement Wisdom Podcast – On Second Acts

Is it time to discover What's Next after your primary career comes to an end? Is there something you always wanted to do? Is there a problem or challenge that your skills and experience could help solve? Is there something calling you? This mini-episode of our retirement podcast highlights three stories of people who are making a difference - in new ways. Cynthia Barnett found her career in education coming to an end prematurely. She spotted an important problem. Girls were not entering...


When Will You Flip the Switch? – Dr. Barbara O’Neill

What are the keys to happiness in retirement? It goes beyond financial security. And if you want to retire happy, what should you focus on? Our guest today is Dr. Barbara O'Neill, author of Flipping the Switch: Your Guide to Happiness and Financial Security in Later Life. Although she is not a fan of the word retirement, she's researched what it takes to make one of life's transitions and retire happy. I discuss with Dr. O'Neill: The story of her next chapter (so far) after leaving Rutgers...


10 Minutes or Less (Highlights – Season 4: Month 1)

This is a special mini-episode of The Retirement Wisdom Podcast. It's a quick recap of what we learned in the first month of our 4th season of the podcast. To kick off Season 4, we focused on topics that are front and center for many people at the beginning of a new year: Healthy living Working longer (in different ways) Lifelong learning ___________________________ You can listen to the full conversations here: Take Charge of Your Well-Being – John La Puma, MD How to Future Proof Your...

Learning is a Lifetime Sport – Tom Vanderbilt

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase lifelong learning? Formal classes, with homework, delivered over Zoom? That's part of it. But there's another dimension that our guest Tom Vanderbilt, the author of the new book Beginners: The Joy and Transformative Power of Lifelong Learning, highlights. He writes about learning a new skill, as opposed to acquiring knowledge. And he's not focused on professional skills. His book is about learning new skills - for fun. Intrigued by his daughter...


How to Future Proof Your Career – Jeff Gothelf

A career change is one of life's transitions - and it's a major one. Is career management a priority in the second half of your career? Our guest today, Jeff Gothelf, author of Forever Employable, argues that it's more important than ever to future proof your career. Taking a proactive approach can be beneficial if you want to strike out on your own someday, but also if you want to enhance your value to your current employer. As the world of work continues to evolve, he shows how you can...


Take Charge of Your Well-Being – John La Puma, MD

At the beginning of a new year, it's natural to think about what you can do to live a healthier lifestyle. Are there changes you can make to enhance your holistic well-being? Our guest, John La Puma, MD is a leader in the practice of Culinary Medicine and EcoMedicine, preventative medicine approaches to create a healthier lifestyle through what we choose to eat and the health benefits of nature. We discuss with Dr. La Puma: How he came to combine medicine, cooking, and farming. The state of...


Successful Aging – Daniel Levitin

We're all aging, but what do we need to know about successful aging? I reached out to the person who wrote a comprehensive successful aging book, Daniel Levitin, a noted neuroscientist, musician, and author, to find out. I discuss with Daniel Levitin: What led him to write Successful Aging How he defines successful aging Common misconceptions about aging How our brains change as we age What older brains are better at than younger brains The roles personality and mindset play in successful...


How to Live a Values Based Life – Harry Kraemer

Are you living your core personal values? If you look carefully at how you're spending your time, how aligned is it with your core values? It's a great time to step back, take stock, and make some changes that can make a big difference in the year(s) ahead. Our guest Harry Kraemer, author of Your 168: Finding Purpose and Satisfaction in a Values-Based Life, highlights how self-reflection can help create greater alignment and flexibility. A Values Based Life Our conversation covers a lot of...


Are You Living Gratefully? – Kristi Nelson

The benefits of gratitude are plentiful. Yet there's a tendency to take things for granted, even what matters most. How can gratefulness be cultivated without the painful experience of a wake-up call? Our guest, Kristi Nelson, author of the new book Wake Up Grateful, shares her wisdom on how to develop the mindset and practices to be grateful in our day to day lives. Kristi and I discuss: The mission of her organization A Network for Grateful Living The distinction between gratitude and...


Are You Ready to Shift Gears?- Richard Haiduck

Retirement is one of life's transitions - a big one. What's the ideal retirement lifestyle in today's Baby Boomer retirement? I've had the opportunity to read Shifting Gears, the new book by Richard Haiduck. Through interviews with Baby Boomers in retirement, he paints the picture of the diverse retirement life that different Baby Boomers are living today. Whether you're planning for retirement or you're in retirement, you'll benefit from the stories and life lessons he's captured and...