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#76: How To Raise Your Rates, Improve Your Work/Life Balance, And Increase Your Profit Margins

Have you been waiting for some magical moment to raise your rates? Maybe you think you need a Grammy before you’ll be able to charge more, but the reality may be ready right NOW. Every day that you put this off is a day that you’re missing out on earning more, weeding out bad clients, and achieving a better work/life balance. It can be scary, but if you follow the advice we share here, you may be pleasantly surprised. In fact, it could be the best thing you’ve ever done for your...


#75: Why You're Scaring Away Clients With An Inconsistent Story, And How You Can Clarify Your Brand By Learning To Say No

If you had cancer, who would you rather go to for treatment? The Specialist: Someone who been working with the exact type of cancer you have for the past 30 years and has an amazing reputation… Or… The Generalist: Someone who can “treat any type of cancer, and detail your car, and fill cavities, and help you invest in the stock market.” The answer is’re never going to put your life into the hands of The Generalist. The problem is that your business probably has more in...


#74: Our 5 Favorite Ways To Prevent Stress And Anxiety

Be honest with yourself for a stressed are you? Does stress affect your work, life, relationships, and/or business? What about anxiety? Do you have a constant cloud of anxious emotion following you throughout your day? If so, there are things you can start putting into place to reduce, eliminate, and prevent stress and anxiety in your life. In this episode, we talk about our 5 favorite ways to stop stress and anxiety before it starts. In this episode you’ll discover: Why you...


#73: The Struggle Of Running A Successful Studio At Home With Your Family

Brian records an episode in Florence, Italy, in his triumphant return to this podcast. Topics covered include how you can balance your work/home life while working from home, and what boundaries you might need to have in place to make your family life a success! Life transitions like getting married or having a child have a massive impact on your living situation, and being prepared for those changes is key to a happy life. In this episode you’ll discover: How to run a home studio like an...


#72: How To Make Impostor Syndrome Your Friend

In this first-ever solo-hosted episode of The Six Figure Home Studio Podcast, Chris Graham tackles the issues of impostor syndrome and how you can overcome it. Since this is a topic many audio engineers struggle with, it’s practically required listening! In this episode you’ll discover: Why impostor syndrome uses a false premise to psych you outHow artists face the same issues with impostor syndromeWhat you can do to mitigate the fears that impostor syndrome causesWhy impostor syndrome...


#71: The Future Of Spotify And How It Will Affect Your Business - With Trevor Hinesley

Trevor Hinesley, best man of Brian Hood and Founder/CTO of Soundstripe, joins Chris on the podcast while Brian is traveling through Europe on his honeymoon. Some of the topics discussed include sync licensing, Spotify and streaming royalties, and Brian’s most embarrassing moment. In this episode you’ll discover: Why Soundstripe’s model is successful as the music industry changesWhy streaming royalties might not be a bad deal for writers and artistsHow digital marketplaces democratize music...


#70: The Best FREE Marketing Tactic In The Galaxy - With Björgvin Benediktsson

Björgvin Benediktsson joins Chris and Brian to discuss the importance of email marketing and some steps you can take to improve your email skills. In this episode you’ll discover: How to overcome potential fear and harness the best and cheapest marketing channel you haveWhy a free nugget of value in exchange for an email address is vital for your businessHow to ensure you have the right ratio of value to sales pitches in your emailsWhy you need to have quality content that is well-targeted...


#69: Sales Skills: How Joe Gilder Turned A Sales Job Into A Thriving Audio Career

Joe Gilder of Home Studio Corner joins Chris and Brian to chat about building a YouTube channel, adding value, and why sales experience will help you immensely in your career. Dive in as Joe shares his story to find helpful info abound. Listen to the podcast now! In this episode you’ll discover: How Joe’s sales background helped him “sell” his YouTube videosWhy creating content in the form of a podcast or YouTube videos, etc. can boost your businessHow multiplying yourself lets you...


#68: Using Instagram Marketing To Build Recurring Income As A Music Producer - With Mark Eckert

Learn how to get clients on Instagram, and turn them into recurring income in our interview with Mark Eckert. Mark Eckert joins Chris and Brian to discuss his success using unique methods in everything from education to business. He’s now the go-to-guy in his niche and can afford to be extremely selective with who he works with. To find out more about how Mark has made a successful career for himself, and how you might be able to use some of his methods in your own niche, listen to this...


#67: 18 Quick Tips For Running (And Growing) A Successful Studio

If you’re a regular listener, you’re well aware that The Six Figure Home Studio Podcast is an advice buffet. This week, Chris and Brian take it to the next level and offer a plethora of quick tips to help you in your studio. Which ones will apply best to you? Find out by listening now! In this episode you’ll discover: For full show notes, go to If you want to suggest a guest, an idea for the podcast, or you have some general feedback, then you can submit...


#66: The Future of Gear and The Power Of Networking

Learn about where the music industry is headed, why going to conventions and conferences will boost your career, and why being a gearslut is going to be even less profitable in the future. In this episode you’ll discover: How attending meetups, conferences, and conventions will help you in a variety of waysHow technology has changed (and will continue to change) the music industryWhy we shouldn’t take anything for grantedWhat could happen to the industry in ten years, and what it means for...


#65: Kickstarter, Marketing, And Networking: How To Help Your Clients Succeed - Chris Greenwood

Do you come across a TON of broke bands? Do the artists you spend weeks recording get ANY amount of traction with their music? Are your recordings ever ACTUALLY being enjoyed by a large audience? Chris and Brian interview Chris Greenwood, aka Manafast, and discuss artist development. If you take the time to A. Help artists fund their music with Kickstarter B. Help them market their music so it ACTUALLY gets heard and C. Connect them with an industry expert that can help their career, you...


#64: How To Have Your Best Year Ever By Creating A Scoreboard For Your Studio

In this episode of The Six Figure Home Studio Podcast, Chris and Brian discuss the importance of having a financial scoreboard for your business and what it can do to motivate you or keep you in check. Every business needs to have a scoreboard, and studios are no exception. Listen to the episode now! In this episode you’ll discover: Why you need to have a scoreboard for your businessHow you can measure the success (or failure) of your businessWhy you need to focus on leading indicators,...


#63: How To Profit From A Rising Trend In The Music Industry

Brian and Chris discuss the ever-changing environment of the music industry and discuss their prediction of the state of the industry for the coming years. In 2019, artists are figuring out that content needs to be released on a regular schedule. Don’t be like the major labels in the early 2000s and stick your head in the sand — adapt, stay ahead of the curve, and profit off this trend before everyone else! In this episode you’ll discover: Where the music industry is headed so you can...


#62: How To Fix Your Stagnant Income By Asking Yourself 6 Hard Questions

In this episode of The Six Figure Home Studio Podcast Chris and Brian talk about 6 of the most important questions you have to ask yourself to make the most of your audio career. If you neglect to ask these questions, you might be entirely unaware of what’s wrong with your business — or worse, burying your head in the sand, hoping the problems disappear. In this episode you’ll discover: For full show notes, go to If you want to suggest a guest, an idea...


#61: How Fear Holds Us Back From Being Better Audio Entrepreneurs

In this episode of The Six Figure Home Studio Podcast, Chris and Brian discuss fear. Whether we realize it or not, everyone has a fear that is holding them back from making progress in their life. Even Chris and Brian open up and share their fears, showing that fear is ever-present, no matter where you are in your career. How can you overcome fear? Listen to this episode to find out! In this episode you’ll discover: How fear is ultimately holding you backWhy it’s so difficult to...


#60: How To Build A Kickass Portfolio (And Get The Most Out Of It)

In this episode of The Six Figure Home Studio Podcast, Chris and Brian discuss the importance of your portfolio and how you can build yours to showcase your best work. Without a portfolio, a studio will have no way to show what they are capable of and anyone browsing the studio’s website will likely move on to the next option. A weak portfolio is just as bad. Make sure you absorb the content in this episode! In this episode you’ll discover: Why you need a portfolio in 2019What the...


#59: How To Build An Audio Career 100% Online From Anywhere In The World: With Austin Hull

Chris Graham and Brian Hood are joined by Austin Hull, a full-time producer from our own Facebook community. In this holiday-postponed episode, you can learn how Austin harnessed his own Facebook community to act as a nearly-endless source of leads — even though he never intended it to be one in the first place. Austin has worked with over three-hundred clients in the past year, and every single one of them came from his group. Find out more about this impressive feat by listening to this...


#58: The 3 Roads To 6 Figures (Choose Wisely)

In this episode, Chris Graham and Brian Hood discuss three main business models you can use to build your studio to six figures. Though you can try to use several models instead of choosing one, it is typically easier to focus on just one. Listen in to hear the pros and cons of the three business models which could boost your studio to new levels if executed correctly! In this episode you’ll discover: Why choosing a business model will benefit your businessWhat you can learn from...


#57: How Recording Studios Can Get (and Stay) Out Of Debt

Brian and Assistant to the Regional Manager, Chris, discuss a big topic for people worldwide: debt. Many people struggle with debt, and Brian and Chris have had their fair share of experience on the topic. They give their advice on the matter so you can learn from their mistakes. In this episode you’ll discover: Good debt vs. bad debtWhy you should not buy gear you can’t affordHow taxes can bite youHow sports relate to financesWhat you can do to get out of debtWhy we gravitate towards...