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How to Future Proof Your Career – Jeff Gothelf

Is career management a priority in the second half of your career? Our guest today, Jeff Gothelf, author of Forever Employable, argues that it's more important than ever to future proof your career. Taking a proactive approach can be beneficial if you want to strike out on your own someday, but also if you want to enhance your value to your current employer. As the world of work continues to evolve, he shows how you can stay ahead of the curve and future proof jobs. We talk with Jeff about...


Take Charge of Your Well-Being – John La Puma, MD

At the beginning of a new year, it's natural to think about what you can do to live a healthier lifestyle. Are there changes you can make to enhance your holistic well-being? Our guest, John La Puma, MD is a leader in the practice of Culinary Medicine and EcoMedicine, preventative medicine approaches to create a healthier lifestyle through what we choose to eat and the health benefits of nature. We discuss with Dr. La Puma: How he came to combine medicine, cooking, and farming. The state of...


Successful Aging – Daniel Levitin

We're all aging, but what do we need to know about successful aging? I reached out to the person who wrote a comprehensive successful aging book, Daniel Levitin, a noted neuroscientist, musician, and author, to find out. I discuss with Daniel Levitin: What led him to write Successful Aging How he defines successful aging Common misconceptions about aging How our brains change as we age What older brains are better at than younger brains The roles personality and mindset play in successful...


How to Live a Values Based Life – Harry Kraemer

Are you living your core personal values? If you look carefully at how you're spending your time, how aligned is it with your core values? It's a great time to step back, take stock, and make some changes that can make a big difference in the year(s) ahead. Our guest Harry Kraemer, author of Your 168: Finding Purpose and Satisfaction in a Values-Based Life, highlights how self-reflection can help create greater alignment and flexibility. A Values Based Life Our conversation covers a lot of...


Are You Living Gratefully? – Kristi Nelson

The benefits of gratitude are plentiful. Yet there's a tendency to take things for granted, even what matters most. How can gratefulness be cultivated without the painful experience of a wake-up call? Our guest, Kristi Nelson, author of the new book Wake Up Grateful, shares her wisdom on how to develop the mindset and practices to be grateful in our day to day lives. Kristi and I discuss: The mission of her organization A Network for Grateful Living The distinction between gratitude and...


Are You Ready to Shift Gears?- Richard Haiduck

What's the ideal retirement lifestyle in today's Baby Boomer retirement? I've had the opportunity to read Shifting Gears, the new book by Richard Haiduck. Through interviews with Baby Boomers in retirement, he paints the picture of the diverse retirement life different Baby Boomers are living today. Whether you're planning for retirement or you're in retirement, you'll benefit from the stories and life lessons he's captured and chronicled. Why he wrote Shifting Gears:50 Baby Boomers Share...


How to Build a Portfolio Career – Kate Schaefers

What second career ideas are you considering? The best second career jobs aren't often posted on job sites - you create them. One approach is to build a portfolio career, consisting of several activities that leverage your skills, experience, and interests. Our guest, Kate Schaefers, shares her story of how she created a portfolio career - and her observations on how Baby Boomers and organizations are evolving. I discuss with Kate: What led her to build a portfolio career. How the Advanced...


Getting Things Done In Retirement – David Allen

When you choose to retire, what happens to your To-Do list? Of course, it follows along - and now you're populating it with a whole new set of items that you finally have the freedom to do. But it doesn't take long to get the familiar feeling that many things are competing for your time and attention. I've used David Allen's Getting Things Done® method for years, and I’ve been thinking about how it can be very useful in transitioning to ‘retirement’ and in later life. I'm thrilled to have...


What Do You Really Want to Do?- Melissa Davey

Have you ever wondered how to become a filmmaker? As your second-act career? Melissa Davey knows how - she's done it and she returns to our retirement podcast to share her lessons learned. Her story is about smart risk-taking and the value of a growth mindset. But it's also about the courage to walk away from a career to follow her dream when the opportunity presented itself. She took it and her story is one that's sure to inspire people. Risk-taking Can Lead to New Avenues When people think...


Are You Ready for The New Long Life? – Andrew Scott

Advances in science and technology are creating healthier and longer lives. Our guest today has referred to it as a Longevity Dividend. But increased longevity leads to many questions. How can you maintain health and fitness in this era of longevity? How does longevity affect your retirement planning, and how will you grow and protect your non-financial assets? How will you invest your extra years? And how can you experiment with new ways of living and working that are evolving? Andrew...


What Can You Do to Age Better? – Anna Dixon

Dr. Anna Dixon, CEO of the Centre for Ageing Better, joins our retirement podcast to discuss her new book, The Age of Ageing Better?: A Manifesto For Our Future. With an ageing population, governments and corporations have been slow to adapt, but there's a lot within our control when it comes to ageing well. We discuss: The mission of UK's Centre for Ageing Better What actions governments and institutions can take to create a society that can age better The most common misperceptions about...


Are You in the Driver’s Seat? – Cindy Cox-Roman

Our guest, Cindy Cox-Roman, a market researcher and gerontologist, joins our retirement podcast to share her perspective on the vital role of Personal Agency. Psychologist Albert Bandura defines personal agency as "the human capability to influence one's functioning and the course of events by one's actions." As you plan for your life in retirement, it's wise to include personal agency so you can be in the driver's seat of your retirement. I discuss with Cindy: How she became interested in...


Can Working Remotely Beat Ageism? – Kerry Hannon

2020 is changing life in many ways, including the way we work. The trend toward working virtually was already well underway, but now remote work from home jobs may become more common going forward. Working virtually expands options for older workers who want to work longer, but with greater flexibility. Kerry Hannon joins our podcast to talk about her new book Great Pajama Jobs: Your Compete Guide to Working from Home. She notes how remote work from home jobs level the playing field by...


I’m Not Done. Are You? – Patti Temple Rocks

Ageism in the workplace is increasingly an obstacle to working longer. Patti Temple Rocks, author of I’m Not Done: It’s Time to Talk About Ageism in the Workplace, shares her story and why she's fighting for change. Her book offers a portrait of the costs of ageism and recommends solutions that CEOs and HR can implement. We discuss with Patti Temple Rocks: Why she's on a mission to combat ageism in the workplace When she first noticed ageism in the workplace The signs and subtle signals of...


A Second Act after The Law – Mark Shaiken

What's life in retirement like for a retired lawyer? And what does a career change for lawyers look like after years in practice? In this episode of our retirement podcast, we talk with retired attorney Mark Shaiken, about his book And... Just Like That: Essays on a life before, during, and after the law, about his story and his advice on second careers for lawyers (and non-lawyers as well). We talk with Mark about: How he decided to become a lawyer His replacement word for retirement - and...


The Paths We Cross – Noam Eimer and Bruce Satalof

Do your ideas about retirement include volunteering? Retirement is not the end, it's the beginning of a new phase of life. And a volunteer opportunity provides a new pathway. Two retirees volunteer, become friends, and later write a book about it. In this episode of our retirement podcast, we talk with the authors of The Paths We Cross. The book is a joint memoir detailing their lives and their experiences as volunteers with AARP. We discuss with the authors: What attracted them to AARP's...


How to Reconnect with an Estranged Adult Child – Tina Gilbertson

Parenting adult children and maintaining strong relationships with adult children, takes adjustment and flexibility. As parents get older, so do their children. While you'll always be their parent, the lives of adult children bring new dynamics and complexities. Careers, spouses, and in-laws enter the picture. And sometimes family estrangement can occur. In this episode of our retirement podcast, our guest is Tina Gilbertson, author of Reconnecting with Your Estranged Adult Child. We discuss...


The Skill Set for Life’s Transitions – Bruce Feiler

Are You Ready for Your Next Transition? Life's transitions come at you more often than you might think. And when you're transitioning to retirement, you may be dealing with other life transitions simultaneously, such as becoming an empty nester or relocating. Author Bruce Feiler's new book reveals interesting data points on various types of life transitions and how often they tend to occur. Based on 225 interviews with people from all walks of life, Feiler details the common types of...


Navigating An Unexpected Career Change – Maggie Craddock

How to Take Control of Your Career in Turbulent Times Is it time to switch careers? Or perhaps pursue early retirement and create a second career? Savvy career planning requires you to be thinking two steps ahead in the best of times. However, in times like these, your awareness needs to be sharpened. It's wise to tune in intently to what's happening, in and around you, that may affect what's next for you. Maggie Craddock's new book Lifeboat: Navigating Unexpected Career Change and...


Can You Grow Younger? – Marta Zaraska

The Keys to Growing Young Can friendship, optimism, and kindness help you live to 100? Marta Zaraska, author of Growing Young joins The Retirement Wisdom Podcast to explain how the research indicates it can through the mind-body connection. We discuss with Marta: What inspired her to write Growing Young Where some of us may be overinvesting and underinvesting based on scientific research on longevity How optimism and pessimism may affect longevity Why superfoods, supplements and "quick...