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Tiny Habits Can Lead to Big Changes – BJ Fogg

Behavior change is hard. Studies show that up to 45% of our behavior comes from habits. So, what if we could learn how to create habits and design the new behaviors we want? In this podcast episode, our guest is BJ Fogg, the founder of Stanford University’s Behavior Design Lab, and the world’s leading expert in habit formation. His new book Tiny Habits: Small Changes That Change Everything is based on over two decades of groundbreaking research and lays out a simple - yet powerful - behavior...


Retirement Planning Includes Getting Good at Getting Older – Rabbi Laura Geller

Wise retirement planning transcends your 401k. The transition to retirement is one of the most significant experiences you’ll encounter in your lifetime. And it’s increasingly being recognized as a new and distinct phase of life. One that’s rich with possibilities for personal development, spiritual growth, learning and wisdom. While people retire at different ages, what we all have in common is that we are all growing older. And it turns out that aging well takes a new skill set. In this...


The Mind-Body Connection and The Rabbit Effect – Kelli Harding, M.D.,MPH

In this episode of our retirement podcast, our guest is Dr. Kelli Harding, author of The Rabbit Effect: Live Longer, Happier, and Healthier With the Groundbreaking Science of Kindness. Is there anything more important than your health and wellness? Most books for retirement focus on financing retirement and health care, which are important topics. If you want to retire smarter, you have to go beyond that. The Rabbit Effect is not a retirement book per se, but it offers recommendations, based...


Advice for Successful Career Women Transitioning to Retirement – Helen Dennis

What retirement advice for women would an expert offer? Helen Dennis has helped thousands prepare for the non-financial side of retirement planning. She recently celebrated the 18th anniversary of her popular weekly column Successful Aging. In this episode of our retirement podcast we asked Helen to share her views on a range of topics that can help you retire smarter: Why the term retirement needs to be retired The backstory of Project Renewment ® The key themes she’s seeing in Project...


Why Building Resilience is Vital in Midlife and Beyond – Jan Zacharjasz

In this episode of our retirement podcast we with talk with Jan Zacharjasz. Jan is a Certified Professional Coach specializing in midlife transitions, including making a midlife career change, focusing on the changing needs of Baby Boomers as they redefine aging today. Jan shares with us her insights and perspective on a range of topics: Her story of what led her to become a coach The key challenges she sees clients dealing with in mid-life and beyond Why resilience building is vital – and...


Why People Make a Career Change with Purpose Top of Mind – Chris Farrell

In this new episode of our retirement podcast, we are joined by Chris Farrell to discuss his new book Purpose and a Paycheck. Podcasts about retirement and books on retirement primarily focus on financial planning. Chris' new book is different. In our conversation, he shares his observations on why more people are making a career change toward work with greater purpose and meaning. Chris explains why he thinks “There has never been a better time to be in the second half of life in America”...


Do Your Retirement Strategies Account for 6 Stages & Community? – Ted Carr

In this edition of our retirement podcast our guest is Ted Carr, a thoughtful and interesting blogger and podcaster on early retirement who we enjoy following. People often think of retirement as a single phase of life, but Ted describes how there are 6 distinct phases of retirement. He shares his personal experiences with the different phases after he retired early from a career in Silicon Valley. You’ll come away with an appreciation of why your retirement strategies should take the...


Is Working Into Retirement Good for Your Brain? – Dawn Carr

We all want to stay sharp. Cognitive functioning is a key part of healthy aging. But is working longer helpful or harmful to your brain health? Well, it depends. In this episode of our retirement podcast, Dawn Carr of Florida State University discusses her insights from new research on the impact of working into retirement with different types of jobs. She also talks about what may happen when people unretire and return to work. Dawn also shares her advice on aging well and how to stay...


What Can We Learn from Blue Zones? – Richard Eisenberg

Richard Eisenberg, the Managing Editor of PBS’ joins our retirement podcast . to share his insights. Next Avenue is the PBS site for people 50+, where he is also the editor of the Money and Work & Purpose channels. Previously, he was Executive Editor of Money magazine, Front Page Finance Editor of Yahoo! and Special Projects Director/Money Editor at Good Housekeeping. He is the author of two books: How to Avoid a Midlife Financial Crisis and The Money Book of Personal Finance....


Your Retirement Won’t Come with a Road Map – Carol Hymowitz

What advice from well-meaning friends and colleagues will help you in transitioning to retirement? Well, this journalist shares the view that because every person's retirement is different, it's best to find your own path. As an author and journalist, Carol Hymowitz has a unique perspective on the world of work, longevity and how some savvy employers are wising up and leveraging older workers. Recently a visiting scholar at Stanford’s Center on Longevity, Carol was formerly an Editor at...


Will Your Second Act Career Be In The Gig Economy? – Diane Mulcahy

Whether it's to create a second act career as a consultant, to gain greater flexibility or to generate extra income in retirement, the gig economy offers both opportunities and challenges. In fact, today it’s relevant for virtually every age group and career stage. The demand for freelance talent continues to grow and it may offer new options to leverage your skills and experience. But the challenges and transition issues are real and it’s wise to be prepared. Becoming savvy about how to...


How Life Hacks Can Help Make Your Retirement the Best Time of Your Life – Sam Horn

Do you know anyone who's enjoying semi-retirement? It's an option worth considering. In this episode of our retirement podcast, we talk with Author, Keynote Speaker and Communications Strategist Sam Horn. We discuss her new book Someday Is Not a Day in the Week: 10 Hacks to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life. Is semi-retirement the best option for you/ What About Half-Retiring? Sam shares her wisdom (and her great stories) on a range of topics including what gets in the way...


What’s Next for You? – Jeff Tidwell

Thinking about a midlife career change? In this episode, we catch up with Jeff Tidwell, who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Next For Me, a resource that “connects and inspires our generation to evolve our post-50 lives through new work, a new purpose, or a new social contribution.” Ready for a Career Change? Jeff shares his insights on the challenges and opportunities faced by the 50+ generation, the resources needed to overcome obstacles and make a career change, build a second act career or...


Are You Ready to Follow Your Own Path in Retirement? – Bob Lowry

In this episode, we catch up with retiree, author, and blogger Bob Lowry, who has been blogging about having a productive and fulfilling retirement at Satisfying for the past 9 years. How to Retire to a Satisfying Retirement Want to retire smarter? Forge your own path. Bob shares his insights and practical wisdom on the essential ingredients in a satisfying retirement, the key obstacles that need to be overcome and the lessons he’s learning in his own retirement. We also...


If You Love Your Work, What Challenges Will You Face in Retirement? – Michelle Pannor Silver

How do you prepare for retirement when you love what you do? It's especially hard when your work has become who you are. In this episode we talk with Michelle Pannor Silver, of The University of Toronto, author of Retirement and Its Discontents: Why We Won't Stop Working, Even if We Can. Prepare for Your Retirement Transition with Research-based Ideas Michelle shares what led her to research retirement and write her book; how identity can make retirement challenging for some people; and...


Listen to Your Inner Voice. It Could be Your Wake-Up Call – Richard Losciale

Welcome to the third episode of our Noteworthy Series, where we highlight an article that we think warrants your attention and host a conversation with a relevant guest. Today’s article is The Power of Wakeup Calls by Gregg Levoy (Psychology Today – July 2017). Our guest is Richard Losciale, who experienced his own personal wake-up call that changed the way he lived his life – from being focused on the aspirational to being focused on the inspirational. As Rich listened to his inner little...


What Will You Do When You’re Formerly Corporate? – Lorette Pruden

Forced retirement is a challenging experience but it can open up new possibilities you may not have otherwise considered. Join us as we discuss making the transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship with Lorette Pruden, Ph.D., a chemical engineer turned Business Coach and Advisor. Lorette shares insights and advice from her own transition and her work with her clients, how to avoid common mistakes, how to leverage a virtual organization and why it takes a different mindset to win as a...


You Can Learn a Lot from the Principles of FIRE – Chris Mamula

There’s a lot of chatter about the FIRE movement. Chris Mamula, who retired at 41, joins us to discuss his journey to early retirement, the upsides and the challenges of FIRE, why the transition can be challenging and his advice on what it takes to retire early. You've nailed the numbers. You can retire early. But are you prepared for the transition? Chris Mamula shares his experience and advice.Click To Tweet Follow Chris at Can I Retire Yet? Chris’ article in MarketWatch: This first year...


We’re All Ageing. Are You Up for a Bolder Approach? – Carl Honore’

Positive aging takes a different mindset - and a bolder one. Carl Honore’ is an award-winning journalist and author whose revolutionary first book, In Praise of Slowness, was an international bestseller and has been published in more than thirty languages. This excellent book can help you reframe how you think about getting older, learn how to retire well and enjoy life to its fullest. Carl joins our retirement podcast from London to discuss the benefits positive aging, living more slowly...


The Exciting Potential of Intergenerational Mentoring – Charlotte Japp

Considering a career shift? Intergenerational mentoring can be a valuable resource. Tapping into the knowledge, experience, skills and networks of other generations can be mutually beneficial and expand your thinking. Career Shift? Learn from Other Generations Join us as we talk with Charlotte Japp, who was interviewed for the article on the innovative organization she’s founded (CIRKEL) on intergenerational mentoring. We learn more from Charlotte on what led her to create CIRKEL, how their...